short thing called pumpkin.

Ridges, James’s life has lots of them, from the loss of his dying mother, when he was Ten and then again of his father when he was Fifteen. James is on a bumpy road and it still is. At one point James’s life had smoothed out when his mother’s friend took him in, James was alone no longer or so he thought. James’s life is being picked as though he were a pumpkin; picked from a patch and every thing he knew, and placed elsewhere isolated and alone. There are speckles on a pumpkin which represents the randomness of every thing in James’s life. There is a speckle on the bottom that shows his hidden past and ones on the top that show his undying future. Along with ones on the sides that can go any where, any where, yet where they will go to, that is still unknown.

As the years went on, and he grew older, wiser, and graduated with a 3.5 in high school. James was given a scholarship to access College. To give something back in return he studied hard, and graduated with a degree in Psychology. James had reached a higher point in his life, and which the stem of a pumpkin will represent.

James was on his path to success. He ended up with a wife and became a home owner. Plus all in all he was working to help others, helping them with problems, and trying to keep them out of trouble, or worse hurting themselves or others. James’s pumpkin had become whole. Then suddenly one dreadful night his life was taking a sudden turn, and not for the better either. He and his wife were taking and evening stroll one late afternoon, when one of James’s ex-patients were driving drunk and seeking revenge for something James had announced during a court session.

A voice screamed, “I won’t kill you James, I’ll kill the thing most precious to you, and make you suffer!” James pushed his wife out of the way and was hit instead. He was falling apart, like a pumpkin being dropped from the sky, smashed and sprawled out on the surface of the earth. James’s life took a final turn, not to grow or flourish, his stem had been cut. The person drove off when the sound of sirens came abroad. The loss made the wife cry, her tears were like raindrops in a pumpkin patch, as she lay there on the ground. She held him close to her not wanting him to fall apart.

As to every cut stem as long as it is connected to soil a flower will bloom. Half a year later, the wife had given birth to a baby boy and a girl. The wife promised her very best to tenderly take care of them both. James had not only spawned new life, he saved 3 of them, and put them in his place. How would they live there lives, once you leave the patch your old family and friends don’t know where you are going and what things will end up being like. In this case the pumpkins aren’t alone they have others to share there journey with a well nurturing mother and a sibling all together.

The pumpkin was whole once again.

It was for a class project.