Dawn breaks over a broken playground. Once filled with the laughter of children and the air of innocence, the playground now looks like a place for innocence to lay down and die.

A once well-kept, well-oiled swing set is now a rusty-chained heap of scrap metal with paint peeling from the A-frames. The swing seats are still strong, but the chains holding the seats are rusted and untrustworthy.

Next to the swings is a metal slide. The side bars for the steps are slightly rusted, but the steps themselves are rusted almost completely through and a couple of them are broken. The slide itself is worst of all. Time and rust have eaten jagged holes in the middle of the slide and the sides are so rough that, even without the holes, sliding down the slide would rip the flesh from your hands.

Behind the swing set lies a once vibrant and happy picnic area complete with roof and many picnic tables. Now, though, the area is riddled with the debris of broken picnic tables and littered with the remnants of rusted apart trash cans. The roof has so many holes that it is mortifying.

Further on, behind the picnic area, lies a overgrown sandbox. Once a joyful place for everyone from toddlers to parents is now so polluted by dirt, dead grass and animal fecis that most fear to tread near the box of broken dreams.

To the side and slightly in front of the sandbox is an old, beaten up bench. With several pieces missing from both the back and the seats it is hard to tell that the elderly people once sat here in aged, quiet bliss.

In front of this once glorious park is a large lake. Once clear and sparkling, the lake now lies there murky, polluted and dead. Where living fish once swam in peace, now floats a half full bottle of booze. Other alcoholic beverage containers spatter the lake, giving the impression of a bed of needles or other sharp object.

Behind the broken up park lies a dead forest with gangling, finger-like branches above your head and twisted, mangled, snake-like twigs at your feet. It was once a beautiful place filled with playful weed nymphs, grandiose spirits, and great living trees called Trents. Now, though, is a a broken forest with gnarled branches, dead, decaying foliage, and false, winding paths that lead nowhere and disappear when you try to retrace your steps.

In the center of the park stands the beginning of the salvation of humanity. Three people stand there, total oblivious that their scheme will save humanity.

Name: Mark Skye
Race: Angelic Knight
Age: 17

Name: Auska Sohryu
Race: Human
Age: 17

Name: Takasha (Guardian of Light)
Race: Guardian
Age: Unknown