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Thread: A strand of golden hair

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    A strand of golden hair

    I GET BORED! i have wrote this one and 'Sagasaki' in like 5 yrs, it took forever , then i have another one called 'Pokemon Switch'


    “InuYasha is on tonight, do you want to come over?” asked a happy Kay.

    Michelle nodded and picked up her backpack. “Sure. But I hate how Adult Swim makes it so late! It’s hard to keep up until 11:30.”

    “For you,” Kay said, smirking. “You know I have no problem staying up that late. I just have a problem waiting for that stupid Aqua Teen Hunger Force show to get done.”

    Michelle sighed and rolled her eyes as she opened the school door to get outside.

    “Freedom... For today,” Michelle said as she breathed in the fresh air.

    They walked together for about two blocks and then Kay waved and turned right, her house being only about two blocks from the school... She went into her house and Michelle kept walking, going to her house only about two more blocks away from Kay's house.

    The two couldn’t be more apart. Maybe not in their looks, but in their attitude, mostly. Michelle was Native American, and had super straight black hair and looked like a big-boned Asian, meaning she had a little more fat, or muscle, on her than Kay. Michelle also had dark brown eyes, so brown that you almost couldn’t tell they weren’t black. Her skin was darker than most, and she liked to keep her fingernails long for a quick self-defense weapon. She also kept her hair in a low ponytail that reached her lower back.

    Kay was skinny. Super skinny. But she was always hungry. She had long fingernails like Michelle, and they were always kept long, unless she broke one. Then she cut them. Her eyes were hazel, and her hair was wavy chocolate brown that had gold highlights in the sun. She was more lanky than Michelle, but neither of them seemed to be taller. She was also almost a whole year older than Michelle. She wore a high ponytail that reached her high back, and it curled much like a Barbie doll’s.

    Both girls were strong, hated ‘girly’ stuff, and disliked skirts. They were always kinda weird, so they stuck together, but Kay was the one who introduced Michelle to InuYasha, even though she had seen an episode or two before. She also introduced Michelle to manga, because Kay loved to draw in the anime and manga style.

    Michelle came from a family of three other brothers, though one was nice, but had already moved out. Kay was an only child, and had a dad that was always away on business trips, but she didn’t mind.

    Michelle was always dissing people, and insulting them, but she had a good side, but she only showed it to few people, like Kay and Kay’s neighbor. Those were two examples. She also liked to swear, whereas Kay didn’t swear much, except for a few times when she was really angry. Michelle also liked to tease a lot, but didn’t seem to know when to stop. Kay was smart, one of those people who seemed to be able to use her whole brain, not just a part of it, so she had quite a bit of common sense... sometimes.

    Kay walked into her house and sighed. She walked into the TV room and put her backpack next to her, bringing out her Algebra homework. She sighed again and opened her book, losing interest almost instantly, but wrote on the paper:Assignment: Algebra, pages 84 - 86

    You should do this, Kay... Not tonight. I’m too tired. NOW DAMMIT! No. Now shut up. Kay sighed and closed her book, and suddenly feeling cold, she brought up her favorite clothing item, an old black zip-up hoodie sweatshirt that was her grandfathers’, and put it on over her ‘happy bunny’ shirt that had a bunny in a straightjacket and said ‘crazy doesn’t even begin to cover it.’ Her sweatshirt was warm from being wrapped up around her hips. She put her book in her bag and put the backpack on the floor.

    She looked at her baggy jeans, bored, wondering what to do. It was so cold in her house... She didn’t want to kick off her shoes because of that. When will Michelle get here? Kay asked herself as she got up to get a glass of milk, her favorite drink. She noticed that it was 3:45

    As she was drinking the milk, a doorbell rang. Must be Michelle. That was quick enough.

    A black dog sped through the kitchen and stopped in front of the door, barking. He had a white chest, and a puppy face, and wasn’t a very big dog. He barked like crazy and looked through the window into Michelle’s impatient face.

    “CHARLIE, SHUT UP!” Kay yelled as she walked to the door. She pulled on Charlie’s collar and opened the door, in a way that an expert would do it. “Hurry and come in before my dog makes me deaf!” Kay pulled on Charlie’s collar as Michelle walked through the door, bringing in her backpack.

    The two walked towards the TV room and Kay turned on her TV, waiting for InuYasha to come on. They watched the TV shows and talked a little bit, and when it got darker outside, which was about 8 o’clock, Kay said, “Do you want a blanket? I’m going to get one.”

    Michelle nodded and got up, following Kay to the living room. Kay opened a large chest that stood next to a wall and looked inside it, searching for a good blanket. She searched and searched, but instead of finding a blanket, she saw a glow. Michelle saw it too, and she helped Kay move aside some of the bigger blankets.

