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Thread: the missing piece (partII)

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    the missing piece (partII)

    (as continued)opened the door and.....stacy comes in the door and tells lucy"please give me derek's keys and wallet with his belongings."
    "why?"said lucy.
    "because he is coming with me."-said stacy
    "what!"-said lucy shocked
    "you might not have noticed/but that is why he has been coming in at 3:00 in the morning."-said stacy
    "you mean ,he has been making plans?"said lucy
    stacy just noded her head yes and grabbed his stuff.lucy burst into tears as stacy head out the door.the phone rang,"hello?"said a sad lucy.
    "lucy i'm sorry"it was derek."how could you derek,how could you go behind my back like that,i loved you"lucy responded."i do still love you ,but stacy forced me to stay with her"said derek
    "so your going to listen to her?"lucy answered
    then she said"i love you"and hung up.the next morning she took all the photos and put them away .the doorbell rang "what derek"said lucy with an angry face."lucy will you get back with me?,i dumped stacy"derek said .lucy answered........♥♥

    the part three is coming up tommorow hope you all liked it ♥theprincess
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: the missing piece (partII)

    gah finish it please!!!! I loved this one and i wanna read the last two I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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