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Thread: Naruto Shippuden: Sasuke/Suigetsu VS Itachi/Kisame

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    Naruto Shippuden: Sasuke/Suigetsu VS Itachi/Kisame

    Naruto Shippuden: Long fight Sasuke&Suigetsu VS Itachi&Kisame

    Sasuke stepped off a mountain with Suigetsu, landing in a thick brush of woods, both of them landed perfectly, Suigetsu began to look around, his back to Sasuke's.

    Suigetsu: No sign of them Sasuke. Turns out the information must've been false.

    Sasuke: ...You think so? Sasuke looked calm but yet tense.

    Suigetsu: Well I dont see Itachi here. Maybe we scared him away? Suigetsu turned and smiled at Sasuke

    Kisame: Your kidding right? Kisame arose from a puddle in front of them.

    Sasuke: Kisame Hosigaki...

    Suigetsu: Samehada!! Suigetsu's eyes lit up at the sight of Kisame's sword.

    Kisame waved it with one arm at Suigetsu, then pointed it at him.

    Kisame: Oh you mean you want this? HAHAHAAAAAAA Kisame let loose a vile gasp of laughter Your simply a weak punk, you dont have the talent to wield samehada.

    Sasuke: Where's Itachi?.. Sasuke was wearing a black robe draped over his head

    Kisame: Oh.. Him. Of course, you know Sasuke you should try and be more observant. Kisame points up to the brush of tree's, Itachi was looking down at Sasuke.

    Sasuke quietly stared back at Itachi. His sharingan activated, and began to twirl trying to put Itachi in an illusion, Itachi smiled as he reversed it and put the genjutsu on Sasuke. Sasuke began to see things, he saw Naruto run by and then come back, this time there were two of him, then he ran by but came back with three of him, he kept multiplying, shouting “SSASUKEEEEEEEEEE” Sasuke grabbed his head in pain and activated the ultimate Sharingan. Sasuke broke the illusion, everyone was standing in there places, but Suigetsu placed his hand on his sword hilt, and unclipped it. He ran up to Kisame and Kisame quickly pulled his sword off his back, the swords clashed and shook the forest. Kisame barfed out water onto Suigetsu, it knocked him down, but Suigetsu melted into a water clone and reappeared behind Kisame, he stabbed him in the gut, Kisame also turned into a water clone. He came out from a tree and began to barf a huge amount of water. It had to be equal to an ocean, Sasuke and Itachi levitated on the water, Sasuke suddenly ran towards Itachi, pulling out his sword, Itachi pulled out a kunai and blocked the blades swing. He sent a clone at Sasuke, but Sasuke let go of his left hand and shot a chidori blast at the clone, Itachi did a flip kick nailing Sasuke in the chest, who fell on his back, Itachi leaped in the air and shot a fire style jutsu at him, Sasuke quickly did his hand signs and shot one back at him, the two blast collided setting the ocean a blaze. Tips of the tree's alit on fire. Suigetsu and Kisame kept clashing, they were in a lock down, Kisame was putting all his force into his blade, Suigetsu pushed back, and suddenly he opened his mouth and barfed a blue poison into Kisame's eyes. Kisame grabbed them in pain, Suigetsu took his chances and swung at Kisame slicing his cloak, Kisame leaped back, and made a water clone. Itachi sent a clone towards Suigetsu to back Kisame up. Itachi's clone clashed with Suigetsu, who blocked the attack facing his sword downard, Itachi kicked Suigetsu with a powerful force, Suigetsu began gliding across the water surface unable to stop the force of momentum, Sasuke did a quick Jutsu and a bunch of snakes arose from the water and caught Suigetsu.

    Suigetsu:What the hell was that?!

    Sasuke: Its a form of genjutsu combined with an attack.. Be careful, Itachi is no push over..

    Suigetsu: (Hearing this from Sasuke he must be serious..) Alright.. Sasuke, I crippled Kisame's eye sight He smiled I shot a blue poison into his eyes, it will blind him for a good amount of time, and we all know clones aren't nearly as powerful.

    Sasuke: Thats the thing.. Kisame is a master of chakra, and his sword can absorb chakra.. you've underestimated your opponent Suigetsu.. The two of them were standing next to eachother facing Kisame and Itachi , Kisame was still grabbing his eyes as his clone next to him held his sword in front of him, Itachi stood there watching Sasuke and Suigetsu quietly.

    Suigetsu: Maybe he's the one who has underestimated me!! Suigetsu increased the size of his arm and grabbed his sword, he dashed at Kisame, who sent a clone at Suigetsu, the two clashed blades again, this time Suigetsu grabbed Kisame's blade with his hulking arm, he ripped it out of Kisame's hand, twirled around and stabbed it into his chest, the clone vanished, another clone appeared in its place, Suigetsu used his inhuman strength and swung at the clone, destroying it, he dashed for the blinded Kisame and punched him, Kisame went flying into a mud pit. Itachi watched as Sasuke dashed towards him shouting.

