This is my stroy, i was telling every one in my intro tread. I worked very hard on this.

Chapter 1: The beginning
1766, There was a planet called Helta in the South West part of the universe, map name ‘[M160.8 S//Helta//]’ that is next to the two well known stars Lou and Trot with was 3, 8 trillion light years away from Earth. Lou is the god of ice, water and peace; Trot is the god of Fire, power and war. The people of planet Helta are very intelligent, but the other planets around and in Helta’s sector of space did not believe them that they where smart and thought they where too full of them self’s. So to establish and show that they where intelligent, planet Helta made robots, lots of them, to help Helta beings out in every day life (like work, jobs that where to hard for living forms ect.) but, it all went wrong in 1773. As the Helta leader named Kross that made the Delta’s in the first place started to go mentally mad in the brain because of his vast intelligence. Because of this Kross ordered the robots now known as Delta’s around. The Delta’s where pushed and forced to do stuff they didn’t want to do, the Helta’s used them as tools more then beings with a mind, heart and soul. And if the Delta’s refused to do what the Helta’s told them to do they would be destroyed instantly. So they rebelled against the Helta’s, then a small civil war broke out it was really bloodshed as the Helta’s and Delta’s where fighting for every thing the Delta’s lived for, because the Helta beings where taking advantage of them having no rights and being very malicious to the Delta’s just because they where dissimilar. Kross could not stand them any longer and ordered for all Delta’s to be annihilated on sight. The Delta’s got smarter and more sovereign. Then they got secure and assured enough to make there own planet, they called it Delta, because in Delta being language that was also Helta’s language at that point to meant “Metal warrior” and because the Delta leader named the planet after him self, His name was Delta. As they made planet Delta, Helta got extraordinarily unsure, unstably anxious about what Delta would do once they had enough power to overthrow Helta. So Helta immediately lurched an attack of pure rage and hate on the innovative fast rising planet Delta thinking to slaughter them while there still wide open and defenseless to any attack. This was Kross’s idea to attack Delta. At that point the planet Delta was only half finished. It took about 55 years to build it. When it was finished Delta then had there own bases to lunch attacks from, this made them allot stronger. As the real battle commenced between to mighty planets the Delta’s fort a long 200 year war against Helta, Helta was shocked and traumatized to see such power and control form such juvenile race as Delta. But the Delta’s where not going to lose so easily, they stood up and fought. It did not matter how down and out they looked they kept going. But with Helta’s being known to be really bitter after losing a battle they had to go out with a bang taking down there enemy any way possible, it was the way they thought about things, they are vastly cruel, coldhearted and spiteful. Always taking not giving, dreadfully self centered and thought they are supreme all the time. The war ended in 1973. In the end Helta sent an emissary spy to Delta, and he or she murdered the main leader of the Delta forces by unexpectedly teleporting behind him with a special gun that would make a Delta’s brain blow up if shot it the head. It would send a deadly kind of electrical pulse though there body. This happened in the dark halls of the lower floors of the Trot building that is located in Metro city near the central base. Also where a group of super powerful Delta commando’s known as “The Cult of Sliver Blades” they have a base set up near the trot skyscraper. There are 10 of them altogether called Bullet/Delta, Elite, Ignitus, Kojack, Maverick, Osmon, Rayzor, Ru, Sparx and Zone. When the rest of the Sliver Blades went to the scene where there leader Delta who was supposed to be dead but seemed to be missing, the Helta spy was stone dead on the floor with loads of blood all over the body and floor. Commander Delta was gone, no where to be seen again. But lately there has been a stranger going by the name of Bullet flying around helping people when ever he can with very little identity. Some say that Bullet is commander Delta in a different name. But Sparx, a Delta was built by a genius doctor, who no-body knew the name of he was a complete mystery. In 1963 Sparx was specially trained my the rest of the Cult of Silver Blades to replace the dead leader called commander Delta (that’s where the planet got its name from), Delta was the victor of the war in the end because they were far superior and advanced then Helta they where born leaders, the Cult of Sliver Blades say it was destiny for Delta to win. But Delta and Helta still struggle and battle each other for universal territory. The two powerful arms of Delta and Helta are getting stronger each day.