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Thread: A short story : Three days of Dance and Love (Continue)

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    A short story : Three days of Dance and Love (Continue)

    I had this document for a VERY LONG TIME AGO TRUST ME! XD
    It's chapter two of it. One is right here: A short story : Three days of Dance and Love
    Sorry for any bad typing or miss errors. I didn't fix it and I just left it alone for a very long time. @.@

    Day 2

    "Merry Christmas!!!!! "yelled Yoko everywhere. "MERRY CHRISTMAS STRANGER!!! YOU TOO! YOU TOO!"

    Yoko ran to each person shaking their hand and handing them money for a gift. He continue yelling Merry Christmas as well. He held a paper with an address and replied,"Lets see... Lets see... Border Brans Way 145 East. Where's that?"

    He looked up at the sign and yelled," Ping Pong found it!" And there lied an apartment where he glared at and started walking the stairs. He looked at the paper again and turned it around saying 23. So he started looking at the rusty and moaning doors and there was the number 23. He gentle moved his hand to the door but roughly knocked it. He saw the doorknob turn as he simple step back and yelled," MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" Suddenly his eyes grew as he turned red covering his mouth with his hand.

    Of course Castillo appear but she was only wearing a long T-shirt shoulder to knee. Castillo rubbed her eyes and saw Yoko so he just waved hi to him.

    "Ek.... Ek .... Is this my Christmas present from you", he had ask himself blushing more.

    A question mark went above her head? She rubbed her eyes again and answered," What are you talking about? I just wok...e........ Ah! I'm still wearing my pajamas!!! Don't look!"

    She moved he hands around trying to hide any part of her body. She glowed redder every second causing Yoko to laugh. "Oh well too late my sweetheart. When Yoko seen it he seen it. If only I had a camera to enjoy it every second of this. Wait! I got a camera phone! Maybe that work!" Yoko shouted to her.

    "NO! Don't look! Don't do anything!", She yelled to him and ran back in the house. Yoko laughed more to her and just entered the house. He pushed his hair out of his face and examine the apartment. He scratch his head causing his hair to fall back down. "Such a beautiful rich girl that lives in a crappy apartment? Why?"

    He turned his head to the hallway and walked through, Four rooms; four doors stopped him. He rubbed his chin and spoke, " One room of choice should be a bathroom, and another should be a closet/storage room knowing these types of apartments so this means two are rooms. Ones a guest room another is her room since ones not use for her husband cause he must be sleeping right next to her if not living somewhere else by the look of this apartment of course. Ain't I a nerd than?"

    He took out his finger and whispered, "Eni mini my ni moe. Catch the tiger by the toe.... wait no... Start over start over............ click click.... Random says Random howls! Random says lets choose this now!" As he pointed to the last door of the song yet suddenly that door he pointed just open. Castillo came out brushing her hair. She looked at him quoting, "Whats that noise speaking so lightly? It sound like a rat squeaking or something?"

    "Eee.... hehehehe... nothing! (She thinks I'm a rat...... shame to me) Are you ready??" He asked.

    "For what?"

    "It's Christmas my angel what did you expect! Lets go I have to visit a few people!"

    He grabbed her hand and ran pulling her. She dropped the brush and replied," Ah! But what about the house!? What about my husband words were to stay in this house!? What about..!?"

    "Oh stop Castillo! You got to have fun especially on Christmas! And for once in your life try to take off that leash on your neck in this dogs world!"

    "Leash? Eep! Eek!"

    He continue pulling her out of the door closing it and kept running. He smiled as always with such joy as she looked at his childish face causing her to smile back. Each block they passed seem endless yet through each one felt like more excitement kept coming. He finally stop through all those steps they took causing her to bump to him on accident. She looked up of what he saw, an orphanage. The kids at the playground looked so depress until a voice of Yoko's screamed, "HEY ALL!" There spirited lifted so quickly as Castillo saw their reaction. She pulled his shirt lightly and ask," You seem like you been here millions of time playing with them. Do you go do here often on your spare time?"