    Sasuke: DIEEE ITACHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sasuke ripped off his cloak revealing his curse mark spreading, Itachi prepared himself, as Sasuke came in for an attack, Sasuke swung his fist, Itachi ducked and blocked both swings, Sasuke then did a round house kick, in which Itachi still avoided. Itachi came up and swung his kunai at Sasuke, who ducked and grabbed Itachi's arm and twisted it, Itachi smiled and exploded right there and then, the lake bed was now fierce and the water stirred around, Sasuke had two wings surround him protecting him from the blast, he unfolded them revealing his curse mark 2 form.

    Suigetsu: (He needed to use that already?.. Itachi is not a push over then.)

    Kisame came from the mud and began to shoot it out of his mouth at the speed of light, Suigetsu managed to block the first shot with his sword, it knocked him over, Sasuke rushed in and did Chidori as Kisame shot another mud blast to hit Suigetsu, the chidori splattered the mud into thousand of pieces, Suigetsu got back up but there was a hand on his leg, it was Itachi's, Suigetsu was suddenly pulled under the water, Kisame began to laugh.

    Sasuke: Suigetsu can hold his own... Im not worried.

    Kisame: Hahahaha, so you think. That boy knows nothing, he is a novice of battle.

    Sasuke: Thats where you are wrong, Suigetsu is also a master of under water Jutsu.

    Suddenly a huge wave came up from the middle of the lake bed, it was atleast 1000 feet high, it was a blast of some sort, emerging from it was Suigetsu, but he had fins down his arm.

    Suigetsu: That was fun. The fins went back into his arm.

    Sasuke: If you think Itachi is dead, you are wrong again Suigetsu...

    Itachi shot a fire blast from the sky, Kisame combined the attack with a mud style Jutsu. Sasuke quickly did hand signs and ran in front of Suigetsu doing a black Chidori. The blast collided, he began to shove against the blast , the Chidori was splitting it apart emitting sparks all over, Suigetsu did jutsu and shot out a blue smudge at Itachi. Kisame slammed his sword against the blue smudge, his sword began to melt away.*

    Kisame: What the hell is this? He made another clone of his weapon within the water.

    Suigetsu: Grr.. him and those clones.

    Sasuke: I think its time to stop fooling around... Sasuke pulled his Katana out and flew into Kisame, they clashed blades, Sasuke then swung the blade in 20 different directions in 2 seconds, Kisame was blocking and deflecting the hits, suddenly Kisame was unable to move, the sky grew red and the clouds became black.

    Kisame: This is Itachi's jutsu..

    Sasuke: No.. its mine.. Kisame heard echo's in his head, he suddenly saw his own death occur, a image of Sasuke coming down from the sky taking off Kisames head. Kisame snapped out of the genjutsu but it was too late, Sasuke had done a massive hit on him, blood was dripping from Kisame's arm.

    Sasuke: ...*Sasuke stared at the injured Kisame as he began to prepare for his next move.*

    Suigetsu: Good hit Sasuke!! Itachi dashed at Suigetsu, stabbing a kunai into his chest, Suigetsu turned into water and reappeared besides Sasuke.

    Kisame leaped back and began to do a series of jutsu, Itachi joined him, together they shot a huge blast towards Suigetsu and Sasuke. Sasuke began to do black chidori and lined up with Suigetsu, who shot a tremendous blast of water towards the blast that Itachi and Kisame fired, the blast clashed, Sasuke stuck his chidori into the water blast that Suigetsu shot, the whole vortex of water turned black and began to have electric sparks, it destroyed the lake bed, Sasuke quickly pulled his arm out and teleported behind Kisame at light speed sticking chidori through his back, Itachi turned and exploded, Sasuke was unable to pull out in time, he had set up snakes to take some of the blast. The smoke cleared and revealed Sasuke back in curse mark 1 form injured, he held his chest.

    Suigetsu: Sasuke!

    Sasuke: Its fine Suigetsu. Focus on the enemy.

    Suigetsu: Aye.
    Kisame shot a blue blast that hit Suigetsu's arm head on, Suigetsu's arm began to turn into ice.

    Suigetsu: (A hit from this and I cant make the water replication to get my arm back, meaningly I am in trouble!!)

    Itachi suddenly pulled out a scroll and began to cast a jutsu upon it, all the water around them circled into the air, it was going into a vortex form, it then dispersed all around Suigetsu and Sasuke, turning into millions of needles.

    Suigetsu: Sasuke quick!

    Sasuke began doing hand signs and slammed the ground, a huge snake came out of the ground and swallowed the two of them. The needles flew into the snake but only bounced off, the snake let off some kind of aroma restoring Suigetsu's and Sasuke's energy, Suigetsu begins to cast a jutsu and turned to Sasuke.

    (See continuation in CH2)

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    Re: Naruto Shippuden: Sasuke/Suigetsu VS Itachi/Kisame

    I would LOVE feedback of any kind! So please people, feedback <3

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