    When they reached the bottom of the chest, the glow subsided and they saw the bottom of the chest. That was it.

    “Well, that was stupid,” Michelle said as she glared at the bottom of the chest.

    Charlie stood up, putting his paws on the side of the chest and looked inside. Suddenly, he jumped in, and disappeared!

    “Charlie!” Kay yelled as she jumped in too.

    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    “Get back here!” Michelle yelled as she jumped in after the dog and the girl. She glared into space and then saw light flow around her, making her forget the anger she felt, and made her look for her friend. She saw Kay and moved towards her.

    Kay was holding onto her dog for dear life, and saw Michelle.

    Kay glared at her dog and then turned to her friend. “What the hell is going on!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.

    Michelle shrugged and thought hard as she glared into space.

    Just as suddenly as whatever they were doing happened, they landed on the ground softly.

    “Charlie, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore,” said Kay. Kay let go of her dog and Charlie sped through the woods, leaving them alone in the woods.

    “But… We don’t live in Kansas,” Michelle said, looking after Charlie with a puzzled expression and ignoring the fact that Charlie had just run away, even though she was looking directly at him when he ran off.

    “Damn dog,” Kay said as she glared after him.

    “Do you have a cell phone?” Michelle asked, brushing off her baggy jeans and standing up. Her purple shirt was full of dirt now.

    Kay didn’t look at Michelle, but stood up and glared after Charlie. “No. But I don’t need one to know where we are. We’re in Feudal Japan, just like in InuYasha,” Kay said as she turned towards her friend. She looked at Michelle’s face and laughed, Michelle did the same.

    “You look so funny as an anime character!” Kay and Michelle said at the same time. Kay smirked and then turned towards where Charlie ran off again. Kay’s big, giant anime eyes were pretty, and had a slight green tinge. Michelle’s were slightly smaller and were colored like any other character in the show.

    “We better go find a village or see if we can find InuYasha and his group before we encounter a-” started Kay.

    “DEMON!” Michelle yelled as Charlie ran towards them, followed by a large demon that was very, very ugly.

    Kay gasped as she saw the demon, and she then glared and let out a low growl... which was weird for a human.

    Charlie turned around and stood in front of Kay, who had pulled Michelle next to her, so she wouldn’t be a prime target... Who she was thinking about when she pulled Michelle next to her, no one would know.

    Charlie growled and bared his teeth. Not faltering in his stance.

    Well, this is one thing he’s good for, thought Kay. Wait, why do my thoughts sound like their echoing? Oh yeah, I’m in an anime... They always echo.
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 1: Enter Kay and Michelle

    “What are we going to do Michelle! We can’t do anything to stop that demon! The only thing we’re good for is bruising people and scratching their eyes out!” Kay yelled, looking at the demon. “How’re we supposed to kill it!”

    Michelle looked just as worried, but to people who didn’t know her, she just would look like she’s angry.

    Just then, as the demon took a few steps forward, Charlie growled even more and his hair started to stand up on end. His body grew three times his size, and his tail got large and fluffy. His teeth grew sharper, and claws sharper too, and his eyes changed to a red color. His collar also got bigger too, and looked a little bit frayed.

    “Charlie became bigger and now I’m explaining everything like you would in an anime!” yelled Michelle, pointing at Charlie.

    “And your mouth doesn’t match what you are saying!” Kay yelled, watching Michelle’s mouth.

    Charlie growled and attacked the demon, easily overpowering it and killing it.

    Kay watched him transform back to normal and he walked towards Kay, his tail wagging happily. “He must have been protecting me. And since we got into the anime, we must have gotten the ability to fight back. Maybe we’ll be important characters, and then we won’t die? That would be nice...” Kay pet her dog and scratched him behind the ears, making him lift his head slightly.

    “I hope so,” Michelle said, looking around. “So, how are we supposed to find InuYasha?”

    “I dunno. We could start traveling... Hey! Maybe Charlie can fly like Kirara!” Kay said as she looked at him. “And maybe he actually became smart because of his ability to transform now!”

    “Maybe! Charlie, can you transform for us?”

    Charlie panted, making him look like he was smiling, and he transformed into his giant dog form.

    Kay smiled and hugged her dog, scratching him and petting him at the same time. “You’re smart! You aren’t dumb anymore!”

    Charlie gave out a low, playful growl and licked Kay’s ear. “Can you fly, Charlie?” Kay asked as she let go of her dog and looked at him. He nodded his head.

    “Yay!” yelled the two girls as they hugged him.

    “You’re so cute! Even when you’re a giant vicious dog that can kill people!” Kay said as she walked to his side. “Can we climb on you and then will you help us find InuYasha and the people he’s traveling with?” Charlie barked and nodded his head. “Good. He’s half dog demon, and half human, so his scent should be fairly easy to pick up. Once you find him with your nose, just run to him, and we should be able to get there quickly. We can travel with them, and then figure out how to get home.”

