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Thread: A School Romance

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    Re: A School Romance

    oohhhhhh WOW what a story can't wait till chapter 3!!a very well done!!i'm really sry for liz hope finally she will be happy with the one she really loves!!anyway keep up the good work and don't make us wait lol!!thanks a lot

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    Re: A School Romance

    Thank You all guys very, very, very much!!!! Your comments really made my... week... ^^ lol Each time I felt that I suck in everything I just had to think of your sweet comments...
    I was glad to hear this was able to touch you and be interesting enough to read.
    Here is the next chapter. Very sorry for taking it so long, I just have been really busy lately... with all the WOTF and sig making...
    I wanted to finnish it off in this chapter but, as I wrote I understood it will take some more time ^^

    3rd chapter
    After a week.
    I was sitting in the dining hall when suddenly- black.
    “Rich! Stop it, will ya,” I laughed, taking away his arms from my eyes.
    “I guess I have to think up something else,” Richard answered, sitting down beside me and snatching some French fries from my plate.
    “Should have pretended you don’t recognize him, now he’ll think up something really lame…” Alex said, sitting down by the other side of the table.

    “How was English?” Rich asked, reaching for my plate again.
    “It was nice, we were reading our works today and Jane wrote a wonderful poem,” I answered, getting my plate further from Richard.
    “Tell me?” he asked, looking devouringly at my food.
    “I’m sure she’ll show it to you herself,” I smiled, investigating my pudding and then handing it to Rich. “You can take this.”
    “I see you’ve got yourself a pet,” Alex laughed.
    “Yes, my little piggy,” I answered, petting Richard.
    “I should have never put you two together,” Richard mumbled, eating the pudding slowly.
    “And there’s Jane,” Alex said, motioning towards the dining-hall’s door.
    “Then I think I’ll leave you alone,” Richard said, looking questioning at me.
    “Sure, go!” I laughed and he left quickly.

    “So, what’s new with you?” Alex asked, while I watched Richard hug Jane.
    “Nothing… as always,” I answered, smiling. “Eeee… I think Natalie wants to talk to you…”
    “Why?” Alex answered, looking back at her, she was sitting further in the back of the dinning hall, surrounded by some other people. “She would come then...”
    “I don’t think she can,” I laughed. “She came to school only yesterday, right? Well… I think most of her classmates are trying to find out about her journey today…”
    “K, I’ll go and rescue her now,” he said, standing up. “See you later.”
    “Ok, bye,” I answered and got back to eating.

    “Are they coming back?” a girl’s voice disturbed me again. I took a look up at the girl; she had a very happy smile, shortly cut brown hair, brown eyes and a very nice tan.

    “No, I don’t think they are,” I answered with a smile.
    “K,” she said, sitting down. “Call me Rikku.”
    “But you call me Liz,” I answered.

    In this moment Rich stepped in again by poking me and saying: “We won’t have math today, that means we have a free lesson. What ya wanna do?”
    “Dunno… let’s just sit in the park?” I answered with a smile.
    “K then, meet you after the bell,” he said and left again.

    “You are soooo cute together!!!!” Rikku said, after Rich had gone far enough not to hear her. I laughed and answered: “No… we’re not together!”
    “Ups!!!” she answered and giggled. “Sorry, I thought you were…”
    “Well, he is my best friend,” I said. In this moment a guy came to our table and hugged Rikku: “We still have to find our classroom.”

    “Hi sweetie,” she answered, smiling widely. “This is Liz. Liz, this is Nicolas, my boyfriend.”
    “Hi. Maybe I know where that classroom is?” I asked.
    “We don’t even know what lesson we have now,” Rikku laughed. “We just came to school.”
    “Yea… that sucks,” I answered. “Then you’d better go and find out.”
    “Ok, meet you later,” Rikku said, quickly eating the last potato chip before being pulled away by Nicolas.

    I watched them leaving the dinning room, smiling and wondering why I didn’t feel sad or lonely at all.

