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Thread: Mafia: The Sisinalle Family Chapter 1,2, and 3

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    I am writing a book and this is what I have so far. Love it if you guys could comment and give suggestions on how to make it better.

    Mafia: The Sisinalle Family
    Chapter One
    Best Friends

    Credit to everyone who is on this roleplay for their help in the book. You guys are the best.

    I was walking down the street when I saw Jason Ventira. We were bestfriends untill our fathers had turned us against each other. I smiled at him hoping he was still my friend and his father didn’t get to him yet. Jason was in line to be the next don and had the power then to stop this maddening war against our familys.
    "Hey man how ya doin? Ya think ya father and mine can just stop this?" said James Ventira.
    "I dont know. Wonder if they are catching on that we are still firends" I said laughing.
    "I hope not, hey you smuggle any of your moms Cannoli over here?" James said. James loved Magret Sisinalles cannoli. When him and James were little and the war wasn’t on she would always fix that for their lunch.
    "Yep" I said handing him the bowl. "Hey how is girlfriend.” Jasons girlfriend name was Frankie Montez. She was a beautiful woman whose parents were Jewis. She didn’t want to be jewish. She wanted to be catholic so she left her parents house and lived by herself untill she met Jason. They were so good together and she was the only one who knew that me and him were still friends. Jason couldn’t respond right away cause as usuall he was stuffing his face. He finally stopped his ravenous devouring and leaned against a lamp post. “She is fine but man were those good” jason said laughing.
    "Yeah I see you still stuff your face like a pig. Maybe when your don you can stop this stupid war. We will probably be old by then" I said laughing.
    "Hey normaly I don't eat like that. But those are so...good. And by the time this war is over we may not even be alive to get to Don. I hate this stupid war. And my bet some of the other family's created the war to move in on our turf." Jason said thoughtfully.
    "Look man you have to promise me no matter what our families do we will stay bestfriends" I asked him.
    "You think I would ever end our friendship because of this nonsence. We have been friends since the cradle. We allways will be." James said.
    "Glad to hear it. I would hate myself if we were not friends cause of this war" I said seriously.
    "The war is temporary. How could I be mad at my best man for my wedding." Jason said grinning.
    “So you have poped the question or you are going to" I asked entrigued.
    "Going to. I figure how can they continue this war. When your my best man?" Jason said laughing still.
    "You do remember my dad right" I said laughing.
    "Yea, which is why I made sure to grab a bottle of his favorite wine” Jason said still laughing at his inside joke.
    "He will still shoot you and so will my brother. They are letting Ian join the family business. I cant believe Jesse and Jamey are allowing that" I said shocked.
    "That's why I never go anywhere without a pair of Kevlar undies." Jason said lauging. I shook my head at his insanity. I laughed at that.
    "So how is your mom and dad" I asked curious.
    “Mom and dad are kinda in a fight. She is refusing certain things until the war is over. Means dad aint gettin much." Jason said with a smirk.
    I laughed and rolled my eyes and said " Well that should have stopped the war."
    "Yea, but ya know how stubborn the old man is." Jason said.
    "True" I said with humor in my voice. I remember how his dad was and still is that way after all those years.
    “Pluse I got a dollar says he found himself somethin on the side." Jason said with an evil looking smirk I rarly saw on him.
    "What makes you say that" I asked in horror. I couldn’t belive what Jason was saying, or why he would be smiling about it.
    “The blue glitter lipstic on his shirt” Jason said grinning.
    “Are you going to tell your mother” I asked him.
    “I was thinking of blackmailing dad to stop the war" Jason said with his evil grin on again.
    "Okay I hope that works. Well I have to go Im meeting Alyison in like five minutes. Dont worry. She knows we are still friends and she thinks that is good." I said urgently. “Bye Jason. See you whenever” I called to him as I walked to the resturant where I was meeting Alyison.
    "Have fun and give her my regards. Stay safe my friend." Jason yelled out at me.

