" Ok, here are my pokemon, Pidgey, Charmander go." I said and as I finished two flashes of light appeared and Pidgey, who did not look at all well, appeared first, and after that Charmander who looked a lot better than Pidgey did, came out and walked up to Nurse Joy.
" Ok so these are your pokemon. Let me take them in back and heal them to full health. Just so you know this does not cost anything, so just wait here while I heal your pokemon." As she finished she walked into the back with Charmander and Pidgey following her after I had assured them it was going to be all right. After about 5 minutes Nurse Joy came back out followed by a very health looking Charmander and Pidgey following close on Charmander heals. "Here are your pokemon, thank you for visiting the Viridian city pokemon center. We hope you have a good day and come back frequently to heal these two wonderful pokemon. If you need to access your pokemon account you can use that P.C over in the corner with no extra charge."
" Thank you Nurse Joy. I appreciate you healing my pokemon I really do. Pidgey had just been caught and looked a little weak. I am sure my pokemon appreciate it too.. Right guys? "
Charmander replied with a appreciative growl, while Pidgey replied with an appreciative chirp. " Well shall we get going?" I asked the pokemon, and they nodded their heads in agreement. So I pulled out a pokeball and recalled Pidgey so we could walk a little faster. As Pidgey diapered into the pokeball, Charmander and I walked out of the center and over to the pokemon mart. Before we walked into the shop I counted how much my mother gave me. " Wow, she gave me more than I expected, $1200. Jeeze I need to remember to pay this back when I earn a lot more money." I said more to myself than to Charmander. I walked into the store with Charmander following me and walked up to the counter.
The shop clerk greeted me cheerfully. " Hi, oh you must be a starting trainer. For a very limited time we have a starter package that has all of the basics, including 50 pokeballs. It currently costs $750. Would you like to buy this special item for a discounted price? It would originally cost about $14,509."
Wow, I thought to myself that is a good deal. " Charmander, should we get this?" Charmander growled his agreement. "Yes we would like to get the starters kit for $750. We would also like to buy an additional antidote just in case. Just out of curiosity, how much of the other stuff is in the starters kit?" I asked the clerk.
" Well there are 50 remedies such as paralyze heal, burn heal, awakening, potion, ice heal, revive, and antidotes plus there is 1 master ball, 25 great balls, 25 ultra balls, and 5 of each of the evolution stones. Also there are 5: HP up, Protein, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, and Carbos. Plus 5: x attack, x defend, x speed, x special, x accuracy, guard spec, and dire hit. And as a bonus we will ad in a TM28 which contains dig." The shop clerk replied.
" Well in that case I don¡¦t need the extra antidote. But I will still take the beginners package." I replied and counted out $750 to give to the store clerk.
" Here you go then, that will be $750. We hope you enjoy the rest of the day and get some good use out of the beginners package." The store clerk said and handed over a huge package that required me to sort out and put into the appropriate pockets in my bag. I handed over the money and took the package. I sat down outside in the grass and sorted out my package.
After that was done I recalled Charmander into its pokeball and headed back to Pallet town and over to my friends house. On the way I met some more pokemon. First I came across a Rattata. It attacked me and I threw my pokeball in the air and yelled, " Charmander I choose you." Charmander appeared in a flash of light. " Charmander use your scratch attack." And in a fast movement Charmander attacked the Rattata. For its first move Rattata used tackle. It barely hurt Charmander. "Charmander use your scratch attack." And once again Charmander attacked Rattata and I figured it was time to use a pokeball to capture Rattata. I threw a pokeball at the pokemon and in a flash of light Rattata disappeared into the pokeball. After a while the pokeball stopped shaking to indicate that it has been caught. " Yes! I caught my second pokemon. " I pulled out my Pokˆmdex and plugged in information on Rattata.
