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Thread: Rebels Angel

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    Rebels Angel

    A rebel Angel was sent to her.
    The Knights were formed to assist her.
    And the Harborers are out to kill her and take over the world.
    She is the key to mankind’s future.

    A warm breeze blew through my third story bedroom rustling my curtains and stirring me awake. Sitting up as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes I glanced around my room. Light lavender walls covered the master sized bedroom, a vanity mirror sat on the east side of the room and held my hair brush and some perfumes, to it’s left were two large sliding glass doors leading to her large patio sized deck, on the other side of the room was a small couch and two bean bag chairs, behind those were two doors the one on the left led to my full sized bathroom the other to my walk-in closet. Looking over at my bed side table I saw that it was seven o’clock and was about to roll over and return to sleep when my read full cell-phone rang.
    “Cara?” asked her boss Jess slightly breathless.
    “Yeah.” I replied groggily .
    “Oh good you’re there. Hey listen I know it’s your day off but I need you to come down to the clinic and help our new arrival. . .”
    “But why me?” I half whined and half pleaded.
    “Because lord knows you know more about this place than I do.”
    It was true I had been helping take care of the animals and pets of others at the clinic since I was adopted, originally it was just a small job so I could get out of the house till they I found had a gift with the animals.
    “Fine.” I agreed a bit grudgingly.
    “You will!? Oh thank you Cara you won’t regret it I promise!” Jess yelled through the phone.
    After I agreed to be there in a half an hour I set out my work clothes and took a shower to wash away the sleep. Down stairs I found no one up on this beautiful Saturday morning, not surprisingly I found a note from both my parents stating they would be home late and to put Billy to bed early.
    Billy and Chase were my younger brothers but unlike me they weren’t adopted.
    Billy was eight and Chase was sixteen both with there separate agendas like the rest of the family. Claire and Gregory Liba (a.k.a Mom and Dad) are always busy. Mom is on of America’s top neural surgeons while Dad has all odd hours with patients. Some times I think the only adopted me to be a un official babysitter of their future mistakes, but it’s nothing like that they really do care.
    I think that was why we moved to Maine and into this ludicrous three story, six bedroom, four and a half bathroom house. They insisted to give me an allowance but I refused and got the job of taking the animals out for walks and playtime at the clinic.
    Pulling up to the clinic in my car I cut the engine with a big sigh and went in to assist the new guy. Walking up to the front desk I watched as Jess, who had been helping an old women with her cat, flush with relief.
    “ Thank goodness you’re here, go into the back, say hello and answer any questions he has while watching over him.” Jess looked quite flush for a forty year old happily married women.
    I pushed through the double doors and could see why Jess had insisted I help the new guy instead of her…the temptation.
    This new guy was the definition of handsome, the man standing before me must have been freshly out of college probably twenty-six, five foot ten inches and an athletic person. He had sandy brown hair, strong jaw, clear slightly tan skin, and gorgeous blue-green eyes. Just as I began assessing his ass he noticed me standing behind him.
    “Hey, you must be Cara.” he held out a hand smiling warmly revealing dimples and cute smile.
    I remembered to close my mouth and not look like a gawking idiot just in time to shake his hand. “Yeah that’s me and your name is?”
    “Sorry. Richard Cover.” he said still shaking my hand.
    “Right.” I looked our hands.
    He finally noticed and let our hands drop, “So you’re here to show me the ropes?”
    “Yep, I’ll just show you around introduce you to the animals and everyone before going.” I shrugged trying not to look at his eyes as I turned to the animal room.

    Showing Richard the ropes of the clinic was harder than I thought it would be and found my mind wandering instead of focusing on the matter at hand. But when I was finally able to leave and get into my car I felt relieved about not making a fool of myself. Turning out of the parking lot and onto the street I got this weird feeling of being watched but shook off by turning on the radio to my favorite station.
