" Go Bulbasaur, I choose you!" I yelled and in a flash of light Bulbasaur came out to join the battle. " Bulbasaur use your tackle attack." I said and Bulbasaur complied. Nidoran¡ð came back at Bulbasaur with a scratch attack. "Bulbasaur use your Tackle attack." And again Bulbasaur complied. This time Nidoran¡ð came at Bulbasaur with a Growl attack. I got out a pokeball and threw it at Nidoran¡ð. It shook once but opened again to release Nidoran¡ð. " Dang I thought I had that one." I said. " Bulbasaur use your Tackle attack." And again he complied. Nidoran¡ð came at Bulbasaur with Scratch. Bulbasaur's health was getting low so I recalled him. " Bulbasaur that is enough. Go Charmander, I choose you." Charmander appeared. Nidoran¡ð came at Charmander with scratch. It missed. I threw another pokeball at Nidoran¡ð and this time it was caught.
" Nidoran¡ð, a poison type pokemon lives in rural areas. Health very poor needs to be healed immediately. Level 7. It will evolve into Nidoran at level 16. Treat well." The pokˆmdex announced. I walked back to the pokemon center in Viridian City. "Hello again Nurse Joy. My pokemon need to be healed again. Do you mind?" I asked.
" No not at all Nathan. Can you release your pokemon and let me heal them?" She asked.
" Oh sure." I said and released them.. Bulbasaur looked weaker than I thought. It was about to faint. " Well Bulbasaur, now is the chance to get healed. I did not realize you looked so terrible. Go now with Nurse Joy, Its alright." I told it. It followed her into the back to get healed.
After about 5 minutes she came back with them and told me that they did look like they were about to faint, except for Charmander, Pidgey, and Rattata. After a little bit of chatting with Nurse Joy, I left to go find some more pokemon. I walked north to Route 2 and in the patch of grass, right away a Caterpie appeared and started the battle. " Go Charmander, I choose you!" And Charmander appeared to start the battle. "Charmander use your ember attack." I said and he complied. Caterpie was week enough with that first move to be captured. After it used tackle, which did not take much of Charmander's health, I threw a pokeball. It shook enough to let Caterpie be caught. " Yes!" I said, in a few more battles Caterpie will evolve into a Butterfree. Ok Charmander come on back." I said and Charmander went back into the pokeball. I looked in my bag for a couple of potions to give to Caterpie and Charmander. " Ah, there they are." I said. " Caterpie come out." I said and threw the ball in the air. Caterpie came out in a flash of light. " Here you go Caterpie." I told it and gave the pokemon the potion that I held. " Ok return. Charmander Come out." I said and threw the ball in the air. In another flash of light Charmander appeared. " Here Charmander, take this." I said and gave Charmander the other potion. It looked alot better.. Now that my party was filled up I went into the forest to get to the town of Pewter, in which I could challenge Brock if I get Bulbasaur powered up some more to learn a good grass type move. After a while of walking in Viridian Forest, I met with my first trainer, since I had gotten my first pokemon.
" Hi, I am a pokemon trainer too. Want to battle my Bug type pokemon?" The trainer asked.
" Sure I will battle your pokemon." I replied with a grin, knowing that I had an advantage with my Charmander.
" Go Caterpie, I choose you!" The trainer yeaned as he threw a pokeball. In a flash of light a Caterpie appeared.
This should be easy, I thought to myself. " Go Charmander I choose you!" I yelled as I threw a pokeball and Charmander appeared. " Charmander use your ember attack." I told it. In a flash of flames. Charmander brought down his first opponent. " Way to go Charmander."
" Caterpie return." The trainer said, and in a flash of light, the fainted Caterpie disappeared. " Go Weedle, I choose you!" He yelled and in a flash of light a Weedle appeared. " Weedle use your string shot attack." He told his pokemon. In a quick movement, it shot stings around Charmander. My Charmander's speed had fallen.
" Charmander use your ember attack." I said and in another jet of flames Weedle¡¦s health dropped to a dangerously low spot.
" Weedle use your tackle attack." My opponent said.
" Charmander come back. Go Bulbasaur, I choose you!" In a flash of light Bulbasaur had come out.
" Weedle use your tackle attack.." The trainer said. It complied.
" Bulbasaur use your tackle attack." I said and in a quick movement Bulbasaur took down its first opponent. Finally the match was over. " Way to go Bulbasaur, you did it." I said as I hugged it. I called out Charmander and as soon as it was out of the ball, it started to evolve into Charmeleon.
" Wow," I said, " I am getting a Charmeleon." In about the time span of 5 minutes, the light had died down and with a cry Charmeleon appeared.
" Cool."
" Hey that was a good match. Here is the money you get for winning." The trainer said and handed over $150.
" Thanks. Those were some cool pokemon you have. I have a Caterpie too. Although I just caught it so I did not think that it should battle so soon. Well Charmeleon do you think that we should stop in and see Nurse Joy?" I asked Charmeleon.
" Charmeleon." It replied in a satisfying tone.
" Ok, Bulbasaur return." I said and in a flash of light it disappeared. " Thanks for the wonderful battle." I told the trainer.
" Oh your welcome. I am glad that you have been such a nice trainer. I think you will do well with your newly evolved Charmeleon. Well talk to you later" He told me. And as he finished we walked down to the Pokemon Center so that I could show Nurse Joy my wonderful pokemon. I counted up my money and found that I still had $250 from what mom gave an additional $150 and me from winning the battle. " Ok Charmeleon. After a quick visit with Nurse Joy, we are going to visit the house and pay mom part of what I need to pay back for the money that she lent me."
I was heading down Route 1 I was jumped by a level 2 Rattata. " Damn it Rattata. Why? Oh well I will battle with, Charmeleon, go I choose you." And Charmeleon came out and out and jumped into the middle of it. Charmander use your mettle claw. and in a quick action he attacked the Rattata and he fainted. " Wow that was awesome Charmeleon you are really strong now. This is cool. Now lets hurry home so we can show you to mom." I told him. And with that we started down the path to the house.
" Mom, I am back. Look at Charmeleon. He has grown a lot. He is well timed too. Oh by the way here is $200 of what I owe you. I will continue to pay you when I get the chance." I told her when she came into view from the kitchen,
" Oh hi Nathan. I see that your pokemon is doing well. What others have you caught? Lets go out back and see." She suggested.
" Sure they probably want some fresh air anyway. Come on Charmeleon." With that the 3 of us headed out the back door. I took the pokeballs from my waist and threw them out in the air. In a flash Bulbasaur, Caterpie, Pidgey, Rattata, and Nidoran¡ð came out.
" Wow! You have a pretty good collection going. All of them look like you take good care of them. Keep up the good work. Since you are taking such good care of them I will dock off $500."
to be continued...... (sorry about the long story guys but I kind of got carried away on chapter one.)