    Kay and Michelle climbed on the giant dog’s back and he started to walk towards the nearest trail, and then took a left. While on the trail he sniffed the air to try and find the scent he was looking for, and enjoyed the scratching he got from Kay, who was in front, and Michelle in the back.

    “You know what? I think Charlie is smarter than your brothers now,” Kay said, smirking.

    “He’s always been smarter than my brothers,” Michelle said, patting Charlie on the side. “They don’t even have the intelligence of a rock, let alone a dog.”

    Charlie let out a couple of odd sounding barks, which Kay took as laughter.

    He stopped for a second, sniffed the air and then looked through the trees.

    I wonder if he smells InuYasha? Kay thought as she looked towards where Charlie was looking.

    I might.

    What was that? Kay thought.

    It’s me. Your dog. I can speak to you. Just you, because you’re the person I’m closest to... Like your... best friend, as you humans usually say. Charlie smirked as much as a dog could. I don’t know if I smell the one you’re looking for. But I do smell a dog. I can’t tell if it’s human or not.

    Do you smell any others? Kay asked.

    I can’t tell.

    Then we’ll just have to chance it. The only other dog demon I know of is Sesshoumaru, and if we run into him then we’ll just run for it. You can fly, right?

    I’m pretty sure, but I’d need to practice a little bit, Charlie answered.

    Kay relayed what he said to Michelle and she looked at her with an expression of utter confusion. “You can talk to your dog! How the hell can you talk to your dog!” Michelle asked.

    “Like I know. It makes as much sense as anything else here, right? Especially that crap with the Shikon Jewel and the four parts of a soul. Shigimi tama or whatever and whatever else tama there is. Remember that episode?” Kay said, smiling.

    “Yeah. That was the one where Sango brought them to that cave and Myoga got in trouble for bringing the Jewel piece, right?” Michelle said, smiling also.

    Will you two stop gossiping and relax? I’m going to follow the scent, but you have to hold on. I’m going to try and fly, Charlie said as he lowered himself a little bit.

    “Sorry, Charlie.” Kay blushed a little bit and she turned towards Michelle. “Charlie says to shut up and he’s going to try and fly. Hold onto my waist,” Kay said as she turned back around and held onto Charlie’s collar.

    “Ready!” Michelle and Kay said together, bracing themselves. Charlie took a couple steps forward, and then started to run. He put his head down a little bit and then jumped, landing on the ground. He kept running and jumped again, and then fell to the ground.

    Pretend to be running in the air! That’s how Kirara flies on the show, Kay said to Charlie through her thoughts.

    He nodded and tried again, jumping and then moving his legs again in the air. He got higher and higher, going higher each time he moved his legs like he was running.

    He turned towards where the scent was coming from and flew through the air, looking for anything that looked unfamiliar.

    InuYasha has white hair and dog ears, so you’ll be able to find him easy. Kay pat Charlie twice on the head and looked around.

    Charlie flew towards the smell and saw someone in the distance. He had white hair and was very tall. Charlie flew towards the figure and then landed softly on the ground, about ten yards away.

    “That’s Sesshoumaru!” Michelle whispered excitedly.

    “We have to go find InuYasha, this isn’t him... It’s all right Charlie,” Kay said, patting her dog and looking away.

    “Did you say... InuYasha?” said a cold voice. Sesshoumaru turned and stared at the two girls and their dog with an emotionless gaze. He looked at them and said, “What do you want with InuYasha?”

    “We are seeking his help. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be going,” Kay said as she pat her dog. “Charlie, let’s go.”

    Charlie turned away from Sesshoumaru, who was standing there, looking bored, and started to run. He leapt and started to run, flying through the sky.

    “He looked like he was going to kill us,” Michelle said as she looked at the figure of Sesshoumaru that kept getting smaller.

    “That wouldn’t be surprising. You’ve seen what he did in the first movie,” Kay said.

    What’d he do? Charlie asked.

    “He sliced these two demons to nothing with just a move of his hand! It was like a giant whip came from his claws. He used his claws before he got his giant super-powerful sword,” Kay answered her dog, feeling kinda silly talking to him like that.

    Oh... It’s a good thing that you two know everything about this place, because I sure don’t. Charlie sniffed the air and then took a sharp turn to the left, smelling a dog.

    Let’s hope it’s InuYasha this time, thought Kay. She blocked off her thoughts from Charlie, not wanting him to hear certain things.
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 2: A Meeting that Wouldn’t be Forgotten

    Charlie flew over the treetops, enjoying the view greatly. He hummed as much as a dog could hum, and looked around, slowly flying to try and see if he could find InuYasha. His limits on seeing any colors other than blue, yellow and shades of gray prevented him from seeing certain things, but he continued to look around, trying to find another person with white hair.

