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Thread: Sagasaki

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    Chapter 3

    “Hey brother, when we are both clean, want to go to the hot springs?” Evanangeline asks as they keep walking forward.

    “Sure maybe our friends will be there?”

    “Ok! Yeah! Lets go!”

    “What do you think we’re doing?” says Trick sarcastically as he nudges her with his fist.

    “You’re a real wise ass ya’ know that?”

    “You mean you JUST figured that out?”

    “Shut up…” Evanangeline says as they both arrive at Crystal Lake
    “… And take a bath!” she yells as she pushes Trick in the water clothes and all.

    “HEY! GGLobbel glubbb glob! JERK, what was that for?” yells Trick.

    “You needed a bath that’s all! You were dirty.” laughs Evanangeline as she takes a dive in the nice cool clear water.

    The two of them go for a long swim as they set the sarcasm and fooling around aside, take their bath and relax. Then the two gradually get up from out of the water to go and dry off with the towels that they brought and get ready to go to the hot springs to visit their friends.

    “Come on brother, your slow!” says Evanangeline as she starts to tie her hair back in to a ponytail with a binder with a dark red crystal on it. “I was told…” as she looks down at the binder in her left hand, “… that the wizard gave this binder to me. I wonder why he did? I mean I have plenty of binders to hold my hair back, and a binder isn’t something that you would usually get as a gift from someone?”

    “Then why don’t you wear your other ones, if you have plenty?” states Trick as he starts to walk forward with Evanangeline towards the hot springs, both of them with their towels hanging over their shoulders.

    “Well I suppose that it is because I feel stronger somehow, like an ominous aura is swarming around me but I can’t totally understand it?”

    The two of them arrive at the hot springs; there are not many people there today, but they managed to spot their friends.

    “Jynx!” shouts Trick as he waves and runs over to him.

    “Hey long time no see?” says Jynx as he turns around to get in the water.

    “Yeah… what’s it been? 5 hours!” replies Trick, both of them start laughing and then Trick jumps in the water with Jynx.

    “Hmm… Lynq isn’t here. Oh well?” ponders Evanangeline as she hops in the springs with the two boys.

    (Jynx is a pretty decent guy, he has dark green hair, and he is a full- blooded elf. Nobody knows what his senses are. He is very closed and hidden person. And not much but looks and personality is known about him, besides what his friends know about him. Which isn’t very much.)

    The three of them are sitting in the hot springs, and as they sit there Evanangeline is squirming about, like a presence is coming near. Eva looks around and notices something about the size of a rat scurry into the bushes. Eva clenches her hands, wipes her eyes, get out of the water, and grabs her towel to dry herself off.

    “Evanangeline? What’s wrong? Your acting strange.” States Jynx as he too hops out of the springs to go and get his towel; he walks over to Evanangeline who is standing in front of him in shock.

    “Eva? Come on now sis your creeping me out!” says Trick as he hops out also to join the two.
    “ I… I… feel funny, I smell a rat.” says Evanangeline as she walks over to the spot where she spotted the rat scurry off. The two boys follow in suspense. She first starts walking and then gradually moves to a quicker pace, and then she starts running.

    “Hey wait up!” yell the two boys who are trying to keep up with her speed. Out of nowhere she jumps up in the air and lands on the ground to come to a quick stop. She is stepping on something.

    “What is that?” asks Jynx who caught up with Eva first.

    “A rat! You had us running after you for a RAT!” yells Trick as he finally joins up with the two.

    “This isn’t just an ordinary rat?” senses Evanangeline.



    “HUH?” go the two boys in question, there faces look as if they missed something, a piece of a puzzle, or part of a conversation.

    “I think her fox demon is creeping out again?” says Trick as he takes a couple steps backwards for safety.

    “This isn’t a real rat, aren’t I right Mr. Ratty?” speaks Evanangeline, as she bends over, picks up the rat by its neck, put it up to her face, and looked at it straight in the eye. Surprisingly the rat didn’t try squirming to get free. “Hum?”

    The rat falls out of her hands, as it stumbles to get up it stands on its hind legs and formally brushes itself off and puts its paws on its hips and begins to start talking.

    “So, how did you figure me out?” says the rat, “Are you a witch or something?”

    “Why do you care? And why were you spying on us? And who are you? Why can you talk? Animals aren’t normally supposed to talk. Well there they can but not full sentences.” yells Evanangeline really fast and loud, she was clenching her fists to keep herself form reaching down, grabbing the rat by its neck, and chocking it to death, but she decided she would use her self control to keep herself calmer than she put off.

    “Hey calm down sista, and lay low on the questions!” says the rat who is trying to stay clam and on Eva’s good side, for its sake.

    “DON’T CALL ME SISTA!” screams Eva, apparently that didn’t help him at all.

    “Move.” Says Jynx as he pushes Evanangeline to the side so that she can go and cool down. “Let’s start here fist…” Jynx bends down to the level of the rat so he can hear and see it better, ”…What is your name, and why were you spying on us? Lets start with that, will you answer us politely please?”

