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Thread: my manga..

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    my manga..

    Oi! Ohmigosh!
    Ep 1: You Look Familiar...
    Mina stands in front of the mirror tying her ribbon in her hair. She tilts her head and stares at her reflection. She strikes a cute pose and winks.
    Mina: [sweatdrops] My hair is NOT going right! [she twirls in her school uniform..]
    Tai: Mina!!! We're going to be late if you don't HURRY!
    Mina: I'm comin'! I'm comin'! Just hold on! [...and poses again]
    Tai: [pokes her head into Mina's room] Come on!!! We are gonna be SO late!!!
    Mina: Fine!!! [she grabs her bookbag, along with her "Gene Starwind" manga (comic book). She zooms with her sis out the door. They run down the streets of their neighborhood to their school.]
    Mina is now sitting in class. The students have their textbooks open listening attentively... EXCEPT for Mina. She's looking at her "Gene Starwind" manga inside the textbook. (She hiding behind her textbook. lol) Suddenly, she swoons loudly (very loudly!) and interrupts class. The teacher calls her.]
    Mrs. Ato: Mina!!! Mina!?!!? [Mina of coarse doesn't hear her, since she too busy drooling over the "G.S." comic.The teacher flips Mina's textbook down, and sees Mina reading the comic.]
    Mina: Ooops.
    Mrs. Ato: [gasps] MINA SY!!! I never thought you'd try this 5 times in a month's period!
    Mina: Uh.. [sweatdrops] Mrs. Ato...
    Mrs. Ato: I'll take this! [takes the comic from Mina]
    Mina: NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! [tears flood down her face] My Gene!!!
    Mrs. Ato: Now pay attention! Or.. [she waves a detention slip in the air]
    Mina: Uh [scratches her head and chuckles nervously]
    After School-home
    In Mina's Room
    Tai: If you wouldn't have brought it to school, she wouldn't have taken it! She's gonna have the whole collection of "Gene Starwind" comics. [sweatdrops]
    [Mina sighs and takes the ribbon out of her hair. She stands in front of the mirror.]
    Tai: Mom is pretty angry with you.
    Mina: I promise I wont bring another comic to that class!
    Tai: THAT class? Why are you even bring them TO SCHOOL? That's why you're in trouble now..
    Mina: I promise I won't bring anymore Gene Comics to school, k?!
    Tai: Don't make promises to me that you can't keep. -_-
    Mina: Fine, I'll talk to Mom.
    Tai: There you go! Finally, you actin like you go some sense, girl! [Tai pats her head. Mina Sweatdrops. Tai: ^-^ Mina: -_-; ]
    Later at School the Next Day
    Mina: I'm going to go get my comics back! [the "Mission Impossible" theme music plays in the background. She tip-toes into Mrs. Ato's empty classroom with her back pack.] Good. No Teacher. Here goes nothin'... [She opens the teacher's desk and looks around.] GOODIE!!!! MY COMICS!!! ^-^ [She "cries"] OH HOW I'VE MISSED YOU, GENE!!!! [she happily stuffs the comics into her back pack. She skips to the door, and bumps straight into someone.] Sorry... [She looks up and screams.] Mrs. Ato! [she scratches her head]
    Mrs. Ato: Mina... WHAT are you doing!?
    Mina: Uh... [laughs nervously] I'm taking my comic back!!!
    Mrs. Ato: So, you went through my desk?!
    Mina: Yeah... So what?! You had my stuff!!! They're my comics! And you know... taking things that don't belong to you is stealing!!! So there! [pouts]
    Mrs. Ato: So what do you think your mother will have to say about you going to such desperate measures? Hm?
    Mina: Please no!!! She already grounded me!! I promise I won't read another comic in class again!!! Really! I won't even bring em to school no more!
    Mrs. Ato: Fine. I don't wanna see another one of those comics in my classroom. Next time I see one, I will "steal" it, and take it to your mother.
    Mina: OH!!! [Bambi eyes] I LUV you Mrs. Ato!!! Thank you SO much!!! You won't regret this! [she runs off cheerfully]
    At Home
    Mina's Room
    Mina is sitting on her bed reading her Gene comics.
    Mina: [swoons] Gene would be such a stud if he were real!!! ^-^ [hearts float around her]
    Tai: I agree!! [giggles and sits on the bed next to Mina] I see you got your comics back..
    Mina: Yep! [turns a page of the book]
    Tai: So, whad you say?
    Mina: Everything was cool. She just gave them back to me. ^-^;
    [there is a long pause (deathly quiet)]
    Tai: That's not how it went did it?
    Mina: Uh no... actually I snuck them out of her desk....
    Tai: You WHAT!? [Mina giggles nervously. Tai sweatdrops.]
    Mina: ...and I got busted.
    Tai: Wha'd she say?
    Mina: She let me off the hook and everything, I just can't bring the comics to class anymore.. [she scratches her head]
    Tai: [sighs] She's a nice teacher.
    Mina: Are you kidding!? I HATE her!!! She is evil incarnate!!! [Tai sweatdrops. Mina kisses her comic.] ^-^
    Mina is asleep on her bed, fully dressed (still in her school clothes to be exact >.<). She drools on the comic, making the pages wet, and stick to her face.
    Mina yawns. As she stretches, she accidentally kicks the comic off the bed. She jumps over the bed to get it.
    Mina: [screams] EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!!
