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Thread: A New Face

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    A New Face

    This is a friend's story. Unfourtunatly she died in 2004 and I promised to keep up with the story and failed miserably since the fall of Spirit Detective. Which means I'll have write where Rin left off after Chapter 18. So I decided to share this with you guys. So enjoy.

    A new Face
    By:Rini Saito and Descended From Darkness

    Chapter 1: Out of Shadow

    Night falls upon Makai as Yusuke Urameshi lies half-dead in a cave where he
    is bleeding heavily from a fight with a rat-youkai.

    "Ah, man! I might've beaten that stupid rat, but he got me good. Too good."
    Yusuke stutters as he looks down at his pool of blood.
    "Growl I can't die now!!! Koenma, you pacifier-breath! WHERE ARE

    Suddenly Yusuke senses a youkai nearby.
    "Damnit. Now what?!"

    "State your name." a voice shouts from the shadows. It is the sound of a
    girl's voice.
    "Who wants to know?" replied Yusuke, the pool of blood now dripping down
    small crevasses.
    "...Fine." answers the girl as she jumps off a ledge above Yusuke, landing
    in front of him. Her spirit energy increasing tremendously, she lifts back
    her cloak unveiling her hand, now the foculpoint for all of her energy.

    "So you wanna fight me too do you? Well then have it your way!" Yusuke
    stutters as he powers up to fight.

    "You are using your life energy to fight me? Pity." sighs the cloaked

    "Pity?! Why you! I'll make you eat those words!!!!!" screams Yusuke as he
    lunges at the youkai with a weak punch. He misses.

    "Do not waste your time you fool! You cannot even see where you are going!"
    the youkai replies as she swings behind Yusuke and knocks him unconscious.
    "There. Now that you have finally shut up, your fate is in my hands now:
    Yusuke Urameshi!" she says as she drags him across the ground, leading him
    deeper into the abandoned cave.

    Chapter 2: Meeting in the Forest

    Back at Rei Kai, it has been 2 days since Koenma had heard from Yusuke.
    Worried that the spirit detective has died, or worse, Koenma called on Hiei
    and Kurama from Makai.

    "Kurama, Hiei, not to long ago i sent Yusuke on a mission to slay a rat-
    youkai that was eating children in Ningenkai. He followed it into Makai and
    they fought for a disturbingly drawn-out battle. Yusuke killed the rat but
    after the fight I could not sense any of his spirit energy at all." sweats
    "Is he dead?" grumbled Hiei.
    "No." Koenma replied.
    "What did you say?" jarred Kurama who was beginning to grow concern.

    "I sent Botan to go recover his soul. I thought for sure he might be dead,
    but Botan could not find him either." Koenma whined.
    "Yusuke is still alive. But Iā€™m afraid he has absolutely no spirit energy
    left; and being a human trapped in Makai is not helping matters at all." he
    added, as he turned on a viewing screen. It showed the picture of a blood-
    trail leading to a cave. Hungry demons surrounded the entrance but none
    dared to enter.

    "It's like they are afraid it the cave itself." muttered Kurama.
    "Yes it would appear so. This is where Yusuke was last seen. When he
    entered the cave his spirit energy disappeared." Koenma turns off the video
    and turns toward the two youkai.
    "He's been missing for two days now. I want you two to go back in Makai,
    find the cave and Yusuke.,ā€ he ordered.
    The two-youkai left for the cave.


    "Yusuke's scent is getting stronger.,ā€ says Youko Kurama as he smells the

    "The blood..." notices Hiei staring at the ground in front of him.

    Kurama then looked at the red trail, "There's too much blood spilled from
    their battle. Whatever Yusuke fought--"
    "Was no rat youkai. You are correct." chimed a voice from the shadowy-
    trees. Jumping from a branch was the cloaked girl from the caves.
    "Who are you? Where is Yusuke?!" Hiei demanded.

    No reply as the girl walked ahead of them to caves.

    Hiei began to grow impatient. "Answer me or you die!"

    She stopped, lifted her hand, and motioned to them.

    "I think she means to lead us to Yusuke. We should follow, but be ready for
    a fight Hiei." whispered Kurama, pulling out his rose.

