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    Chapter- I The meeting

    In the sweetness of the morning dew drop falling down the thirsty rose with chilled mist growing on the forests near the village of Iropa, breezes the air with a long silky hair and the dark eyeball with cheeky smile of Ayumi Satsuri,a daycare keeper who lives in the village of Iropa with her dearly sister Akanae Satsuri ,her dad who works at bakery shop. Ayumi is one such silly girl who loves forest and have only one policy in her life-Live like no one has lived,she only listens to her sister Akanae and wish to be with her forever
    On the eve of christmas both the sisters wish to be together as they were together and are together and promises to be together no matter what with a penny on Mother Mary's satute..People of the village envy their sisterly love a lot.
    On the shores of other side of the village lies the Kotonaki kingdom, a place where poors burn their bloods under the elite and work as slumdogs.Unaware of this pathetic condition of the kingdom ,the prince of kotonaki- Akiyo Masayuki is pissed off with his duties as prince and tries to sneak out of the fort on the eve of christmas to celebrate it like any other teenager. But as prince Akiyo jumps off the window , the chief-commander Norio Makato sees thru prince and tries to stop him for it might prove dangerous for prince to leave fort on the eve of christmas ,thus inorder to stop prince Akiyo,Norio rises his blade shinning all thru and attacks prince .A fiercing fight took place between Akiyo and Norio, the two fought like blood hunger eagles , in the blink of eye prince Akiyo slays thru Norio and jumps off the bridges and escapes from Norio's eye.
    Prince Akiyo enjoys the day with his companion and childhood friend Amada Tetsuya.Tetsu is a part time jober in Ayumi's bakery shop, for his livings. AS both of them enjoys the day,Norio san sends out men to search for prince Akiyo . As the day passed by prince Akiyo wanted to see 'cho' which lives in the forest near Iropa.Tetsu without any of options was forced to take prince Akiyo with him. Both of their actions were spyed by shadows of enemies who wanted to execute prince for good
    Tetsu and prince Akiyo travel long way thru boat. Soon without even a warning the sky grew cloudy ,filled with storms and roars of waves. As the sweat of fear fell on the grounds of boat Tetsu was attacked. Seeing at the bloody arrow and roars of waves Akiyo doesnt understand wat to do. Just when he covers Tetsu and finally get a hold of the situation and to thinks nothing worse than this can happen. This might not end here, in middle of the river Akiyo found a cyclone and the boat they were travelling in might get stuck in it. Scared and confused prince Akiyo carries Tetsu and swim in the opposite way . While they were stuck in such a horrible situation a flash of light with a sharp edge of blade, and lonely warm eyes from nowhere appeared. Prince Akiyo saw those eyes of betrayal and seeking for revenge, thats when everything went white.
    The snow falls, in the early morning Akanae went with Ayumi to see the 'cho'. On their way Akanae hears a rustling sound. Restless and uneasy as she was she took Ayumi with her to see wat made the rustling sound, Ayumi claimed it to be a Ghost and couldnt move forward , so Akanae left Ayumi behind and went forward. After a while Akanae shriked .Ayumi was astonished and ran frantically towards the forest in search of Akanae.She stopped and was dumbfounded.

    To be continued

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