    She's on top of a guy that looks like he just woke up. He touches her rear end. She shrieks.
    Guy: [mumbles; half sleep] Baby, what's that matter? [Mina punches him in the face.] OW!!! [Guy: O.o suddenly WIDE awake] What the heck are you-
    [Mina stands up with a (baseball) bat. She stares at him.]
    Mina: Um... [she stands there looking a little puzzled. He stands up. There is a knock on her door.] You... don't move...
    Guy: [mumbles] I must've followed the girl home... [scratches his head]
    Mina: [shouts] Who is it?
    Mom: It's your mother. [Mina cracks the door.] Mina, Is everthing alright in there? [Mina hides the baseball bat behind her back.]
    Mina: Yeah, I just fell off the bed.
    Mom: You okay?
    Mina: Yep!
    Mom: Did you sleep in your school clothes?
    Mina: Uh... [giggles]
    Mom: Get ready for school. [the mother leaves]
    [Mina closes and locks the door. She turns around and the guy is in her undies drawer.]
    Mina: [sqeals] You!!! [the guy is holding a pair of her underwear]
    Guy: I don't recognize any of these...
    Mina: You shouldn't be able to! Now put em down!!! [he puts them back. She stares at him.] You...look familiar...
    Guy: You don't.... look familiar to me... [he scratches his head; sighs] Maybe I got wasted last night... [Mina drops the baseball bat.]
    Mina: Gene?
    Gene: Yeah?
    Mina: Gene STARWIND?
    Gene: Who wants to know? [Mina squeals and flutters her eyelashes.]
    Mina: Ohmigosh...^-^ [she comes close to him.]
    Gene: What's the deal?
    Mina: Ohmigosh!!!!!! I've got to be dreaming cause-
    Gene: I don't think so...
    Mina: Maybe-
    Mom: [shouts up to her room] Mina, are you getting ready for school?!
    Mina: [shouts down to her mom] Uh... yes! [to Gene] [sighs] How.... did this happen?
    Gene: I don't know. Last thing I remember was having a drink. Now I'm here.... which really doesn't add up... I just wanna know where I picked you up.
    Mina: WHAT!?
    [there is a knock on the door]
    Tai: [shouts outside the room] Mina! You're up! I hope you're getting ready for school!
    Mina: Uh... I am!
    Tai: [gasps] OHMIGOSH! Are you sleep-talking?
    Mina: Very funny Tai! [laughs sarcastically] I have to get ready... [she goes into her bathroom and closes her door.] [thinks to herself] Maybe this isn't a dream... What if it is? K. If it is, when I open this door, he should be gone. 1... 2... 3... [she bursts the door open. Gene is still there.]
    Gene: Are you....okay?
    Mina: [sweatdrops] Um, yes... I just- this is weird..
    Gene: I'm... not following you.
    Mina: It's just- you don't belong here.
    Gene: What are you talking about?
    Mina: Gene you're not real.
    Gene: Wha?
    Mina: You're just... a fictional character.
    Gene: What are you talkin about?
    Mina: But you look so real... [She stares at him. She comes up close to him. She tucks her hair behind her ear.] Lemme see your hand. [He puts her hand out and she takes it. She examines his hands; thinking] Flesh? [She lets go of his hand. She comes up closer to him and pokes his face.]
    Gene: Um... [suddenly, she pinches his cheeks, and pulls them in different directions; Gene sweatdrops] What are you doing, woman!?
    Mina: [continues to stretch and tug on his face] Shh!!! You have any I.D. or anything?
    Gene: Why?
    Mina: [She lets go of his face.] Just lemme see it.
    Gene: [He digs around in his pockets.] Not it. Not it. Definately not it.
    Mina: [sighs] C'mon!
    Gene: Here... [he takes it out of his wallet, and gives it to her]
    Mina: Gene Starwind.... Oh gosh... it IS you!!! Ohmigosh!! I have all of the comics!!! I'm your biggest fan! [She stares up at him with bambi eyes.]
    Gene: So you ARE.. [He stares at her chest. She looks down. She smacks him.] Ow!
    Mina: [blushes] Don't you dare try to peep on me!
    Gene: I WASN'T!!!!
    Mina: Shutup, or every1 will hear you! Oh gosh, that reminds me... what am I gonna do with you?
    Gene: [blushes] Uh...
    Mina: I can't keep you here while I go to school! [Gene looks out the window.]
    Gene: Todai Avenue? Where the heck are we anyway?
    Mina: I'm telling you, this is not your anime world! This is the real world! You're nothing but an anime character, but you happen to be very real for right now. [sighs] So, you get it?
    Gene: Um... you lost me...
    Mina: [sweatdrops] I'm gonna be late for school! [She goes in hyper speed mode, and gets ready for school (a zillion times faster than usual). She stands in front of the mirror. She brushes her hair with her ribbon in her mouth. Gene stares at her.] What?
    Gene: [shugs] Nothin'.. just lookin.
    Mina: This should be so much fun! [she ties up her hair] That was fast. Okay, now jump out the window, and I'll meet you outside.
    Gene: Wha-
    Mina: Just do it. [He jumps out the window. Mina goes downstairs. She gets one of the keys off the wall.]
    Mom: Mina... [Mina puts the key in her pocket and runs off.] Where are you going? Mina: To school.
    Tai: What about your... [Mina closes the door behind her.] ...breakfast?
    Mom: It may be good for her to go to school early. >.<
    part1 of ep 1
    Thankz all for today..I hoped you enjoyed