    Charlie, instead of looking around for InuYasha, why don’t you try finding his scent? It would be much easier, Kay said to her dog, petting him on his side.

    He exhaled heavily from his nose and then sniffed the air, trying to find what he was looking for. The smell of trees overpowered his nose, but he tried to ignore it and smelled for any demons.

    “Is that a village up ahead? Yeah! Charlie, land down there. We could probably see if there’s anything that we can use to help us get back home!” Michelle said.

    Charlie started his decent and landed in front of a house that looked rather plain. The two girls got off and Charlie transformed back to normal. Kay walked towards the house and lifted the fabric in front of the door and peaked inside and saw Kaede sleeping inside. Well, it was night, so of course she would be sleeping.

    Kay turned toward Michelle and said, in a slightly hushed but excited tone, “Michelle! This is Kaede’s village! Kaede is inside this hut! If we stay with her, we will eventually find InuYasha, because they’ll come here!”

    How come the houses look so bland? Charlie asked as he sniffed the door.

    “It’s the Feudal era, what do you expect? Mansions?” Kay said, smirking. Her smirk quickly faded though, as she ran inside Kaede’s hut and made a ruckus doing so.

    Kaede woke up and saw a couple of distressed girls and a dog at her door. Inside her hut. HER HUT. Damn kids. Always barging in. IN MY DAMN HUT! But their clothes look a lot like Kagome’s... thought the old lady.

    “What are ye doing here?” Kaede asked.

    “Why do ye have an old English accent?” Kay muttered so that only Michelle and Charlie could hear her. They both giggled and tried to suppress laughter. “We’re here to find InuYasha and his companions. We are from the same time as Kagome, but another country. We would like to ask their assistance to help us get home.”

    “Why do you sound so official all of the sudden?” Michelle asked.

    “Well, I don’t want to sound like an idiot. Unlike some people, I’m smarter than that, and I want to make a good impression,” Kay said, folding her arms.

    “You could have fooled me,” Michelle said, smirking.

    Kay turned towards Michelle and kicked her in the shin.

    “OW! I already have a bruise on my other leg from you! Don’t kick me anymore!” yelled Michelle.

    “Then why don’t you shut up!” Kay yelled back at her friend.

    “Quiet!” Kaede said to the two of them. “Now,” she started, once they quieted down, “why don’t ye tell me ye names, so I can know who I be talking to.”

    That has to be the stupidest accent ever... Kay thought as she smiled and folded her hands together.

    Kay started by saying, mocking Kaede’s accent, “This be Charlie, I be Kay, and this moron be--”

    “Michelle,” interrupted Michelle, her arms folded.

    “Yeah. The town idiot is Michelle, and we’re looking for InuYasha. Since we know that you know where he is, we came to you,” Kay said, smiling.

    Michelle glared at her and kept her mouth shut, a difficult task for one such as her.

    “So, Kaede, can you tell us where they are?” Kay asked.

    “How do ye know my name?” Kaede asked.

    “A villager!” Michelle answered quickly.

    Kaede, looking startled from the sudden outburst, but took the answer given to her, nodded and said, “Kagome told me that she would be coming here from her time in about a day. InuYasha and the others are staying near the well, waiting for her arrival. Ye may rest here until they come back.”

    Kay smiled and yawned, making Charlie yawn too. The two girls sat down, backs against the wall, and soon fell asleep.

    - - -

    Kay woke up first that morning and groaned. She pushed Michelle to wake her up, and she just turned over on the floor.

    “Hey, stupid! Wake up!” Kay yelled as she pushed Michelle again.

    This time she opened her eyes and groaned again. “Ugh... What happened last night?”

    “You went to a party, got drunk, had sex with your brother and have an STD,” Kay said, looking like she was going to hit Michelle on the head. “Oh yeah, we’re stuck in Feudal Japan, too.”

    “Right... I forgot... You were kidding about that party stuff, right?” Michelle asked.

    “No, I was telling the whole truth,” Kay said sarcastically.

    “Ha ha. Very funny. Anyway, when do you think InuYasha will be here?” Michelle asked.

    He’s coming right now, with a bunch of people too, Charlie said, yawning.

    “They’re on the way. Charlie can smell them,” Kay said to Michelle, as she sat up and then looked at the door, expecting it to open any minute.

    As she watched the door, she heard something outside.

    “Won’t you make any ramen for me? Please?” said a familiar voice.

    “That’s InuYasha!” said the two girls together.

    “InuYasha! Can’t I just relax a little bit? I just got back! And you’ve been pestering me the whole time!” said another familiar voice.

