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Thread: The return of a old friend

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    The return of a old friend

    This is the first part to a Ouran High School Host Club story I'm working on tell me if it's any good

    A a pale 15 year old girl was walking quietly through Ouran High School trying not to draw too much attention to herself. Her name was Eve Reilly. She was looking for an old friend of hers who she had been trying to get in contact with for many years.

    A young looking blond boy walked passed her followed by a much taller and more intimating dark haired boy. “Um excuse me could aether of you tell me where I could find Haruhi Fujioka? I was told she came to school here” Eve asked and they turned to her. They looked at her a little oddly as she wasn't in uniform but the little blond boy smiled up at her.

    “Sure we can take you to Haruhi we were just going to meet up with her and our other friends.” He said happily and she couldn't help but smile back at him.

    “Thank you” She said.

    “No problem. I'm Honey and this is Mori.” He said smiling and tock her hand and skipped off dragging her along.

    “Nice to meet you both.” She said smiling at them as she tried to keep up with Honey and his skipping.

    “How do you know Haruhi?” Mori asked in his deep voice.

    “I'm a old friend of hers I have been living in the UK for the last few years and just got back and wanted to see how she was.” She said a hint of sadness in her voice. She was sad because she had no idea how she was doing as Haruhi hadn't replied to any of her letters. When she first left she sent one every week but then it went down to one every month but she didn't get a reply to any of them.

    “What's your name I don't think Haruhi has mentioned any other friends before?” Honey asked and Eve frowned.

    “Eve Reilly.” She said as she followed them trying not to trip over the bottom of her jeans that were a tad long for her. She was wearing black jeans, a black tee shirt and a red hoodie and some black all star converse. Her long brown hair was straitened but still slightly messy and she had a fringe that all most covered her amazing blue eyes.

    They led her to an old music room. “Haruhi someone's here to see you!”Honey called and Haruhi looked up. She had been tidying up as all the girls had just left for the day. When Haruhi saw Eve she dropped everything she was holding (thankfully there was nothing valuable) and looked at her in shock.

    “E....Eve?” Haruhi said in shock .

    “Hay.” Eve said smiling happily not even thinking about asking why she wad dressed in a guys uniform. She just ran up to her and hugged her tightly.

    “How....how are you here?” She asked in shock and Eve stepped back and looked at her a little confused.

    “Oh um my dad passed away I am living with my grandparents. What are you wearing?” She giggled. “I didn't think it was possible for someone to look cute and handsome.” She said playfully and to the Host Club's surprise Haruhi blushed and smiled shyly at her. The club had made her blush many times but not like that, that was different.

    “It's um complicated. “She said and smiled at her sadly. “I have missed you.” She whispered.

    “I missed you to hun. So why didn't you write back to me?” She asked.

    “I didn't get any letters.” She lied and Eve knew it but just nodded and chose to believe that she missed her and just hadn't gotten her letters and not that she didn't write back to her just because she didn't want to.

    “Um Haruhi who's your friend?” Tamaki asked.

    “Eve Reilly nice to meet you.” Eve said smiling at him and looked all the boys up and down and smiled. “Haruhi what did I tell you. You should always tie up hot guys once you catch them. “ She said and Haruhi giggled, which was a shock to the club. They had never seen her giggle before, it was way to cute and girly for her.

    “Well nice to meet you I am Tamaki and this is the Host club.” He said and kissed her hand.

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    Re: The return of a old friend

    You should carry on, I would like to know whats going to happen next.

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    Re: The return of a old friend

    Chapter 2

    Eve giggled when Tamaki kissed her hand. “Nice to meet you.” She said but wasn't drawn in like most girls are by Tamaki's charm.

    “I'm Kyoya Ootori pleasure to meet you Miss Reilly am I right in saying your from Britain?” He said.

    “Yeah I'm from Scotland I have been living there for the last few years an um no need to be so formal you can call me Eve.” She said smiling at him. 'Why is everyone so formal here?' She thought.

    “Nice to meet you Eve we're Hikaru and Kaoru.” The twins said at the same time and she smiled.

    “Nice to meet you to.” She said then looked over at Haruhi. “So how do you know a host club it doesn't seem like your kinda thing?” She asked.

    “Well um...” Haruhi said sounding hesitant to tell her how she got to know the host club.

    “Haruhi is here to repay a det to us.” Tamaki said.

    “How is she doing that?” She asked looking at him with a slight glare looking like if he said the wrong thing she was going to kill.

    “Well as she looks so much like a boy she has joined the Host club and will be a meber till she repaid us. “He said.

    “So you are making her dress like a guy to entertain a bunch of girls that droll over you then?” She asked wanting to make sure she had this completely understood.

    “Yeah.” Hikaru said.

    “Pretty much.” Kaoru said.

    Eve looked angry very angry. There was only a few ways to get Eve mad and they were messing with her family, hurting innocent people and anyone that messed with Haruhi basically had a death sentence. “Hay Eve it's ok it's not that bad I don't mind it and their my friends now.” Haruhi said.

    “You sure your ok with it cause if your not I could kick their asses for you.” She said.

    “Yes I'm fine with it and I see your still overprotective.” She said and Eve smiled.

    “Always will be.” She said. She then turned to the Host Club. “How do I join?” She asked.

    “Eve you don't even go to this school.” Haruhi said shocked.

    “I will soon when I heard you go to school here I did all the paper work and did the test to get in I start next week. “She said smiling.

    “But your a girl.” Haruhi said.

    “So are you why are you so agented me joining?” She asked.

    “I just am ok.” She said. The truth was she didn't want her to join because she didn't want every one in school drooling over her like they do with the rest of the host club.

    “Fine I won't join but I will be watching. Nice seeing you Haruhi we will catch up soon ok.” She said smiling and kissed her cheek before she left. Haruhi just nodded slightly stunned and the rest of the Host club just stared.

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    Re: The return of a old friend

    Title suggestion. "The Return Of An Old Friend." lol used the wrong word

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    Re: The return of a old friend

    Im a real big writing buff tho my spelling is horrible but umm i like the way this is going. A grammar bump here and there but nothing a little re editing wont hurt.
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