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Thread: The story of Jake

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    The story of Jake

    Ok well you guys don't have to read this as its only to see how good a story i wrote. Feel free to add some suggestions this is not a true story.

    I opened my eyes. As i got up from the bed, i remembered. The strange events that will start to happen in my life starts on the day. The day i felt IT. It was a day like any other day. I got up, ate breakfast, went to school. It was then until i got onto the school bus that changed. It was strange. Only the bus driver and I were on it, as he told me most of the students got the flu. It was not convincing, as i wondered how did 200 students got the flu at the same time. It wasn't a coincidence. I sat down at the back. I checked through my backpack for my assignments. Then i heard the bus door open. I immediately glared at it wondering who will walk through it. A girl dressed in a blue and black t shirt with a pink skirt surrounded by a dazzling pattern of decorations sat down on the front seat. I never seen her before. Was she new? Or maybe i have never noticed her on the bus. I shifted through my memories to see if i saw her anywhere. I couldn't seem to find her in my memories. I got up and started walking toward her. I sat down next to her and introduced myself. "Hi", said I,"My name is Jake. Are you new? I never saw you around before." i paused for 3 seconds only to get this response, "Yes i am new. My name is Jen. Nice to meet you." I then felt a surge of fear and strange power throughout my body. What was that? i might of thought. The bus stopped and we were at school. Suprisingly, only a measly number of students arrived at school today. "How were the others affected by the flu but they weren't?" I thought. I noticed i only knew about half of the students and i could probably name only two. The day was getting stranger and stranger...

    Well that's only a portion of the story. And i might not write the rest.

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    Re: The story of Jake

    It's interesting it can be a good story if you continue it man
    Don't mess with me unless your looking to die

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