    “Leave her be, InuYasha. Women like to have their space,” said a male’s voice. A loud slap could then be heard and the two girls knew what that male had done.

    “Practice what you preach, monk!” said an angry woman.

    “He never learns...” said a small child.


    Charlie’s ears perked up and he stood, licking his lips.

    “Don’t you even think about it, bub,” Kay said, glaring at her dog.

    InuYasha walked in, sulking, and he stopped in the door frame.

    “InuYasha! Will you move!” said Kagome’s voice as she tried pushing the half demon out of the way. “We can’t get in!”

    InuYasha looked at the girls and the dog with uncertainty. “Who are you?” he growled, putting a hand on his sword.

    “Cool it, dog boy. We’re just humans. We actually came here searching for you guys,” Kay said, putting a hand on the ground and standing up. She reached nowhere near InuYasha’s height, but looked to be about the same height as Kagome.

    Speaking of which, Kagome finally pushed her way in, and the other’s followed.

    Kay and Michelle were amazed. Seeing all of their favorite characters, right in front of them. “Wow...” whispered Michelle, looking at them all.

    Miroku walked up to them and took both of their hands at the same time, and said, “What beautiful young ladies. Would you two like to bear my children?”

    Kay brought her leg back and then struck Miroku hard in the crotch, and when he put his hands down, Michelle punched him in the chin, causing a lot of pain for the perverted monk.

    Miroku then fell on the ground, clutching various places on his body and said in a very high voice, “You two are feisty, aren’t you?”

    “I wish I knew a name for a man-slut,” Kay said, her arms folded and glaring at Miroku.

    “I think the word you’re looking for is queer,” Michelle said.

    “No, that means gay,” Kay answered, laughing.

    Sango smiled and said, “I see you’ll have no problem with Miroku.”

    “Hey, where’s Shippo?” asked Kagome, as she looked around.

    “And Kirara...” Sango said, looking outside.

    “Wow... It’s so cool. Miroku, Sango, Kagome and InuYasha, all standing in front of us!” Michelle said, beaming.

    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    “How do you know our names?” InuYasha growled.

    “Um, we live in a town where you guys are very well known. It’s somewhere in America,” Kay lied.

    “So you guys are also from the present time, like me?” Kagome asked, looking at their clothes.

    “Uh, yeah,” Michelle said, looking out the door.

    Then, as if on cue, Shippo walked into the hut with Kirara next to him.

    Charlie growled and bared his teeth, and Kirara mewed. She growled a little bit too, and then transformed into her large cat self. Charlie’s growling faltered a little bit, but then he just smirked as much as a dog can. He then changed into his own huge animal self, towering over Kirara. He growled and licked his lips, frightening Kirara so she transformed back.

    “CHARLIE! STOP IT NOW!” Kay yelled at her dog, but he didn’t stop. Kay ran over to Kagome and looked through her bag, getting some odd looks from everyone.

    Charlie barked a couple times and growled again at Kirara. But Kay ran in front of Charlie, holding a rolled up piece of paper. She hit it against her hand hard and said, “Charlie! Bad dog!”

    He transformed back and went to another corner of the room, hiding from the evil rolled up paper, his arch enemy.

    Kay smirked and heard Kagome say, “I need to get InuYasha trained like that.”

    Kay turned around and handed Kagome’s homework that she stole from her bag back to her and said, “So, anyway, I’m Kay, that’s Michelle and you met Charlie.”

    I’m glad I didn’t get to know him any better! said a small squeaky voice inside her mind.

    Kay’s eyes widened as she looked to the cat and gasped. Did you just talk to me

    Kirara nodded and meowed, and then decided to jump on Kay’s shoulder and purr. She nuzzled her head against Kay’s cheek and said to her, I am a demon after all. I’m not just some stupid animal.

    “I know you aren’t a stupid animal!” Kay said to the cat.

    “Are you talking to Kirara?” Sango said, pointing to Kay. Everyone seemed to be looking at her with expressions that said ‘crazy girl’.

    Kay looked back at Michelle, looking for help, and Michelle walked up and put a hand on Kay’s shoulder.

    “She can talk to her dog too... Kay thinks it has something to do with being important and being able to protect ourselves. That’s why Charlie can transform!” explained Michelle. She smiled and Kay blushed, looking at the floor.

    “Oh...” Shippo said, staring at them, still very confused.

    Thanks for making it better, Michelle! Kay said in her mind.

    Your welcome... Ahem... You know, I just found out about this now, Michelle said, staring at Kay.

    If it didn’t look weird, I would hit you right now... Kay said to Michelle, glaring at her.

    You know, you two are very annoying. Especially when you’re fighting, Charlie said to them.