    “Hmm…NO!” replies the rat as he crosses his arms in his defense.

    “WHY…I ought a…put you in some stir fry and eat you for LUNCH!” yells Jynx

    “Calm down. Eating him is not going to get answers from him.” Starts Trick as he quickly walks by Evanangeline and towards Jynx,” When we have what we need… then you can eat him!”

    Trick reaches down and picks up the rat.

    “Hey! Put me down… you… you…THING!” Yells the rat as this time he tries to squirm himself free.

    “What should we do with him?” asks Trick, now with the rat in his hands.

    “Lets put him in a cage?” replies Jynx

    “Great idea?” out of nowhere Evanangeline steps forward grabs the rat out of Tricks hands and starts running towards her house.

    The two boys chase after her; but sense her sense is of a fox she can move quickly and slick like through the woods back to her house; but the boys fall behind.

    “DON’T KILL IT BEFORE WE GET THERE?” shout the two boys last words be for Evanangeline becomes a distant figure.

    Up ahead, Evanangeline passes the hot springs, then Crystal Lake.

    “Hey lady, do you think you can slow down just a bit? I think I am getting sick.” Gags the rat

    “Hold up, we’re almost there?” Eva replies as she slows down because her house is just ahead.

    Evanangeline gets back to the house, she digs all over into the closets and in the attic; she ends up in the basement. In the corner, there is a cage that looks really old, she sets the rat down in the cage and brings it up stairs.

    “What do you got there?” asks Eve when she watches her daughter tear up the house and emerge for the basement with a cage with an object in it.

    “A rat.” Eva replies

    “Are you going to sell it at the market?”

    “Nope…” says Eva, and the rat in the cage shows a sign of relief, “…I think this one will taste better in soup.” Eva looks down at the cage in her hands, and looks back up again.

    “Very well then, but your cleaning it, not me!” replies mother, who is not asking about where her brother is.


    Evanangeline walks up the stairs towards her bedroom, opens the door and sets the cage on a chest that is on the corner of her room. She kneels down to get to eye level with the rat.

    “Oh! That talk about stew wasn’t true, you were just joking right?” says the rat, which is in shock from all the running and movement.

    “It wont be if you don’t start talking?” says Eva, and she gives the rat an evil stare. “So either talk, or… I eat you for dinner?”

    “OK! I’ll talk just no more talk about stew.” The rat flops down in exhaustion. “First off my name is Locq, the Dark Wizard sent me here on assignment, he said that there is a gift that was left with and elf girl from the Light Wizard, and I was sent here to find this girl. And it just happens that I came across you today and got tangled up in this mess.”

    “Why are you working with the Dark Wizard?”
    “He has my family.”

    “So your not actually evil?”

    “No, and sorry I put you threw this mess, it’s just that if I get caught talking to you like this who knows what he will do.”


    “The Dark Wizard didn’t exactly tell me what I was looking for. So I was left to walk, and search with out now clue of what I was searching for. The only clues I got were that it was an elf girl but that’s it. I think my family is in danger.”

    “They are all locked up?”

    “Not all of them are, luckily my son got away.”

    ”Who is your son?”


    “I KNOW HIM! But isn’t he human?”


    Coming from the cage where a blinding light fills the room from in side the cage, and a mysterious figure emerges from the cage as it shatters the cage while dong so.


    wow this one was fun! i had it done a while a go i haven't put it up yet!
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    Sagasaki 5

    Chapter 5

    “I…am Locq…Lynq’s father.” replies the man.

    “Whoa!” says Evanangeline in shock, “Now I know where Lynq gets his good looks from.”

    “I wonder what his mother looks like.” Mutters Jynx as he pops in the door all sweaty and exhausted. He is barely clenching to the door in exhaustion from running after Eva, but Trick was nowhere to be found. “ What did you do with the rat? You weren’t serious about eating him…we could have used him. And what is he doing here?” Jynx points to the man in the corner, ” I guess I am surprised, Lynq has never talked about his family so I guess we never knew what his parents looked like, or even the fact that he had parents.”

    “Where is brother at?” asks Evanangeline as she turns around, walks over to Jynx, grabs his arm so she can brace him to pick him off of the floor. Eva brings him over to the chair to seat him down.

    “Behind me somewhere, I lost him about ten minutes ago.” Replies Jynx as he leans back in the chair with an “I quit” look on his face.

    “That’s brother… still slow as ever I see!” says Evanangeline with a smart smirk on her face. “Well… while we are waiting is there any thing that we can do to help you?”

    “Well there is one thing…” starts Locq, “…you can go and look for my son.”

    “But… what will happen to you?” says Jynx as he sits up in his chair now that he has caught his breath more and is able to think straighter.

