I have had bad history of fan fic writing, multiple failure fan fics, but this is my latest work, I'm trying to slowly get better, and hopefully I'll eventually be at least good...so here's the prologue of this Pokémon fan fic of mine, hope you enjoy it.


Meta Legends




This story takes place in the new region Naklo, featuring a young teenage citizen of the Naklo region by the name of Daniel Smith, born and raised in the little town of Maple Town, known for the exceptional Maple Syrup that is sold there, and is surrounded with a plethora of maple trees.

The young 15 year old teenager, an only child, has lived among a town with many different Pokémon and their trainers, but Daniel has yet to become a trainer himself, unsure about the idea of raising Pokémon of his own.

Daniel has smooth crimson hair, blue eyes, wears a black shirt with flame patterns on the sleeves, and matching pants, black with the flame patterns. He also sports black shoes with flame patterns on them, having a strong fondness of anything fire.

The Naklo region is unique in that there is not one Pokémon exclusively found in that region, that all the Pokémon are able to be seen in one region or another of the others, but this region is strongly influenced by the Internet, it is the biggest thing and nearly everyone has a computer in their homes. It is, and always will be the best source for all kinds of information available.

One day, on a Wednesday afternoon, the professor; professor Morus, came up to Daniel while he was sitting at a maple tree near the lab and greeted him. "Hi, how have you been lately, Daniel?" he greeted.

"Okay, thanks for asking." Daniel replied. "How are you doing these days, Professor?" he said, as he got up and stood up, then proceeded to lean on the maple tree.

"Just fine, thanks." Morus replied, as he smiled at Daniel then said to him "I hope you don't mind, but I have been keeping a bit of an eye on you recently, and you seem to be maturing, I know you've still got growing up to do, you are still shorter than this old professor!" he laughed for a moment, then continued on to ask "I think it would be a good idea for you to start raising Pokémon of your own soon. Yes, I am suggesting that the time has come for you to become a Pokémon Trainer, Daniel."

"So you've been spying on me huh? Well if it's for my own good, it's okay. But about becoming a Pokémon Trainer...I've been around trainers with all kinds of Pokémon, and I have seen my share of cool looking Pokémon in my life, some it would be awesome to raise, but it is a serious thing, their lives depend on their trainer's words and actions, I can't just prematurely jump into becoming a Pokémon Trainer just to get in over my head with it right away..." Daniel said, as he was grabbing a leaf and gripping it firmly.

"Though true, you have been giving it a lot of consideration, I don't want you to get into something you don't feel ready for, but you are growing up, you've got to step up and take responsibility some time, and there's no time like the present!" Professor Morus exclaimed gleefully. "You have a lot of potential to be a fine Pokémon Trainer, you are kind and caring, and care for others more than yourself, that is the key to what makes a great trainer that form close bonds with their Pokémon, that can overcome many hardships together." he said, in a strong voice, doing everything he can to give Daniel the courage he needs to finally decide to become a Pokémon Trainer and raise Pokémon of his own.

"I know we have been good friends for a while, but I never knew you thought that much of me..." Daniel replied, with a tear in his eye. "You are not only a good friend, but the professor, you're right! I can do this! But a Pokémon Trainer isn't a Pokémon Trainer without a Pokémon, when can I get one, do you have some I could choose from handy?"

"Hm, while I could just have you come with me into the lab, I think I've got a better idea." Morus replied. "There is a good friend of mine, whose real name I actually don't know although otherwise, I know him quite well. He is a very fine trainer, and though I don't make a habit of meeting people I only know over the Internet, he actually just came to me for advice one day, over the Internet he goes by the name of SSBMaster. He's a good lad, reminds me of you, only he is an adult now, and has been a Pokémon Trainer for years."

"SSBMaster? Hey, I know him! Well, not real well, but yes, from any of his messages I have read, he seems like a perfectly good guy." Daniel responded, as he started to loosen his grip of the maple leaf he had previously been clutching nervously. "I have no problem with meeting him, since you know him as a good person, so I can rest easy."

"You most certainly can, he is a special person, he has accomplished many things in his life already, yet he is still young, he is still only 20, not old at all, only been an adult for a few years." Morus said. "Whether you've seen a picture of him or not, you will have no trouble finding him when he gets here to meet you, one of his Pokémon is very special, though I can't say one of a kind."

Daniel was already aware of most of his second sentence, but he wasn't sure what he meant at the end of it, though he decided to keep it to himself until he meets up with SSBMaster. "I know, I have seen some pictures of that Pokémon you are talking about, I am truly looking forward to meeting him and that Pokémon of his." he said, as he was refraining from asking what he meant by "though I can't say one of a kind."

"Great, then I'll drop him a message on my computer and see if I can have him come over tomorrow to meet with you." Morus responded. "What is it, you look like you have something you want to ask me about. Is there something you're wondering about?"

"I was just going to ask SSBMaster when I meet him, but since you asked, I'll ask you." he replied. "I know that he has a special Pokémon, but I didn't understand what you meant when you said 'though I can't say one of a kind'. Are you saying there are others like it?"

"That's right, I'd like to tell you more about it, but I should be getting into the lab now." Morus said. Then he put his hand on Daniel's shoulder and told him "Don't worry though, I'll make sure SSBMaster and 'him' tell you all about it when you gets here to meet you. I'll have him come into my lab first, to give him everything you need to start out as a Pokémon Trainer."

"That sounds good, but who is 'him'?" Daniel asked, looking bewildered. "Is he bringing a friend of his with him or something?"

"I suppose you could say that." Morus replied, with a little smirk. "You'll see tomorrow probably, if SSBMaster isn't too busy. Anyway, this has been a very good talk, but I must be going now, so good bye for now." he said, as he headed for the entrance to the lab.

"Alright, thanks for going to make the arrangements for me, SSBMaster and his friend to meet each other!" Daniel exclaimed excitedly.

"You're welcome, Daniel. I know you'll become a good trainer. See you soon" Morus said, giving a wave. Now Daniel is thinking to himself "I wonder what 'he' will be like!". This concludes Meta Legends Prologue.


I know what you must be thinking after this, too much chat, nothing happened. Well, that's what I'm working on...I will work on descriptiveness and put together future chapters better if someone is willing to give it that much of a chance.

After all, it hasn't even gotten into chapters yet, Chapter 1 will be longer, and better, it's up to you on whether you want to stick around for it or not.