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Thread: Nova Manor

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    Nova Manor


    In Cold Lake, Iowa strange things happen. People die and come back to life, the sun sets but the moon never rises. To Matthew and Hailley Craft, Cold Lake was the perfect haven in which they could hide. At least until they dicovered the horrid secrets of the town and the phantom forces hidding deep within... Nova Manor.


    A slow ambience took over the room. Leaking out of the blasting speakers and seeping into the people on the floor. The song stopped, moved to the next, it was a remix. The fast paced tune raced through the speakers, synthesized sound screeched.

    Everyone was dead. Blood covered the flashing lights tinting the room in an eerie shade of dark washed-out red. Limbs were scattered in all foreseeable places, everyone was dead, or dying. Stuck in between this life and the next.

    The DJ still stood before his tables, eyes gouged out, missing his left ear. Blood trickled down from his ear and unto his neck, sliding under his shirt collar. To the far right at the back of the room a young man crawled on the floor. He didn’t have any legs and he held his nose, or someone else’s, in his hand.

    All the faces were frozen, like someone had sprayed them with liquid ice. Some had the seen the mercy of a quick death, heads blown out or hearts torn away from inside. Others had seen the brutality of hell. Limbs torn off, holes poked in. They found that there is something worse than death, something that would follow them after.

    A doomed expression was on his face, he had stepped into the bathroom for only a second. The music never stopped and he didn’t hear the sweet murmur of a scream at all. But the massacre was still there, it was real. Everyone was dead.

    Here's my latest idea. I still have to wait a few days before I can upload at FictionPress, then I'll start giving the url.

    The first paragraph is the summary, the second is kind of like a preview, I think.
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    Re: Nova Manor

    Very good and scary poem. In some ways it kinda reminds me of Friday the 13th with Crystal Lake being haunted and how just about everyone that went anywhere near it didn't make it out. I'm scared to go to back to Iowa now lol.
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    Thanks so much I love it!

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