Note: This was a creative writing assignment that i never got to make a second part to. If i get a positive enough response, perhaps i shall.

A dark veil fell upon the forest. A lone figure made his way through the shadows. A young boy, aged thirteen, rubbed his eyes after a short time spent sleeping. “Oh no! I’m lost!” the boy thought to himself. Jacob O’Conner, the son of the local woodsman in the nearby village, stood up and started to walk towards the trail in front of him. A small silver axe dangled from the side of his pants and a small bit of flint bulged out from inside his pocket.

“Eercah…” a weak voice called from the distance. Even in the darkness, Jacob could see what was making the strange noise. A man, hunched over, was sitting completely still. But the man glistens in the moonlight! How can this be?, Jacob thought. Jacob walked closer to the man, “Eercah….” the man repeated. “What is it you want?” asked Jacob. “Oi….ca….” the man squeaked. Jacob looked to his left to find an oil can sitting on a stump. Blind with fear for the ever darkening woods that surrounded him, Jacob snapped into a rage. He vigorously oiled the man’s mouth. “You listen and you listen good. I’m scared, lost, and have nothing to lose. So you tell me a way to get out of here, or by the Gods your head will be used as my tea kettle!”

“Okay! Sheesh! Take a left at the next fork. That closes the distance to civilization, but beyond that I cannot help you.” Jacob thanked the man and took his advice. The woods only seemed to get thicker and more fearsome from then on. A small whimpering could be heard through the winds, and Jacob thought it was best to follow the sound, axe in hand. Jacob could not believe what he beheld. Surely it must have been a trick of the light, but next to a fire, a small boy was sitting down, crying. The boy was made of wood, though. Jacob puzzled at this question until he found a better use for this creature than to be taking up spacing lamenting. No one heard the sickening crack of the creature’s neck as Jacob’s axe plunged downward.

Warming himself by his newly restocked fire, Jacob sensed a feeling of peace. He sighed deeply in relief, feeling the warmth beat against his face. “Okay! Now!” screamed a voice. Seven incredibly short men jumped out at Jacob, clawing and biting. One of the men connected a large mallet to his head. Into the darkness went seven little men, and one young boy, unconscious and bleeding from the head.