    My cell-phone sang “Movin on Up”, a inside joke between myself and my best friend Shari. “Hello?” I answered a true delinquent.
    “Hey girl you comin over to Will’s party?” Shari yelled over the head throbbing music in the back round.
    “Now?” I asked rather dumbly looking over at my dashboard clock I saw it was only seven-thirty.
    “Hell yeah!” she yelled excitedly as I stopped at a red light. “There are a ton of hot guy’s here, beside isn’t your birthday?”
    I groaned inwardly at the thought I so forcefully pushed from my mind. “Nah I think I stay at home got the house to my self.”
    The person behind me honked rudely as I just noticed the turn green. Hitting the accelerator I noticed a black SUV not stopping. Time seemed to slow I could no longer here the radio or Shari rambling on the other line, all I could here was the roar of the SUV’s engine as it speed towards me. Right before it hit me time sped up and the next thing I know my brain feels like its exploding and then nothing.

    Now some may believe that when a person dies there life flashes before there eyes and you slowly walk towards a white light till you either reach the gates of hell or heaven.
    Well I’ve never had a good memory and I certainly don’t remember any white lights or pearly gates.
    I sure as hell know I wasn’t reincarnated as a lama or cow and I don’t think I was a wondering soul, cause first of all someone was talking to me and I sure didn’t feel see through.
    “Cara? Cara are awake? Wake up sweetie your okay now.” said a sweet unfair voice.
    I first instinct was to stay perfectly still and pretend to not of heard them but I was to curious and slowly opened my eyes. You could say that at that point I was blinded by a white light, but as I sat up and my eyes adjusted I noticed that the whole room was white not a light.
    I turned to look at the unfamiliar speaker. A women probably thirty with a soft round face, light golden hair, and very light blue eyes sat beside me on the white couch.
    I blinked, “Yeah?”
    The women smiled like a grandma, “I know you must be a little confused, but I’m here to tell you not to be frightened.”
    She patted my hand as I looked around the room that looked like a white completely white. When I looked back at her I noticed she was searching my expression for something. “I’m not scared.” I told her.
    She looked a little amused, “Your not?”
    I shrugged, “I dead why should I care.”
    “I like you.” She laughed a light tinkle of a laugh. “By the way my is name Reburta, I’ll be the one assisting you.”
    I raised an eye brow, “Assist me?”
    “Yes, assist you. Now before I say anything more I must tell you.” She paused to take a deep breath. “You are not going to stay here.”
    I cussed under my breath, “ I knew I shouldn’t have poisoned those cookies.”
    Reburta looked confused.
    “I was kidding, but seriously why?”
    “Well you see sometimes things like this happen…”She trailed off looking distant.
    “What things?” I brought her back.
    “Pre-mature deaths.” I waited. “Sometimes mortals die at wrong moments and they are sent to me. Everyone has a specific timed death and it is a very important balance I help keep.” she explained.
    “Sorry, I didn’t pay attention.” I apologized feeling bad.
    “Not to worry.” she said cheerily. “I like my job. And besides it can be fun for the mortals too.” She said a twinkle appeared in her eye.
    “How so?” I asked curiously.
    “Well first there assigned a guardian angel.”
    My jaw dropped and I didn’t care. “Seriously?”
    She nodded smiling, “Yes seriously.”
    “Cool!” I bounced up and down excitedly.
    “ Exactly. We assign all pre-deaths a guardian to watch over them to make sure they don’t die again. But no mortals can see them only the people the who are assigned them.” Reburta suddenly looked serious. “There are rules one must obey or lose there guardian forever and risk death.”
    I nodded seriously. “Alright what are they?”
    “One,” she held up a finger. “you must never tell or try to convince someone of your angel or what I am telling you now. Two you can not try to kill your self or order your guardian to kill you. And three and most importantly you can never and I mean ever…fall in love with your guardian angel. Understand?” She asked.
    I nodded, “What exactly are the consequences exactly?”
