It was the day of my 10th birthday. I walked up to the pokemon lab on top of the hill to pick my first pokemon. "Why hello there Nathan." Professor Oak said as I walked into the room where he kept the pokˆmballs for the first time trainer. "So how are you doing today? Are you ready to begin your pokemon adventure?"
"Yes, I have been anxious to get here so that I could choose my first pokemon." I replied.
"Well then lets get to it. I have 5 pokemon of which you can choose 1. There is a Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and a Caterpie." Professor Oak explained. "Squirtle is a water type pokemon with two other Evolutionary stages. Charmander is a fire type pokemon and he also has two other stages to which he evolves. Bulbasaur is of the grass type and also has two other stages to evolve into.. Pikachu is of the electric variety and has one other evolution form from which you need a thunderstone to evolve him into Raichu. And Caterpie is of the bug variety. He has two other forms to evolve into as well. So Nathan are you ready to choose your first pokemon?"
" Yes I am ready professor Oak. Can I have the fire pokemon Charmander?"
" Of course Nathan." Professor Oak said as he picked up the pokeball closest to me.
" Here you go. All you have to do is through the ball in the air and Charmander will come out in a bright flash of light while the ball floats back into your hand. Give it a try."
" Go! Charmander I choose you!" I yelled as I threw the ball into the air as instructed. In a bright flash of light a Charmander came out of the pokeball with a cry. "Cool! Thanks Professor."
"Oh before I forget, Here is a pokˆmdex and 5 beginner pokˆmballs. Before you leave you should go talk to your parents and get some money so that you can buy some potions and pokˆmballs. The pokˆmballs can be found in Viridian city as well as the potions. They cost about $200 each so ask for a little more incase you get hurt. You can win additional money by winning battles with other pokemon trainers. Oh, your friend Cody was here and said he would like to battle you when you gain enough exp points. But be careful, a Pokˆmmon's strength can decrease so you need to continuously check how well it is moving and other aspects of a Pokˆmmon's health. My advice is to frequently get it healed at a pokemon center even if it does not look hurt or tired. You can find them in every town past this town. Here your mom will let you rest and it will heal your pokemon. Well that is enough chatting for now, go and talk to your parents and see if they will lend you some money to get the things I mentioned earlier. Oh one more thing, you can only have 6 pokemon on you at a time so you need to store them in your pc in order to collect more than 6. You can use the PC's in the pokemon center for free. Just remember the more you have on you the higher your chance of winning a battle. Also check the type match up on the pokˆmdex to see if your pokemon stand a chance against your opponents. Well so long Nathan. Come back later."
As he finished I headed out the door to my house to talk to my parents. " Mom, Dad I'm home." I said into the house as I walked into the kitchen to pack some food for my journey ahead.
"Oh hey Nathan. How was your trip to Professor Oaks lab?"
" It was swell. And look I got a fire pokemon from him. Charmander." Charmander came meandering into the kitchen at the sound of its name.
" Oh how cute.. I hope you and Charmander have a great time. I know you have always wanted a pokemon but I hope you realize it is just like having a pet. You have to take care of it and watch it at all times."
" Yeah I know mom. Oh can I borrow $1,000? I will pay you back after I win a few battles."
" Oh what do you need that much for? I thought you would get it when you got your pokemon."
" No, but I need it in order to get some potions and pokeballs to capture more pokemon to train. Professor Oak said that they cost about $200 each, but the potions cost $300."
" Oh of course. Here you go. Just remember to pay us back when you earn enough money from your battles. Well have fun on your trip. Your father is in his gym so go and talk to him to get some advice about how to battle and capture pokemon. Well so long dear don¡¦t forget to check in with us every now and then." Mom said as she walked out the back door into the yard to finish gardening.
After I packed enough food, I headed out to Viridian City to the North. While I was walking through the grass I heard the faint call of a Pidgey and was not surprised when it came up to me in a fury rage. I pulled out my pokeball that held Charmander and threw it in the air. " Go Charmander! I choose you!" Charmander appeared and started to battle the wild Pidgey. "Charmander use your scratch attack." I was amazed that Charmander listened because I had heard that some pokemon don¡¦t obey their trainers if you are a beginner. Wow Pidgey used peck. "Charmander scratch." Once again he listened to me. And finally Pidgey's health was low enough for me to try and catch it. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a pokeball and through it at Pidgey. It shook a few times and then quit to announce that Pidgey had been caught. "Yes!" I yelled in triumph. " My first pokemon. I pulled out my pokˆmdex to log Pidgey into the database.
"Pidgey, a flying pokemon. Found almost anywhere. Most commonly found on Route 1.. Evolves at level 18 into its second form Pidgeotto. Caught on May 3, 1997 at 10:30 am. Health is poor get healed at pokemon center in nearest town." The pokˆmdex reported. After I pocketed the pokˆmdex I started walking again. It wasn¡¦t long before I saw Viridian city's gates. The first thing I did was I went to the pokemon center and healed my Pidgey and Charmander to full health.
"Thank you for coming to the pokemon center in Viridian City. My name is Nurse Joy and I will be your healer for today." Nurse Joy stated. "Please release your pokemon and let me heal them. It will only take a few minuets." She assured me at the questioning look on my face.
to be continued...