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Thread: Mobile Suit Gundam; Rising God

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    Mobile Suit Gundam; Rising God

    Well, I've had this in my head for a while, so I thought I may as well get it out there. But first, a bit of background in the form of a News Report...
    ************************************************** *******
    “There has been another attack on an United Earth Alliance patrol several hours ago today. The patrol, moving through the debris belt with rumours of unknown units being seen in the area, was totally destroyed. As for the attackers, it seems one enemy unit was destroyed, a SCA pattern MSGEAR found with weapons damage that appears to suggest it was destroyed by the patrols counter attack. This takes the total attacks on UEA targets for this month up to 5 so far, far more than the normal average of 1 or 2 a month.”

    “And in possibly related news, it seems a retaliation attack may have already been dealt, with a civilian shuttle destroyed as it went between 2 Satellite Colony Alliance Habworlds. SCA units scrambled to intercept the attacking forces, & several were destroyed. Video footage taken of the scene by civilians seems to show a UEA Nemo being destroyed by the defending MSGEARs. This takes the total attacks on SCA targets up to 4 for this month, once more much more than the normal 1 or 2.”

    “When the leaders of both the UEA & SCA called emergency press conferences, both denied any involvement from their alliances, while blaming the other for the attacks on their people.”

    *UEA President Luis Von Baron*

    “We shall not & can not afford to let these attacks on our people & those who defend us to go unchallenged! We shall find those responsible & bring them to justice. No longer shall we live in fear!”

    *SCA Chairman Charles Goodman*

    “Almost 20 years ago, the Great Genetic War ended when both sides called for a truce. However, we’ve been attacked almost monthly ever since. Was the truce just a smokescreen? If so, we shall not hesitate to once again stand up, & defend, our, people!”

    “We are currently awaiting a combined press conference with press officers from both Meteor Constructions, primary military contractor to the UEA, & Destiny Design & Construction, SCA’s primary military contractor. We are expecting to hear of this turn of events effect of Project NL2, or New Life 2, & what it means to their efforts to make the planet Mars habitable, which has been running since the Great War ended.”

    “It’s been almost 20 years since the Great Genetic War, the war between the primarily Natural United Earth Alliance & the almost exclusively Coordinator Satellite Colony Alliance, ended with the 2 sides calling a truce. This truce was brought about with both sides using their weapons of mass destruction against each other. The debris from the destroyed Habworld “People’s Hope” is still present in the Debris Belt, while the area in Northern America once called Ney York state, home of what became the original United Earth Alliance, is still unsafe for the general public, the radiation still at dangerous levels.”

    “I’m sorry, but it seems we are going to have to interrupt this story to bring you the third press conference in relation to these events to you live. We cross now to the Perth Convention Centre conference room, in the neutral country of Australia, for the live stream.”

    Several people are at a table up on stage, in a room obviously originally set up for a dinner conference, plates of food still sitting in front of the original guests, Christmas decorations all around. A runner slips up onto the stage & whispers to the man on the right of the podium, who then nods at him & steps behind the podium.

    “Ladies & gentlemen of the press, as well as our original guests, to whom I humbly apologise. It seems those who oppose the peace our combined project helps bring, to bring new life to Mars, have struck again. When I, Zach Burnstien, & my equal in Destiny Design & Construction, Jonathan Walsh, heard about these attacks, we were horrified. When we saw the chance to bring peace to both our Natural & Coordinator brothers & sisters, by resurrecting the failed Project New Life together, we leapt on it immediately. Even when both governments were slow to back it, we pressed on. Now, 18 years & 11 months later, we are still going on, & though tensions have been high at times, we have helped secure the peace that now stands under attack again. True, these have been the highest amount of attacks ever since the end of the war 19 years ago, on New years day of what became the year After War 00, but I pray we can continue to keep the peace, so that our children may never know the horror of war. THAT my friends, that would be a Christmas gift worth giving…”

    Suddenly Betty’s attention was shattered by the sound of the comms plaque on the wall of her cabin squealing at her. Rolling off her bed, she walked over to end the noise.

    “Betty here, what’s up?”