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: A School Romance

    I'm new here and i've just read the first 3chapters and I think they're great, gd job lasura & can't wait for the 4th one

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    Re: A School Romance

    oh my. all your chapters are awesome. i love them all!! i cant wait till the others. i cant express myself very well so i hope you get my point of how much i love your story!!=)


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    Re: A School Romance

    hey a mega well done again!!can't wait for chapter 4!!!don't make us wait long pls pls pls and thanks for sharing your stories!!

    btw BAUTIFULSOUL i didn't do the pic you have as a signiture i just found it and posted it on this websites!!but anyway it just for you to know!!if that Adriana referres to me anyway lol hehe!!!

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    Re: A School Romance

    Hmmm I like the story here... but it makes me a bit sad though...i never had a school romance b4.. *sighs* ^^ but oh well... keep on writing ok.. ^^ ur fans can't wait for chapter 4... so am i

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    Re: A School Romance

    wow when i read the first chapter i was realy hooked on your story! your a great story teller. good job!^^

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    Re: A School Romance

    Thank You all guys sooo much!!!!!!!! Sorry to keep You waiting, I couldn't get on, but I'm puting this in just for you!!!! Enjoy the last part of this story

    4th chapter
    In another week.
    “And I don’t know what to give her!” Rich finished his story and closed his locker to take a look at me.
    “I don’t know how to help,” I sighted. “Maybe only I could go with you to the shops?”
    “Ok, then it’s settled,” he said and I understood that he had planed this all along.
    “Oh, there she is,” he smiles, looking at something behind my back, probably Jane. “I’ll meet you in the lesson then.”
    “Ok,” I smiles and walked towards Rikku, who was sitting on the stairs.
    “What are you doing here all alone?” I asked. “Where is Nicolas.”
    “Don’t know… probably eating… that fat bastard,” she joked back. “I’m just sitting here and watching the sweet couple.”
    Saying that, she moved a bit so I could have a place to sit by her.
    “What couple?” I asked, searching for Rich and Jane and not finding them.
    “I was talking about you and Rich,” she grinned.
    “How many times do I have to tell you? We are just friends!”
    “I know you like him more than a friend,” she smiled. “Eyes don’t lie.”
    “And what if I do?” I asked. “Does that change anything? Does it matter?”
    “You know you sound quite silly saying that… You should really tell him what you really feel… I’m done watching the theatre of you two!”
    “Me telling something would make the show only more dramatic.”
    “How can you possibly think you can step over your feelings like that? When some one else needs some help in relationships you always know what to say, always seem to know the right way, but when it comes to you… you totally suck…”
    “I aint telling him!”
    “You should.”
    “You both are just painful to look at like this. A little talk would do…”
    “We are best friends and I perfectly like that!”
    “I want you to talk to him,” she said and then the bell rang and she left for the class. I headed to mine too in a while.
    “What is that girl thinking?! How could it make anything better? It could only ruin a friendship!!!”

    But her words caused great effect. From that day on it became harder and harder to bear Richard’s presence, harder to watch him with Jane, harder to smile at them when they said hi, harder to go home alone.
    I fought with the need to tell him something every day. I cursed Rikku for putting these thoughts in my head, even though I understood that they had always been there in my mind.
    “What’s wrong?” he asked when I got lost in these thoughts again, sitting in the park with him and studying.
    “Nothing,” I smiled. “Just got lost in my thoughts. Damn, this is a sad poem! Not a very good one, but sad…”
    “Read it?” he asked.
    “K, here it is.
    Today I almost lost you again.
    Today I panicked hearing your name.
    Now I lie here, staring into the darkness,
    I sing a song of things long forgotten
    My arms reach for your face.
    They touch only the cold air of tonight.

