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Thread: the missing piece (partVI)

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    the missing piece (partVI)

    ......she saw...derek..he was druged but he still loved her "got anything yet to say,i drugged derek and tricked him into staying with me"answered stacy.
    "why"is all she said and left bursting into tears.worried the next day,lucy appeared in court.she was sueing stacy and charging her for what she had done ,this counts for the past as well.the judge senteced her to 5-10 yrs. in jail.that night,derek was not feeling well."nurse"screamed lucy."madam may i help u with something"the front lady said with a familiar voice."how is derek doing"lucy said."let me take u to a room"the mysterious lady quickly answered.lucy found herself in a dark room.lucy said,"omg what is this".the lady quickly answered,"it is where u shall not see derek again."she took of her was stacy!!she remembered that they said stacy had escaped and was on the loose."stacy"lucy screamed..............

    guess what???there is a sequel!!
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: the missing piece (partVI)

    Ohhh greeeaaatee....just kidding! Can't wait for the rest of it!!!

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