    Chapter Two
    While I was walking to the restaurant something good was happening to Jason. He told me everything and I think I will recap the story of how he propose to Frankie Montez. He wanted to meet her for dinner but Frankie had saw him when he was going to lunch. Well here is the story…..
    “Hey Jason” Frankie said to him with a huge smile on her face and she gave him a quick kiss. “What are you doing out here?”
    "Hey you! I was hoping to meet you tonight for dinner. But, lunch will do. Come on were going to eat. We have to talk and, I got something important I need your input on” Jason said grinning like a maniac.
    "Ok babe" Frankie smiled and went with him to the restaurant. "So what is it you want my input on?" she asked happily. She was always happy around Jason.
    Jason and Frankie got to their favorite restaurant and went to their favorite table and then Jason dropped to one knee. He pulled the ring out of his pocket and looked into her eyes. "Simple, will you marry me?" The ring was beautiful. It was a simple gold band with three diamonds next to each other.
    Frankie stared at him surprised but filled with absolute joy as well "Oh Jason...Yes, yes of course I will" she said overjoyed.
    "I was hoping you were going to say that. HEY TONI! Glass a wine for everyone” Jason shouted happily!
    “Oh Jason I love you" she said smiling.
    He smiled and kissed her deeply. "I love you to. You are my world babe."
    "And you are mine as well love" she smiled. "So does your family know already" she asked?
    "Dad does not know but, Mom does” Jason said with a sigh. “I wish I had told him before I left the house today but, he had a meeting when I was walking out the door.”
    "I hope your dad is ok with it. I could never really tell if he liked me much" she explained. "But it is ok, cause I’m just glad to be spending the rest of my life with the greatest guy ever" she smirked and kissed him "Your amazing babe.”
    "I don't care if he likes it or not. I am marrying you and that is all that matters to me” Jason said with some anger in his voice at the thought of his father not approving of him marrying Frankie.
    "Have I told you that I love you lately" Frankie said smiling as she threw her arms around him. "How did I get so lucky as to end up being engaged to you" she asked playfully?
    "I was going to ask you the same question. How can a guy like me marry an angel?" Jason asked with a smirk on his face.
    Frankie giggled "Oh Jason" she paused "Oh so who is going to be your best man at the wedding babe?" Frankie was hoping that it would be James.
    "My dear I need you to keep a secret. Mention this to no one. Ok…" Jason looked worried.
    "Of course babe you can trust me with anything" she said sincerely.
    "You and I both know this war is idiotic. You also know that James and I have been friends since forever. He will be the best man." Jason said this in one breath. When he was done he took a deep breath.
    "Oh really? James will be there? That is great" she smiled "You don’t know how glad I am that you guys still stay in touch" she paused "Will your father know he is coming or will he find out when he gets there" Frankie asked?
    "When he gets there he will know. I want this stupid war done with" Jason said while shaking his head.
    "Jason... I’m not 100% sure but...there is a possibility that I might be pregnant" she said scared of his reaction.
    “Well we should find out before we tell anyone else” Jason said with a smile.
    “That is what I thought” Frankie said relived.
    They went to the doctors and waited in the cold office for the doctor to come back with the results. Frankie was clutching Jason hand with anticipation. "If I am pregnant...what would you want it to be most" she asked?
    "I actually want both. But what ever we have is fine. I just want you and our family to be happy" Jason said with a smile. Just then the doctor walked in.
    “Congratulations you two are going to be parents.”
    Jason hugged her back and looked at the doc. "You need anything you call that number. You ever get some one messing with you call the number. Trust me doc. You are going to be very happy from now on." He looked back at Frankie “Come on love lets go and celebrate and then we can tell my parents” he said smiling from ear to ear. They left and went to a bar that the Ventira family always went to and ordered some drinks.

