Sasuke: Good, seems like you already activated the jutsu...

Suigetsu: Of course. I know that I was the most important member in team Hebi from the start, and this is exactly why. Suigetsu turned and smiled revealing his fangs , they were black, his eyes turned dark purple, and his face began to look unnaturally orange.

Sasuke: Hm.. Seems like you knew the whole time. Sasuke noded as his curse mark traveled across his body, suddenly his wings sprouted and he emerged from the snake and flew straight into the air soaring into the sky, he levitated in the air. He then began to do his jutsu, it was black chidori, then he kept it in his body, he came swirling down into Itachi and Kisame, Itachi had already saw the attack before Sasuke could slam into them, Kisame prepared samehada, and unwrapped it, the fins on it were showing, but Suigetsu popped out of the ground and grabbed Kisame by the back.

Suigetsu: NOW SASUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sasuke came diving down and slammed right through Kisame and Suigetsu, his body was transmitting electric blast, he came down with the mass of two tons, driving a hole right through the two of them. Suigetsu dropped to the side and began to spit out blood, Kisame died as he slammed to the ground.

Sasuke walked over to Suigetsu.

Sasuke: You've done a good job Suigetsu.. Have you fulfilled your goal? Sasuke walks over to Suigetsu.

Suigetsu: Spitting out blood No doubt Sasuke.. That was for my parents as well. I always hated Kisame.. he killed my entire village. Thankyou.. He barfed blood then died. Itachi smiled as Sasuke looked up at him with hatred.

Itachi: Little brother.. Do you have the hate to destroy me?

Sasuke: Lets find out … Sasuke dashed in a second at Itachi driving his blade through Itachi's heart then kicking him off, Itachi went flying into a jungle area, he vanished into wood and reappeared in a tree. He looked around and saw Sasuke flying in towards him again, Itachi quickly prepared his genjutsu and launched amerterasu at Sasuke, who dodged the flames but then he saw an image of Itachi's mangakeyo sharingan in the flame.

Sasuke: NO! I WILL NOT LET HIM OVER COME ME!! Sasuke suddenly was hit with a full fledge genjutsu, he reverted back to his regular form and saw his parents waving goodbye to him as a child as they were being stabbed with kunai.

Sasuke: ITACHI! WHY!!!!!!!!!!! Sasuke slammed his hands together and launched a gigantic fireball through the jungle, burning everything in its path, Itachi quickly ran onto a rock wall and began to run up it to get out of the radius of the blast, Sasuke sighted him and quickly launched a series of Kunai at him, Itachi deflected them with his kunai knife, Itachi suddenly did a jutsu, and Sasuke began to move slower. He tried to teleport to Itachi, but ended up seeing Itachi in front of him in moments, Itachi brought his arm back and tightend his fist in a fast pace, as Sasuke attempted to duck down and dodge it, he was almost moving in a slow motion, as he began to slowly duck his head down, Itachi nailed Sasuke in the face with his fist, Sasuke fell back, and Itachi then kneed Sasuke in the back, breaking a few ribs, Sasuke was starting to fall to the ground but was then launched into the air by Itachi's foot. Sasuke was flying upward at a slow rate still, and suddenly he turned to see Itachi was behind him.

Sasuke: He has me in a genjutsu.. no doubt. Luckily I still developed THAT move..

Sasuke suddenly did a side kick hitting Itachi in the gut, he then whirled around and kicked Itachi in the gut again, then he grabbed Itachi.

Sasuke: TIGERS ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sasuke spun into the ground and slammed Itachi into it, leaping off of Itachi he stood back and was in a stance ready for attacking again.

Sasuke: (That was my most fast paceded Jutsu, and it seems that it managed to break the genjutsu.)

Itachi stands up spitting out blood

Itachi: Oh little brother.. your going to need so much more then that if you wish to beat me..