    “First you are warned. The they take away your wish. After that they release your guardian of your care and leave you basically to fend for your own life.”
    “Wait! What wish?” I asked.
    “It’s more of a bribe.” said annoyed voice at the door.
    We turned to look at the speaker and I swear my heart stopped.
    “Oh hello Leo come in, thank you for coming.” said Reburta kindly.
    I watched as Jake walked across the white carpet with fluent elegance, he had a perfect lean body not to much muscle but enough to show he was a good worker. He had black raven hair short in the back but long enough in the front to cover his eyes, a white face that looked like an angels. His attire was backwards though because instead of wearing white he wore all black dress pants and shirt a little open in the front. But above all it was his eyes that had a hold of my heart and wouldn’t let it beat again, his eyes were black but had a gleam of dark blue to them.
    “Breath Cara.” whispered Reburta giggling behind her hand.
    I hadn’t even noticed I wasn’t breathing and tore my gaze from the angelic figure to face Reburta again. “So tell me again what this wish is all about again?”
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    Re: Rebels Angel

    “Well like Leo said it’s more of a bribe than a decision of good will. If you at any point want to make a wish, of any kind, as long as it’s do able we can grant it.” she said with a little smile on her face.
    “Do I have to make it now?”
    “No and there really isn’t a expiration date for it either.” Reburta reassured me, then turned to Leo. “Leo you’ll be this girls guardian angel.”
    Leo looked a little confused, “I thought you wanted me for an errand? I’m not qualified for that and even if I was no way.”
    “Leo you are more than qualified for this job besides for the first time in a few centuries I wasn’t the one who chose you. If I chose someone it would have been Sen and Shaun.” she said giving him a meaningful look.
    His eyes narrowed on hers. “You mean-?”
    “Yes that is exactly what I mean and that there is no running away from this.”
    “Fine.” he practically growled, throwing me look as if I had done him wrong before he stormed out of the room.
    “Did I…?”I asked a little hurt.
    “No sweetie he has always been a little out of character since he was knighted an angel. But then again his mortal life wasn’t very forgiving either.” she said looking said. “Oh dear we have to get you back to your body on earth they’re about to declare you dead!”
    “But how am I suppose to get back?”
    “Leave that to me, now close your eyes.”
    __________________________________________________ ____
    Painful didn’t even begin to explain how it felt when I back to earth, and I was so out of touch with reality on all the Morphine I was hallucinating. For three long months I sat in that hospital bed unable to do anything, the doctors had said it was a miracle that I was alive and that my heart had stopped. They told me I had broken three ribs, fractured my left arm in two places and my leg in four places. But “luckily” I hadn’t fractured the skull of my brain or broken my spine.
    When things got better and I went into phase two of my healing process they allowed me to go home with regular check ups. Mom and Dad were so happy to have me home they took two whole days off for “family time”. Even though it was a little corny I had to admit it was so bad, I even let Chase and Billy be the first to sign my casts.
    Shari had told me all the excoriating details of what she heard through the phone when I was hit and how traumatized she was after she heard I died at one point. I rolled my eyes at the drama and wondered why I chose to have a drama queen as a best friend.
    The day I went to get my casts removed were the happiest day of my life, no more hassle getting up the stairs or taking a shower. But even though I was relieved to get them removed I couldn’t help wondering where Leo was? He hadn’t been very friendly when we first met but I hoped to change that.
    My body hurt a lot when I returned from the doctors and I wasn’t to happy to hear my parents decided to buy me a new car to replace the twisted metal that was once my beloved car.
    Walking up the stairs I clung to the railing just incase I did the unthinkable and breathed a sigh of relief as I reached the top of the stairs and went to my room. I decided that a long hot shower followed by my favorite movie would be a great healing session on my still wounded body.
    Grabbing my tang top and pajama pants I went into the bath room and turned on the water waiting to get it the right temperature. While walking by the mirror I caught a look at my reflection.
