This story is the culmination of over 5 years of work. At this moment, it is 24 chapters and is 35,197 words in total.

All the characters (With the exception of one) and settings are completely original. The story is also not completely finished, but I am currently writing the final story arc that will bring this long term project of mine to a close. So, I'm offering the current 24 chapters that I have written.

The story is about a Former Starfleet marine, Commander James Soul, picking up the pieces of his life after his brother and the women he loved were both killed in action in the wake of the Dominion War. When he returns to duty, he finds himself assigned to the USS Divination as her first officer, and soon after they are sent to search for a lost Science vessel, the USS Antarctic.

They find the ship adrift and her crew missing, and through circumstances beyond his control, James is thrown through time and space two years into his past where he finds himself on the ship he served on during the war, face to face with the women he loved.

Now he's faced with a choice: Preserve the time line, or save those he loves, all the while trying to figure out the mystery that sent him back in time in the first place that could very will rip time itself apart at the seems.

Link: (Macromedia Flashpaper, 262kb. Works just like a PDF file)


This story won me second place in Outpost 10F's Star Trek 40th Anniversary Fan Fiction competition.