    Chapter Three
    Death Threats
    After Jason and Frankie left the bar something unexpected happened to them. They walked out of the bar. Frankie was so happy she probably could almost scream. She does that when she gets excited "Oh Jason I am so excited" she said happily.
    "As am I love... I got everything a guy could want a beautiful and loving wife to be. Then I'm going to be a dad. I'm on top of the world" Jason said with a smile.
    Frankie giggled. "You know Jas you are going to be an amazing Don someday, just amazing" she smiled at him and paused "And your going to be an ever more amazing father" she said as she glanced down and placed a hand on her flat, but soon to be huge, stomach and smiled.
    "Yea about that. I was thinking of going legit. Not because I want to upset the old man. But because I want our children to grow up without any trouble” Jason said with a sigh.
    "Are you sure" she asked "You always use to talk about being Don and how much you wanted to surpass even your father." Frankie paused for a minute. "I mean I’m obviously ok with whatever you want" she smiled "I just want you to be happy babe" she said sincerely.
    "I know, but that was when I was a kid. I want you and our children to grow up safe. This war has already cost me a few good friends. I can live with there loss. I can't live with yours” Jason was on the verge of tears at the thought of losing Frankie and his unborn child.
    "Baby our kids will grow up safe with you around no matter what" she smiled "But I’m happy with whatever you choose" she said. They were walking out to Jason car when some guy ran right into Frankie elbowing her in the stomach and, knocking her down. He just kept running and he was pretty fast too. Jason charged after both of them and yanked them to the ground.
    "The both of you get over here NOW!?” he screamed as he dragged them to an ally and smiled as he grabbed a pipe on the way. "I don't know who you are but, no one crosses a member of my family. Now you are going to learn what it's like not to walk.” Jason was about to swing at there knee caps when Frankie stopped him. She was standing in front of Jason as he was about to hit the guys...now that she looked at them they did not even looked like older guys…teenagers more like it.
    "Out of my way dear. I am going teach these punks some manners” Jason said with a snarl.
    "There just boys baby" she paused "I’m sure it was an accident dear, and I’m fine anyway. No harm done" she tried to convince him though she doubted that it was working. Jason was…well…very stubborn. It was hard to sway him away from anything.
    "And there going to be turned into girls. You both ever, touch her again. Even walk ten feet around her and your dead. Got me D E A D Dead. Now get out of here before I change my mind" he said furious.
    Frankie turned around and faced the boys "Just watch were your going next time ok boys, and if you accidently knock people down, stop and apologize ok" she said warmly.
    "Ok ma'am" they said frightened of Jason. Then they got up and ran away. Jason tossed the pipe on the ground and took out a cigarette.
    "Were going to take you back to the doc. I want to make sure your alright” Jason said after taking a puff of his cig.
    "Jason you worry too much. I’m sure we are both fine" she said. It felt good to say we… me and my little one together as one Frankie thought. She rubbed her hands across her stomach.
    "I just want to be sure ok. I love both of you with all my heart" Jason said with worry on his face.
    Frankie went up and kissed Jason in a very passionate way. "If you wish it Jas then lets go back" she said smiling at him.
    Jason of course returned the kiss and picked her up. He carried her back to the Doctor Jack and explained what had happened.
    "Well sir it seems that the fetus is still ok" he paused. "Now it does seem your fiancé has slight bruising on her ribs" he said with a sigh.
    “And your going to do what you can to fix that right doc" Jason asked worried.
    "Well the only thing I can do is bandage it up. Other than that there is nothing I can do. I will prescribe her some medicine for any pain she is likely to feel."
    "No, no medicine" Frankie told the doctor.
    "OK you bandage her up. And thanks again doc" Jason told him with a smile. Doctor Jack bandage Frankie up and they left. They walked to Jason car again but this time no problems.
    "Oh Jason this bandage is so annoying" she complained.
    "Its necessary dear” he said his voice rough with the inner tears in seeing Frankie in pain.
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