I started to writing this on my calculator! I forgot all about it till a day ago! I decided to put it on here because I cant think of how to continue it!
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I breathed heavily as I tried to regain my focus."One more hit and Im finished", I thought to myself as I gripped the handle of my wooden diato. My arms felt stiff from all the blows I had to block and parry.My opponent lounged towards me faster then he had ever done before. I smiled and side steped him. I had been waiting for him to lounge all match. I double side steped and quickly made it to his opposite side. He turned to try to catch up to me but I had already won the match. I called out "mask" and choped him on the head. The whistle blew and I raised my arm in celebration. I shook my opponet's hand and walked over to my team's bench. I sat on the bench and took of my "mask". I took a deep breath and closed my eyes as my team mates patted me on the back. They all noisily walked away to watch another match.
I felt a pain raise from deep within my stumach. This pain was worst then anything I had ever experienced before. I tore off my chest plate and slid my hand into my shirt. I had a painful coughing fit as the pain spread to my lunges. I felt liquid slide out of my mouth and down my chin. I tried to call for help but my voice box did not seem to work and my head felt heavy. I quickly stood up and started to walk forward. I stumbled a little but luckily I still had my diato in hand.v I used it like a third leg to continue onward. I felt pain throb through out my body with every step I took. Before I knew it I had already started for the lockeroom door. Something inside of me, told me that all I had to do to stop the pain was to go into that door. As I walked I faintly heard someones muffled scream. The voice reminded me of someone from my childhood. I finally reached the door and turned the doorknob. The door held fast, locked. I felt tears run down my cheeks as I discovered that all hope was lost. I saw a flash of y father and I remembered something that I had almost forgotten. I backed up a step because I knew that there was a way to get through the door.
I painfully lifted up my diato and positioned it as I had once seen my father demonstraight. I closed my eyes and focused all of the energy in my body into my arms. In my mind I was shocked to see that there was an outline of a girl tied up behind the door. I saw a guy walking over to her with something in his hands. She had tears flowing down her cheeks as the guy approached her. He stopped in front of the door and took a step towards me. I screamed, "Let her go" and my arms felt like they were on fire. I griminced in pain as I brought my diato down as hard as I could. I heard a loud crash followed by screams.
I opened my eyes and saw that the door and surrounding wall were completely blown in. I stepped inside of the hole and saw that there was a man sprawled out on the floor. I heard a noise beside me and I looked down to see a tied up girl. I knelt down and untied her blind fold. I told her my name as I untied her hands and feet. I stood up and felt pain surge up my spine and ripple through out my body. I screached as my body shook as if it had been struck by lightening. I watched helplessly as the floor rose up to meet me. I managed to turn my body as I fell. "At least my face will not hit the ground", I thought to myself. I closed my eyes and landed on something soft. I heard a sweet voice, " I want to thank you for savingme." I opened my eyes and saw that I had fallen on to the girls lap. "My name is Saka and I owe my life to you." I opened my mouth to tell her that she did not owe me anything but, finding my voice box would not let me speak, I chose to smile at her and nod. The last thing I remember before I blacked out was her beutiful dark red eyes and a faint smell of sweet berries. The aroma followed me into the darkness.

I heard a steady beeping as I slowly slid my eyes open. A blinding light entered my eyes causing me to close them again. I tried again and found myself in a hospital room. I turned my head and saw that the window was open. A bluebird landed just outside of the window. The peace however did not last.Something told me to get out of this room. I shot out of the bed and felt a sudden pain in my arm. I turned and saw that the IV ,that was once in my arm, had been ripped out. I clinched my arm as I saw that streak of blood was splattered on the wall. I was turning to head out of the room whan something caught my eye. I turned to see that the girl I had saved, was sleeping in a corner of my room.
Her head was tilted to the side and she was drooling a little. She was wearing a pink kimono that was not tied up all the way. She had nice legs and her breast were a decent size. I would have liked to have staired at her a little longer but the feeling of an approaching danger was growing stronger every second. After wrapping my arm in a pillow case to stop the blood, I quickly walked over to the girl and picked her up. She seemed to not weigh anything at all and her body felt incredibly soft and warm. I felt her smooth skin bush against mine. She turned her head and dug it into my chest. Her hand rested gently on my shoulder and she stopped moving. I felt her breath through my shirt as she continued to sleep. I carefully carried her out of my room and into the room across the hall from mine.
I was happy to see that it was an empty room. I layed her gentily on the bed and closed the door. I went into the bathroom and grabbed a clean bandage to stop the blood from coming out of my arm. I spotted a roll of gauze tape and desided to tape the bandage on. As I walked over to the bed after making sure the bandage would hold I remembered that the girl's name was Suka.As I knelt down beside her I heard a voice say,"He is not here" Several people mumbled an answer too low for me to hear. "Split up and find him. He way have the girl with him, so take enough care as not to harm her. Big boss wouldn't want anything to happen to his paycheck." I heard him mumble softly to himself as his voice moved away."Did he mumble that he may have said too much", I did not dwell too long on that thought because Suka's hand moved to her eye.
I watched her wipe her eyes and sit up. "Where am I?", she whispered to herself. She looked towards me and seemed to be trying to remember where she was. Her eyes opened wide and she squelled in delight. I felt her arms embrace me as she slid on top of me. I managed to regain my balance by wrapping my arms around her. I suddenly had the urge to hold her forever. I leaned my head closer to her neck and it smelt like berries. I heard a voice tell me to kiss her neck. I stopped myself short and wondered why I was following a voice in my head. I fought the urge and gently pulled her away from me. She did not want to release me.I did not want to hurt her feelings by shoving her off of me so I came up with a new plan. I decided to do what the voice in my head suggested, I gently kissed her on the neck. I felt her kiss my neck and her grip tightened on me. I heard a soft sucking sound and my head felt light for a few seconds. I heard a pop and I felt her licking my neck. I pulled her away from me again but this time she let go of me. She smiled happily as I sat her back on the bed. I felt that she had drooled on my neck. I put a hand on my neck and wiped off some of the liquid. I brought it into my vision and saw that it was not drool, it was in fact blood. I wanted to ignore what I saw next. I saw a single drop of blood roll off one of her tiny fangs and down her chin.