    I have had people tell me that I had matured into a beautiful young women, but I looked average. I was five foot five and a half inches tall with light brown skin and mid-back length dark brown hair. I had a clean complication, light pink lips, high cheek bones and beautiful light brown eyes. I was glad I like to run and thankful for my womanly figure.
    The shower was absolutely heavenly and help loosen my tight muscles in my back and shoulders. It felt great to be clean as I flopped lazily on my couch and was happy for gods greatest invention…the remote! Mine was special it controlled my stereo, my TV, the DVD player, surround sound, the heat and my curtains. Ahh life was good.
    I turned on the TV, DVD, and just sat back.
    __________________________________________________ _________________
    I must have fallen asleep during the movie because I was still on the couch when I suddenly woke up at midnight. Another odd thing wrong with me was I had a bad habit of waking up at midnight not a minute before and not a minute after.
    Suddenly I realized someone had put a blanket on me, ‘Who -?’ I thought when I suddenly heard a someone playing an acoustic guitar out on my balcony.
    Walking over to my sliding glass doors I peered out to see no one was out there, but I could still hear it so clearly. The music was a soft lullaby, the notes blended together so perfectly I seemed to be pulled to it and soon found myself out on the balcony. I even began to hum it without realizing it, I knew it from somewhere but where?
    Then just as suddenly as it began it was gone and I found myself wanting to hear it again so I began to look around to see where it had come from when I looked up at the roof…there he was.
    “Hey.” I said somewhat breathless. “That was you wasn’t it?”
    He merely shrugged, set his guitar aside and looked at me as if he expected me to say something else.
    “Is there something on my face?” I asked rubbing my face a little, but nothing was there.
    “She didn‘t tell you did she?” he asked his eyes dark making me feel a little uneasy.
    I was a little confused but was to stubborn to let him intimidate me. “What?” I glared.
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    Re: Rebels Angel

    “She didn’t tell you!” he smirked amused.
    “No…what are you talking about?” I getting a little annoyed. He merely shrugged and jumped off the roof landing oh-so elegantly before me making me take a few steps back.
    “Mortals.” he shook his head his bangs covered his eyes. “Reburta is so very sneaky, she didn’t tell you that you didn’t have a choice did she?”
    I was becoming seriously pissed and confused. “What the hell are you talking about?”
    “When a mortal dies a premature death they are sent to Reburta first. The mortal is given a choice the can either go back to how they once lived and give life a second chance or be reborn as someone else.” He no longer looked amused. “If they refuse their memory is wiped clean and they are forced back.”
    “But why didn’t-?”I asked confused before he cut me off with a wave of a hand.
    “There can only be one reason “They” took such precautions.” he said darkly. “Your death was no accident and not just some “pre-mature death”. You must be a very big peace of the puzzle that makes our future.”
    “What do you mean “They”?” I asked a little scared.
    “There is group in heaven that keeps track of those who die, when, and how significant their lives will be. Everyone has timed birth, death, and a certain significant to the life of the world. There is nothing that happens in this world that hasn’t already been decided. But sometimes there are errors in there plans like a suicide or killing of someone needed. “They” can’t completely control the decisions made by mortals or their free will so if one decides to kill themselves “They” can’t stop them.” He explained to me motioning for us to go inside.
    I didn’t argue and went straight for the couch and blanket. “But why am I so important?”
    Leo closed the door and paced in front of my bed instead of sitting down. “Cara how much do you know about your world?”
    “Not much.” I shrugged. “Why?”
    “Do you believe in Werewolves, Vampires, and dark forces?”
    “No not really.” I shook my head. “Why are you trying to tell my that there are?”
    Leo stopped pacing and looked at me seriously, “Yes I am. Keeping a balance between the forces of good and bad are being constantly tested. For some reason you hold a great amount of significance to the future of the world but why I have no idea.”
    This was all to much. “Wait a minute what do you mean my death was no accident?”
    Leo looked like he said to much. “I don’t know.”
