It was midnight and all was silent when suddenly... CRASH! A huge snake rose up from the ground
"Now that I have summoned the great snake nothing can stop me" a mysterious figure yelled "huh?... no! it can't be! The jutsu isn't complete! No!" How? The figure thought.

"My first day at the ninja academy, I can't wait!" said kizukei. Kizukei Hyuuga is a young ninja of the Hyuuga clan who was orphaned and is now raised and trained by Neji Hyuuga who is now a jounin.
Kizukei has black hair and pure white eyes which show he is one of the Hyuuga clan and he wears Neji's old clothes of a white shirt aith black shorts and bandages around his arm and the ninja tools pouch strapped to his leg

knock knock "hmmm?" kizukei wondered who it was then went to open it
"Hi Kizukei!" Said an overjoyed young girl "you excited?"
"Yeah!" Kizukei replied in delight. This girl was Yoko Hakuma, a girl Kizukei has a crush on but tries to hide it. She has red hair and beautiful green eyes and wears red trousers and a sky blue top with flowers on it.
"so, ready to go?" Yoko asked
"yeah, just a sec." Kizukei replied "hey Neji, is there anything you need me to bring home?"
Neji chuckled "you remind me of my cousin Hinata, when your around her."
"do you need anything or not?" Kizukei asked slightly frustrated
"no i'm fine" Neji replied
"thats the kind of answer I was after, Bye" Kizukei bidded fairwell to his father figure.

"What did Neji mean by 'you remind him of his cousin Hinata'?" Yoko asked
"I dunno" Kizukei replied "there's something I have to tell you..." but
Kizukei was interupted by the one person he hated the most, Kiminaru naruuna, he was an annoying bully but he was popular among other ninja and wears a blue longsleeved shirt with black shorts and a bandaged leg, wasn't injured he just thought it looked cool, he had dark blue hair.
"Hey dumbass, you tryin' somethin' with Yoko?" he asked
"no you jackass!" Kizukei replied angrily
"so you won't mind if I ask her out then, hint hint" Kiminaru said in his annoying tone of voice
"as if I would anyway, idiot!" Yoko replied angrily
"harsh" Kiminaru tried to sound cool "but we will go out I promise you that" he then kissed her hand and walked off. "so what did you wanna say?" Yoko asked. She was then interrupted by a bell signaling that school was about to begin, " I'll tell you later" Kizukei replied with a sigh of relief.

"Hello children, I am Iruka, your new sensei for the next year after that you will all be divided up into teams of three based on your abilities, any way today we will be focusing on the art of transformation."

After school Kiminaru approached Kizukei with a group of older ninja "so Kizukei, you still think you can kick my ass?" Kiminaru asked
"I never said that" Kizukei replied plainly
"thats because you can't, get 'im boys!" Kiminaru ordered
"Byakugan! Rotation!" Kizukei yelled, then the fight was over in a flash
"I ... uh.... This isn't over Hyuuga!" Kiminaru yelled while running
"not so tough now, are ya?!" Kizukei yelled back, while Yoko was watching in amazement Kizukei also said "I can see you Yoko, my Byakugan allows me to see almost 360 degrees"
"that was incredible!" Yoko yelled in amazment
"thanks" Kizukei smiled and laughed.

On the walk home Yoko asked Kizukei "so... What did you want to tell me?"
"well... I wanted to tell you... Man this feels weird but uhhhhhh, ya know what it's not important." Kizukei replied nervously "okay then but remember you can tell me anything." Yoko replied cheerfully
"okay i'll remember that" Kizukei replied cheerfully.

"Neji, i'm home" Kizukei yelled as he walked in the door "oh, hi Ten ten, wheres Neji?"
"he went to get some groceries" Ten ten replied "and why don't you call him 'dad'?
"because he's not, and your not my mother also Neji and shopping!?" Kizukei replied and questioned
"he does anything I say, so if you want that power you'd better stay on my good side." Ten ten replied
"aw, aren't we friends I like to think we are" Kizukei joked
"i'm home babe... oh hi Kizukei" neji said and felt guilty
"what the hell Neji!? Since when do you go grocery shopping let alone for a girl?!"Kizukei asked angrily
"since when do you protect people you have 'no' feelings for?" Neji replied
"touché" Kizukei said in submit "any way when we going to start training?"
"on Saturday" Neji replied
"what!" Kizukei yelled "I meant today"
"sorry Kizukei but you have to focus on your school work" Neji replied
"how parent like of you Neji" Kizukei almost made it sound like a complement "what ever i'll train by myself"
Neji sighs and asks "what should I do about him Ten ten?"
"don't look at me" Ten ten replied.

The next day Kizukei is woken early by Ten ten "I understand that you in love am I right?" Ten ten asked Kizukei "yeah so?"
"heres my advice: just go for it" Ten ten advised
"you think I haven't tried?! Look she's coming over after school and you aren't going to interrigate her are you?" Kizukei accused
"no i'll just leave you two alone" Ten ten replied
"good" Kizukei replied then got up.

