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Thread: missing-part I out of IV

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    missing-part I out of IV

    As lucy warton fell fast asleep ,she had noticed she was missing something,something favorite.she soon remembered she had left her keys with:Stacy leed ,her best friend .
    :"she will not just burst in at night,she is my best friend."-she thought.
    but little did she know stacy was the reason lucy's boyfriend (soon to be fionce)was not home all the time.stacy forced him to stay with her.She was a betrayer.Later on that night,lucy was fast asleep she heard a noise.at first she was scared but then she said"probably derek is coming inside ,but he doesn't have keys.stacy has them."she said shocked.she heard the door open,footsteps down the hall,opening the door and..........

    ♥♥hope ya liked it part 2 is coming soon!!!♥the(one and only!!!)princess
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    Re: missing-part I out of IV

    omg i love it! Write the second part soon! I'm so anxiouse to know what happens!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: missing-part I out of IV

    Even I'm intrested to know what is going to happen
    Mr. Fangs

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    Re: missing-part I out of IV

    i love this i wonder wats going to happen next. hope to see the secound one soon.

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