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Thread: The Story of the Thief Vin

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    The Story of the Thief Vin

    Chapter 1 : The Thief
    The moon shone up in the sky. A fourteen year old boy darted across the roof tops. His black hair swayed in the breeze, and his mask faced the direction of a rich merchant's house. He noticed a rope, most likely a clothesline, and dashed over to it. He pulled out his sword and grabbed the rope.
    With the sword, he cut the rope and swung across the empty road. He landed on the balcony of a window. This extraordinary teenager's name was Vin. Vin pulled out a knife and cut a hole thru the window just big enough for him to squeeze through quickly. He inched thru the hole and crept to the middle of the room. All of the sudden, the lights flashed on.
    "Hello Vin. I guess you finally showed up!" cackled a prison guard.
    "Shouldn't you be locking up Edward Teach and his band of pirates?" replied Vin.
    "I should be, but I ain't. We've been hired to get you. Now then, KILL HIM!!!" Around fifteen guards came after Vin. He pulled out his sword to defend himself. Vin blocked and dodged well but he knew he couldn't win. He slashed and killed the two closests guards to him and jumped thru the window hole.
    One guard thru a rock and shattered the glass. Vin made a quick turn as a guard lunged for him. The guard missed and fell on to the unpaven road.
    "I think I broke my spine!" declared the injured guard.
    "That looked like it hurt" snickered Vin as he started running with the guards close behind him.
    "It did" replied the guard thirty feet down on the road.
    The guards ran after him as Vin ran to the top story roofing. He ran faster than they did, and as the guards chased him, he reached the edge of the building. Vin thoguht quicker than most boys his age,though, and jumped off the side, spun, and caught on to the gutter. The guards, not seeing this action, coninued to run and fell off.
    Some of the guards landed on crates and barrels, but most landed on the street. The unlucky one, however, landed on a sleeping Doberman and was killed.
    Vin pulled himself up, just to see their leader had not kept running. The man was already charging at him, trying to kill him. Vin dodged, hoping the leader would fall on the Doberman and get killed like the other guard, but the leader stopped and turned before he fell of the side.
    As the leader regained balance, Vin noticed a tree, which was much taller than the building, with a rope around one of the higher up branches where he was. At the top of the rope, there was a piano, slowly being lowered into a hole in the roof. At the other end of the rope, there was a man trying not to drop the piano and was straining his arms.
    Vin crept over to the rope and tied another smaller piece of rope to the rope around the tree. The leader, who had just regained his footing, noticed Vin and started to charge at him again. Vin dodged and the leader tried to turn, but the smaller rope was wrapped around his foot.
    Vin went over to the larger rope, and cut it with his sword.
    "Have a nice flight." Vin said, as the piano fell with the prison leader tied to it. The leader shot over the branch and followed the piano as it knocked a giant hole through three stories of housing.
    The leader followed close behind the piano and when the piano hit the ground, the leader hit the piano, and became a splattered mess across the piano and floor.
    Then a blinding light shone towards Vin. The Sun. Vin cursed under his breath and left.
    "This is terrible!" the owner of the house shouted. "Three guards dead, most injured, and their leader is now a big, red mess all over my new piano! The worst is, Vin got away! I WANT A PRICE ON HIS HEAD!!!"
    The next mourning, the Cryptlock guards, riding their armoured tigers, came into the market square.
    "Anyone who has seen this man," the guard shouted, while holding up Vin's wanted poster," must tell the Cryptlock guards immediatly! His name is Vin and he is a master thief. If you just give us infromation, there will be handsome reward!"
    With the guards done talking, they rode away. At the same time of their departure, Vin wandered into the market place. Life went on as usual. Everyone started selling things again.
    People were shouting, children were playing, and thieves were stealing money and breakfast. The thieves ran off with apples and bread, but most were caught and left to die. Vin, on the other hand, never got caught. He stole food for himself and for the caught thieves.
    After feeding the thieves, Vin noticed and tent he had never seen before. This was, thankfully, by the cake stall. So much pastry goodness. The tent had an eye on it for some reason, and the eye was looking at him. The staring contest between Vin and the tent ended when he noticed some thieves going into the tent. He watched the enterance of the tent for a while, but stopped when a purple light from the bottom of the tent flashed. After the light had fadded, nothing happened. Everyone stared at the enterance.
    One of the fish mongers decided to go in, but was nailed away by a giant arm before he even got in. A gian half-man, half-monster walked out of the tent.
    End of Chapter 1

    Tell me what you thought and if enough people liked it i will put on the other 4 chapters.
    What do you see?

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    Re: The Story of the Thief Vin

    very good story! *clapping*

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    Re: The Story of the Thief Vin

    Hey Splyk, when are you going to post the rest? I know you have it, and people are waiting.
    "So take a piece, but not too much."

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    Re: The Story of the Thief Vin

    Like your story. Vin is an interesting character. Will you add more?
    The world will look up and shout "Save us!" and I'll whisper... no.

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