    “Don’t worry about me. I shall go back to the Dark Wizard and say that I didn’t find anything.” Replies Locq. Locq stands up and brushes himself off, walks by Jynx in the chair, and then by Evanangeline, he heads to the door then he turns around. “Don’t worry about me, take care of your selves, Dark Wizard is very dangerous, he wont hesitate for a moment to kill you just because your kids. It will be a long and dangerous journey, one you shouldn’t take lightly. Knowing Lynq he is going to want to come back for us, that is why you haven’t seen much of him; in that case there is key that I have given to an old pal of our family, named Flip. Flip lives up on the hill just on the south side of Hoga. If you wish to get the key from him you need to walk up to him with a straight face and say ‘Shamu’ only them will he know that I have sent you. That key will unlock a back door to the Wizards castle that is hidden in the brush that even Dark doesn’t know about. Just find Lynq and he will show you. That pretty much settles it.”

    “So, where do you expect us to find Lynq at?” asks Jynx as he gets up from the chair.

    “I don’t know, he will probably go to his hide out spot, I don’t know where it is or why he goes there, but I am sure that is where he is.” Replies Locq. “ Oh… and one more thing. DON’T DIE!”

    Those were his last words as Locq turns himself forward and walks out the door, very quiet and subtle. Yet something was clunking up the stairs.

    “I…who…what… ah man!” a voice says as Trick appears up the stairs huffing and puffing from exhaustion, from the running. “Hey! Who was that eerie looking man who walked out the door as I was coming up? He reminded me of Lynq with his white hair, skinny figure, and his eyes. Wait… don’t tell me… that… was his Grandfather?”

    “Your hopeless.” Says Jynx. Jynx walks over to Trick, picks him up off the floor and like Eva did to him, he stuck him Evanangeline’s bed. “There you go. Nice and quiet now. You rest here for a little bit, I am going to go home and go to bed my self. I will see you later Evanangeline.”

    “Bye!” she waves back. Jynx just like Locq before him walks down the stairs but with Eva trailing. “That’s my brother fashionably late as always!”

    “We shall all get a good nights rest, it was a very exhausting day today. Lynq is strong and I have faith in him I think he can last one more day out there. I’m sure he is fine, but come first thing in the morning we will tell our parents where we are going and pack a few supplies, and ‘YAWN’.”

    “Eva I think you should get a good rest too. We will all discuss this in the morning. Plus you know half the work will just be trying to get your brother to understand, being he wasn’t there and all. Well all well I better get going. Bye now see you when you wake up!”

    Jynx walks out the door tired, his pants are dragging in the mud from the previous rainfall. He walks further in to the distance until he becomes a faint shadow, and then…vanishes. Meanwhile Evanangeline shuts the door and shuffles quietly to the couch that sits in the living room. The couch is very soft and long, big enough for two people to sleep on at with out kicking each other in their sleep. She grabs a blanket that was folded up on the back of the couch lies down and puts it over her body and then peacefully go to sleep leaving her brother in her room to rest quietly.


    My chapters are getting longer so that is a good sign.
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Sagasaki 6

    Chapter 6

    It is morning again in Hoga; the curtains are slightly open to the area that skinny lights of sunrays are shinning through the window. Evanangeline is slowly waking up, and who happens to be sitting in front of her, but Jynx.

    “Do you always sleep that peacefully?” asks Jynx, he gives Eva a glistening smile, gets up and just randomly walks into the kitchen.

    “Do you always walk in to peoples houses unannounced? Also how long have you been here?” replies Evanangeline, she gets up off of the couch to go follow Jynx in suspicion. Being they have known each other for a long while Eva wasn’t the least bit phased by Jynx sitting there.

    “Nope I don’t and by the way, your mom let me in the house and I’ve only been here for about… two hours!”

    “Two hours? You were watching me sleep for two hours?”

    “Well no I was actually sleeping on the other side of the couch, I just woke up about ten minutes ago. I did say I would see you when you woke up, and here I am!”

    “There you are!”

    “Mind if I use your bathroom?”

    “Yes, you have to hold it. Just kidding, yeah you can, my brother isn’t awake yet so he isn’t inhabiting it at this moment.”

    “Should we wake him up?”

    “Na, when we get done with what we have to get done then we can go throw bombs at him.”


    “Well unless you can find a easier way to get him up.”

    “Wow you are so negative towards your brother, you do remember that him and I are best friends. Something could just slip out of my mouth!”

    “Well hey it’s the truth; go use the bathroom and do what you got to do. I will find us something to eat and explain to mother where we are going, what’s been going on, and why. Then we will go wake brother up and mother will help us explain this all to him. Then we will pack and set out to go find Lynq.”

    “Well I hope that we can find Lynq.”

    At that moment Jynx walks up the stairs to go and use the bathroom. He doesn’t seem very energetic today, because also the fact that he just woke up. Eva goes to find Eve. She finds her in a chair in the room next door reading a book, her legs crossed, and lightly tapping her foot in the air to an invisible melody. Eve looks up from the chair staring Evanangeline in the eye; Eve puts her foot level on the floor with the other one, and then puts her book on her lap.

    “You look famished and exhausted, is something the matter, because I think you know where the fridge is?”

    “Well.” Replies Evanangeline shyly.

    “Come here sit down, I have a feeling you are going to be asking me if you can go in a trip like you did the last one but you look as if it is more than that today.”

