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Thread: The Love Note.

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    The Love Note.

    Just a little something I quickly made up =] Enjoy.

    As I walked to 2nd Period, I decided to stop by my locker and grab a pen. As I got closer, there I saw a cute guy standing by it. It looked like he was putting something inside my locker.

    Me: Umm, Hi. Can I help you with anything?
    Him: Oh,uh,no..I was just..uh..putting a pencil back in.
    Me: Oh, ok. Well thank you.

    Just then he stared at me with his big,brown,eyes and his dark spiky hair. I couldn't believe how hot he was. I was in a trance, as if falling into a deep spell.

    Me: My name is Lacy, nice to meet you *Smiles*
    Him: Hi, I'm William but you can call me Will.
    Me: Oh, OK Hi Will
    Him: Hey, umm this is random but, there is a game Friday Night, wanna come with me?
    Me: Sure!
    Him: Great! See you there.

    I was in total shock. He was the all-star,popular boyfriend. The boyfriend all the girls wanted, but he was soon to be mine. So when girls try to flirt with him I could say, back off b**ches, he's mine. I ran to class at the sound of the 10:45 bell.

    I quickly went to my seat and sat down next to my friend Selena.

    Me: Pssssstt...guess what Selena?
    Her: Not now Lacy! If the teacher catches us we will be in huge trouble.
    Me: I know, but I just got a date with Will!!!
    Her: No Way?!
    Me: Way!
    Her: Nuh,uh! "Will the Hottie"?
    Me: Yes, *ring* oh, there's the lunch bell, let's go!

    At the end of the day I caught up with him. He asked me if he could take me home and I, of course, said yes!

    Him: I really like you.
    Me: Me too.
    Him: Can you be my girlfriend?
    Me: OMG YES!
    Him: Great, *Kiss* Ok. Remember our date Friday, *lower tone* don't be late!!!
    Me: Ok. Bye!

    Later that night in my room, I thought about how he told me "Don't be late" It sounded rude and mean, but I just tried to convince myself he was just shocked and scared. But something quickly ran in my head. If he was so hot, why wouldn't girls go out with him? Then, I remembered the other day some girls at my table were talking about how he forced a girl to "Do It" with him. I was laughing in my head that day how immature they were to not even say the used term for "Doing It". Many people were like that. But could it be true? Could he possibly force a girl to have sex with him? "Just a lie", I thought. But really, I had no idea the mess I had gotten myself into....

    More Coming Later today or tommorrow!!!! =]
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: The Love Note.

    Nooooo!!!!!, I like it I want more....lol, it is really good for something that you just thought of really. I like keep on, can't wait.

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    Re: The Love Note.

    i could have sworn this was going to turn into a yaoi death note pairing XD
    Why hello there!

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    Re: The Love Note.

    oh, thank god, i thought it was going to be the story of a notebook that when you write someone's name down they fall in love with you.
    interesting story by the way.

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