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Thread: Stellaesis Divinitus

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    Stellaesis Divinitus

    - Prologue -

    In a distant world, where the creators of all life where known as the Cosmos, or the Divine, humanity was divided into two races: those who where descended from the Stellar Cosmos, known as Celestians, and those who were descended from the Earth, known as Terraenians. However, the two races where at war with eachother over which race was more divine. After countless centuries of war and death, Stellaeus the Celestian King, decided to make a pact between the Celestians and the Terraenians; a pact which was sealed through the marriage of Stellaeus and Terraea, the leader of the Terrans. And with that, the two races began to live together in peace and prosperity. To show a sign that the peace was in existance, the two had bore a son, whom they named Arcana. Being both a Celestian and a Terraenian, the prophets had declared him the child of prophecy; he was then known as the Elecitaea, the chosen child. A prophecy was then bestowed upon his coronation as prince: "Upon the birth of the Electaea, Earth and Sky shall be forever bound as one".

    Within the king's council were the Seven Sages, those who were reknowned for their knowledge of the history before the war, also known as the Great Divide. Because they initially served the king, they were Celestians by birth. The greatest and wisest of the seven sages was Suberutaeus, childhood mentor to Stellaeus. However, with their tremendous knowledge and skill in the Celestian arts, they believed the Celestians to be the dominant race. Seeing the king make a pact of equality with the Terraenians was seen as an act of defiance to the elder traditions. As time went on, Suberutaeus felt as though the king's judgement was clouded with compassion and reason, and began to commit acts against the king's orders, such as shunning the Terraenians with cold indifferance, reguarding them as earthen scum. As soon as the king became aware of their actions, the Seven Sages were charged with disrupting the balance, and later banished from the kingdom.

    As an act of revenge, the Sages began to gather followers for a coup de dat: the death of the king and queen, as well as the child of prophecy.
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