    “Well one things for sure… your good, but that’s not all. Yes I am going to ask you if I can go on a trip, but this time it might be dangerous. Jynx, Trick and I are going to go and look for Lynq, his father came in disguise to tell us that they are be held captured up in the castle at Dark Wizards. Do you think that we could have some supplies, and will you let us go?”

    “Yes, dear, you shall all go! But first when you get done explaining this all to your brother which I shall help you out with; I have to tell you a story of a prophecy!” Eve picks her right foot up and crosses it over her left picks up her book again, and gives Evanangeline a wave with her hand to signal her to go.

    “ I will go wake up brother.”

    Eva gradually walks up the stairs to her room in which her brother sleeps. Mother is still downstairs reading, and Jynx is in the bathroom taking a shower.

    “Brother, wake up!” Eva bends down to shake him, “TRICK! Breakfast is ready!” Yells Eva again in a loud manipulating voice

    “Sweet what is it!” Trick wakes up in a hurry yawns really loud and hops out if the bed and heads for the kitchen.

    Today Trick looks wide awake at the moment; his looks aren’t to great, with his hair sticking out all over the place. He goes in to the kitchen and looks shocked, then slumps down in a chair at the table.

    “Huh?” thinks Trick with a saddened look on his face

    “Oops! Sorry I must have been wrong I guess I should have told you that we were going to make breakfast! Must have slipped my mind!” states Eva sarcastically as she walks in to the kitchen. At that moment Jynx walks down the stairs and in to the kitchen himself, all washed up and his hair wrapped up in a towel.

    “So? Did you tell him yet?” asks Jynx and he too takes a seat at the table

    “Not yet, Mother and you are going to help me, all we have to wait for is mother.” states Eva

    Finally Eve walks in the kitchen and sits down with them all, together they tell each other about what happened last night, about how Eva got rally mad, and the rat who turned in to Locq, Lynq’s father, and so on.

    “Wow! I’m glad I missed that.” Says Trick, “Oh well?”
    “Wow that wasn’t as hard as I though?” Says Eva, “Last time we had to do that we had to repeat ourselves at least two times, and I don’t even think he got it then?”

    “Well with the four of you being the age that you are, you get more wiser!” starts Eve, “Jynx, you being 15 and really smart for your age you learn quickly. Evanangeline you are 15 too and have great speed! Trick being 16 and are learning responsibility and independence. At last Lynq who’s 16 and is all ready out on his own, being for the fact that his family is imprisoned in Dark’s castle. You all have a lot of work ahead of yourselves, and I am proud of you all. You will need each others power and strengths in this journey to get through it.”

    “Mother? How come it is that you know so much about what should be done?” asks Evanangeline

    “Well you are all here so let me tell you a quick story of a prophecy. Light Wizard left it with me, he said I would know the time to tell it to you guys and I think this time is right?”

    Every one sits straight up in the chairs, and leans forward so they don’t miss any part of this story.

    “A long time ago, before our world got torn apart, two wizards lived at the top of a mountain doing good for the world. When suddenly one goes mad and starts to get out of control, no one knows why or how it happened but suddenly he had control over this world and every one in it. Everyone that is except, a single peaceful village. The two wizards fought, the Dark wizard fought for control, and the Light wizard fought for the world. The light wizard put a spell on the village that made it the one place that Dark could never enter. Then… he vanished! Some say he died and Dark was too much for him, and others say he left because he was weak, and other say he went to find fortune for the world. Meanwhile Dark got notice about a boy who when turned 17 would gain immeasurable powers, so Dark captured his family and held them hostage against their will, but the son got away. Four friends are foretold to help this boy and his family. But only with powers combined shall they even have a chance to defeat the darkness, and this world will become of peace once more.” Eve sits back and takes a breath, “This story reminded me of you guys, when I first got this book, I didn’t know what he meant by ‘ I will know the time to tell it to you guys’. I was but a little girl back then. It was like he knew that this was going to happen. Then he came back and visited Eva on her birthday and after that he just vanished.”

    “So you think that all four of us are from an ancient prophecy which Light granted upon you. And if he could see the future, why didn’t he just change it for himself?” asks Jynx as he stands up from the chair and takes the towel off of his head

    “No clue, I was asking this for myself at one point?” replies Eve, “ But for now you must go and find Lynq, I will go and get supplies that you need.”

    At that moment Eve get up from her chair and goes to get supplies. The three of them sit and stare at each other in silence.

    “If it was about a year ago, I wouldn’t have believed her. Good thing your mother has impeccable timing?” compliments Jynx, “ Hey Trick I haven’t heard you say a thing this whole time? Is something up?”

    “Nope, I just don’t get it that’s all?” replies Trick

    “HUH? Oh well, you will get it soon enough!” Evanangeline tells Trick “ Now go and do something with your hair, while Jynx finishes his duties I will go help mother pack. We leave no later than one hour, any one who is later than that can stay here.”

    “Yes ma’am!” both boys salute and march up the stairs

    Evanangeline smirks at the two boys and waltzes across the room to head toward the room that her mother, Eve is in to go help her pack.