    “WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP!” Kay yelled. “I would like to keep my head to myself for a while, MICHELLE!” She turned towards Michelle and growled at her, making her look even more dangerous than InuYasha.

    “You know... If we can talk using our minds, just think what else we can do!” Michelle said, looking victorious. Kay sighed and fell to the floor.

    “Anyway,” started Kay, who was still on the floor, “can we travel with all of you? We need to find our way home.”

    Before anyone could object, Kagome said, “Yes, you can. I don’t want to leave you both here. If you both are important, we should probably bring you with us.”

    Damn! Now I have to watch over two more brats! thought InuYasha, glaring at them and folding his arms.

    “WE HEARD THAT!” Kay and Michelle yelled.
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 3: Eyes in the Dark

    The next morning the group got ready to leave and then set off, looking for the jewel shards and trying to figure out a way for Kay and Michelle to get home. Their first stop was the Bone-Eater’s well.

    They walked there, not stopping for anything on the way. Once they made it to the well, Kay and Michelle stood in front of it, wondering if they should jump in or not. “I’ll go in first, and if you guys don’t get through, I’ll come back. I’ll go in for... moral support!”

    Kagome jumped in the well with ease, disappearing at the bottom.

    “You go first,” Michelle said to Kay.

    Kay shook her head and pointed to Michelle.

    InuYasha sighed and pushed the two down the well, sending them plunging to the bottom. Michelle screamed and Kay braced herself for impact, and then they landed on the ground with a soft thump.

    “I don’t think we’ll be able to get though...” Michelle said to Kay.

    “Well that’s just perfect!” Kay yelled as she looked up at the top of the well.

    “Thanks for giving us a bruise, jerk!” Kay yelled to InuYasha.

    Michelle decided to join in the insult fight and said, “You mother f--”

    Kay put a hand over Michelle’s mouth and told her mentally, We’re on a TV show, idiot!

    Michelle mumbled something that couldn’t be heard because of Kay’s hand. “You know, I like you sounding like this instead of your usual loudmouth self,” Kay said with a smirk.

    Kagome then was at the bottom of the well next to them, looking at them sadly. “I guess you can’t get through,” Kagome said.

    Kay removed her hand from Michelle’s mouth and Michelle said, “Ya think!”

    “Well, we should get going,” Kay said, starting to climb out of the well as best she could. Once they were all out of the well, Charlie transformed and so did Kirara. Kay and Michelle got on top of Charlie and Sango and Shippo on top of Kirara, and they set off, running at high speeds. InuYasha and Kagome started to run in front of the two large creatures, and Miroku followed them.

    After about a half hour of running, Kay asked Kirara, How do you keep running for so long? It’s so boring! And I would get tired so quickly.

    Well, I’m a demon, InuYasha’s a half demon, your dog is cool, and Miroku... Who knows why he can run like that, Kirara answered.

    Kay sighed and looked ahead, wondering if they could do any more weird things, like Michelle suggested. Kay looked at her nails and then glared at them, wondering how they were supposed to get home.

    Soon enough, night came and the group stopped in a small clearing in the forest, making camp there. Kagome and Shippo went to sleep in her sleeping bag and InuYasha took a tree for comfort. Kay sat by the fire, looking into it, but not seeing anything. Charlie laid by Kay, and Michelle laid by Charlie, falling asleep rather quickly. Miroku and Sango slept near each other on the ground, already asleep.

    Kirara bounced over to Kay and landed on her shoulder, nuzzling her cheek. Kirara had become very fond of Kay quite fast, mainly because Kay liked to talk to Kirara.

    You look sad, Kirara said to her, bouncing down to Kay’s lap for comfort.

    Kay looked into the fire and nodded. I miss my mom. I want to get home as soon as possible... And you know what’s worse? In my world, this place isn’t even real...

    What’s that mean? Kirara asked.

    We watch you guys on a box. It’s a half hour show that Michelle and I, and many, many other people watch... It’s kinda hard to explain. But that means that I know everything about you guys, Kay said, looking at the small kitty in her lap. Kay pet Kirara and soon enough Kirara fell asleep on her lap, troubling thoughts in her mind.

    Kay watched the fire and then fell asleep also, wondering how she was supposed to get home.

    - - -

    Kay opened her eyes to see it was still dark, but the fire had went out a while ago. Something was wrong... Kay didn’t know what, but something was wrong.

    She got up, waking Kirara too. Looking around, she saw a pair of red eyes in the trees, looking at her. Kay’s own hazel eyes widened and she stared into the red ones, wondering what it could be.

    “Show yourself!” she yelled, waking everyone except for Michelle. InuYasha sensed it too, and he dropped from the tree, taking out his Tetsusaiga.

    “What is that thing!” he yelled, seeing the red eyes in front of him.