    I know when someone is lying to me and that makes me made. Getting up I walked right up to his face and glared at him. “What did you mean?” I demanded.
    He looked taken aback by my sudden forcefulness and took a step back. “I can’t tell you anything about that.”
    “But you can tell me everything else I’m not suppose to know?” I asked stepping even closer to him.
    “I shouldn’t even be telling you anything that puts you in danger but I think not telling you is even more dangerous than not knowing.” he said accreting himself right back.
    For a while we just stood there glaring until I noticed the time behind him. “OHMYGOD!” I freaked running around him and grabbing my cloak looking even closer at it to make sure the time was right. “It’s three in the freaking morning!”
    “You had better go to bed, you have school in the morning.” said Leo pointing out the so obvious.
    “Thank-you Mr. Obvious.” I glared annoyed crawling into bed. “We will finish this conversation in the morning.”
    “What ever.” he shrugged turning to leave as I closed my eyes.
    __________________________________________________ _______
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: Rebels Angel

    High School was a pain nothing but drama and bulling with every turn I took, but at least with a school this big and a graduating class of a few hundred I had a one in fifty chance to find someone decent as a friend.
    Shari found me by my locker just before lunch and she was more wound up that a porcelain doll.
    “OHMYGOD!OHMYGOD!” she squealed jumping up and down. “Guess what?”
    I watched my best friend jump there with all the “Fun” radiating off of her and being a recovering victim of a cruel crime I felt exhausted. “What?”
    Shari stopped jumping and giggled shaking her head. “No you have to guess.”
    Sighing a huge sigh of you-really-a-pain-in-my-ass I began the long process of trial and error. “The school lunches are now edible?”
    “Nope.” she shook her head as enthusiastically as ever.
    “They found a cure for the common cold?”
    “You’re a vegetarian?”
    “Good idea but no.”
    “Adam asked you out on a date?” I flinched knowing Adam had been her crush since grade school.
    “YES!!!” She screamed in my ear and tackled me into a hug still screaming.
    “Oh that’s great.” I said not as enthusiastically as I should’ve, cause she noticed.
    Shari pulled back with almost pity in her eyes. “Sorry, Cara. But we both know if you’d just give any of the guys that ask you even a sliver of a chance you’d have someone for you.”
    “Yeah.” I turned to my open looker and glared inside as I grabbed my books for the next class. Shari was right I did get a lot offers but I also saw through there bull knowing there true goal was to woo me right out of my pants.
    “So anyway,” said Shari sensing my anger. “I need a ride after school to the mall and some emotional support.”
    Immediately my I thought of Leo, ‘Would he mind or would he be mad at me for going? Why did I care he was suppose to watch over me.’ I thought with a huff.
    __________________________________________________ ________
    The Shale mall had three floors first floor had children’s and adults shopping, the second floor held the food court and most off the teen shopping, the third floor held a unique sort-of nightclub with it’s own sound proof room, DJ, and fruity (non-alcoholic) bar. There were other business’ and joke shops throughout the store but only one restaurant which was on the third floor and it was mostly for dates.
    Shari and I went to the second floor after parking and immediately started window shopping for the perfect outfit for her date.
    Just before we walked into Deb’s I got that feeling again the same one I got before I was hit and looked around.
    “What about this?” Shari asked holding up a skimpy red halter top.
    “Ahh…nah go with something a little more modest.” I said pretending to go through a rack while skimming the crowd passing by the window.
    “Alright I got something!” Shari said yanking my towards the dressing rooms. “Okay tell me what you think?” She asked after she came out, she wore a powder blue skirt that reached right above her knees and a light peachy long sleeved shirt, both looked good on her just not at the same time.
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: Rebels Angel

    “Go find a light blue sweater or tang-top and keep the skirt you look great in it.” I smiled still fidgety.
    “Ohh great idea!” Shari gushed turning back into the stall and shut the door.