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    Re: my manga..

    part 2 of ed1
    Mina: Look what I got? [She holds up a key. He snatches it.] Hey!
    Gene: This is a VERY nice car. [It's a 2004 BMW.]
    Mina: I know. My mother will kill me, but later. [She gets in on the passenger's side.] Get in. [Gene gets in the car, and they zoom off.] WHOA!!!!!!! Don't drive like a maniac!!!!
    Gene: I LIKE this car! I just.. wish there was more space to-
    Mina: [sweatdrops] I'm gonna ignore that comment. -_-
    Gene: Where are we going?
    Mina: You got some money on you?
    Gene: Yeh, why?
    Mina: Oh nothing...

    At the Mall

    Gene: I thought you said that you were going to school.
    Mina: I AM. Later. ^-^ I just needed to go shopping cuz- a girl needs to think!
    Gene: Try not to spend my last dime, okay?
    Mina: Aw....okay.
    Gene: [sweatdrops; sighs] Just what are you thinking about anyways?
    Mina: I don't know... You...everything. I don't know how you got here, or what I'm gonna do with you.
    Gene: Hey... [reads] "Victoria's Secrets" looks GOOD. O.O
    Mina: We are NOT going in there. [She looks at him. She blushes; and squeals] I can't believe I'm shopping with Gene Starwind! [She hugs on the side of his arm. Gene sweatdrops.]

