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Thread: Song of the house of Locke

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    Locke's Twins

    I hope you guys will like this . This is the story line for my own comic book that i am planning on sending to an anime publisher and am hoping to get opinions on it.

    She never knew her mother and her father has always been busy with the council. Her songs have always been entrancing and always showed every emotion she has felt in the past 18 years.

    She was the smallest or most petite among the brood born to Shinju of Locke. His house being the largest in the cove and him holding the position that every one in the council has ever wanted. But his yougnest daughter he has always been unable to help.

    He started thinking that maybe having a human mother has it's down side to him bringing her to the cove. All his children were more sensitive unlike the normal elf born to two elven parents who take on interests like honing their skills in fighting where as his children are more sensitive to others and dislike fighting and hone their skills in magic and the arts as his brothers and his parents have done.

    Shinoya was restless she knew something was wrong. She felt hurt and somehow worried about some woman she didn't know. She was still silently hoping he still remembered her, she looked out the window wondering if he still remembered the little girl he thought she was and she smiled to herself thinking the elf even thought she was human. but the congrave will not allow her marriage to anyone they don't approve after her father took in a human wife.

    She knew something was really wrong even as the moon sang it's song to her assuring her that everything will be alright this heaviness in her heart was something she shouldn't take for granted. As she closed her eyes she saw herself inside a dark room in a place that she was very familiar with as she knew he was there in the king's castle.

    Fear had gripped her heart and she started to break into another song, her brothers were leaving in a fortnight and she was given orders not to wander off too far. she knew one day she will have to talk to him and she will have to take on a journey that leads her to her heart even if what she finds out means it might break her.

    Her wings had started to take her to the highest reaches of Leichten as her song told everyone who heard that she was waiting for him to remember her."Ei corre dieu" she whispered as her eyes closed and prayed that his memory comes back.

    Shino came back into the study and saw his younger sister eyes closed and face up as if praying.

    He couldn't help but give her a hug but he felt the pain of her grief and worry that this Dark elf has given her.

    " you know full well Pahter and the council will not let you wed anyone they don not approve of" he whispered.

    She could not help but turn and hug her brother back as she fought back the tears. Her chest was literally painful and this bothered Shino a lot since his sister ws not one to cry easily.

    The moon had started to rise and the wind was warm but it gave no comfort to the siblings , they knew that more trouble was to come from the council who sought to remove their father and form the darkness that threatened to come as the wolves sounded a warning from far away.

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