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Thread: A short story : Anaxandra and Zack promise

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    A short story : Anaxandra and Zack promise

    This story is very short but is completed. It's just a short story thats for sure. ^^ I usually do these short stories for my friends. This story i not so good and you may not like it in my opinion but I don't care! ^^

    Anaxandra and Zack promise

    I'm just an average girl with an average life named Anaxandra. Not Alexander, Anaxander. Usually people say Anna for short. I live alone every since my parents died in a fire with someone helping. That is my best friend is Zack. I knew him since elementary but now were just high schoolers. He made millions of promises with me and kept them. I liked him as one of my best friend but now I want to be more than that with him. But once he told me who he liked ,a girl name Lily, my heart felt dead but my action were happy. He later was able to go out with Lily as I went with a boy name Ken. The shocking thing about this part was Lily and Ken use to go out with each other.

    Zack and Lily looked like the perfect couple just like Ken and I yet I found out that he was using me just to get Lily back. Though I did nothing about it since what we went together cause me to still have feelings for him.

    Zack and I still we two peas in a pot but with a carrot in the middle which was Lily of course. She didn't like me with him. She hiss at me hating me through my eyes yet I didn't care cause if I'm with Zack I'm on cloud nine.

    Suddenly a shocking day came hearing that Zack broke up with Lily. I knew today was my day to ask him! But...... I don't want to leave Ken. Few days past as I notice Ken didn't leave me yet for Lily? Does he have feelings for me too? OR is he just playing with me again?

    Few months later Zack called me to a spot we first met which was a secret playground in the woods. I ,the late one, saw Zack happier than ever here causing me to bright up. We talked normally, so when he laughed I laughed. Finally the last discussion finally came without me knowing came from Zack say, " I Love you, Anaxandra."

    My heart pounded with those simple words. I couldn't move; I couldn't speak; I couldn't breathe, though I was only able to cry. He hugged me from behind and embrace me. I didn't know what to do or say. I turn to him as there his lips went to mine losing my first kiss from him not Ken. I didn't know why but I just thought of Ken since he was suppose to be the one to give me that kiss; he was the one to tell me that; he was the first one I dated.

    So I pushed Zack back tearing up hard with no reason. I turned away from him replying, "I want to be with you but I just can't. I have someone and that one only. Until he or I leave each other we can. But for now..... we... can only be friends."

    I ran away from him but I a pulled stop me once Zack grabbed my hand. Zack said few words, "Promise me that than once your single my dove."

    "Ok... than I promise."

    Zack and I, we closer than ever but Lily had eyes of a hawk taunting me from far away. I knew she was watching me with fire in her eyes. I knew she wanted me died. But what I didn't know was she was only after me for Ken not Zack.

    Few days after my promise incident Zack found Ken was using me for the start. So when me and Ken were together at 3rd period Zack jut came in randomly and lifted Ken up. I was feared what was going to happen. I was feared what they said.

    "You used Anaxandra!"

    "What if I did? I'm still with her though and your not. Are you jealous of that, sir? If you are than too bad cause now I do have feeling for this girl and I don't intend on leaving her."

    "You feel in love with her by accident. As I feel in love with her with many great purposes. You don't deserve her you and I know that."

    I watch knowing it was my fault for this doing; my fault for this mess. The first punch came from Ken and the next came from Zack. I couldn't tell who was winning; I couldn't tell who I wanted to win; I couldn't tell who would fall down first; I couldn't tell who I loved more? All I know was I wanted this to stop! I saw blood already coming from them as I ask myself "Was I ready to see this?"

    Suspended went for those too as Ken and Zack's blood stained my backpack for life. I didn't know what was going to happen next at school but I knew that Lily was finally going to attack me. She came in my classroom at lunch, with everyone except me. Without knowing her approach she slapped me as hard as she can turning my cheek red. She yelled to me, "It's your fault he got suspended! Your fault on everything! IF you weren't alive everything wold been normal!"

    She screamed out her last breathe ready to give me another hit so it was my turn to take action. I ducked the attack and shoved my knee to her stomach as hard as possible. I quickly got up straight and hit my elbow to her head causing her to fall and getting me suspended.