    Hiei, too, drew his weapon but they did not attempt to fight. So follow her
    they did, down the winding trail of blood.

    .... To Be Continued!

    Chapter 3: Water

    "Here it is!" the girl said in cheerful voice.
    Hiei and Kurama look on and bewildered at the youkai walking ahead.

    "The way she talks, you'd think she was just a child." mutters Kurama,
    holding his weapon ever ready.

    "Do you think she's the one who fought Yusuke?" asked Hiei.

    "It is possible. Her spirit energy is enormous, almost endless, yet she's
    not a full-blooded youkai. She has a human scent as well.... in fact I dare
    to say that she is stronger you and I combined." Kurama replied.

    As the three youkai entered the cave's threshold Hiei recalled something
    unusual: "Wait! You, girl, where are the hordes of demons that were
    surrounding the cave! And if refuse to answer this time, you die!" he

    "All dead!" she giggles. "I just did finish off the last one!" the girl
    replied as turn around and began walking backwards, facing her questioners.

    "But there were none in the area." Kurama implied, now again in his human

    "Incorrect, I started fighting them back when we three met in the forest!"
    she restated.

    "But you said that you had just killed the last one, and yet there wasn't a
    single demon around, and now you say that you fought a while ago." argued

    "That is because I made ground bury them!" she explained.

    "I see. So you can control soil." Kurama realized.

    "You have a great sense of intuition Kurama!" replied the youkai.

    "How do know his name?" asked Hiei, unsurprised.

    "Well family is family I always say, close or otherwise!" she grinned.
    Suddenly Kurama stopped. He stood stiff with mouth open and eyes wide in
    "Your my family?!" he stuttered.

    "Related descendant and your my ancestor, and apparently you don't remember
    me." the girl grumbled in disappointment. She stopped where a dim light
    shined behind her. Hiei sensed it.
    "So you didn't eat him after all. Hn. Fine. I'll let you live until I get
    some answers." he said as he entered the room.
    Kurama still stood like a statue.
    "Well would like to come in?" the girl invited.
    As the two walk side by side, Kurama asked, "What's your name?"

    She pauses, then replies, "You know. You just do not want to remember."

    A drop of water falls from the cave top. The girls head turns sharply.
    "Hn. Well what do you know." she grins.
    "What is it?" asked Kurama.
    The girl, turning to face the wet ground replies, "There is no water in
    this cave."

    Chapter 4: Reunion Unwanted

    As Kurama and the girl looked up at the ceiling, Yusuke and Hiei walk out
    from the room carved in the cave wall.

    Yusuke, holding a half-eaten steak on a spit hollered, "Hey, Kurama! About
    time you got here! I see you got that girl to join the living! No pun

    "Quiet Yusuke!" the girl whispered.

    "HEY! How is it now you're finally talking to me?! You could have started
    sooner you know!" Yusuke yelled.

    A vein bulging from the girl's head, she growled.

    Yusuke, now on the floor with a lump on his head, jumps to a stance 'ready
    to kill' and says, "WHAT WAS THAT FOR!!!"

    No reply from anyone.

    Yusuke grew angry and started jumping up and down screaming, "HELLO! ARE
    Kurama covered Yusuke's mouth to keep him quiet.

    Over head, the water droplets began to change direction; winding through
    the stalagmites towards the four fighters.

    "What is it?" asked Yusuke.

    "I think you will find the stench familiar." mutters the girl.

    'Oh no not him again! I thought i killed him two days ago!' thought Yusuke.

    The drops stopped at the girl's feet. As the youkai opened it mouth to
    speak, yellow, reeking, globs of saliva fell to the ground.
    "So we met again Kohanaharu. Lovely to see how you have grown since you ran
    away." the rat bellowed out; it's every exhale a poison.

    "Come to die i see." the young girl, now who they call Kohanaharu, grinned

    ...To be continued!

    And there's chap 1-4.

    I'll post more once people start reading it..

    and like I said I'll try to write the remaining chapters..^__^U

    so please comment.

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    Re: A New Face

    lol not bad.great job.really good storyline! if you dont post more chapters sendem to me at least.id love to read more!