    I leaned against the wall next to an empty stall and waited for her, when someone grabbed me around the waist and covered my mouth pulling me into the empty stall closing the door. I struggled against the strong arms that held me and tried kicking my attacker.
    “Calm, down Cara it’s only me.” Leo whispered in my ear and I stopped struggling.
    “What are you doing?” I whispered angrily when he removed his hand from my mouth.
    “ You’re being followed.” He informed me as we both stood in the little stall un able to move without bumping into one another.
    “ Did you have to scare me like that?” I asked still mad.
    “Cara? *knock* Cara are you in there?” asked Shari knocking on the door.
    “Shit!” I whispered. “Ah yeah I saw this shirt a I so needed to try it on.”
    “Yeah I hear that. But hurry up I need so help.” she said before hopefully walking away.
    “You need to leave.” I shoved him trying to get around him to the door, but he wouldn’t budge. “Move!” I pushed.
    “Think Cara!” He whispered fiercely gently lifting my face so I would look at him, he did look really tempting. “If you go out there, there is a fifty/fifty chance that you will either be kidnapped or followed. My job is to protect you so I can’t let you go out there.”
    My brain was malfunctioning and all I could hear was ’My Job is to protect you so I can’t let you go out there.’ I would have gladly given him any thing if he just said please. “Um mma …I can’t stay here.” Was all I could get out before finally able to get out of there.
    Shari was about to go into a stall and smiled at me before she closed the door.
    ‘What was I suppose to do escape unnoticed and just leave her here? What kind of friend was I? Besides those guys have probably already see us and might go after Shari if I’m not careful.’ I thought scanning the crowd I already felt Leo behind me doing the same.
    “There is a dance club on the third floor maybe I could go up there and sneak out the back.” I told Leo.
    “That’s a good idea. I’ll follow you every step and make sure they can’t follow you.”
    “Okay.” I nodded and felt him leave right as Shari came out of the changing room wearing a light blue turtle neck with no sleeves. “Oh that is so perfect and you look great.”
    “You really think?” Shari turned to look at herself in the mirror. “Yeah your right it does look pretty good doesn’t it.”
    “Go buy it you’ve got your outfit!” I high five’d her and watched her go change getting a really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. “Damn.” I cursed under my breath.
    “Don’t worry I wont let anything hurt you.” Leo whisper in my ear behind me making me jump.
    “Don’t do that!” I smacked his arm, but he grabbed my hand. “Hey.”
    Leo looked at my hand somewhat lost in his own thought, his eyes looked somewhat lost in an old memory. His hand was surprisingly warm and sent a tingly sensation up my arm.
    “Leo?” I asked gently pulling my hand away, the instant I did he looked confused.
    “What just happened?” he asked.
    “You grabbed my hand and then you looked lost.” I said.
    “Interesting…” he mumbled.
    “What?” I asked.
    But he had no time to answer me because right when Shari called for me I got that bad feeling again. Turning to face my friend I saw them, beyond the glass, they stood like hell’s statues. They were big, they wore black frayed cloaks, had red gleaming eyes and I seemed to be the only one who could see them.
    A sudden flash of fear went down my spine as I went over to Shari, as the clerk rung up Shari’s total I began to shake because I could feel their eyes probing me. No. My soul.
    “Are you okay, Cara?” asked Shari shaking me slightly.
    I looked up to see her and the clerk looking at me with very confused faces. I shook my head to clear my thoughts, ‘This isn’t just about me Shari could be in trouble if I don’t start thinking.’ I thought. “Yeah I just got a sudden vision of Mr. Edison in skirt.”
    Shari and the clerk looked really freighted, “Oh gross! He is older than the dinosaurs!” shivered Shari. “Gah! Cara why do you think of the grosses things!”
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: Rebels Angel

    “That’s a great idea!” squealed Shari when I suggested we go dancing.
