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Serenade Of War


Chapter I

The cold chill complimented the white sheets of snow. For every flake that fell, it seemed as if it were a glistening star being covered by the ongoing clouds. Beneath this cold bering sky, and on level with the sheets was a small town in the country of Moskov. A town, that was away from the current oncoming war, yet whilsting through the town, at such a late hour to where it may seem even adults were sleeping, was a unit consisting of six men. Five of which were standard Moskov Soldiers equipped with gear to withstand the cold enviornment and blend it, also armed with AL-5K's. Leading the group was a well dressed man, wearing a fedora (though seemingly people of this age, which of course is not to far ahead, have no real clue to what it is), it head seemed bald though it was rough to tell, his skin white as snow, his lips blood red, obviously showing signs of lipstick, while black lines crossed his eye, and curved out from top to bottom creating a slight tip to the side. Also he bore a black button down shirt, a tie as red as his lips, a vest and dress slacks. A black belt kept his pants up tight, with a hilt carryiing a hand gun, close to a past revolver, and in his right hand, as he marched, he twirled a cane.

The unit of six came up to a small house. The well dressed man, knocked at the door, then tried the handle showing signs it was locked. Impatient for response he lifted up his left and, and swung it in a foreward direction. One soldier grasped his gun, shooting the lock, then the hindges. Without a moment loss after that, the well dressed man lifted up his leg, extending it out for a violent kick. As it bursted open, the soldiers ran in, surrounding a man with black hair, in a green, military uniform. The Well dressed man held a glimpse of a woman running into a room, but he ignored that. The Man in the uniform stood there with a look of disgust, "Aleister....." he said, his voice beweilding such detestment.

"Hmmm, you're right, it is I! Aleister Morskov! And such a grand pleasure seeing you, Sergant Sokolov, or..well," He paushed holding in a slight laugh by covering his mouth with his black gloved hand, "Should I say Edward Patterson?!"

Sokolov, or Edward as he was called, held a calm look, but inside he felt nervous, his stomach twisted, he wanted to fall. "What did you call me?"

"Gah! Must I repeart myself?! Edward Patterson, a British Spy!" As he stated his voice grew cold and almost seeminly raspy, he pointed is finger in obvious accusation.

"By what proof do you have of this absurd accusation?"

Aleister only chuckled, "The Government has proof enough, I am just here to kill you. Yet...perhaps you're not worthy of my time. I think I might have one of these rookies have a go!" After he stated this he bursted out laughing only to stop himself.

Without a moment hesitation, Edward dashed over to one of the soldiers, grabbing the barrell of the gun, pulling the soldier in. As Edward let go, he brought his arm to a bend, and forced his elbow into the face of the oncoming soldier, hitting him right in the side of the eye. In quick moments, Edward located the location of the soldiers combat knife, drawing it and thrusting it into the side of his neck, pulling it back, to come out of the front of the soldiers throat, causing a gash of blood to splat onto Edwards arm, and side of his face. Two of the other soldiers, oblivious to shooting, dashed in towards Edward. The Soldier in front came swinging teh butt of his gun in lewd hopes of hitting Edward, swiftly Edward ducked, stabbing the side of the mans gut, slicing it open, and ran towards the soldier oncoming to him, stabbing his knee as the soldier lifted. A slight pause. Then Edward lifted the knife out of the knee, slicing right into the soldiers face. They both fell, at equal timing. As Edward turned around to face another soldier he flt a sharp sudden pain in his stomach. A burning warm sensation grew throughout his body and he dropped the knife.

As he looked down, he saw a sword, peirced right through his lower torso. Aleister was behind him, a twisted grin upon his face. Slowly, yet at the same time quickly, Aleister removed the blade, lifting the blade to his mouth, licking the blood off. Edward...was in shock, blood rapidly seeped down from hiw wound, in the process he fell to his knees. Images of his family flashed within his mind, images of his wife, son, his life, but they were polluted with images of war and death. And as he felt the aching claws of regret, his body clumped to the floor. Aleister gave out a laugh that made the other two soldiers nervous, it was high pitched, long, and as to their ways of saying, just messed up.

Aleister sheathed his blade, which became his cane again (Useful, wouldn't you say?) and made his way to a door, that he saw a woman run behind. Once again his leg lifted to kick the door open, only this time with enough force to knock it off the hindges and onto the floor. In a corner stood a woman, her face filled with fear. She couldn't cotrol herself as she let out moans of fear, obviously the signs of crying as well. One of the soldiers walked up to her, grabbing her hair, throwing her onto the bed. The other soldier, at Aleisters side, spoke, "Uhm...sir. This woman...she is as hell. Mind if I have my way with her before we well...kill her?"

Aleister only stood there, his face expresionless. Finally after moments, Aleister drew his gun from t's hilt, which did resemble a revolver, without looking the barrell was at the mans forehead and Aleister pulled the trigger. Fragments of skull and brain tissue flung back, making a pattern onto the wall, which Aleister would take a liking to. At placing the gun back in it's hilt, he only muttered two words, "Damn rookies...."

As Aleister made his approach to the bed, he twirled his cane, walking, or well marching in a odd feminem manner, "Oh, my darling. Come now, are you afraid? Does the very sight of me, fill you with adrenaline spawned from fear? Ohh, tsk tsk," He now was at the edge of the ed, where he crawled on top of the woman, placeing his cheek against hers. As she continued to cry, he spoke, "It's ok, shhhh. The Angel of Death is here to make it all go away."

Without a moment hesitation, he leaped back from the bed, landing roughly not to far away, only to draw his blade and purge it into the skull of the woman. Still holding onto the hilt of his blade, he looked at the last living soldier with him, "You...get eady to set afire this house."

"Yes sir, what if others try to well intervene?"

"Don't worry, this town will be tooken good care of...."

As the house was set ablaze, within it, a boy struggled to get out, only to succeed, and gazing at the last remaints of what his family was.


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