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Thread: Sayonara Tenshi I

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    Exclamation Sayonara Tenshi I

    Ok I've Changed The Name The Whole Series Will be Ready for An Outcome , Already Finished But Here It Goes ( Redone From The Scratch )...

    Chapter 1:

    Title: [Sayonara Tenshi/Goodbye Angel]
    Genre: [Comedy , Romance, Fantasy]


    As Sora [ The Male Angel ] Returns Back to Heaven Coming From a Mission " As he Flies Through The Skies " Suddenly A Thunder Hit Him! And He Fell Down on A House Pond of A Girl Named "Orihasa Mika". Mika Found Him Wounded And Unconcious, She Treated him, a Day After That Incident Sora Wake's up Wondering Where he is And The worst part is He Couldnt Remember Anything But only the Visions Of His Feathers and His name
    , As He Walks Through The Corridor of Mikas House , He Enters A Door , A Bathroom Door , Where Mika Is Taking a Bath , They Catch up on Each Other And Stared Like That on Minutes and "Mika Screams and Fainted " And.....

    Chapter.2 | An Angels Aura |
    As Sora Carries Mika on A Bedroom and Lays her on Bed, A Minute After Mika Gained Conciusness , As She Rub her eyes She See Sora Sitting Right Next to Her , She Felt So Calm aFter Seeing Sora , As she stares on Sora, She Felt Warmer inside of Her body, The Sora Looked on him with a Charming eyes and...

    Sora: Oh Your Awake..
    Mika: (Pretending she's Angry ) Y..Y..You are the man i saw last night So you gained Conciousness!!! After All that ive done!!! I Let you Stay in my house and This is what Ive Got!!!! You Perv---
    Sora: ( Kneeling Down ) Im So sorry..i Didnt mean to do that.

    After hearing those words Mika felt that The Guy is Telling the Truth so...

    Mika: ( *Blushing* )I Forgive you!!! But pls dont do it again
    Sora: O.K I Promise

    Mika: By the way Who are you and Where did you come from, how come you are at my pond last night?
    Sora:Sorry i cant answer your questions but my name is Sora

    Mika:How come you cant remember?
    Sora:i dont know...

    Mika:Your Wounded and Uncouncius last night you know!

    Sora:Im So sorry for bothering you like that...
    Mika: D-D-Dont tell me!!!

    Mika: You Have an Amnesia!!!
    Sora: Amnesia?

    Mika: Its an I'llness!!!when you got an amnesia you forgot some of your memories! or all of your Memories!!
    Sora: Then I'm afraid i Got an amnesia....

    Mika: What are your plans now?
    Sora: i..i dont know...

    Mika: Do you have anywhere to go?
    Sora: I'm Sorry...(*Heads Down*)

    Mika: Ok Then! You can stay here if you wanted to!!!
    Sora: Really?

    Mika: Yeah...but i have Conditions on this house you hear me?!
    Sora: Ye-ah

    Mika: Then its decided then Your going to stay at my house!
    Sora: Ohh...Thank you very much (*Sweet Smile*)

    Mika: (*Blushing*/*Hearts Pounding fast) .....

    -To be continued

    I'll Update It Soon As Long As Someone will reply onto this Topic...Alright Then ,erm..yeah nothing Has Changed into this Chapter Erh But i'm saying The Next Upcoming Chapters of This Fanfiction Will Be More Different and More Exciting btw...TY For All Those who pm'ed me Although Its Been A Long time Since i visited here You know Schedules and So...I Promise I'll Update The Upcoming Chapters Just Need a Comment on This Thread so see ya all later folks
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