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Thread: Naruto Fanfic ch 1-The aftermath

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    Naruto Fanfic ch 1-The aftermath

    This is a Naruto story after Naruto takes Pein down.

    Naruto stred at what was Konoha. "Do we have a lot of work too do." he said too himself. He saw Tsunade who was very tired. "Nar...u..to" she said. "You did great protecting Konoha." "Just like a hokage whould." "That is why I'm giveing you the tile of hokage." Tsunade sued up too much charkra giveing it too the hurt. Her time was over. She fell too the ground. "Grandma Tsunade!" yelled Naruto. Naruto ran too find his friends. Passing all the damage hurt him but knew it was ok now. Naruto saw his friends standing in the distance too greet him. "Naruto..." said Sakura. Naruto did not say anything. Two anbu appeared before the shinobi. "Naruto what should we do?" asked one of them. "Why the hell ask me?" replied Naruto. "Your the sixth hokage now Naruto." All of Naruto's freinds gasped. "The Hokage!" yelled Kiba. "She did not make it Sakura" said Naruto. Tears fell from Sakura's eyes she ran and hugged Naruto. Naruto just stared at the sky. "What would you do...fourth hokage.?"
    More soon...

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