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Thread: Princess to Queen Kimiko - Chapter 1

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    Princess to Queen Kimiko - Chapter 1

    Chapter 1
    National Boarding School Campus: Kyoko, Japan
    ?Please Princess", a highschooler boy bows down to Kimiko who is sitting on the campus bench,? will you go out with me?" the boy ask and is afraid of her answer. Kimiko looks up and down at the boy and makes her judgment. Tomomi watches the boy and feels bad for him, because she already knows her friend?s answer will be.
    "No" Kimiko said bluntly
    ?But, wh...Why Princess?" he said sadly
    "Because" she stands and holds three of her fingers up at him. ?One, your ugly. Two, you?re not my type, and three, I ready have a boyfriend." Kimiko then starts to walk away. Tomomi quickly gets up and follow beside Kimiko and looks behind her shoulders at the heart broken boy.

    ?Kimiko-sama, don?t you think you shouldn't be so mean to him? He did ask nicely" Kimiko rolled her eyes.
    ?I?ve been with a lot of guys Tomomi. All of them are the same. I could just take one look at them and could tell their personality; stupid, lazy and just plain weird." walks faster.
    ?I get what you mean, but what type of guy are you into?"
    Kimiko stop suddenly almost making Tomomi walk right into her. She then tap Tomomi's nose."It's a secret" she winks.
    Tomomi sighs ?another secret?"
    "Yep, I got to go and meet up with someone. See you later." She walked off without letting Tomomi respond in time.
    Kimiko walk towards the school's gym building. She been thinking to break up with Kyo for a day now and believe that she could do better. She thought about how they didn't really know each other and the fact that they been only dating for a week and he bored her already! As she walks to the building she checked her phone for the time. ?8: 15" she put her phone but in her school uniform pocket, "I'm late already, oh well, no harm done".
    Kyo was leaning against the building checking his cell phone. Once he saw Kimiko, he stood up and put his arms out for a hug. ?Well well, it?s my little princess? he said with a smile. But Kimiko frowned and look up at him.
    ?Kyo... I think we should break up?
    Kyo smile disappeared but he knew that this will soon happen. Almost every guy she went out only lasted for a week or so. But Kyo didn?t say this out loud; instead he pulled Kimiko in a hug and whispered in her ear ?I see, I?m not the one for you. It?s okay, I?ve been through this before?. He then pulls away and smile at her. Kimiko frowned and turn around walking away.
    ?Goodbye? he called out as they parted ways.
    Kimiko was furious, ?how could he say such words to me with a smile on his face!? Damn him, I will surely punish him for this. I will ?? Next thing Kimiko knew, she bumps into someone. ? Hey, watch where you?re going.? Said she angrily as she looks up.
    ? I?m sorry my dear, you turned the corner so quickly.? The boy smiled a charming smile. Kimiko just sat there on the cold ground looking up at the boy. It was dark out so she couldn?t make out his face well. One thing she did know was that this boy didn?t beg her for forgiveness. ?How dare him? she thought.
    ? Miss?? he goes down to her level and hold out a hand ? Do you need help getting up? Here let me ??
    ? Don?t touch me, I don?t need your help? She gets up on her own and wipe the dirt off her uniform and look at the boy. He was gorgeous. Tannish skin, dark hair, and sexy ice blue eyes, wait! Why is she thinking this? He just knocked her down and didn?t beg for forgiveness. Unsure what to say, Kimiko ran off to the school?s dorm building without saying anything.
    Hiro stood there and look at the direction the girl went. ? What a lovely girl? he smiled to himself and walks into the night.

    The Next Day: Noon class
    ? Princess-sama, you?re so pretty. Can I be your friend??
    ? No, can I Princess Kimiko? I?ll do anything.?
    Two girls try to catch Kimiko?s attention. This happens everyday for Kimiko so she basically ignores them or gets them to get away from her. But right now, she?s hungry. Kimiko smiles and gives out a sweet voice ? Sure we can, if you get me a snack to eat.? The two girl eyes were wide open and ran to give Kimiko a snack. Everyone in the class watches them run out. But they now the truth. If she said I want a snack, she means ? Get the hell way from me.?
    Tomomi was reading a book then remembered something. ? Oh, Kimiko-sama, I did you hear? A new Transfer student moved here from the western country. His name is Hiro Nightbird ?
    Kimiko studied Tomomi?s honest face. ? No I didn?t? she thought for a second ?I want to meet him. You there? She points to a boy playing a video game. He looked up at kimiko, once he realized who called then he quickly stood up almost knocking down his chair, ? Yes...yes Princess-sama??
    ? Go get the new transfer student Hiro Nightbird for me?.
    ? Yes, I will? he bowed and quickly went out to get him. About 5 minutes later, the boy came back with Hiro Nightbird. Kimiko?s eyes widen as she know who he was. ? He was the boy who bumped into me later night? said thought to herself. Hiro walked closer to Kimiko and the whole class watched them.
    He smiles his charming smiles ? You must be the princess that I keep hearing about? he takes kimiko?s hand and kisses her palm. ? It?s nice to meet you.? The class watched in shock as Hiro kisses her hand. Everyone knows not to touch the princess without her permission, and of course kiss her. Kimiko quickly moved her hand away ? how dare you touch me!? Two larger size boys push Hiro back saying ? don?t touch the princess without permission!? Hiro was confused but it didn?t show on his face. He walk to the door of the classroom and turned towards Kimiko. The whole class watched him.
    He bowed? I am deeply sorry my princess? he looked into Kimiko?s eyes and smiles. Kimiko felt her cheeks heat up and quickly turned her head. ? Leave my sight? she said as Tomomi check to see if she was alright. She was pretty sure that Kimiko just blushed. A rare sight unless she?s with the King, Thoru Kanado.
    ? As you wish, my princess? he turned and lefted the room. The classroom was silent as they took in what had happened. Whispers became to rise. ? His name is Hiro , right?? ?He?s cute I wonder where?s he from? ? He?s eyes are so pretty? ? He such a charmer. Like a prince? ? He?s definitely the prince?. The class gotten louder and louder until all you hear in Hiro?s name and the new title; Prince.
    Kimiko was confused and pissed. ?Once again? she thought ? Why do I feel this way? He disrespects me but I?m not angry.? Confuse and stressed with all the noise in the class, she stood up and walked out of the class. Tomomi followed her. Kimiko walk faster than normal in the hallways ?Prince ....why did my heart stopped when you kissed my hand?? she said to herself as she rubs the hand he kissed. Then she walked into someone and fell down.
    ?Princess-sama!? Tomomi ran up to her. ?Are you alright??
    ? Do I look alright?? Kimiko said
    ? I?m trouble sorry Princess-sama? Hiro puts down the books he had, ? I wasn?t paying attention again, please forgive me. Please.? He went to help her up ? If I may touch you?
    ?No, don?t touch me? Kimiko let Tomomi help her up and ignored Hiro?s offer and started too walked away.
    ? Wait Princess-sama. You dropped this.? He holds out a small black book. Kimiko stop and looked. ? Don?t worry, Princess-sama, I won?t bite? he said smiling.
    Kimiko snatches the book from him and walked fast off as Tomomi said thank you to Hiro. ? Such a beautiful smile, No? she shakes her head ? Why am I acting like this, he?s just another stupid, irresponsible boy.? Once she got to her dorm room, she slams the door.

    ( to be continue)

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    Re: Princess to Queen Kimiko - Chapter 1

    Walls of text hurt the eyes.

    Do try spacing between paragraphs? Capitalization and punctuation also count, not to mention tense consistency.

    Feel free to hit me back if you want something more detailed ^^

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