    I went to visit Zack noticing we go back to school at the same day. I quickly open his door yelling hi. As I just saw him sitting on his couch replying hi back. His smile seem to always light up the room making me smile but seeing his scars caused my heart to break. He ask me one thing after my huge apology, "Do you want to live with me? I promise to pay for everything for you and protect here no matter what."

    I smiled and answered, "That would be lovely." So the next day I packed up my stuff ad left my memories of that house and made new ones with Zack.

    We all went back to school of course making Zack happy I broke p with Ken and ended up at Zack's arms. He finally was proud to say over and over again, "I love you, Anaxandra." Though that only cause Ken to disappear.

    Lily was finally my friend between a few words I said to her yet with a long apology. Lily and I were finally best friends and I was willing to to tell her my secrets finally knowing I can trust her.

    Gradation was coming but Ken was still missing. I loved how I was able to be friends with everybody and stay with Zack kissing him everyday. But the day after gradation Zack, Lily, and I notice sharp and deep markings were out the house where Zack and I were living. The door was 1/4 open as I shivered while Zack hold me tight with a look I never seen except when he's near Ken. He open the door all the way and there sat Ken on the couch playing with a gun in his hand. Lily was about to scream to the neighbors but he held the gun to us. His main goal was to get Zack not us and he'll just leave. But I didn't want that. Ken quickly took off the safety of the gun and was ready to pull the trigger. BOOM! The sound made my eyes close as something flew o me. Was it Zack blood dropping on me and his dead body? No, it was Lily who took the shot to save us. I open them without breathing or anything. I was paralyzed of the death. Zack quickly picked me only doing to things blindfolding my not to see and putting on head phones with a high volume of a certain music to not hear. I didn't know what happen since he told me one thing before doing this, " I promised to protect you so please don't move and wait." So I did and nothing and waited very long until the police came arresting Ken. So Zack and I lived normal again visiting Lily every weekend at the cemetery.

    Gradation past as Zack and I went to college. Nothing important happen except that once we were finish with it I ended with his child and his bride. Not out yet but later will be. We moved far away from our city and lived in a safer neighborhood but not state. I still hold his seven month year child. Two more month and we can be a complete family.

    Though the day of my birthday; the day of my birth is the day he'll never want to forget but would want to forget. That was the day. The day I waited outside for him to get out of work. The day he'll buy me anything I desirer. I saw him on the other side of the street and smiled. He smiled back at me and was unloading his car. I wanted to be with him already so I just step on the street to cross. Though without noticing a truck was coming faster and faster passing the speed limit. I turned and was scared as it went after me. Zack saw it coming ad tried running to me quickly. Hard to believe but it was already to late. Driver was obviously drunk enough to just drive to me and hit me before I said one word so precious to me, "Zack."

    He yelled out my name once I spoke his name. I hit the floor barely as he hold me in his arms. I aw him as my eye lids felt heavy. I didn't want to close them I just didn't. The ambulance had came but once they made it to the hospital
    Goodbye Me
    Goodbye My Life
    Goodbye Our Child

    He visit me everyday at the cemetery with my favorite flower lilies. If he couldn't visit me he wold just sneak in without no one knowing. I just watch him up in the sky if you know what I mean as he knew I was. He made another promise to not marry another girl and to be good to see me where I was.

    His life finally pass away as I felt so broken about it. Yet someones went around me and said, "I love you Anaxandra. And I have made my promise." I smiled and already knew who it was of course and turned around to hug him tight. He want to make this last promise to me even dead or alive,

    "Promise me to stay with me forever and to never say goodbye to me ever again, my angel."

    "I promise dear."

    Hope you enjoy it. ^^
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    Re: A short story : Anaxandra and Zack promise

    AWWWWW^^ I LOVE IT^^ especially how u ended with zack promising anaxandra never to leave her=] i think your story was very beautiful and romantic^^
    I'm the best you'll ever have because i am that f*ing AMA-zing chic who can stand on her own d*n feet and becasue of you I am the Greatest Thank you so much SasuraiHell and Gwen

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    Re: A short story : Anaxandra and Zack promise

    wow i love this story!!! it was so good!!and sad!!!T.T i wish them happiness...wow kuwi you are a ggod writer!!!

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