    This is where i start to get better!
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: Sagasaki

    Keep them in one thread.

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    Re: Sagasaki


    It is still morning at Evanangeline and Tricks house; everyone got all of their stuff read to go. They didn’t carry any large supplies just a pack small enough that they wouldn’t get exhausted if they went on a long trip.

    “Ok are we all ready to go here?’’ asks Jynx

    “Man, my feet hurt already just thinking about all the hills that we will climb, and all the roads to follow. Ow.” Complains Trick

    “Not even ten minutes into the trip and you are already complaining.” States Eva


    “All right we are already to go.” Says Jynx as he heads for the door.

    “Hey!” Stomps Eve, “make… make sure you call me alright, and don’t leave me in the dark. So where do you plan on looking first? It is always a great idea to have a game plan.”

    “Well I have an idea,” starts Eva “his father told me that he had a hide-out some where, and I think that Lynq took me their one day. He didn’t call it a hide-out but I am sure… actually positive, that, that is were he is.”

    “Ok we should head out before it gets dark.” Says Trick

    “Dark? It’s nine AM!” questions Jynx as he walks towards the door with is handy sack-pack on his back.

    “BYE MOTHER!” they all say gracefully, even though Eve isn’t Jynx’s mother

    They all set out the door into a new adventure in search of their lost friend Lynq, and the quest to help his family.


    “SO? Where do we head now? Evanangeline.” Asks Jynx as he walks to the side of her.

    “Well if memory serves me? He took me to the ‘Mystic woods’.” Starts Eva but is interrupted

    “MYSTIC WOODS!” shout Trick from afar as he shuffles forward to meet up with the two. “Aren’t those woods haunted or some thing usually every one stays away from them, funny place to have a hide-out don’t cha think?”

    “Well?” Jynx says as he gets ready to inform him, “Actually the out side of the forest is haunted and one who does not have a clean spirit cannot pass, they get frightened away by spirits and such. But even if a person may not have a clean spirit they can still pass only if they kept an open mind and can stand little shocks from the spirits now and then. That is why hardly any one goes into the woods because they get frightened away so quickly. I my self have not been in these woods but I here if you reach the center, it is full of marvelous sites to see.”

    “Did you get that bro?” says Evanangeline as she leads the two boys to the edge of the forest

    “I got most of it. Thanks” Trick replies

    Upon walking the three of them reach the edge of the forest.

    “Lets go.” Says Eva

    “WAIT!” shouts Trick “Look do you see them?”

    “See what?” replies Jynx in suspense

    “They look like floaty clouds,” says Trick as he points to a place in the forest

    “Oh those must be the spirits that Jynx was talking about?” says Eva as she walks towards the woods and enters the forest.

    “Don’t just stand there, let’s follow her.” Shout Jynx as he runs off into the woods also

    “Fine, I am coming.” Trick walks in to the woods shivering


    “What was that?” asks Eva as she turns around in question and as she turns she can see a figure of what looked like her brother running towards them. “Brother?”

    “AH! They’re going to get me. Ow!” Trick was running straight toward them with little white balls following him.

    ZAP! ZAP! Go the balls as they hit Trick.

    “You don’t have a clear soul do you?” asks Jynx “remember what I said even an impure soul can pass just CALM DOWN, and clear you mind.”

    “AH! THEIR CHASING ME!” yells Trick as he runs around in circles trying to escape the balls of light


    “CALM DOWN AND SHUT UP! All this screaming your doing is nothing but a hassle, it’s getting you now where but dizzy.” Commands Evanangeline as she grabs his collar and sets him on the ground.

    “Wow, I’d hate to get on her bad side.” Thinks Jynx to himself, at that time he walks up to Trick and helps him off the ground.

    “Ok I think he is better, Eva I think you scared the spirits away. Lets keep going.” Says Jynx

    “If it wasn’t for your tainted soul we’d be there already.” Blames Evanangeline “its probably all that sarcasm that made the spirits come after you, probably didn’t want you rubbing off on them.”

    “I’ll rub my fist off on you!” threatens Trick, shake his fist in the air

    Ahead of them is a bright light, which is sparkling with blues and greens and purples, a sight to see.


    Well chapter 7 this one and 8 are really cool because i got to decribe the colors! it was fun!
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: Sagasaki


    They all head towards the dazzling show of lights.


    The blue and green lights turn into a beautiful show of colorful trees and fresh green grass, which had shimmering sparkles in it like a crystal rain fell upon each blade of grass gracefully. The trees were tall and felt like they were calling out to them. But further along was a better sight to behold. A house. Yet only a split-level home it was more amazing than ever. It was a sparkling peach color to it with a glass door.

    “Ah! Just like I remember.” Sighs Evanangeline “I can’t believe I forgot about this place. Well it was also dark when he brought me here.”

    “LYNQ!” They all shout, Jynx goes to check the back of the house, and Eva walks in to the house and up the stairs. And on the couch is a figure sleeping underneath a blanket.

    “Lynq?” Evanangeline walks over to the figure and pokes it and wakes it up.