    “You were supposed to be back on duty 15 minutes ago. Dinner’s ready, & we need you to summon & entertain our guests...”

    “Sorry Dad, lost track of time. There’s been another attack on both UEA & SCA!”

    “Yes, I know, the shipping warnings are all over the civilian network. And it’s not Dad while your on duty, it’s Captain, got it?”

    “Yes Da- Captain. I won’t forget again Captain.”

    “Hmmm, yes, I’ll just remind you of that the next time you slip up. Now go & get our guests, & have some fun already.”

    “Yes Sir.”

    Releasing the talk button on the plaque, she walked back over to her bed & picked up the dress top to finish off her uniform. The standard female uniform on board the Solar Princess was a navy blue mini skirt, halfway up the thigh, with white blouse & navy blue dress top over that, personal comms unit sitting in her left ear. Only thing is, because the only other female on board was the chief, she was the only one stuck wearing it. Even if there were others wearing it, she’d still hate it. Give her a pair of good old fashion jeans & a casual top & she’s happy. Still, she get’s to be with her Dad, & it’s a paying position, so she shouldn’t complain too much.

    Finishing off with her “dress” sneakers, simply sneakers polished over with black shoe polish since she loathed high heals, she walked back to the comms unit, pushing the button for the Mess.

    “Hey Julian, How’s the julienne?”

    “So, you have learnt some of the French from that book I gave you. ^So what does Julienne mean?^”

    Asking the question in French, Julian was hoping to trip up Betty, only giving her the book a week ago.

    “^Julienne, a style of cutting food where it’s slice into 2mm by 2mm by 5 cm pieces.^ Wanna try something harder?”

    “How about Meissen place, as in everything in it’s place. Like you should be here helping me serve up, the guests should be in the gallery waiting for their food & yet, their not. Not very good, young lady...”

    “Yeah yeah, my Dad, sorry, the Captain just reminded me about all that. I’ll call them now & meet them there.”

    “^Don’t be too late...^”

    Releasing the Mess button, she switched to the Passenger Cabin’s buttons.

    “Attention guests, Christmas dinner is now being served in the gallery for you viewing pleasure. If you would like to make your way there now, we will be able to start soon.”

    Fifteen minutes later, the last of the guests floated in, the Brothers Jordan & James Theodore still playing their handhelds while their Aunt & Uncle complaining about they never got off those things. Taking their seats, they let Sydney Kyoto lead the Grace, Betty eating with the guests, the brothers trying to crack onto her as usual, while the other crew received their dinner at their posts. Captain William Lehane was enjoying his on the Bridge when he noticed something coming at them on radar at high speed. The data was being presented on the spinscreen, a round panel inside a done which spins as the image is projected on it, allowing for a 3D image to be shown. Looking at it, he could tell there was about 4 objects coming their way, one in front of the other 3, about level with their ship, the first due to pass over in 3 minutes at it’s current speed.
    ************************************************** *******
    Well, that's the first part done. I've got more to it, just can't post it yet since you're only allowed a certain amount of characters per post.

    So, comments, criticisms, threats of violence...?

    The Madman previously known as Daniel219

    Wish I could get on here more often. *Sigh* The down side to night shift...

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    Re: Mobile Suit Gundam; Rising God

    So, no-one's commented eh? Oh well, I may as well finish this chunk off.

    Oh, & I think I forgot to mention, a SCA MSGEAR (Mobile Suit General Equipment Assault Rig) is basically a Zaku I, the original Zaku. I liked the design, plus it linked well with the Seed Destiny Zaku I'm using as the unknown MS's, showing the progress of technology.

    Anyway, back to the story...

    ************************************************** ****
    With the rest of the Bridge crew noticing what had his attention, they snapped into action before he even said anything, just like Captain Lehane knew they would, the Helmsman arming the defences while the 1st Mate attempted to contact the incoming objects. The main duties of the Solar Princess was to provide tours around areas like the ruins of the “People’s Hope”, deep inside the Debris field. The ship was designed to take just as hard a knock as any military ship, & it’s 2 pairs of “Thudder” cannons could scatter oncoming debris with it’s shockwave shells. Captain Lehane was proud to have earned the right to arm his ship with those, since now he could remind people about the tragedy which ended the war he’d fought so long ago. With the Thudder guns armed & tracking the lead blip just in case, they were all surprised to see a completely unknown Mobile Suit fly past a minute before the lead blip was due to arrive, roughly 400 meters away from the ship, seemingly setting the breakneck pace the others were following.

