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Thread: [Please Kiss Me...]ReVamp/ReEdited

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    [Please Kiss Me...]ReVamp/ReEdited

    The Image is not mine...credits goes to the original Owner of the Image

    Title:[Please Kiss Me!]


    Yuu Inukai / Inukai Yuu Applied into An All girls School As A Teacher, As A Beginner He Still doesnt know how to deal with Certain things About he's Students Especially Its An All Girls School and He's Quiet Attractive to Girls,and not only that, He's Been Cursed ( or maybe a gifted ) in he's Right Arm, on The way on He's First Day of Being A Teacher,On He's way to The School He Applied on He Finds an Old man being Troubled by Gangsters, Being a Kind hearted Person, inukai Helps and As A Token Of Appreciation The Old man Gave him A Curse or maybe Gift,That Whenever He Touches a Girl with He's Right arm or Been Touched by a Girl in the Said arm, That Girl Will be Deeply Fallen Inlove To him Forever, to remove the Curse He Must kiss That Person in The Lips within 7 days if he doesnt He's Right arms Effect Will BE Permanent Forever, ITs Easy, but not on Him As a Teacher


    Chapter.1 - | A Gift or A Curse |

    Inukai: Whew...its my First Day of my job on being a Teacher, I Should Not screw up on my Firstday, Damn...

    While Inukai is Walking on his way to his work ,He Saw an Old man Being Bullied by 2 Gangsters and...

    Inuka: Leave the Old Man Alone! Are'nt you Ashamed picking to an Old Man?
    Gangster1: Stop Butting on Someonelse's Business or you can get your Ass Kicked

    Inukai: It is my Bussiness a citizen of this country to protect the weak.
    Gangster2: HAHAHA! So you are the new super hero in this town are'nt you?

    Inukai: Well Not Really...just leave the old man!
    Gangster 1 : so do you really want us to Pick on you? huh Pretty boy?

    Inukai: You can try
    Gangster1: Hmm..Who Exactly are you?

    Inukai: Just a Normal Citizen of Japan, I Already Said It, are you Deaf?
    Gangster 1 & 2: why you!!!

    Both of the Gangsters Strike Inukai with a Punch but Inukai manage to dodge them and...

    Inukai: C'mon you can do Better than that.
    Gangster 1 & 2: Why you ! You Really test our Patience!

    And Then The Gangsters Strike again Inukai but inukai Dodge them again.

    Inukai: Its my turn.

    *Bang* you can guess what happened..

    Gangster 1 and 2: (*In Pain Lying on the Floor*) What are you? ahhhh
    Inukai: Ill tell you, but First, Say sorry to the Old Man

    Gangster 1 and 2 : Sorry Gramps, we will never do it again...gahh my head hurts!!
    Inukai: Yuu Inukai just an ex 1st Degree JiuJitsu Black Belter, now Scram!

    Ganster 1 and 2: What the F*?! *Runs!*

    Inukai: Its alright now Gramps
    Old man: Oh...Thank you son...

    Old man: With that deed of yours i should give you A Token of my Appreciation.
    Inukai: No its alright Really...you dont have to give me anything.

    Old man:Say young one...do you Love Women?
    Inukai: As a normal Human Guy, well ofcourse i do!

    Old man:Well? what are women for you?
    Inukai:Well i think women are the most mysterious yet wonderful being ever made, but you see... i have this kind of problem tha---

    Old man: Well worry no more young fella...Just give me your right hand
    Inukai: Why?

    Old Man: Just do it...
    Inukai: w-w-well if you insist gramps...

    As Inukai Give he's Arm to the old man, A Blinding Light Suddenly Appeared in Front of he's two eye's

    Inukai: (*Amazed!*)Woah! What was that Gramps?! What kind of Trick was that? that was cool!
    Old man: That was no Trick,Dont worry i just give you My Thanks

    Inukai: (*Wondering*) Thanks?
    Old man: When Your Right Arms Touched or been Touched by a Women, That Women will Certainly Deeply Fall inlove with you Forever...

    Inukai: (*Sarcasm*) Wow, Thats great for you telling me that gramps, well im going to be late old man, Thanks for your Gift.I Really appreciate it, i must go now
    Old man: Are'nt you going to ask how to remove the Effect? You might need it just incase?

    Inukai*Sarcasm*) Oh yeah I See, ok old man how

    old man:to remove your Right hands effect on that girl, You can Simply Kiss Her in the lips within 7days , if you Dont kiss her within the given time limit Your right hands effect will last forever....

    Inukai: Well thanks oldman, hahaha,you just lighten up my mood this morning gramps! Good b---?! where did he go? Im sure he Was just there just a second ago.. Well who cares's im going to Be Late!

    -to be continued

    Chapter.2 - | All Girls School Trouble|

    While walking on The Way to the school, Inukai was wondering what did the old man do,

    Inukai:Wow that was a really one wierd old fella i met moments ago...hmmm

    Inukai:Oh! im here....well who cares! this is my first day so i must enjoy!