    Then they disappeared, leaving without a trace.
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 4: Ruthless Bear Demon

    “Kanna! Come here,” said a dark voice, belonging to none other than Naraku. At his call, a young girl walked into the castle room. Her hair was white and she showed no emotion, no nothing.

    “Yes, Naraku...” said Kanna in a dull voice.

    Naraku smirked, his matted hair moving slightly from a sudden draft. “Kagura. I know you’re watching. It’s not that hard to tell if you’re watching. Come out here,” Naraku said, watching his other reincarnation come out. She walked out, her red eyes almost glowing as much as the eyes watching InuYasha and the others. She walked in, looking angry, like usual, and walked over to Naraku.

    “Kanna, show me InuYasha,” Naraku said, looking into her mirror.

    “Yes, Naraku...” Kanna answered, turning her mirror slightly. Then it showed the group, sleeping soundly.

    “Who are those girls, and that dog?” Kagura asked, staring into the mirror.

    “Those are the girls I summoned here. They will be very important for my plans,” Naraku said, smirking and looking into the mirror.

    In the mirror, Kay woke up, and turned to see red eyes looking at her. She stared right at the poison insect watching them, and then shouted something that they could not hear though Kanna’s mirror.

    Naraku called his insect back to him, and it left, leaving the group wondering what had happened. Naraku smirked.

    “What is your plan?” Kagura asked Naraku.

    He shook his head and answered, “You’ll have to wait and see.”

    - - -

    Kay glared at the trees, trying to figure out what it was that had watched them. She sighed, closing her eyes and put her hand on her head, looking rather tired.

    “I’m going to go to bed...” Kay said, laying down again, Kirara coming close to her and snuggling next to her. But Kay didn’t fall asleep until an hour later, when she was sure that whatever was there before was gone now.

    - - -

    When Kay woke up, she had a heavy dog on her legs and she could hear a new fire in front of her, and she could tell that InuYasha was already up. How? She just knew. One of those things. Those things that you know, but you don’t know how you know about it... Yeah...

    She growled and said, “Charlie, get off my legs. You’re so heavy!” She pulled her legs out from under him and got up, waking Charlie and Kirara. She looked towards InuYasha and sighed.

    “I guess you’re up. I’m waiting for Kagome to get up to make us some ramen. I really want some. Do you like ramen?” InuYasha asked Kay.

    “Um... Yeah. I do. Ramen is good,” Kay answered, looking at InuYasha like he was crazy.

    InuYasha looked at the fire, probably thinking about ramen. Then Kagome woke up, and InuYasha went over to her.

    “Get me some ramen, woman!” InuYasha yelled, grabbing her shoulders.


    InuYasha fell to the ground and growled. “Damn you.”

    Kagome sighed and went to her backpack, getting some instant ramen out, and then getting ready to cook it over the fire. She fixed the ramen and then put it in three bowls, leaving the rest of the ramen in a large bowl for the others. She gave a bowl to InuYasha and Kay, and one to herself, and then gave them chopsticks.

    Kay knew how to use chopsticks, but wasn’t very good at it... especially with slippery noodles. The others were up by the time Kay had eaten only half her bowl. When Michelle got her ramen, she wasn’t doing any better.

    “Why are you guys so bad with chopsticks?” Shippo asked.

    Kay took her face out from the bowl, having drunk some of the juice and tried to get some more noodles easier, and said, “We aren’t from Japan, so we don’t eat with chopsticks. We eat with forks, and even when we use those, ramen isn’t easy to eat...”

    “What are forks like?” Shippo asked.

    “You can kill people with them easily,” answered Michelle, casually eating some more ramen. “I tried it with my brother, but he was too fat to stick the fork through his heart.”

    “Michelle... Shut up,” Kay said, managing to get quite a bit of ramen in her mouth.

    Once Kay and Michelle FINALLY got finished with their ramen, they headed off to find more Shikon Jewel shards.

    “I was hoping we could fly, but I don’t think Kirara can hold us all,” Sango said, looking at Kirara carefully.

    “She doesn’t have to. Charlie can fly too. Kirara can carry you, Miroku and Shippo. Charlie can carry me, Michelle, Kagome and InuYasha. He’s big enough. Are you up to it, Charlie?” Kay asked her dog. Charlie nodded and she got on top of him, followed by the others.

    OK, Charlie, get going, Kay told him with her mind. Charlie started to run, Kirara following, and he jumped, and moved his legs in the air a couple times, making him get higher up. He saw Kirara near him, flying much like he was.

    After a while, Kagome looked down and said, “I sense a Jewel Shard! We should go down there.”

    Almost immediately after she said that, Charlie and Kirara made their decent, and landed softly on the ground. A low growl came from behind some trees, and then a bear demon came out from behind the trees, growling and slashing its claws against the ground and rocks. It roared at the sight of the group, and InuYasha automatically took out his sword and smirked.