    “Huh?” Goes the lump under the blanket

    “LYNQ!” shouts Trick as he tromps up the stairs and grabs the blanket form the body.

    “That’s not Lynq.” Says Eva

    “FREEZE! Or I will shoot!” says a voice coming from behind the two.

    They turn around slowly

    “Evan… Evanangeline? Is that you?” and now they are both turned around completely. Eva’s eyes just lit up in excitement.

    “LYNQ! It’s really you!” says Eva

    The boy was holding a metal pole about 2 inches thick, and only about three feet long, he was holding that in a sense that he was going to attack them for trespassing.

    “Yeah who else would I be?” replies Lynq and at that time Eva runs toward him and punches him in the arm.

    “Hey! What was that for?” Shrieks Lynq in pain, he puts down his pole on the table.

    “Where have you been? I’ve been a worried sick. If you were in so much trouble why didn’t you come to me? I’m your best friend.” Pouts Evanangeline. “And if you’re here, what’s on the couch?”

    “It’s a dummy, I made it so that if intruders were to get here I would sneak attack them from behind like I did to you. But I swear I saw three of you come through the yard?” states Lynq

    Just then Trick waltzes down the stairs to go get Jynx.

    (Lynq is human but for some strange reason he is supposed to possess major power in the future. He is 6’2’’ tall but he slouches so he looks shorter. He has white hair and no markings being that he is human, not elf. He is more of a courageous person, one to step forward before the others. He is said to have a disturbing past.)

    “Say how did you know I needed help? I never told you anything yet.” Questions Lynq as he walks forward to Evanangeline’s direction.

    “Well actually funny story!” Eva starts as Trick and Jynx barge in

    The four of them sat down and talked about how they ended up here, and how they knew he was here. They (mostly Evanangeline) were talking about his father even how Evanangeline was going to eat him, and then they mentioned that her mother had told them of the story of the two wizards at the top of the mountain. Then a loud THUD had made a sound outside of the house!

    “What the heck was that?” asks Trick right as he stood up the fastest they think he ever moved. “ Was that a bomb?

    “No.” said Lynq, “Not loud or powerful enough.”

    Just then Lynq stood up, grabbed the metal pole that he had only put down just minutes before. Lynq was clenching his fist tight enough to it that you could almost feel the tension in your own body. Lynq heads down the stairs first. Followed by Evanangeline, Jynx, and finally Trick.

    As the four of them head outside, they notice a shadow on the side of the house.

    “Who goes there?” yells Lynq, “ come out now or I’ll be forced to physical tactics.

    Just then the huge shadow popped out from behind the house and what to show up but a little blue cat.

    “Don’t hurt me!” squeaked the blue cat, just then it took three or four steps backward then hightailed it out of there.

    “Why do they always have to run?” sighs Eva

    “EVANANGELINE!” yells Lynq

    “RIGHT!” She replies, then runs after the cat

    “You guys do remember that Eva is part fox demon?” Leads Lynq

    “Yeah how could we forget?” The two other boys announce.

    Lynq stared at his watch on his left hand; he was counting down from ten in a quiet voice.

    “3…2…1!” Lynq counts

    Out of the woods from which Evanangeline ran into, she popped out with a mean look on her face, and holding the blue cat in her hand, carrying it back to the rest of them.

    “Wow sis you never cease to amaze me!” claps Trick; he walks over to her and bends down to look at the cat in her hand.

    “Be careful it might bite!” Points out Lynq, “So “kitty” Or if that is what you are, what are you here for and how did you get past the sprit shield?”

    “Well for starters I actually am a cat, I just made myself smaller, I can grow to a size much larger than you can think. I like being smaller then I can walk around unnoticed. For second I followed you! I have a pure soul so the spirits didn’t come after me!” said the strange blue cat

    “Well, if you’re not “evil” then why were you running away?” States Eva
    “Because you were chasing me! And your friend there has a metal pole in his hand. What creature wouldn’t run away?” the cat replies. At that time Eva puts the cat down back on the ground, and it licks its self clean again.

    “ Let’s go inside…” Asks Trick, “ it seems to get dark here awful fast?”

    They all go inside, First Lynq, the cat, Eva, Trick, and then Jynx brings up the rear.

    ‘Hmmm… Jynx seems to be awful quiet’ ponders Trick ‘ he must just be tired?’

    They all end up in the house, Trick goes into the kitchen, and the rest go to the living area.

    “What do you got to eat around here?” asks Trick

    “There is some ramen in the pantry, and some rice balls in the fridge, why don’t you make us some and we can all eat?” Replies Lynq.

    “If you say so?”


    Trick cooks the ramen, and hands out dishes he found in one of the cupboards. And then serves the food. It is all but loud in the room, The cat was eating starveling with out utensils, just his head in the bowl slurping away with Trick on the same side repeating the matter. And every one else sat there quietly. Tension filled the air.

    “OK? WHAT IS GOING ON?” screeches Eva?

    Every one has a puzzled look on their face.

    “It’s too freaking quiet!” She mutters. “And we no nothing about this cat…” She point to the cat with its head shoved in the bowl, “… Why is it here?”