    Inukai entered the gate...

    A moment of Silence ~ ~ ~ ~ and...

    Inukai: (* Briming With happiness *)Wow This School is big!
    Inukai: (* Briming With happiness *)There's lot of Students here!
    Inukai: (* Briming With happiness *)And a Great School Facility and-

    Cute School Girl: Good morning!
    Inukai: (* Speechless *) G-o-o-d m-o-r-n-i-n--g!

    Inukai: (* Down *) Why!!!!
    Inukai: (* Shouting *) Man! This really Sucks! Will i be Like this Forever...Why!!! Why!!! Why!!!
    Inukai: (* Shouting * / * All people Staring at him* )Darn! I Can't stay like this forever! I Really love Women! But Why does my body doesnt cooperate!

    and thats what happened! While he was Talking to loud ,Students , Teacher and everyone else looked at him...After that...

    Inukai: (* Walking at the corridor *) Why Could this happened to me...People stared at me earlier like Im a Wacko! and Before i came up to this School and Old man Fooled me This isnt Surely my Day...

    Inukai: (*Goes to The Principals Office*) Goodmorning Mr.Principal.
    Principal: Oh Mr.Yuu! you are just in time, let me lead you to your Advisory class...hahaha!

    Inukai: (*Inside his Thoughts*)Wow he doesnt notice im Late...lucky!

    Principal: (* Opens The Classroom Door and Walked inside The office*)Ehem... Class i would like you too meet your Homeroom Teacher for this semester. hope you all get along...CIAO! *Runs*

    Inukai: Mr Principa--! jeez...

    Inukai: (* Writing at the Black Board : Yuu Inukai *) I'm Yuu Inukai Nice to Meet You all i'll be your ho-
    Inukai: (* Thoughts in he's Mind*) All This Girls are looking at me...

    Inukai: (* Continues he's Speech*)Ehem...I'll Be Your Homeroom Teacher
    Itsuki Kyoko: (* Raising up her Hands *) Teacher

    Inukai: wh-at is you Questi-on...?
    Itsuki: (* Giggles *) Do you have a Girl Friend?

    Inukai: (* Thoughts *) God what is this Girl Thinking....?
    Inukai: (* Sweating *) Well i dont and i didnt have one since my mother gave birth on me...Why did you Ask That Question?

    Itsuki: (* Giggles *) teehee, Wow what an unexperienced old man... Well If you dont Mind I Can be you Girlfriend...
    Inukai: (*Blushes*)What are you talking about? Thats not appropriate for you to talk to me like that!

    -to be continued

    Chapter.3 - | No! Tell me its Not True! |


    A Sudden Strike of Doubt Came Through Inukai's Mind and....

    Inukai: (* Sweating *) .....
    Itsuki: (* Smiling *) Just kidding...

    Then The whole class Laugh and...

    Itsuki: (* Laughing *) Teacher i cant believe you're...hahaha
    Itsuki: (* Laughing *) Look at your Reactions....Its--Its Funny....

    Inukai Doesnt know that the Class he's Been Handling is the Worst and Nastiest of All 2nd Students Section, but then....

    Inukai: (*Thoughts*)Jeez what a jerk.
    Inukai: (* Smiling Forcefully*) Its funny i almost Got serious about that....by the way can you introduce your selves....

    So on and so For...One after Another...but then As Inukai Saw the last girl Stands..The Cute girl she saw this morning...The Girl Who Greeted him....

    Kyoshita Ami: (* Polite manner * / * Smiling *) I am Kyoshita ami, But you can call me ami...Nice meeting you all....
    Inukai: (* Thoughts *) So the Girl i saw this morning was...Kyoshita Ami, a Sophomore student...and She is really cute...wow

    | Break Time |

    Inukai goes on the rooftop to think and Relax...

    Inukai: (* Remembering her face *)Kyoshita ami...hmm...ack!...no way! i cant be fallen in my student!
    Inukai: (* Shakes he's Head *) No!!!!

    Suddenly He saw a girl crying...

    Amaki Shizune: (* Sniff *) All boys are jerks....
    Inukai: (* Behind Amaki *) Are you alright?

    Amaki Shizune: (* Looks back and see's Inukai *) Who are you? ...
    Inukai: I'm a Teac-

    Amaki Shizune: You know all of you guys are Jerks....
    Inukai: Ahhh---

    Amaki Shizune: You're All the same,
    Inukai: (* Forced smile *)Pls listen to m---

    Amaki Shizune: (* Shouts angrily *) Shut Up! You listen to me first!
    Inukai: (* Holds Amaki Shizune's Hand with he's Right hand *) Listen...

    Amaki Shizune: (* Looks on inukai *) N---

    Suddenly a strange feeling inside Amaki shizune, Struck her, Her Heart beats faster and her Face Blushes and...