    “First Mate!”

    “Already taken the pics sir. Damn thing didn’t pick up on Radar? What the hell is it? Here comes the first on Radar.”

    Recording the lead MS as it flew past at the same distance, he couldn’t recognise that one either. It looked like a SCA MSGEAR, but it was different, plus it had a flight unit on it’s back, variations of red colouring it’s armour. Nobody built backpacks for MSs. The Captain had just enough time to think something wasn’t right when the last 3 blips flew past, the same model as the first on Radar, only dark green instead. All three flew over the ship about 200 meters away, clearly visible from the Gallery. Seconds after passing over, 2 of the three pursuers broke off, turning around in a wide circle. Recognising their actions from his Navy days, Captain Lehane ordered final safeties off. Coming around, the 2 unknown MS’s drew their guns from behind them before the front of the back pack boosters opened up, revealing missile racks which promptly started launching. Reacting to this, the auto targeting computer fired a round of Thudders their way, detonating the missiles before they got close. Suddenly gunfire tore through the smoke of the destroyed missiles as the 2 MS’s began their direct attack, the Thudders subtly asking them to back off. Looking down through the Bridge windows on the Gallery, he remembered he was on a cruise ship & not a frigate anymore. He slammer his finger into the personal comms button for Betty.

    “BETTY! Get everyone into their rooms! NOW! We’re being attacked for some reason!”

    Who are they, pirates?”

    “Don’t think so. Just get everyone moving!”

    Betty stood up the best she could, the shockwave from the heavy Thudder cannons being felt the entire length of the ship. Remembering she was in 0G, she sent herself hovering over the table, directing everyone to their rooms as the armoured shutters finished closing over the rooftop window. Gathering everyone in one of the spare cabins, she felt the ship start lurching around. Catching one of the brothers as they floated around, she then threw him into the corner once it was obvious he has done that on purpose. Quickly moving to calm the worried Theodores, she noticed the nephews were actually enjoying all the ruckus until a large explosion rocked the ship, which quietened them very quickly. Betty suddenly noticed they were now turning right constantly, unlike the constant moving of before. Moving over to the computer in the corner, she linked it’s systems to the ships, looking through the external cameras. Outside, the right engine was blown, the left trying to push them into a big right hand turn.

    “^Damn, this tub wasn’t made for combat...^”

    Both the attacking MS’s were sitting behind the ship, out of the Thudder’s field of fire despite Helmsman George’s best attempts though he wasn’t giving them an easy target. Pulling every bit of manoeuvring capability out of the injured ship, he gave the Thudders a target with a sharp right turn, the shells directly hitting one with a nasty explosion. Thinking one down, Betty’s heart sank when the MS flew on, showing no sign of damage. Noticing movement on the bottom of the screen, she spotted a pair of legs extending out of the hanger, as a RGM-79 GM, the MS they used for repairs, unfolded itself. With the left arm holding onto the mooring bar inside the hanger, he pulled out the only MS weapon they had, a simple pistol, opening fire of the attacking suits. Easily avoiding the fire, they aimed their guns at the MS, just about to fire when something crash tackled both, sending the shots high, over & into the hull.

    Backing off to let them drift on, the tackler readied himself. Betty had never seen a Mobile Suit like it. It’s white legs with blue feet & knees were bent slightly, as a human would have them in 0G. It’s white groin & hip armour had light blue beams of some sort hanging down it’s legs, while it’s blue stomach had a golden dish set in it. It’s navy blue chest had 2 yellow aerials coming off it, either side of it’s light blue collar & over it’s chest vents. It’s smokey grey arms seemed to have guns built in to the underside of them, while small shields donned the back, something extending from under them. The smokey grey head was detailed with 2 pairs of aerials, one pair extending out at an angle to each other, the other pair straight up. With it’s left side facing the Solar Princess, it wasn’t until it snapped it’s head to it’s left that she saw some sort of box thing on it’s right side, looking like it had some sort of camera & laser pointer built in.