    Tomorrow we will be together again
    But I don’t know how we can go on like this
    Tomorrow I’ll see your smiling face
    I know I won’t be able to smile back

    Today I almost lost you again
    And nothing will ever be the same
    Tonight I feel so alone…
    I’ll miss you forevermore…” I read it quickly. “Written by a student from a school in London.”
    “Another “I miss you” love poem.”
    “Yea… I guess you’re right,” I answered, feeling rather…. bad.
    Suddenly we were intruded by Alex: “Teacher asked me to ask you if you’d like to get a free day tomorrow by helping out with the preparation works tonight. For the charity day tomorrow.”
    “Yea… that would be great… I hate these charity days…” Rich answered and I sighted because this meant I had to spend more time around him…

    The evening came quickly and we got the best work- outside in the cold garden. At least it wasn’t raining. I had to tear all the old leaves of the ivy that grew outside the school (and of course it had gone wild so I’d had to spend more time with it) while Richard had to rake the dry leaves on the ground. Most of the time we were either working silently or fooling around like little children (I enjoyed throwing the leaves in his head rather than in the bag that was given to me for that).
    He finished his work much faster than I and sat beside the ladder I was working on (I had jeans, don’t worry) and talked about all kind of nonsense. At last all the old leaves that could be seen were in my bad and I got down the ladder. I stopped near the bottom and did a very evil think- threw all the leaves from the bag on Richards head, then jumped of the leader and ran off quickly, laughing hysterically. Richard started to chase me immediately, pushed me on the ground and, knowing how much I hate it, started tickling me.
    “Rich stop!!!! I can’t take it anymore!” I shouted when I understood I have no chance of getting away and would soon blow up from laughter. He stopped but didn’t get off.
    “I… I seem to like you more than just a friend,” I whispered after staring into his eyes for a while and, only after these words were said, I understood what I’m doing.
    “I feel the same,” Richard sighted after a moment of silence and got off me, helping me to sit up and then sitting down beside me.
    Again silence, tormenting silence that seemed to last forever, I had no idea what to say now, I just wished I would have never agreed to come here this evening.
    “But I love Jane too and I could never hurt her,” he spoke at last.
    “I know… and neither could I, she’s my best friend,” I answered with no emotions at all. Then all the information went to my consciousness and I spoke with a laugh: “This is like a bad school romance… A love triangle of the simplest structure.”
    “Nothing is simple in life…” he answered.
    “Indeed…” I sighted, leaning my back against his. “It’s hard to get over your feelings no matter how well you know that it would be better…”
    He sat quiet so, after a moment I sighted and said: “Better just forget about this all…”
    And I stood up to leave, I couldn’t stand it anymore, I wasn’t far from crying, but I was pulled back on the ground by him.
    “I don’t want to forget,” he said, looking in my eyes sadly.
    “We can not be together!” I shouted and broke down, crying on his chest, hiding my face in his shirt and wishing I would have never moved here.

    In about half a year, Valentines Day
    Digging in my locker again, filled with pictures of happy memories with me and my friends, there’s Alex, there’s Rich, there’s Jane, Rikku and Kristy and some new faces too… I smile at these pictures again when I’m suddenly disturbed by a hug and a voice saying: “Happy valentines, my dear… I’ve missed you dearly.”
    Yes, that is my boyfriend, but it’s not who you’d expect and who I wished for five months ago, still I love him more than life…. Rich is now just a friend, a very good friend…
    “Those were only few hours,” I smile and turn to kiss him.
    “Yes, six sleepless hours…” he answers.
    “Euuu… stop! You make me feel guilty!” I say, cuddling closer to him.
    “Lets go and have our breakfast in the park,” he says, pulling me to the door.
    “I’m coming, I’m coming!” I answer, walking after him as fast as I could with my high heel shoes. “I hate these things! Why did the old ones have to break?!”
    “You want me to carry you?” he asks sarcastically.
    “No… but you could go slower,” I answer; still he quickly picks me up and brings me out.
    And there is Richard, sitting by Jane. A sigh breaks out of my chest unwillingly as I say: “Good morning, dear friends.” passing them by…

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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