    “First of all I am not an it! I am a she.” The cat responds as she licks her lips and her fur to get the sauce off, “ I have a name… Any who I am here to protect you! I was sent by the Light Wizard to watch over you when the time came right.”


    “I do not know, he said this a couple of years ago, I am at least 200 years old. Haven’t seen him since. I have more knowledge then you all posses here in this room combined. It’s just that you guys have different knowledge than I do. Like I can sense power that is how I was able to track you all this time.”

    “THAT MUST HAVE BEEN YOU!” Shouts Trick, he drops his ramen bowl and stands up quick as if he had seen a spider, then points at the cat.

    “What heavens are you talking about boy?” says the cat

    “ When I tripped in the woods and Eva came to bring me home because dinner was ready, I thought I saw some thing that must have been you? It had to be!”


    Oh in chapter 9 I will be introducing a new character, (the blue cat) so you'll have to wait till that one gets put up! Thank you to all who might read this! sory if the reason you dont read this is because it is too long!
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: Sagasaki


    “Yes. Precisely, I have been following you for quite some time now, it’s just at times you all run off and I can’t keep up.” The cat puts her paws on the table and apologizes, “I am truly sorry if I caused you a scare. Please forgive me?”

    “Quite the manner full cat don’t you say?” says Eva.

    “Indeed!” replies Trick “Isn’t that right Jynx? Jynx?” Trick leans over and pokes him, “Man, are you ok? You don’t look so good.”

    Just then Jynx stars to laugh, then his head slowly lifts up and his eyes give a mean glare.

    “Do I… scare you?” Jynx asked, has his head fully lifted up, you can see dark bags under his eyes. He smiles devilishly. Just then every one gets up from their seats in panic.

    “Jynx? What the hell happened?” Yells Lynq, he looks like he is about to pounce on Jynx the first time he got.

    “It’s a spirit,” says the cat, “and a depressing one at that. It seems to have possessed Jynx’s soul as you guys came through.” The cat hops on the table in front of Jynx; Jynx looks straight at him. ‘Hmmm there must have been no restraint when it comes to this matter, he shows no resistance, wait a minute? That’s it.’

    “Here kitty kitty!” Jynx pants, but then brakes down in tears “WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO?” He shouts.

    “Every one back up.” Yells the cat. They all back up.

    “What’s going to happen to him?” They ask panicky

    “This phase shouldn’t last long.” Cat replies, ‘but this is different from what a normal spirit would do. I’m almost certain.’

    Just then Jynx starts to make movement and jump up from the table, and starts to scream again. His eyes are dilated with no expression on them at all. Just emptiness, and sadness. At that same time Trick suddenly gets a leap of courage, and stands right in front of Jynx, Then Jynx reaches out and grabs Trick by the collar and applies deep pressure, “WHY DID YOU LEAVE?” He shouts again.

    “I never left!” says Trick; every one behind the two of them is in panic of what’s going to happen.

    “WHY DID YOU LEAVE FA…” just then Jynx’s head lowers and he falls to the floor. Trick bends down and picks him up.

    “Where is there a bedroom? He needs to get some rest.” Speaks Trick

    “Down the hall to the left.” Lynq says in reply

    Trick rushes to put him in a bed. The bags under Jynx’s eyes start to fade away, and then Trick runs to get a warm rag and puts it on his forehead.


    Then the tension leaves the room. Every one shows a sign of relief. Trick walks back out to join the rest of them.

    “He should be fine, just need some rest that’s all.” Says Trick

    “What’s going to happen to him?” asks Eva as she turns towards the cat.

    “Well… he seems lonely, afraid of something, it was too easy for the souls to posses him… do any of you know if he had some bad past experiences, or what not?” the cat asks

    “No,” replies Eva and Lynq “He always seems happy to us, very smart kid though.”

    At that moment Jynx stumbles out of the room. Every one sits up straight.

    “What’s going on, why do I feel dizzy?”

    “Listen up boy” Says the cat “ I think we have an issue here? Um... how do I say this… You… were possessed.” The cat gets up and walks towards him.

    Jynx’s eyes shine with a scared, deep expression, his body starts to shake and he looks up at them all, his eyes watery. His fists clench and he bolts for the door.

    “Jynx WAIT!” Shouts Eva as she gets up off the floor.

    “No wait here. I will go after him myself.” Says the blue cat as it leaps on after Jynx. “We will return soon. Stay calm and work in a plan to get Lynq’s Masters back.” Then the cat bolts out the door in to a mist.

    “Did that cat just call your parents ‘masters’?” Asked a puzzled Evanangeline.

    There was no answer from Lynq. Lynq walks to the table and grabs out a map and a marker. Eva still puzzled goes over to Lynq to help him with a battle plan.

    “I’m going after them.” Trick gets up and heads for the door.

    “But the cat told us to stay here.” Says Eva.

    “SHUT UP! He’s my best friend I don’t care what some mangy hag of a cat has to say I’m going after him.” He runs out the door.