    On it’s back was some sort of pack, at least 3 times as wide as the actual MS itself, which seemed to be made of 2 parts. The first part was large & chunky, with the same kinda side boosters as the other 2 MS’s, only instead of the same center part, it’s pack was much bigger, with a missile rack on the top, aimed on a diagonal angle to the rest of it, & thrusters of some sort on the bottom, one pair fixed, the other seemingly able to maneuver, with some thing on top of it all. As for the second part, the center part of that consisted of what appeared to be the main componants, splitting into 2 parts each ending in a thruster array, one aims backwards, the larger aimed down. Coming off where it connected to the 1st part of the pack were a pair of wings, both connected together, with the same on the other side.

    Suddenly a bunch of missiles got past the Thudders from above, where the tackler had just come from. However, instead of racing towards the ship, they flew at the tackling MS instead, some sort of head mounted guns destroying them before they hit. Aiming the camera to where they had just come from, Betty saw the first of these apparently mass produced Mobile Suits coming in for the attack, this one red instead of the green of the others, opening the shield on it’s shoulder & pulling out an axe, which promptly activated a blade of beam energy. Swinging at the tackler, he missed as the attack was dodged. Not wanting to miss out on the action, the other 2 MS’s opened fire on the 2 of them, obviously not caring which they hit, the third that had continued the pursuit joining in for good measure. With the red MS & the blue/white MS breaking off to avoid the incoming fire, it quickly became a 3 way battle, the red MS going directly after the blue/white one, the blue/white MS attacking the green MSs while avoiding the red one, while the green ones just attacked both the others, ignoring the slight threat the ship posed.
    ************************************************** ****************
    Well, that's "episode 1, part 2" over. I'm still open to comments & criticisms, though threats of violence aren't necessary, or recommended...

    OH, & here's the MS's involved..

    the Blue/White MS

    & the green Ms's (the outer ones)

    The Madman previously known as Daniel219

    Wish I could get on here more often. *Sigh* The down side to night shift...

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    Re: Mobile Suit Gundam; Rising God

    Stuff it, I'm gonna finish it even if no-one's reading it...

    While the others seemed to be firing everything they had into the fray, Betty noticed the blue/white unit hadn’t fired a shot, except the head mounted gun that blew up the missiles. Watching it use the manoeuvring thrusters to dodge the incoming fire, she noticed a red glow build up around the edge of the things extending from it’s arms. The glow increased to the point where it was just as bright as any beam sabre, having seen them in pictures. Dodging another round from a green MS, the blue/white one charged at it, tackling it & slamming the glowing thing on it’s right arm into it’s stomach area. For a second Betty couldn’t see anything happening, but then sparks started to fly out before the green MS’s armour gave out, the weapon sinking in deep. Backing away from the now limp MS, it swung up it’s left arm, blocking a axe swing from the red unit with the shield on it’s arm before kneeing it in the groin armour, shards of twisted metal floating away despite having no obvious damage visible.

    Watching it float away, the blue/white MS wasn’t able to dodge the axe swing from one of the green units, which bit deep into it’s right leg. Slamming the left glowing weapon into it’s face, it punched right through the camera visor slot without resistance. Retracting it’s left weapon & grabbing the green unit’s shoulder with it’s right hand, the blue/white unit slammed the weapon into the MS’s gut, delivering the same result as last time. With only one green MS left & the red one coming back in for the attack, the blue/white unit seemed to suss out it’s situation. Dodging the swing from the red unit, the blue/white MS slipped in behind it, grabbing it’s right hand which had the axe thing in it, & ripping it’s gun from it’s mounting on the back of the MS’s groin. Swinging it’s left arm around the red MS’s waist, the gun still in hand, & twisting the right arm so it couldn’t move, the blue/white MS sent both of them racing towards the last green MS, the rounds from the gun destroying the missiles the green one had fired.