    I could feel the strangers eyes on my back ever since we left the store, it was getting hard to think straight and keep a cheery face with them trailing behind me. But soon we arrived at the front and we showed the bouncer our ID’s to prove we were older than sixteen and younger than twenty-one. The big man waved us in happily in and I wasted no time pulling Shari through the crowd of dancing people.
    “What’s the hurry?” Yelled Shari over the pounding music.
    “I want to get a good place to sit!” I lied hoping she’d buy it.
    “Good idea!” She perked up.
    Along the back of the dance floor was a place where friends could sit and get a fruity drink from the bar. When we found a seat and ordered a drink I couldn’t sit still ‘I have got to find an excuse for getting out of here.’ I thought as waited for our drinks. The over whelming feeling of “those eyes” still mad my skin crawl as I probed the crowd.
    “Hey I’m going to dance okay?” Shari yelled getting up before I could try to convince her other wise.
    And that was when I saw them, again, slowly they slithered through the crowd un-noticed like a black snake in a dark room. Their eyes spread fear through my veins and paralyzed me to my seat.
    “Get up.” ordered Leo in my ear as they drew nearer. “Cara, your stronger then them you need to leave. They only want you.”
    “But Shari-” I began fighting with myself.
    “Shari will be fine they only want you and your powers.” Leo said a little more urgent now.
    I glanced at Shari dancing in the crowd and my heart sank, I couldn’t do this, I couldn’t just leave her here. So I whipped out my cell phone as I hurried to the fire escape and send her a text message knowing she’d have her cell on vibrate.
    “G2G MEET 8 the Car! NOW!”
    Hitting enter I flipped it shut and jumped down the steps four at a time, by the time I got to the second floor I heard the door slam open and sound of many feet hustling down the stairs behind me. Fear mixed with adrenaline sent my heart into overdrive as I shot down the remaining stairs and out the side exit into the parking lot.
    I didn’t bother to look behind me as I backed up and sped toward the malls entrance, to my relief Shari stood waiting for me.
    “Get in I, have to go now!” I yelled trying unsuccessfully to be calm.
    Shari gave me a look as if I were mad but shrugged and walked oh so slowly to get in.
    When I glanced into the rear view I saw them just about to touch my bumper and I hit the gas just barely giving Shari a chance to close her door.
    “What is wrong with you are you crazy!” Shari yelled looking at me as in I were as insane as my actions.
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: Rebels Angel

    I glanced one more time in my rear view to make sure they were really far behind us before calming. “I’m sorry but I just realized I have to get Billy from his friends house. Do you have any idea what my parents are going to do when they find out I left him there?!” I lied finally calming down.
    Shari looked like she could related a brushed it off as if nothing happened and I was glad when she changed topics to Adam and their date. One thing I liked about Shari was that she carried a pretty good conversation and I didn’t have to do a lot of talking the rest of the ride to her house.
    When I finally dropped her off at her house and backed out of the drive way Leo appeared in the passengers seat next to me. It scared me half to death and my nerves were reaching there limit.
    “Sorry didn’t mean to scare you I just need to alert you.” He said apologetically.
    “About what those guys back there? Oh don’t worry I saw them and I’m pretty sure they saw me. But no big deal right?” I glared at him trying to watch the road at the same time. “WHO? WHAT? THE HELL ARE THOSE THINGS?!?” I practically screamed, alright now I lost it.
    Leo hung his head. “I knew I should have told you last night, now I have no choice.” he some what mumbled.
    “What are you talking about?” I threw him a distressed look.
    “You know the group in heaven I told you about?” he asked.
    “Yeah?” I wondered what he was getting at.
    “Well “They” make the rule on what we guardians are suppose to tell you and what were not.”
    “Because what we know affect your life and your reaction to certain situations.” he said laying back against the seat looking just as exhausted as I felt. “Cara you have to understand the things I am about to tell you are things I was probably never suppose to tell you.”
    “Well at this point I’m all about changing fate ’cause the way things have been going things haven’t been going so good.” I admitted to him.