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    Re: A New Face

    I loved it!!! It's great- interesting and full of adventures and easy to read and understand and made me forget about what is around me and go to that cave in my mind myself.
    And the only thing that made me confused were the names... so many names I'm not used to... but it made it exotic!
    And the idea taken from another anime or something? That makes this work even better because i enjoyed reading it and had no problems with following the thought even without knowing that anime or manga or whatever...
    I'm waiting forward to the next chapters!!!!
    A sad story about your friend and believe me, she's really thankfull for this... I know I would be... what else could someone wish than to be remembered after death..

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: A New Face

    Thank you Lasura. I think I'll post 4 chapters each day.

    Chapter 5: You will not get away!

    "Now you have a reason to draw your weapons gentlemen. Oukan is one to play
    head games, so watch your back." Kohanaharu cautioned, pulling a fan and
    white rose from her kimono. With the fan in one hand stretched for the sky,
    Kohanaharu opened it to reveal that it was made of 20 razor-sharp blades;
    each with a shredded edge. Pinning the rose in her hair, she turns to face
    the other fighters.
    Hiei unsheived his katana, Kurama awakened his rose whip, Yusuke, fully
    powered, nods.
    "Now!" ordered Yusuke.

    Simultaneously, the three youkai lunged at the beast. Hiei and Kohanaharu
    stab their blades in the monsters gut; Kurama managed to wrap his whip
    around the monster's neck and all brought the beast to the ground.
    Yusuke focused his spirit energy.
    "SPIRIT GUN!" he shouted as he aimed and fired at the youkai.
    With a gut-wrenching scream, the youkai was blasted from the cave.
    Hiei and Kurama had let go, but Kohanaharu did not. Holding on to the
    youkai, Kohanaharu pried a medallion from the youkai's forehead.
    "Got it!" she said as added the blow to the youkai, kicking away from him
    as he made a crater in the ground.

    Locking the medallion in a hollow nook of her fan, Kohanaharu gently
    planted her feet to the ground; the other fighters run out from the cave.

    "Stop fooling around Oukan! I know you are not dead so get up and fight me
    you coward!" Yusuke demanded.

    Kohanaharu stood with a red aura now coming from her fan as the Hiei Kurama
    and Yusuke walked toward the crater.

    Nothing was there.

    ...To be continued!

    Chapter 6: Sling

    "Do not waste your time." advised Kohanaharu.

    Suddenly she jumped up and right after her followed the beast from

    "BLADES OF THE STAMPEDE!" she yells; with this command she threw the blade
    at the youkai, and in mid-air the fan dispersed into an arsenal of 20
    shredded boomerangs. The youkai made an attack of his own: "FLEDGLINGS OF
    THE DARKNESS FLAME!" the rat cried out.

    Hiei stood in shock; from so many battles using the darkness flame, he had
    never seen or heard of this attack.
    Suddenly the rat-youkai was engulfed in a black flame that burned away his
    exterior to reveal that he too was a fire-youkai: a giant with dark red
    hair and glowing orange eyes. With his true identity revealed, his opened
    wide as he exhaled black flames. Hitting the ground the flames morphed
    copies of the youkai, but were smaller than Genkai.

    Cackling and grinning maliciously, all 7 lunged at Kohanaharu.

    Then something dawned on Kurama, "Look out, Akina!!!"

    "Akina?" Yusuke wondered.

    Kohanaharu, in surprise, turned toward her ancestor. But not long as the
    fledglings attacked her from behind and began gnawing at her arms and back.
    There then was a crunch, where one had broken her arm.
    "Get off of me!!!" she demanded.
    With a blast of her spirit energy, they vaporized in a red aura.

    Kohanaharu raised her head. With even a blast even strong enough to
    vaporize the darkness flame, her spirit energy never did decrease in the
    red aura around her.
    "I told you that you knew me." she replied to her ancestor's call

    Without warning the youkai grabbed Kohanaharu by her snow-white hair and
    began to sling her around in circles. Crying out in pain, Kohanaharu's head
    began to bleed as the fire-youkai finally let go and slung her into the
    "KOHANAHARU!!!!" Yusuke yelled as he growled in anger.

    Hiei became furious as his bandana burned off uncovering the also angered
    Jagan eye.