    They start paying for the things at the register. Mina is STILL stuck on his arm.
    Cashier: Aww... you two must be engaged or something..
    Gene: You would think that, wouldn't you? [Mina squeezes his arm. He blushes.] We are NOT together.
    Cashier: You're not?
    Gene: Uh... no. [He pats the top of Mina's head]
    Mina: We really look like a couple?
    Cashier: The cutest I 've ever seen!
    Mina: Thank you!
    Gene: [sweatdrops] Um... Lady, like I said- we're NOT together. Could you please ring this stuff up a little bit faster?
    Cashier: I AM. [pauses] I would've thought you two were married the way you were hugged all up. It's so SWEET!!! ^-^
    Gene: Lady- >.< [The cashier hands Mina all her shopping bags.]
    Mina: THANK YOU!! ^-^
    Cashier: Have a good day. Come again. ^-^
    [they leave]
    Mina: Gene, I was just playing with you.
    Gene: Yeah-yeah...
    Mina: How is it, you get so aggrivated?
    Gene: Well, I'm a single guy and I kinda wanna look like it.
    Mina: [scoffs] What's THAT supposed to mean? You think you are SO the ladies man, huh? Gene? [she looks around and looks behind her, Gene is collecting some girl's phone number. The girl waves and walks away. Mina walks up to Gene and taps him on the shoulder.]
    Gene: Huh? Oh, I'm sorry. What were you saying? [Mina sweatdrops]

    Back in the BMW

    Gene is driving again. Mina is sitting on the passenger's side, eating a Big Mac. (lol ^-^) Mina takes a big bite, then slurps down some soda.
    Mina: I didn't tell you my name yet, did I?
    Gene: No, you didn't tell me, but I heard your mother call your name a few times back at the house.
    Mina: So, have you forgotten my name yet?
    Gene: If you know me, you know I never forget a cute girl's name. [winks] Mina. [he smiles]
    Mina: Aww, you remember. [suddenly shrieks] Oh gosh!
    Gene: What?
    Mina: What am I gonna do with you?
    Gene: Ooo... Am I allow to give you hints or suggestions?
    Mina: Ummm... no. Anyway, I can't keep you at the house...or maybe I could!
    Gene: Huh?


    Mom: Have you lost your mind? Skipping school? Taking my car without asking, AND without a license! To top it off, you were GROUNDED! That means NO extra activies, young lady. You must want me to give you a DEATH sentence!!! >.<
    Mina: Mom, I'm sorry!!! I just, wanted to go out to... um.... the mall to get to a sale that was going to be over before school was out! [laughs nervously]
    Mom: So, you skipped school?
    Mina: I know it sounds dumb, but look at all these clothes I got. [Mina points to the other side of the room, where she has 20 shopping bags.]
    Mom: [peeps in the bags] Oooo!! This shirt is SO cute!!
    Mina: I got it really cheap! [thinking] FREE actually... -_-;
    Mom: How much did you spend?
    Mina: Um... [sweats and turns red] $50.
    Mom: What??! On all of this stuff?
    Mina: Yep!
    Mom: I better see about this sale-
    Mina: Um, [sweatdrops] Too late mom, the sale is over! [she laughs nervously, and scratches her head]

    [Mina goes up to her room.]
    Mina: Gene? Gene??? [She looks over the side of the bed, and Gene is laying on the floor reading a "Tenchi Muyo" comic.]
    Gene: Question.. Is Tenchi gay, or what? He doesn't like women?
    Mina: Gimme that!
    Gene: Wait, just one more page!
    Mina: Give it now!
    Gene: You want it?
    Mina: Yes.
    Gene: Beg.
    Mina: What?! I am NOT "Lassie" I DON'T follow your orders!!! [she pouts and flips her hair over her shoulder]
    Gene: [still very into the comic] Then I guess I can keep this.
    Mina: Or, I can just TAKE it back. [She jumps over the side of the bed, he moves and she falls on her face. Gene laughs. Mina pops up, and starts tugging on the comic] Give it to me PLEASE!!! I BEG of you! If it rips, you gonna buy me a new one! [Gene lets go of it, and she falls back on the floor]
    Gene: All that fuss about a comic book.
    Mina: It's a special edition! Rare find! It cost me $100!
    Gene: What?!
    Mina: Yes. So leave this one alone.
    Gene: Alright-Alright... [pauses] So tell me one thing, does Tenchi hook up with any of those girls, or is he gay, like I said? [Mina sighs heavily and sweadrops]


