Naruto Shippuden+: Naruto Sage Mode VS Pein (Spoilers)

Naruto was preparing his final versions of his training, he was finally full in his sage mode form. He was heading back to the Konoha village now. He turns to the frogs and bows. Lifting his face back up he reveals his new self.

Naruto: Thanks!! Naruto's eyes had a red uplift to them, his eye color was yellow and his pupil's expanded to the width similar of a frogs. He had his red coat on with the scroll he would need later on in the battle. His regular outfit was cleaned and redone, he was given a frogs amulet for a sign of being accepted into the Frog Clan.

Old Sage frog: No problem kid! I am sure Jiraiya-boy would be proud of yer!

Naruto: You think so? He smiled

Pa: Of course, now go and avenge Jiraiya boy!

Naruto: (Im going to kill Pain and make sure pervy sage rest in peace..)

Naruto turned and waved as he was summoned to battle field Konoha. In the center he saw Pain, the rest of the village was torn to shreds, nothing remained except for the rubble and the battered Konoha residence. Naruto gazed the battle field, he felt the chakra of nature running through him, he began to frown deeply, as he felt the hair in the back of his neck stand, he turned to Pain giving him a scowl.

Naruto: You did this!?! All of this by yourself!?

Pain: There you are Nine Tails. If you come out sooner, all of this could've been avoided..

Naruto: Im not going to let you get away with this.. For everything you've done, for the sake of the Konoha and for pervy sage, I'm going to stop you!!! Naruto held his hand out and already prepared a rasengan in a split second. Pain stared unimpressed, until Naruto dashed up and hit Pain with the reasengan, Pain vanished and appeared behind Naruto, but Naruto felt the presence of Pain and knew from his chakra nature that the Pain earlier was just a clone, he let Pain hit him as Naruto then turned into hard cement. Pain tried to pull his arm out of the cement clone, Naruto came up from behind him slamming him with a gigantic rasengen barrage. It was a rasengan with five rasengans contained within it.

Naruto: Rasen-RenganRASENGAN!!!!!!!!!!! Pain took the hit in the back as the rasengan barrage shredded through Pain ripping his cloak into shreds and eventually ripping his skin into the pieces, as the blue sharp swirls continued, Naruto kept pushing the barrage into Pain as Pain spat out blood, suddenly Pain's assistant came from the sky and pounded Naruto 50 feet into the ground.

Naruto uses his chakra nature and does a substitution appearing in front of Pain's assistant, it was another rinnegan user, who was chubby with orange hair pulled back.

Naruto: So which one of you was it that killed pervy sage? Naruto gazed at both of them, he numbered the first one with the spiky hair and ripped cloak #1, and the chubby one who just nailed him was #2

Pain: It was me.. The same person who did this to your precious village.

Naruto within a glance appeared in front of Pain#1 and grabbed him by his robe, he threw him yards away into a rubbled konoha building, the Pain flew into the building slamming against the hard concrete surface fracturing some bones, when Pain pushed himself out of the rubble, another Naruto grabbed him by his neck and dragged him through the building.
Naruto: THIS IS FOR PERVY SAGE YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He kept slamming Pain through the damaged Konoha building, running as he dragged Pain through the walls, Naruto then slammed Pain through the building , still holding Pain in his grip, Naruto began to pull him through the building as Naruto ran on the surface of the building. Pain was getting dragged through the shanty building taking damage quickly as stone impaled into him, bits and pieces slicing at his face and body , Naruto then chucked Pain 300feet into the air where his clone was waiting in the air on top of a frog ladder, he grabbed Pain and slammed him with a rasengan down to the empty lot where Konoha once was.

Meanwhile... Pain#2 was fighting another sage clone of Naruto. The chubby Pein hurled his fist towards Naruto using some expansive jutsu, Naruto ducked within 0.1 of a second, touching the ground with his finger, allowing a clone to travel through the ground, the clone grabbed the feet of Pain #2, and pulled him down into the ground where two Naruto's were forming a massive Rasengan, in which they slammed into Pain#2. The Rasengan's pressure tore right through Pain as Naruto kept pushing it through him, it then launched him another 1000 feet into the ground, the clones vanished and went back to Naruto. Suddenly Pein#1 comes crashing down from the air with a Rasengan being slammed into him by Naruto. Naruto then hops off and stands back as he awaits to see if Pein#1 is alive or not..

Naruto: Huff...huff... (Shit.. I think I over did it haha.. lets hope that rasengan was enough to take him out.)

Pain #1 slowly pulls himself up exposing his insides, which were full of eyes, all rinnegan eyes that flooded out of his stomach

Naruto: Just what are you!? Its no wonder pervy sage lost to a sick bastard like you..

Pain: You mean Jiraiya-sama?

Naruto: He wasn't your master!! Naruto whipped the sweat off his face in anger

Pain: That shows how little you know. Jiraiya-sama knew me before he met you, and he trained me better then he did to you.

Naruto: Thats not true..

Pain: You were always shunned Nine Tails, but now, for once you are wanted, as a weapon of war. Pain smiled

Naruto: My name... IS NARUTO UZUMAKI!!!!!!!!!!!! Naruto ran up to Pain slamming him with a Kawazu-Kumite in the face, Naruto's fist slowly sunk into Pain's face and a thousand pounds of pressure was induced with one blow, Pain flew at the speed of light into a konoha leaf building.

Naruto grasped his arm in pain.

Naruto: I used up my Sage mode.. Naruto felt nature chakra leave his body. He slowly gazed around, his vision was blurry, but there was no sight of Pain.

Naruto: May-maybe that was it!?

Pain hopped out of the rubble, missing half his right arm, and a majority of his face was disfigured as the piercings were shoved into his skull. Pain quickly did a jutsu and three Pain's appeared from the sky, one had long hair, another was bald and did not resemble a human, and the other one has her hair tied into a knot.

Long Hair Pain: Tendo, your wounded severely.

Pain#1: I know.. thats why I brought you here, I need you to soul transfer me.

Long Hair Pain: Got it. The two of them did a jutsu while the Pain with a knot in her hair ran at Naruto with the bald one backing her up.

Naruto: Shit.. this isnt good. Naruto smiled as he held his arm in pain hunched over gasping for air
Alright..the girl is #2 and baldy is #3.. Lets go! Naruto prepared himself in a stance as the girl dived at him holding a kunai, Naruto dodged it and put his fist together pounding her into the ground, as the bald Pain shot hundreds of needles at Naruto, who quickly summoned a frog with a shield to deflect all the needles. Pain #2 leaped up from the ground and hurled round silver chunks at Naruto, Naruto jumped into the air to avoid them, as the chunks suddenly did a violent explosion hurling Naruto even further into the air, where Pain #3 pounded his fist into Naruto's back. Naruto vomited blood as he hit the hard soil, but he immediately recoiled and blocked Pain #2's attack, which was a direct kunai assault, Naruto grabbed her arm and did a hand sign, a clone of Naruto came out and nailed her with rasengan, as Pain#3 grabs the real Naruto, suddenly multiple arms come out of Pain#3, grabbing Naruto's limbs. Pain#2 was sent flying by the force of the rasengan and landed inside a battered Konoha building. Pain#3 did a hug like attack on Naruto squeezing Naruto until he began to scream..

Will Naruto be able to survive Pein's wrath and terror on Konoha!?

To be continued...