    Kurama looked scared to death for his descendant, and with a fueling hatred
    of the memories of this fire-youkai, transformed into Youko Kurama.

    But unbeknownst to the three fighters, Kohanaharu already had every planned
    out. With the force of her impact she snapped through Makai trees like they
    were just toothpicks. But up ahead there was a steep cliff on the

    Cutting down the last tree in her path, she flipped over, putting her feet
    first to land on the cliff side.
    "Here we go!" she yelled as in a split second, she crouched on the mountain
    side, and with a powerful shockwave launched off and back to her opponent
    at bullet speed; leaving the mountain side collapsing behind her, she
    pulled the white rose from her hair.

    "ROSE THORN SWORD!" she commanded.

    In that instant the rose morphed into a colossal sword.
    Up ahead she could see Hiei standing off with Oukan. Hiei summoned the
    Dragon of the Darkness Flame, but the Oukan dodged it.

    Suddenly Oukan turned towards the forest and....
    To Be Continued...

    Chapter 7: Fire

    ...he saw Kohanaharu coming straight at him. Before he could dodge, she let out a war cry and stabbed him in the gut.

    the monster's eyes were bulging out it's head. Kohanaharu twisted the sword around 360 and spilt the monster in two.

    "Whoa....sh-she did it!" Yusuke whispered.

    "Do not be a fool Urameshi." grumbled Kohanaharu, clinging on her shattered arm; panting from pain and injury.

    "Akina!" Kurama shouted, running to her.
    "Akina, are you alright? Answer me!" his eyes watering.

    "You remembered..." she stopped.

    "Akina?!" Kurama asked again.

    "Do not worry," she said, standing up.
    "i can shrug this off. It is not too serious."

    Kurama wrapped his relatives arm over his shoulder, and carried the girl to a nearby tree.
    "You sit here and rest. Continuing to fight like this will only prolong your bleeding." Kurama whispered.

    "I don't get it. How come Oukan and I call her 'Kohanaharu' but you call her 'Akina'?" Yusuke asked.

    "Kohanaharu is her real name. But i used to call her Akina for short when she was very young." Kurama replied

    During Yusuke and Kurama were having their carefree discussion, Hiei and the glowing Jagan looked down at the halved fire-youkai. With his right arm paralyzed from his Dragon of the Darkness Flame.
    'I know this demon...but from where? I've seen him as an infant...the answer in front me....'
    Hiei gasps.
    "Kurama! Yusuke! Look out!" Hiei warned.

    Suddenly a blast of fire exploded out of the ground and engulfed Yusuke, Kurama, and Kohanaharu.
    Hiei dives in the inferno and carries out his friends, but Kohanaharu he could not find.
    Kurama quickly ran to the inferno.
    "AKINA!" he cried out


    Chapter 8: Sacrifice

    ...they heard Akina yelp, but not from inside the inferno.

    "There she is!" Hiei pointed towards the sky.
    Akina had jumped out of the blaze, but something was wrong. She tried to make an easy landing, yet she had a hard fall in the end.

    "Akina!" Yusuke yelled.
    He, Kurama, and Hiei ran over to see what was the what was the matter.

    "Akina, are you alright?" Kurama asked.
    She then, with a struggle, held up her broken arm and took off her furisode and kimono to reveal something much more serious: Oukan had bitten her right arm off. Now too with a shattered left arm, she was unable to wield her sword or fan.
    "Akina..." Youko Kurama tried to sympathize.
    But in the midst of her pain, she picked up her head and gave a bright smile.
    "No problem. It will grow back in a few days!" she laughed.

    'Damn, what else could go wrong?'"Yusuke thought.

    "Enough with the chit-chat." Oukan said with delight, "I'm still hugry. Who arm will have the privilage to be my snack?" jumping out of a tree, licking Akina's blood from his hands.

    "Why you--" Yusuke said inturrupted by Kurama.

    "He's mine." Kurama declared.

    "Kurama..." Yusuke questioned.

    "I will not allow his defilement of my blood line to continue any further. What he has done to Akina will now cost him a long and painful death." Kurama explained.

