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Thread: A short story : Three days of Dance and Love

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    A short story : Three days of Dance and Love

    This was one my favs I made. ^^ Hope you like it all.

    Three Days of Dance and Love

    Day 1

    "Lady Castillo", spoked the servant to a young golden hair woman, "He'll be here in a short while. Sorry for making you wait."

    Her haired glowed beautifully, her lips were a colored of a rose just looking at it seem so precious, and her skin was so beautiful as if no one has never touch it before; glowing like a snowflake.

    "It's ok. It's just three days with this man. And thank you so dearly sir" , She looked at him with smile.

    Her smile had brighten the room as the servant blushes cause of her beauty and leaves the room. She glance at the chair there and head to it. She gently sat on it as the sun reflected off her beautiful turquoise eyes. Squeek!! Went the door on the other side. She turned and a man appeared ,a black head, tall and wearied a weird style of color. He quickly walked to her and bowed saying, "Hello Castillo! It's an honor to meet such a beautiful woman yourself. I'm Yoko!"

    "Such a strange name for a royal yourself but I'm pleased to meet you", She replied.

    "I heard your such a great dancer so why do you desirer dance lesson from me?"

    "My husband told me so to do this. He wants me to keep training in anyway so I won't forget anything."

    "Oh..... A husband already for such an angel like yourself! Tisk Tisk shame! Kidding! Well do you know all the steps of dancing! "

    "Future husband. And of course I do. Dancing is a serious matter for me."

    "How about Yoko steps!?"

    "There's no such thing."

    "Nope there is! I'll show you them my dear." He winked at her as he lent out his hand. She didn't know what was going to happen but she still place her hand on his. She suddenly got pulled to his arms causing her eyes to grow big and accidentally hold him. He place his hand on her waist and the other on her shoulder as he pulled her closer to him and spoke, "First step is hold the person close. Second is to make sure the person in your arms likes you. And third finally is to have fun!"

    He smiled so happily at her as she blushed with her face completely red. He spoke again," You may let go if you want but like I always say once you get attach to me theres no way getting away."

    Her voice struggle on speaking, "You.... ma.. may please let.. g... go."


    His arms flew away from her though he still smile. She walked backwards away from him and stop shortly. He laughed and said, " Your red as a red octopus! My favorite food! It seems your more adorable to eat than that!"

    "Hitting on a girl with a husband already...", she replied.

    "Nope thats just the way I teach! I just like the way everyone act at the end of this lesson! Even the men just freak out and run since thats comedy!"

    "Your strange for being one of the royal family. I ask why you do dancing?"

    "Why dance you ask?"He smiled even happier,"Like they said dancing just leads you away so it might lead me the way to love. Dancing gives you steps to do it so it might give me steps to finding someone."

    She stood there with no question or answer to reply to that. He scratch his head and giggle to what he had said. He looked at her putting his hand on her head and spoke again," Hmmm... you may be my princess?"

    "What!?" She she whispered loudly.

    "Ah! I heard you say what! You overreact to it!!! Which means you like me!" He laughed hard pointing at her," Kidding! But I would be your prince if you want it. Lets see what do prince do.... they sing!"

    He cleared his throat and breathe in and out. She glared at him holding herself to prepare for anything. His mouth went wide open and," I got nothing. "

    Her little soul in her mind just fell with disappointment. He looked at her and whispered in her ear,"Do you believe in heaven?"

    "Huh? Heaven" ,she answered.

    "I do" , he looked out the window and smiled to the sky," I want to go there later to see my mom. She's very beautiful and I know she'll like you. I'll join her soon like in a year and I can't wait."

    The room went silent as Yoko still smiled to the sky. Castillo had finally answered, "Why? How are you going to die? Sorry for being rude."

    "Your not being rude. It's normal for 39% of kids to have cancer."

    "..... sorry."

    He still smiled as Castillo felt bad for asking. He lent out his hand again and said," Shall we finish our dancing? Do you still want to do Yoko steps?"

    "No thank but dance I shall." She smiled and her smiled light the room again. Yoko had a great feeling about her so he whisper to in her ear," You know you are a goddess through my eyes."

    "How do you figure?"

    "To me your feelings my princess changes the day weather and your beauty causes people to fall for you just as I did right now."

    SWOOSH! Went the time of day. Yoko continue glazing and dancing with Castillo as she closed her eyes with joy. It went night time so quickly causing Castillo to leave long ago. She waved bye to him and bowed lightly. Yoko moved her hair away from her face and kissed her forehead so gently. She blushed to him but ran out the room quickly as he simply waved bye to her and knew her chance for her were 0% in his opinion.

    She had long ago made it to her house so quickly and anxious to go in. She stays in her house sitting in front of a mirror brushing that long golden hair. A man suddenly came in the house and spoke to her," Hey honey. How was dance class?"

    She looked at him and answer," Ok. I meet an interesting boy who's not afraid to die. He makes me feel funny in a way."

    "Oh really. Well he doesn't interest me at all every kid wants to do that now in these days. "


    "Hey two more days you could go to Europe and teach kids just like you wanted. You'll make billions of course dear."

    "Oh... I see."

    The sad look went in her as the moons light disappears by the clouds combining together. Her husband look outside and sighed," Awww... it looked like it's going to rain."

    "Or snow since tomorrow is Christmas."

    [DAY 1 ENDED]

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Day 2 well I have it but I couldn't post it in the same thread cause it was more than 10000 words already so sorry! Hoped you like it! ^^
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    Re: A short story : Three days of Dance and Love

    WoW!!!!!!!!! That was just great!!!!!!!!!! *claps hands* It was wondrful Kuwi... really wonderfull.. You're a great writer, you know that? this was indeed beautifull... There were some minor oddnesses but those can be fixed just by going over it again a bit later, don't change it a lot though... it's close to perfection... Wonderful, wonderful work! I really, really enjoyed reading it and it made me feel... "funny in a way"

    Ummm and I really want to read the next chapter so please, please post it soon ^^ This is truly great!!!!!!!! Keep it up Kuwi!!!!!!!! ^^ (sheesh... you've almost made my cry...)

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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