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Thread: The Pain of Waiting: A TOTA Fanfic

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    The Pain of Waiting: A TOTA Fanfic

    THIS HAS SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! This has the ending of Tales of the Abyss!!! If you haven't played the game or beat it, then read if you dare!!!! XD

    Okay so...it's been awhile since I actually wrote a fanfic here. A very very very long time!!! I'm not sure how this came out, but I thought I write down since I need to practice on my writing. This is Tear's (the heroine of Tales of the Abyss) POV. I hope you enjoy it and please comment.

    -- -- -- -- -- --

    The first year is always the toughest when you wait for someone. Each day feels like an eternity. You think of them everyday, of every hour, of every minute. You can’t understand if you never had to wait for the man you love. He promised he come back to me. I swore I would always wait for him. Always…and forever, if I had too. That time we spent together. It hurts me to remember them, but they are all I’ve got left of him. I need them. I don’t care if they cause me pain. I can still see his face in my mind. Those last moments before we left him. His friends…we left him to die.

    The ground trembled with great intensity, signaling that we had to leave now or risk dying. We had done what they came to do. Defeat Van. My brother. My beloved brother. I knew what I was getting into when we were going to fight him the second time. I know they say doing something the second time is easier, but watching my brother die again…it broke my heart. Even if what he was doing, was trying to save the world. It wasn’t they way it should have been done.

    “All right. Everybody hurry up and escape. I’ll stay here and free Lorelei.” Luke’s back was turned from us. What was he talking about? He couldn’t be thinking of…

    “Luke!” My voice was strained. I was hurting over my brother death again, just like the first time, but now a new dread came over me.

    Luke turned and looked at us…me. I could see a strong will in his eyes and yet…there was something else. “It’s my promise to Lorelei. This is what I need to do.” I could almost feel the shock and grief of our friends from behind me. I knew that Luke was going to die but I told myself that he was going to keep on living. I believe that with all of my heart. But I’m sure the others didn’t know. Except Jade. I felt him walk past me and we walked right up to Luke. Slowly, Jade extended his had to Luke, as if to shake his hand.

    “Jade…?” Luke looked surprised.

    “Luke. How you’ve changed.” I could hear that Jade was serious for once. Of course. This was no time for crude humor and I m sure Jade knew that.

    For a moment, Luke looked at Jade. Then he extended his hand and shook Jade’s. He smiled ruefully “I was really bad, wasn’t I?”

    “But no matter how much you change or regret your actions, not all of what you’ve done will be forgiven. That’s why you must come back alive…or rather I hope you.” He finished.

    Luke looked at him before saying, “Jade… shut up.”


    As Jade walked back, Guy came up and hit Luke in the shoulder. “I’ll be waiting. It’s lonely being a servant without a master.”

    Luke put his hand on his hips, like he always did when Guy talked about being his servant, even though he no longer was. ”Hey, you’re not my servant anymore.”

    Guy shrugged. “So I’m not a servant in the manor. I’d still serve as your friend.”

    “You’re being stupid.”

    “So hurry back home. I’ll never forgive you if you just disappear.” So Guy knew after all. What did I expect. Guy was Luke’s best friend after all. I’m surprised that he didn’t say anything. Maybe he understood what Luke wanted.

    Luke didn’t sound all that shocked though. “You knew, huh?”

    Now it was Guy’s turn to tell Luke off. “When you come home, I’m going to teach you not to hide things from your friends.”

    Right after Guy stepped aside, Anise came up and buried herself into Luke. I, momentarily, felt jealously, but that subsided.


    Anise replied back, though her voice sounded slightly muffled, "I knew too. I wasn’t as sure as Guy but..”

    Now Luke sounded shock. I was kind of too. I didn’t think Anise knew but she was sharp, in her own way. “What are you talking about?”

    She giggled affectionately. “You’re an easy read. But… I have to have you come back alive.”

    “You’re not expecting me to… We’re not…” I could tell what he was thinking. Anise had planned marry Luke for his money. At least on this journey she had changed a little. We knew why she need the money, but she still seemed to think about Gald* all the time. I’m sure Luke didn’t know if she stilled planned on marrying him.

    Anise stepped back. “No, no.” she said, as if that was a silly thing to suggest. “I’m going to reform the Order for Ion. But in order to that, I need a patron. So…come home.”

    Luke smiles as she runs off. “Whatever.”

    Natalia treaded slowly up to Luke. I knew this was going to be hard for her. Natalia was still getting over Asch’s death. Now, she could possibly losing Luke. Both of her childhood friends, I heard her call them once. “Luke…live…please. I don’t want to lose anymore people dear to me.”

    “Natalia…” I could hear the pain in his voice. He knew, too, how hard this was for her.

    She turned away from him, almost as if to hide the teas that would soon come. “Not to protect Kimlasca. To live your life, understand?”

    Luke glanced down. “I wanted to live…”

    Natalia turned back around and placed her finger on his chest, in her usual haughty way. “You will. You can not disappear. You can not.”

    “Thanks.” Natalia smiled briefly before she walked off, to stand with the others.

    Finally…it was my turn. I knew I was going to be the last. I wanted to be. I wanted to think of what I was going to say. Even though it was finally my turn… I still wasn’t sure how to even start. Luke finally turned to me. I rushed forward, but stopped myself. I…couldn’t stand this. I turned away from him, as I felt the tears coming. I took a deep breath. Finally I turned back.

    “Come home!” I pleaded with him.

    “Tear…” This was it. I knew this was just as hard for him as it was for me. Maybe he had been think of what to say to me, like I had been for him.

    Again, my voice cracked, I pleaded with him. “You have to come home. You have to! I’ll be waiting…always.”

    He nodded his head. I looked into his deep green eyes, knowing what he was going to say before he said it. “I will. I promise. I’ll come home.”

    Once again, I turned my back on Luke and walked to the others. My heart, already broken from the loss of my brother, had now been shattered into pieces. We were leaving him. We were leaving Luke behind. I couldn’t take it. I just had too…

    I stopped, knowing I wasn’t that far from him. I knew he would hear me. I knew. “Luke… I love you.”

    Yes…the first year was always the hardest.

    -- -- -- -- -- --

    Okay, so this is the first ch. Woot!! Will post the next soon...

    (*Gald is what they call their money. Not it's not suppose gold.)
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