Later at school, a kunai came flying through the air but kizukei caught it just before it hit Yoko
"never try that again!" Kizukei yelled then ran in the direction of the kunai "Byakugan!" he yelled.

"did he fall for it?" Kiminaru asked
"yeah" Kiminaru's lackey replied.

"Neji i'm home and i've dragged Yoko with me!" Kizukei yelled as he arrived home
"hi Neji" Yoko greeted
"we're gunna go train now so you know where we'll be" Kizukei called, later that day.

"Throw your kunai like this" Kizukei instructed
"wow your really good at this" Yoko complemented
"thanks" Kizukei replied "so why don't we try sparring now?"
"sure" Yoko replied
"i'll go easy, Byakugan!" Kizukei said as he used his Byakugan
Kizukei used the hand signs: Rat,Monkey, Hare, Bird "Wind style, Tornado speed jutsu!" Kizukei cried and now moved at lightning speed
"hehe" Yoko chuckled and used the hand signs: Monkey, Ram, Horse, Tiger "Fire style, Fire fist jutsu!" Yoko cried.

Kizukei making the first move he jumped and threw five kunai at Yoko but Yoko used the hand signs: Ox, Dog, Horse, Tiger "Fire style, fire wall jutsu!" She yelled and a wall of fire rose from the ground and protected her but Kizukei had already moved too fast to see behind her and took his kunai to her throat the said in victory "I win."
"well done Kizukei" Yoko congratulated
then they both fell to the floor and without knowing it Kizukei had kissed Yoko and then this kiss slowly became more passionate, and this kiss made Yoko fall in love with Kizukei and no matter how much she wanted to deny it which she tried she couldn't escape her feelings for Kizukei

The next day at school Yoko and Kizukei were panicking about what happened "What happened last night! please tell me it was just a dream!" Yoko panicked
"okay, calm down all we have to do is pretned it never happened and everything will go back to normal" Kizukei said slightly panicked
"okay that works" Yoko calmed down and thought to herself But the problem is, is that I enjoyed it and want it to happen again, I just want Kizukei to ask me out.
"ready to go buddy?"Kizukei asked cheerfully
"yep" Yoko replied cheerfully.

Also that night they were being spied on by kiminaru and he now used this kiss to black mail them.
"so Kizukei, did you enjoy yesterday?" Kiminaru asked sarcastically Kizukei growled and drew his kunai " what did you see?" he asked angrilly
"I saw everything, the training, the fun... that kiss" Kiminaru confessed
"you bastard!" Kizukei yelled at Kiminaru and then he threw hid kunai at Kiminaru but he dodged with great ease and laughed "call that an attack? This is an attack!" then he used the hand signs: Monkey, Ox, Dragon " Water style, aqua armor jutsu!" Kiminaru cried
"Byakugan!" Kizukei cried "ha! your in range, Eight trigrams sixty four palms!" Kizukei lept towards Kiminaru as he lept onto the water "sorry but my aqua armour jutsu protects my chakra points and my body and is even stronger on the water!" Kiminaru explained then used the hand signs: Serpent, Ox, Horse, Tiger "Fire style, poison fire jutsu!" and green fire shot at Kizukei
"Rotation!" Kizukei cried and he spun around so fast expelling chakra from all of his chakra points protecting him from the attack and reflecting it back tenfold powerful.

"Thats enough!" Iruka shouted, Iruka interupted the battle "Kizukei i'm sick of your constant fights and Kiminaru i'm sick of you in general!"
"sorry Iruka-sensei" they both apologized as they bowed their head in shame
"your both suspended" Iruka said as he turned his back to them
"what!" they both shouted in shock
"out!" Iruka commanded.

At the end of the year.

"Ok class, now our final grading exam will be on the art of shadow cloning" Iruka announced
one by one Iruka called in the students and all of them passed.

The next day "Right, now that your all fully fledged ninja I will now split you up into your teams based upon your skill as I mensioned at the begining of the year, ok Squad 1: Hakuma Yoko, Hyuuga Kizukei and Naruuna Kiminaru."Iruka announced
"what!" exclaimed Kizukei and Kiminaru
"these are based upon skill,Kizukei scored the greatest amount in the class you, Kiminaru scored the lowest!" explained Iruka "you know you two remind me of two of my former students the started off hating each other but then they became best friends, I hope you two will do just that."

"Squad 1! Your new sensei is Rock Lee" called Iruka
some time later, "hello students you must be Kizukei Hyuuga I knew Neji well we were team mates back in team Gai" Lee remenissed "and Yoko Hakuma, I hear you very skilled in the art of fire and last but not least Kiminaru Naruuna you use all types of styles, impressive but with me we will focus on taijutsu!"