    Cackeling out like a berzerker, "Making worthless threats already?" Ouakn said, mocking Kurama.

    "It is not a threat..." Kurama stated increasing his demonic aura. "...it is a promise." He announced.

    "Have it your way then. I'll eat you next!" Oukan yelled, with a war cry.
    "THE FLAME OF LOST SOULS!" with Oukan's summoning, the ground shook and slpit in two. Hiei quickly caught Akina before she could fall in.
    Then, from the deepest pits of Makai, souls of the damned, including the Toguro's, were sucked into an orb and set on fire.

    Oukan blasted the orb into the ground, and the firey souls srpead out.

    "Get off the ground!" Hiei warned as he picked up Akina and leaped up a tree.
    Yusuke did the same in his youkai-form. Kurama soon after.

    As the souls spread, the fire set on them began to burn down the trees that the four fighters were sitting in.
    "Kurama please say you've got a plan!" Yusuke yelled from the opposite side of the clearing.

    Kurama looked down with a sweat drop as already, half the tree was on fire. Then he saw it. In the center of the orb, Oukan was feeding it a steady supply of fire. So Kurama took action.

    Kurama jumped from the tree towards Oukan's hand. "ROSE WHIP!" he commanded. With one stroke of his whip Kurama severed Oukan's hand.

    In a second, all of the fire disappated, and the souls returned to their Hell.
    The rose thorn whip, however, was now a pile of ash set in front of Oukan.

    Oukan chuckled, then it grew to a maniac's laugh. "Looks like you've fried your whip, fox-youkai!"

    ...To be continued!

    and that's chapters 5-8...

    hope you enjoy..I'll post more tomorrow...

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    Re: A New Face

    ahh... why did you have to end it in such an interesting part!!!!
    I enjoyed reading this and I'm really looking forward to seing what happens next!!!!

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: A New Face

    Sorry Lasura. This story has a lot of cliffhangers. And I can only post 4 chapters a day..^____^U

    Chapter 9: Three Strikes, She's Out.

    "You aren't even worth being eaten by the scavangers." Kurama backfired.

    Oukan's eyes were no longer orange; hearing such an insult, his eyes began wreathing in flames of their own.

    Kurama, having now focused all of his spirit energy in his fist, lunged at Oukan, ready to make a fatal blow. Kurama's fist now less than an inch away from Oukan's face, he made a direct hit. His fist went straight through Oukan's head.

    "Alright, Kurama!" Yusuke encored.

    But Akina, watching with her eyes not even a slit's worth, did not smile. She was not even watching the fight. As Hiei stood with her propped on his back, the Jagan sensed something unusual about the girl; looking down at her as Hiei himself watched the fight, it read her thoughts of it's own free will without Hiei knowing.

    'You talk, you die.'
    'Fool! There are no earthquakes on the water!'
    'Kurama! don't make me rip out your precious voice-box!'
    'Yukina...she's here.'
    'I haven't asked for your name yet. Tell me, I'll remember...'
    'Don't worry Yukina, my dear sister. I'm coming.'
    Hiei's memories. the Jagan realized it though Hiei did not...Akina can see his memories and could not stop the continuing flood of his dark past.

    Not wanting to have it's host's secrets revealed, the Jagan sent a pulse through Akina's brain, knocking her unconcious.


    A war cry from Kurama, Akina woke up, finding herself lying hidden from the battle. Yusuke was beaten to a pulp and pinned to a tree. Hiei was nowhere to be found. Kurama was fighting on his own.
    "How long was i unconcious?" she groaned, her head having a sharp pain in her temples. Then her vision was clearing and she saw a chunk missing from Kurama's side.

    "I have to help him!"

    ...To be continued!

    Chapter 10: Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

    "Die Oukan!" growled Akina as she unsheved her rose thorn sword.

    "NO! AKINA YOU MUST STOP! STOP!" Kurama begged.

    Akina glanced over her shoulder at Kurama, then back at Oukan. She then gasped and swung her sword away from Oukan and stared at him, appalled.

    "Y-YOU MONSTER! YOU ATE HIEI! HOW COULD YOU EAT YOUR OWN KIND!" Akina said in complete horror.