    Gene is on laying on the floor, withOUT a shirt. (everybody scream!!!! lol ^-^)Mina is laying in her bed.
    Mina: What am I gonna do?
    Gene: Mina, can I-
    Mina: NO Gene!!! How many times do I have to tell you?? You're staying on the FLOOR!
    Gene: Nice way to treat your dream guy.
    Mina: No you're NOT!!!
    Gene: I know I am. Believe me, I can tell. I've had plenty of women tell me that.
    Mina: So, I'm one of the many women? >.< [there is a long silence]
    Gene: So, what color panties you got on?
    Mina: [blushes] Shutup.
    Gene: What? I'm trying to make some conversation here.. Really, what color?
    Mina: I'm ignoring you.
    Gene: Okay, I'll guess. You have the.... white ones on.
    Mina: Sorry, [makes a buzzer sound] Wrong answer. Thanx for playing. Goodnight.
    Gene: It isn't white? Lemme see. [he lifts the sheets off her bed]
    Mina: [jerks her covers from him] YOU PERVERT!!!
    Gene: I knew it! I was right!!!
    Mina: JERK!!! [she hits him with her pillow] Go to bed!!!
    Gene: You won't even let me touch the bed!
    Mina: [sweatdrops] Are you trying to make things difficult here?
    Gene: No-
    Mina: Then let me rephrase the command!!! Go to SLEEP!!! Please! I've got school tomorrow!
    Gene: And where will I be?
    Mina: I don't know...I'll figure that out in the morning...
    Gene: [sighs] Nice plan.
    Mina: I'm thinging!
    Gene: Yeah, but weren't you supposed to be doing that while we were at the mall?! While you were spending up my money?!
    Mina: Don't hound me!
    Gene: [sighs heavily] I need a drink.
    Mina: I could get you some kool-aid.
    Gene: Uh, NO. I'm talking about anything alcohol-ish.
    Mina: Oh, my mom doesn't drink.
    Gene: Well, [he stands up and pulls his shirt on over his head]
    Mina: What are you doing?
    Gene: Leaving. [He's now fully dressed]
    Mina: Why?
    Gene: Your mom is sleep, right?
    Mina: Yeah, what? [He climbs out the window] Wh??? [She puts on her clothes and runs out of the house. Gene climbs in the BMW.] I'm going to be in trouble for this AGAIN, if she finds out. >.<
    Gene: I'm going for a little spin.
    Mina: But-
    Gene: Get in. [Mina climbs in, and he drives off.]
    Mina: Where are we going exactly?
    Gene: To a bar.
    Mina: WHA!? A BAR!?
    Gene: I need a drink.
    Mina: A drink?
    Gene: Yep.
    Mina: Why can't you just go to the store and buy one?!
    Gene: The bar environment calls to me better. [Mina sweatdrops] What the heck is this music?!
    Mina: It's the classics station. [Gene turns the radio station to a rock station]
    Gene: This is more my speed!
    Mina: Gene.. -_- [screams] Gene! We almost got hit!!! That was a stop light!!!!
    Gene: I KNOW!!!
    Mina: Then you're TRYING to get us killed? -_-
    Gene: Mina, you gotta learn to live a little.
    Mina: A little longer, and we won't be LIVING at ALL!! [Gene laughs]
    [they speed off]

    End of Episode 1 ^-^

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    Re: my manga..

    Nice idea for a story line. I can tell you are a Gene Starwind fan ^_^.

    Pretty awesome how you incorporated other anime into this. Also funny about the Tenchi Muyo comment haha.
    A little ironic when Mina told Gene he was an "anime" character lol.
    I cannot wait to read more of this.

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    Re: my manga..

    well its good fummy and like kairu saed Pretty awesome how you incorporated other anime into this i like this and its only going to get better as you wight more chapters so keep up the good work
    the one and only show that rocks my socks
    the one show that i cant live
    with out.

    soul society will live on forever in the minds of its poeple!!!

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    Re: my manga..

    OMG!! I LOVE IT!!!
    I CANT WAIT TO see the next one.

    ~Falling in love one step at a time~

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    Re: my manga..

    Thankz you emo,P.R.Princes,and my Ju Yo!!(Kairu) for the feedback..I worked hard on this manga..it's not my newest one..but my favorite..^.^..i'll sent the next one asap snice u guys like it..(but me have to type it all up on the com first) all my manga is on a notebook.O.O

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    Re: my manga..

    its been a while since i posted...BTW Nice Fanfic ..you can read mide too

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