    “But…” at that point Lynq sticks his arm in front of Eva.

    “Let him go.” He replies as he lowers his hand and continues to look at the maps of the surrounding areas and ones of darks castle and all the flooring plans. Eva gives an unrelieved look. And turns around and looks at the maps too.

    ‘I hope they come back safely’ Eva ponders


    Meanwhile Jynx is running far out in to the forest.

    ‘Why? Damn I almost did it again.’ Tears start to fall. ‘ Why can’t I control it? Why can’t I stay conscious for it? I… I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!’ Jynx screams in his head.

    “Jynx!” yells the cat from behind.

    “Leave me alone!” he yells back in return. It starts to sprinkle.

    “I can help you!” still running

    “What can you do? WHAT CAN ANYONE DO? Nothing.”

    “I know what is happening to you.”

    Jynx stops dead in his tracks and in shock. He is still shaking; it starts to pour. The cat catches up to him.

    “What… do you know about me… about this…Monster?” asks Jynx

    “Not much but the existence of this “monster” is very rare. And it is actually how you raise it is how it sprouts its feelings.” The cat explains.

    “What do you mean raise?”

    “Well actually every one has one in them, they are actually shinigami spirits. And they are just reflections of our selves and our surroundings? But they usually never come to the surface and take over a body. A way to look at them is you inner conscious, you know the sayings of the angel and demon on your shoulders.”

    Jynx lowers his head and falls to his knees on the wet soil. He starts to pound at the ground vigorously and simultaneously.

    “WHY? Why can’t I control it? It is my body right? Or am I just a host. I black out, and don’t remember a thing but what is told to me. And I have no warning of when its coming. Its all just a flashy blur.” He starts to cry in and terror.

    “This isn’t the first time that this has happened to you, has it?”

    “What do you know, all of this coming form an old cat? I a wreck, and an endangerment to all of those around me.”

    The rain continues except for all around the two of them, and sparkles start to form around them. The cat starts to glow a bright light. Then the glow starts to take a human form, a female one at that.

    “I keep telling you all that I have a name.” The figure speaks, a soft soothing voice she has.

    Jynx wiping tears from his eyes turns up to look at this transformation. The glow fades away and all that stands before him is a beautiful woman who looks like she is in her twenty’s, tall, slender, long blue hair that reaches beyond the ground and is currently wrapped around her body covering her. Her eyes glisten with a crystal blue. Jynx sits there on the soil starring in shock. The woman reaches down with her arm and presses her hand softly against his face.

    The two of them didn’t notice it but Trick had arrived just moments earlier, he is behind a bush watching it all.

    “I’m here to help, you, and everyone else” she says gracefully.
    It starts to rain again.

    “So what is your name?”

    She smiles and replies. “ Shana.”

    “So you can help me?” he looks at her with an expression to reaching out for help.

    “Yes, I will do my best.” She gets up off the ground and helps Jynx of it too; the rain starts to let up. “I think there are past issues that we will have to deal with.”

    Jynx’s eyes flash open wide. “NO! Not my past! It hurts.” Jynx is holding his head.

    “That’s why we have to deal with it. Hold out your arms.”

    He slowly holds pulls his arms forward. He then rolls up his sleeves. Shana put he hands around his arms, and steam starts coming up from under them.

    “AHHH!” screams Jynx in pain. “It hurts! What are you doing?”

    “Just hold on.”

    Trick is in a state of paralysis, and cant seem to move, ‘why cant I move I want to help him. Damn!’
    “AHHHH! It burns.” He screams some more.

    Just then she pulls her hands away from his arms, and there are three black rings on both of his arms.

    “It’s a seal. It will help you control your shinigami, and keep it concealed so it wont come out any more, the rings will gradually disappear there are six of them, but unfortunately I don’t know how long each of them stays on, the time varies, I haven’t fully mastered the technique yet, this is only the third time that I have done this and each time has show different results. But we have some things and people to find along with your friend’s searching’s. And we must find them before those rings disappear. Or the result will be as before. I will discuss that more later.”

    Jynx starts to lighten up, and he pulls away, “Why would you help me? I’m not needed and not wanted? I’m just alone. Useless. A pity ”

    “I do know this, always keep your friends close, you may need them now more than ever.” Just as she spoke those words Trick stumbles in.

    “Trick!” Says Jynx “how long have you been here?”

    “I have been here for a while but for some reason I couldn’t move. I couldn’t move TO HELP YOU!” Trick looks up, his body is lunging for him. “In the end I couldn’t help you. My best friend.” He stops in front of him and places his hands on his shoulders. “Why didn’t you tell me you were having all these problems? Your not useless, and I need you! With out you I’m…” he wraps his arms around Jynx, “Lost.” Jynx stand there wide-eyed. “We need each other to keep sane.”

    Jynx as he shakes raises his hands to embrace him in return. “Your right,” he says in a soft voice. “Promise me this? You’ll never leave me.”


    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: Sagasaki

    Not bad pal but where are Chappies 1 and 2 for Sagasaki? Thanks and have a nice day. Toodles-K&K

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