    He had laughed and answer," Of course but this is part of your dance training with me as well."

    "Oh really?"

    "Such a change of your voice shocking!"

    "Ah! Sorry!"

    "It's ok! Don't worry about it ok. Oh well meet my kids! The precious little things! MY BABIES!!!!"

    Yoko ran to them as the kids laugh with joy seeing him. They ran to him and tackling him down making Yoko laugh. Callisto stared at them so distance watching Yoko laugh causing her to smile brighter. Yoko got off the ground and quickly pointed at Callisto shouting, " Everyone! Meet my one day future wife! My Princess , Callisto! Now children she's shy so don't do anything to bad to her or surprise. And she's beautiful too so if you want a little kiss from her only on the cheek! OK!? This girl is my love life right now! "

    Callisto stayed quiet for a while than suddenly yelled, " I'm not your wife!"

    "She's lying. She's just embarrass that I expect two children from." Yoko laughed and smiled at her as Callisto blushed brightly to him. The children suddenly ran to her trying to hold her hand and all lightly spoke,
    "You and Yoko together? That's great! You both look great together."
    "Your pretty!"
    "Yoko and Callisto sitting in a tree..."
    "Mrs. Callisto! Can we play together at th swing!"

    Callisto blushed more and more looking at the kid and suddenly she was hugged from behind. She turned her head and saw Yoko kissed her cheek. She blushed to him as he moves his hand to her face tapping her nose lightly. He finally spoke, " You know that I love you right?"

    Callisto eyes grew big and tries to speak, " I..... I...."

    The kids stay silent to her Callisto speak as Yoko as well hugging her tighter. She continues speaking, " I... I... think... I...... lo..." But than suddenly she fainted as Yoko falls back on his butt with Callisto weight. Yoko quickly yelled, "Callisto! You alright! Callisto!"

    It grew dark and dark as finally light open her eyes spotting Yoko. She whispered lightly, " Yoko?"

    Yoko looked at her and shouted, " Callisto! Your alright! Thank god! You had a high fever. Your temperature was 38°C. I was worried Callisto really worried. Why didn't you tell me you were sick?"

    Callisto sat up noticing she was on the bed. She didn't speak but she looked at him. Suddenly she started to cry and she hugged Yoko tightly. Yoko took her actions shockly yet hugged her back. He slightly spoke, " Whats the matter Callisto?"

    She sniffed a lot and finally spoke, " I don't know. I don't know at all.... But I knew I didn't had a fever before... I knew that.. My body suddenly went hot when you hugged me and kissed me on the check.. And some how I feel sad leaving tomorrow. I feel real sad. I can't even talk more proper anymore. Tell me Yoko whats wrong with me? Tell me..."

    Yoko smiled and started laughing lightly. She push herself away to see him laugh confuse. Yoko put his hand behind her head and smiled to her brighter answering, "You love me my turtledove. I think thats the answer."

    Her tears went slowly away as she started to turn red. Yoko slowly moved his other free hand on her back and pulled her to move his lips to hers. She blushed brightly but closed her eye and hold on to him tighter than he had.

    He stopped the kiss and whispers, " I love you Callisto so I'm going to stop you from leaving from these arms."

    Day 3 will come soon if not later since I do have bad memory as I do say myself. XD Hope you enjoy it.
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    Re: A short story : Three days of Dance and Love (Continue)

    Beautiful Kuwi love ^^. First to say so too..^^ YEAH! Anyways, I loved how you used the words, the characters and it was old indeed lol. Great work Kuwi ^^
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: A short story : Three days of Dance and Love (Continue)

    this is very good i really like this story and it is very cute ... WOW i even print this story on paper ... the way of writhing and choosing the words were very good .... and i can't wait until i see the the third day .. =^_^=
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