" Rattata a ground type pokemon. Commonly found in most areas. Rattata has a tendency to bite first and ask questions later. Caught on May 3, 1997 at 11:15 Pm. Health: poor get it healed at a pokemon center." And a picture of Rattata appeared on the little screen. I walked back up the road to Viridian City to get my pokemon healed. I walked into the center and let out my pokemon so they can go to the back with Nurse Joy and get healed. Pidgey and Charmander were used to this routine but Rattata had to be reassured a little bit. After a while Rattata finally went into the back room with the other pokemon to get healed to full health.
" Thank you for visiting." Nurse Joy said as she came out with my pokemon. " We hope you have a good day and we hope to see you later."
" Thank you Nurse Joy. Rattata, Pidgey, Charmander return." And in a flash of light they disappeared into their pokeballs. I headed out the door and back to the nearest patch of grass.
After about 5 minutes a Bulbasaur appeared. "Hmm. It¡¦s a grass type pokemon. That should come in handy when I battle Brock. I have heard that he uses ground/rock type pokemon so a grass type will be a good addition to my party." I pulled out a pokeball, "Go Charmander!" I yelled, and Charmander appeared in a flash of light. "Charmander use your scratch attack." And with relative speed it attacked the Bulbasaur. "Good work Charmander. Now lets try scratch again." I said and he complied. Finally I thought that its health was low enough to try catching it. I got a pokeball out of my bag and threw it at Bulbasaur. It shook a couple of times and then stopped to announce its capture. "Yes!" I exclaimed. " Bulbasaur your mine." I pulled out the Pokˆmdex and it accounted the information on Bulbasaur.
"Bulbasaur, a grass type pokemon. Lives in tall grassy areas to conceal it from onlookers. Found mainly in Viridian City. Evolves at level 16 into Ivysaur. Health is poor get it healed at pokemon center. Height 2'4" weight 15 lbs." The Pokˆmdex reported.
I looked down at Charmander to give it thanks and found that it had gained 4 levels to come to level 9. "Wow! Charmander you¡¦re getting stronger. I think that you are about to evolve." I told it. Just a few moor battles should make it evolve into Charmeleon. We walked to the pokemon center to get them healed.
" Why hello there. It's nice to see you again." Nurse joy said.
" Hello Nurse Joy. My pokemon need to be healed again. Would you mind?" I asked her as I released Bulbasaur, Pidgey and Rattata.
" No, not at all. It will only take a few minutes. Please follow me." She said to the pokemon and they followed her.
After about 5 minutes they came back. All of them looked like they were revived and ready to go. "Thank you Nurse Joy. You are so good at this my pokemon don¡¦t even look as if they had once been sick or hurt." I complimented her.
" Why thank you Nathan. It is my pleasure and passion to help and heal pokemon. I do it for fun. It makes me happy to see the trainer, and pokemon, appreciate my work. Well I hope to see you again sometime. Oh, I had noticed that your Charmander is about to evolve. In this stage of its life, it needs to be taken care of more and watched for illnesses. If you need further assistance on taking care of him just let me know. I¡¦m sure that we can work out a deal to help Charmander evolve into Charmeleon successfully. Well I will let you go so you can train your pokemon some more. I will talk to you later Nathan, the next time you come in. Just remember to frequently heal your pokemon at any pokemon center. I have sisters in each of them who look exactly like me and they are also named Joy so please be as kind to them as you were to me. I hope to see you again some time Nathan. For now have a good trip and take good care of Charmander and the others too. Well later." She said.
" Yeah I will talk to you later Nurse Joy. Thanks again for healing my pokemon. I really appreciate it. Well see you later."
" Ok Nathan well talk to you later." And as she finished I recalled my pokemon and set off to the nearest patch of grass.. I thought that if I made my team stronger before going into Viridian Forest I would have a better chance of getting through unharmed by other pokemon. This time I went to route 22 instead of route 1. I figured that I could meet other type of pokemon. After a while of wandering aound that patch of grass, I meet a Nidoran¡ð.
to be continued.....