    "Simple. I was hungry." he chuckled, "And besides, it tasted especially good eating my flesh and blood." he laughed out.

    "WHAT! YOU BASTARD YOU TELLIN' ME HIEI WAS YOUR SON!" Yusuke screamed out in fury.

    "Mm...Yes." Oukan grinned. "But he's not dead...not yet."

    "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HIM!" Akina demanded.

    "Hn. As of now, he is paralyzed; digesting as well. So basically you could say he's being roasted to death." Oukan replied in a sense of pride for his actions. "But being my offspring, you cannot kill me without killing the little cretin as well."

    "No! Hiei..." Akina began to shake in unrestrainable rage.
    Seeing his memories, his life, Akina knew him so closely now. She thought of him as family now.
    "How could you do this? Where's the heart you used to have? The love you had for Hina? Can you not share that with your own son?" Akina whimpered like a child.

    "SILENCE WENCH! It was never love!" Oukan yelled out.

    "Liar." Akina backfired.

    ...To be continued!

    Chapter 11: Chewed Up and Spit Out

    As Hiei lie paralyzed inside Oukan's belly, Akina's mind of Hiei's past goes in a fit. She glances at Kurama, standing in front of her.
    'Darn. I will have to get him before he gets me...'

    Suddenly, Akina lunged at Kurama. After healing her broken arm, she breaks it again as she strikes the back of Kurama's neck, knocking him out.
    "Forgive me." Akina apologized.

    "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING!" Yuskue yelled out in bewilderment.

    "Spare me." Akina replied in annoyance, "I know what I'm doing..."

    Oukan began laughing again: "Your funeral, child." he began to borrow underground. "You just gave me an easy meal of three more people!" he cackled.

    Oukan disappeared.


    Akina turned her head sharply and said: "What do you want now!"


    Oukan shook the ground beneath the three fighters. The ground then exploded under Akina and she was swallowed up.

    ...To be continued!

    Chapter 12: Out With One

    "AKINA!" Yusuke panicked

    Oukan's mouth stretched wide with Akina inside, closed up. Yusuke watched on as his healer was pushed down Oukan's throat and in his gut with Hiei.

    "YOU BASTARD! YOU'RE GONNA PAY!" Yusuke's spirit energy broke, as he transformed into his demon form.

    "Pay you bones is more like it." he laughed. "But that red-head is next..." he approached Kurama opening his mouth, when he stopped...

    ...Oukan's eyes grew wide. Then he started to gag. "What's...h-happening...to me!" he coughed.

    Suddenly, he coughed up Hiei; Kohanaharu pushed Hiei out of Oukan's stomach. Hiei opened his eyes and released the breath he had held for so long to live.

    "No...NOOO!" Oukan couldn't believe what happened.

    But Hiei, despite being alive, was still under his assumed-to-be father's spell. Hiei was paralyzed; and if anyone hurt Oukan, they would harm Hiei as well.

    Suddenly, Oukan began screaming. So did Hiei.

    'What the heck is she doing to them!' Yusuke wondered as he saw his friend suffer the same fate as his so-called father.

    Oukan then clutched his head, as the shape of a tiny hand embossed from the skin around his skull. Hiei made a blood-curdling scream and the Jagan began pulsing in anger as Akina forced her way into Oukan's brain.

    ...To be continued!

    and that's chapters 9-12

    and I think she numbered them wrong..^____^U

    So I renumbered them..

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    Re: A New Face

    Quote Originally Posted by Descended From Darkness View Post
    Sorry Lasura. This story has a lot of cliffhangers. And I can only post 4 chapters a day..^____^U
    It's ok... I understand!
    Again it was very interesting to read it!!! Adore it I truly do! Only this time I was confused by the part where Akine talks with Oukan 'bout where Hiei dissapeared, I couldn't understand who where talking at the moment and what they are exactly talking 'bout should have put names in place of some "him" But it's ok, once you read futher it all cleares out
    Waiting forward to next ones!!! How many are there?

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: A New Face

    There should be at least 22 chapters I'm guessing but I only updated 18 of them on fanfiction. Unfourtunatly they were deleted when the site closed..hopefully I can get the back up files if not I'm going to have to rewrite rhem..

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