    “Fine.” He sat up a little straighter preparing himself. “The group that was following is a part of an organization called the Harborers. They have been a secret organization that has existed since the time before Christ, with the soul purpose to build enough power to take over the world and enslave all of mankind. The Harborers have been tracking down magical creatures and people of great powers for thousands of years. What they do is track down these creatures or people trap them, then suck out their soul and harbor their powers for their own devious use. They are the greatest evil on this earth and they already have power in the black market, smuggling of drugs, and even in the governments around the world.”
    “But what do they want with me?” I asked really concerned now at my new knowledge.
    “That I am not sure of. “They” seemed to find you important and the Harborers have been putting you at the top of their must-have list.” he said just as confused as I was.
    “This sucks!” I yelled frustrated. “Why me? What did I do? Did I not be a good enough citizen or something?”
    “Cara we can’t choose our fates or our destiny, we only influence them this way or that.” Leo said with a sad look of understanding as he looked out the window. “Besides it’s your parents you should really be blaming.”
    “What? Claire and Gregory haven’t done anything?” I said defensively.
    “No not them your real parents.” he said carefully.
    I froze and while driving that really isn’t smart.
    Leo grabbed the while and pulled on the emergency brake, steering the car to the side of the road. “What’s wrong? Cara?” he grabbed my shoulders.
    At his closeness I snapped out of my frozen state of shock, “Sorry my real parents are sort of a touchy subject.” I said putting it extremely lightly, the things that I saw happen to them are some of the worst things a child could ever see.
    “I bet.” he mumbled sitting back in his seat.
    “What!?!” I yelled at him what’d he know? “What did you say?”
    Leo looked over at me with regret masking his normally calmed features. “I’m sorry Cara we have to know about our mortals past to help protect them from past mistakes.”
    I sat back shocked. “How much do you know?”
    “Everything.” he said unable to look at me.
    My heart sank into my stomach and I laid my head on the steering wheel this day just couldn’t get any worst. I felt exposed and naked with him knowing the truth that I’ve kept secret for so many years; but I wouldn’t cry I stopped crying when I watched, helplessly, as my parents were murdered in front of my eyes. Deep down I felt a cold feeling of sinking and wrapped my arms around my stomach, it was always like this when I remembered them. I felt cold, hollow, and void of all caring bit I never felt a warm hand on my back and looked up to see Leo watching me.
    “I know that it’s not easy but believe me when I say I understand your feelings.” he said with a hard icy look in his eyes. “You some times wake up at night after having nightmare after nightmare haunting your once peaceful sleep.”
    That was true, but I always woke up at exactly midnight and most of the time I did think of my parents. “Yeah some times I feel consumed with anger mostly at myself for not being able to protect them.”
    “Is that why you refused to leave your friend?” he asked smiling a broken smile that made my heart skip a few beats.
    “Yeah.” I nodded unable to stop staring at him.
    “I’m sure your parents would be proud of you.” he said still smiling.
    “Thanks.” I said blushing, looking out the window instead of back at him. It had started raining and my hand twitched with the urge to touch him. So I decided to start driving instead an some what peaceful silence stretched between us until I remembered. “Why should I blame my parents?”
    “Because if they didn’t have powers then you wouldn’t be the one being chased.” he said rather darkly.
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: Rebels Angel

    OK Chatt time! I am always home, I never go any where, so I am always wrighting, I hate wrighting but i do it anyways, Sagasaki is one of my weaker stories, Strand of golden hair, i was bored and at the time I had a huge thing with Inuyasha, and stuff, so thats why we made that one. This one was a collaberal, my friend Michelle and I put our heads together and made this one, but we do speak in the third person alot, but it pertains to both of us! lol, and way! she wanted it somewhere! So i helped and put it here! And too bad she doesent like this place or she would have put it up herself, she basically did most of the work! but yeah, she's thinking about putting it up on her DA page but she's not sure yet!
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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