    Slamming the red MS into the Green one while keeping it restrained, the blue/white MS leaned the red MS’s axe blade against the green one’s chest unit. Noticing the colour drain away in an increasing puddle of grey, the blue/white MS opened fire on it’s stomach once the grey spread over it, the green MS twitching, then went limp. Seizing the opportunity, the red MS broke free of the blue/white’s grip, spinning around & trying to slash it with the axe. Dropping the gun, it grabbed the red unit’s arms, both seemingly at a stalemate. Suddenly pistol rounds started pattering off the 2 of them, the ships MS deciding to get back into the battle, this time though he had gotten out of the hanger & was standing on the bottom of the ship. Holding that position for several minutes, ignoring the pistol shots bouncing off them, they seemed to just stare at each other. Suddenly a ball of white light started growing off the golden dish on the blue/white MS’s stomach, growing to the same size as the dish itself before exploding in a bright flash.

    Suddenly the whole world seemed to spin & change colours, all her senses being sent into a spin. Looking around, it was obvious everyone had been affected, some throwing up from the disorientation. All of a sudden something collided with her, as the ship started it’s engines. Wait, engines? The right one was destroyed! Managing to look back at the screen, she could make out despite her head still spinning the red MS floating away at high speed, kicking & wobbling like a baby, & the blue/white MS holding onto what was left of the right engine. The rotating thrusters were now lying against the fixed parts, both pairs burning at full speed with enough force to replace the missing engine. Getting a good head of speed, all the engines shut down, leaving the ship to drift into open space & leaving Earth’s orbit. Her head no longer spinning as much, Betty noticed the blue/white MS had gone limp itself, just drifting along with the ship. Shaking off the last of it, she checked to make sure the passengers were OK, remembering their own MS once she saw they were fine. Racing back to the computer screen, she was relieved to see it floating back towards the ship. Pushing a few buttons on her comms link’s wrist unit, she called it’s pilot.

    “Bennyboy, that you in our Mobile Suit?”

    “Yeah, that was me. What the hell was that?”

    “I don’t know, but you try to pull some thing like that again & you might just end up dead next time! They weren’t playing nice, in case you didn’t notice!”

    “Yeah yeah, that’s why I did it. What, you think I’m just let them blow this ship up after I’ve put so much effort into fixing it all the time?”

    “Whatever. Look, you know that blue & white Suit you shot at? That one just pushed us away from whoever the hell that was. Problem is, he’s not moving. You wanna go get him for us?”

    “Yeah, whatever. Where is he?”

    “Right engine bowels. He did a great impersonation of our blown up engine. Move it!”

    Reporting the passengers conditions to the Captain, she watched as Ben “Bennyboy” Johnson flew over & grabbed the blue/white MS. Bringing it over to the hanger, it was quickly obvious it wasn’t going to fit inside with that huge pack on it’s back. Instead Bennyboy set it onto the top gravplate, Betty signing a breath of relief when the systems activated. She sighed again when the cockpit opened to reveal the male pilot was wearing a full body flight suit, sealed against the cold vacuum of space. Taking him through an airlock & straight to sick bay, they struggled to remove his flight suit. Accidentally finding a button on the underside of his helmet, Betty stepped back as it popped open, revealing a young man, about 18-19 years old, with brown hair & some sort of box contraption stuck to the side of his head. As the ship’s medic went about changing him & checking him over, everyone but the security guard went back to their positions. With the Captain returning to the bridge to report the situation to Australia’s authorities, being registered to his home country, Betty went to check up on the passengers.

    Whoever that guy was, something told Betty that this wasn’t over...

    Well, that's Episode 1 done. If I get some interest, I could write a Episode 2, hell might even do it anyway, but I'll leave it at that for now.

    Still open for comments. Feedback can be useful...
    The Madman previously known as Daniel219

    Wish I could get on here more often. *Sigh* The down side to night shift...

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    Re: Mobile Suit Gundam; Rising God

    yea, um i dont realy like to read, dont get me rong, if its not bad ( the parts i did read, the frist sentence.) but its long and i dont even like to read

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