Chapter: 1
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Was the only sound heard after the chilling voices of men being punched, kicked and tossed around in this usually quiet, boring, not much goin' on island.

A young man named Jiin was the cause of all the chaos going on in the usually quiet, boring, not much goin; on island called "Toko-Yama". He has lived here for almost 10 years after his mother died of a terrible sickness. His father set out to become a pirate years before she died and vowed that he would return with tons of money to support his family. Jiin hasn’t seen him yet.

"Ya bastards!" Jiin yelled. I told you to leave this place now! I’ll kill you guy if I gotta.
The people Jiin were screaming at were pirates. Nasty pirate who were notorious for only killing for selfish reasons, and it seemed Jiin’s Island was next.

"Oi, we are the flamethrower pirates! Said the leader of the crew. We ain't scared of a little boy who we can stomp on in three seconds flat!

Jiin looked at the leader and his crew with a dull face. "That's funny, seeing how almost half of your crew is face-down on the floor".

The leader named Vegna looked around and got furious. he pulled out his sword and charged at him with a look of insanity in his eye.

"I love this Part" said Jiin will a hint of enjoyment in this voice. Then as his nostrils widened and his arms became somewhat slimmer, he let out a scream saying...
"Boost Boost Crossfire!"

Suddenly, what seemed to be hundreds of fists came flying towards Vegna.
Fists upon fist were coming from Jiin and connecting to the cheek of Vegna. The waves of hits sent him flying toward his crew and his crew towards the sky. With a sparkle in the air, the pirates were all gone.

Hehehehe! said Jiin I did it! that was fun! i wonder what is in the ship the just left straned here? I dunno maybe I'll just sell the ship and everything in it. gotta make a living right?

Jiin had a strang power. A power that came from the Devil's Fruit. He ate the fruit called the Boost Boost fruit. This fruit gives him the abiliy to boost his phyisical strength for a certain amount of time. this allows either his movements to be not as strong but fast, or very strong but not as fast.
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what will happen next time? find out in chapter 2!
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