    -to be continued
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    Re: [Please Kiss Me...]ReVamp/ReEdited

    Chapter.4 - | Well It really is Trouble |


    Suddenly a strange feeling inside Struck her, Her Heart beats faster and her Face Blushes and...

    Inukai: Listen,
    Amaki: (* Stares at Inukai with crumbling eyes *)...

    Inukai: (* Smiles *) not all Guys are Jerks, Infact there are some nice guys to.
    Amaki: (* Blushes *) Is t-t-t-that True....

    Inukai: (* Smile *) Yes, Infact you can come to me if you have some problems, I can Help you Overcome it....
    Amaki: (* Blushes */* Stares at Inukai *) Then Can you help me now?

    Inukai: (* Smile *) Well Offcourse! as a Teacher on this school and as a fellow citizen of this country its my duty to help others! wait what are you doing?
    Amaki: (* Blushing */* Holds Inukai's Right hand puts on her chest*) Can you Feel it?

    Inukai: (* Thoughts */* Shocked *) Whats with this Girl!?,
    Amaki: (* Blushes */*Closes her eyes *) Can you feel my Heart Beating???

    Inukai: (* State of Confusion */* Shocked */* Sweating *) y-y-y-y-yes! i FELT it Beating!!!
    Amaki: (* Blushes */*Stares at Inukai */* Closes her eyes *) Then I need you to kiss me....

    Inukai: (* Shocked *) w-w-w-w-what!!!!
    Amaki: (* Kissing gesture *) ....

    Inukai: (* Pale */* Sweating *) T-t-t-t-the thing you ask is impossible
    Amaki: (* Teary eyes */* Blushing*) But why?, You said you will help me....

    Inukai: (* Pale */*Sweating *) T-t-t-the thing is im a Teacher...and your a...
    Amaki: (* Teary eyes */* Blushing *) I dont! CAre...

    Amaki: (* Hugs Inukai */* Teary eyes *) Teacher! I Love you! , At the first time i saw you i think i..i...
    Amaki: (* Touches Inukai's Face */ * lips geting closer and closer *)

    Inukai: (* Thoughts */* Sweaty */* Pale *) This is so Unnatural ,i'm done if someone see us,

    But then when inukai Looks at the doorway, He saw a girl, and then

    Inukai: (* Pushes Amaki *) Hey Wait This isnt what you think!

    Then the mystery person Ran away and.....

    -to be continued

    Chapter.5 - | Its not what you Think |


    Inukai: (*Runs and Chases the person who ran away leaving the girl aside*) No This is not what you think! Wait!
    Inukai(*Thoughts*) Jeez! Im done in my teaching career if this gets to Principal! I dont want to get blacklisted and labeled as a Molester
    Inukai:Hey I Said Wait!

    Inukai Catches up and Grabs the person in the shoulder!

    Inukai: (*Cathing his Breath*) Hey, this is not what you think! i'm just relaxing at the roof top and i saw the girl crying and i think she wants some company,then i talked to her,then while we were talking ,suddenly she became wierd, maybe because of the temperature i dont know....hah ...hah..
    Amaki: Sensei!

    Inukai: (*Looks up on the door *) Hey Wait! where are you going! Please believe me. damn! Dont run away again! *runs*
    Amaki: Sensei! Wait!

    The the Field.

    Inukai: Whew where did that Person go? Damn! Im Doomed!

    Inukai Gave up chasing the mystery person, and goes into the faculty room

    Co-Teacher: Wow so you are the new Teacher here? Welcome my name is Ikumo Abara ,P.E Teacher hahaha, anyway you looks so tired? have you run on the way here? HAHAHAHA! i like your energy Man! You are?
    Inukai: Inukai Yuu, Nice meeting you Abara Sensei...

    Inukai Sits down on his Desk, and the Principal Enters....

    Inukai: (*Shocked*) Oh no this is it...
    Principal: Are you having fun at your first day Sensei? HAHAHA?

    Inukai*Thoughts*) OH no he will surely fire me!
    Principal: HAHAHA! I think your students like you sensei! hahaha! you did a Really Good Job! Keep it up okay?

    Inukai*Wonders*) huh? what? He still doesnt know?
    Inukai: Yes Mr.Principal hahaha! i will ha..ha..ha

    Principal: Ok I will go back to my office now inukai sensei...
    Inukai: Ok take care mr.principal. ha-ha-ha!

    -After School, inukai finishes all of his classes and goes back to his desk to get his remaining things and go home.

    Abara Sensei: Bye Inukai sensei, we are going now, dont you want to join us ? we are going on a Karaoke.
    Inukai: Ill pass this time, maybe next time...thanks anyway

    Abara Sensei: Okay! See ya tomorrow! takecare!
    Inukai: O.k you to sensei.

    Inukai: hmmm...Who leaves this piece of paper here? let see...

    -to be continued
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    Re: [Please Kiss Me...]ReVamp/ReEdited

    *Space Reserved for future Use* Please dont delete...thanks
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