It's actually a Dragon Age fanfic, but I figured, what the heck.

The Love of Rivals
Alistair was an annoying man. The way he jested in unnecessary situations, and how he would lie in self-pity for days on end.
He was a child, to put it simply. He would cry and laugh carelessly. He claimed to love the warden leader.
"Love?", I would chuckle. "You foolish boy. Do you honestly think that what you have is love? What you have is a weakness, and someone will see that. On that very day, they will take your so-called 'love' from you, and crush you very soul."
"Shut up, Morrigan", he would reply, ignoring my warning.
And that was how it was. We bickered back and forth from time to time, and the warden would have none of it. She would stand in front of Alistair, and look down on me cruelly.
As if I was something to look down upon. I could achieve more with a simple wave of my hand than what that warden could achieve in a lifetime.
And yet, she still did it. The two lovers embarrassed me in public, as much as ruining their reputation as the "Heroes of Ferelden".
Yes, the Blight was over, and we dallied on, helping every damned town in sight. And yet, nothing changed.

That's not all, but I'll post more later.