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Thread: Natashi and the K!-team

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    Natashi and the K!-team

    well, im not so good at making my own story but here it goes:

    Natashi came new in the school, and then she made 2 friends.
    And there was the K!-team (popular kids)
    so then she was beatifull and she asked the K!-team's boss can she join and he said yes.
    And then she left her 2 friends and stuff...
    But this is just a prieview, i made also a comic but if i had a scanner then i could show it, but its very fun and stuff.

    So i wanted to hear what you guys think? (boring, to mutch or too small)
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    Re: Natashi and the K!-team

    Okay.. i get that this is only a preview of a story your thinking about writing but you have to give up details.. Right now it looks like a movie i just watched the other night and it's a very common story line. I think it might be a really good idea if you give us a little more details... Like why she's at a new school, the name of her friends, who the K!-team's boss is.. things like that.. maybe she falls in love or something... I dunno but you have to be more specific... details are the key to a wonderful story.
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