    “You’re dead!” InuYasha yelled as he jumped up and then brought down his sword towards the bear.

    The bear dodged just in time, narrowly missing InuYasha’s attack.

    “InuYasha! There’s a Jewel Shard in his chest!” Kagome yelled.

    The bear roared and ran towards Charlie, Kay, Michelle and Kagome, and they gasped at the same time, like people in animes usually do. The bear took a swipe at them, and then they blacked out... Except for Charlie who dodged it by ducking.
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 5: A New Way to Make InuYasha Angry

    When Kay came to, she was sitting against a tree, Michelle unconscious beside her and Kagome on her other side, holding her head, feeling a lump she got from the bear demon.

    InuYasha sat next to a tree across from her and Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Kirara and Charlie were asleep next to each other over on the other side of camp. It was night and fire was burning happily in front of them. Though Kay didn’t feel happy. She felt like something dreadful was going to happen.

    InuYasha stood up and walked over to her and frowned.

    “Why didn’t you move when that bear attacked you?” InuYasha asked in a rough tone.

    Kay touched her face, feeling a scab on her right cheek. “I was too afraid to do much of anything. In my time we don’t have anything like that,” Kay answered.

    “You still could have moved!”

    “I wasn’t thinking about that at the time!” Kay yelled, her anger rising.

    “You weren’t thinking at all! You’re useless! You should just go home!” InuYasha yelled.

    “I wish I could! But I can’t! You’re stuck with me, asshole! Deal with it!” fought Kay.

    “Why don’t you go travel with someone else!” InuYasha scowled and turned around, walking back to his tree.

    Most of everyone had woken up now, except for Michelle, watching the two with half open eyes. Kay fumed next to the tree and closed her eyes. Why can’t he just understand that I can’t go home! I want to go home! Why doesn’t he just yell at Kagome for being useless!

    Kay opened her eyes and saw InuYasha had stopped, a fairly large rock at his feet. He turned around, and looked like he was going to kill Kay. “What did you do that for!”

    “What did I do?”

    “You threw that damn rock at the back of my head!”

    “No I didn’t!”

    “Yes you did!”

    “Did not!”

    “Did to!”

    They were standing five feet away from each other, yelling at the top of their lungs. Kay glared at him, her eyes daggers, piercing his with all she had. Then another rock flew at InuYasha and hit him on the head. Then another. And another. All of them coming from behind Kay.

    Kay blinked and watched a rock rise up from the ground and then was chucked at InuYasha. Kay kicked the air where the rock had risen, but nothing was there. She knelt down next to a rock and concentrated on it hard.

    The rock rose in the air and then fell to the ground.

    Kay gasped and then smirked, looking at InuYasha. His eyes widened and he heard a branch break off of a tree, and it hovered over his head for a little bit, before hitting him multiple times on the same spot.

    “STOP IT!” InuYasha yelled.

    “Who’s useless now, punk!” Kay yelled, glaring at InuYasha.

    “SIT!” yelled Kagome rubbing her head where the bear demon had struck her. “Quit picking pointless fights with people, InuYasha.”

    “But she hit me in the head with a stick!” InuYasha said, getting out of his crater.

    “SIT!” Another loud bang could be heard. “You deserved it.”

    InuYasha growled and got out of his hole, and then jumped into a tree.

    - - -

    Michelle’s eyes opened slowly and she saw Kay’s face, about five feet from her own.

    “AHH! So ugly!” yelled Michelle as she shielded her eyes.

    Kay moved over a bit and hit Michelle on top of the head, much like InuYasha would do to Shippo. Kay smiled and said, “Michelle! I can do telepathy or whatever!”

    Michelle looked at her quizzically, obviously not following. “Huh?”

    “Watch!” Kay said as she pulled out a stick from behind her back. She set the stick on the ground and then stared at it for about a second. Then it started rising and it swung around, like a sword. Then a couple other sticks made a stick body and a very, very large pine cone went on top of the stick figure for a head.

    “InuYasha and I got in a fight, OK? Now, this is InuYasha,” Kay said, pointing to the stick figure with the large pine cone for a head. “The large pine cone represents his overly large ego. Now, I accidentally threw rocks at him, but then I figured out I can do this, and I took a stick and hit him over the head with it, like so.” Kay made the stick she had floating around hit the stick InuYasha in the head, over and over again. Then the stick InuYasha’s head fell off.

    “Ha ha!” Michelle said, watching the sticks happily. “You know what? Since you can do that, I can probably too, seeing as I can talk to people using my mind now. Let me try.”

    Michelle looked at the pine cone that was on the ground next to the stick InuYasha. She concentrated hard and then it moved a little bit, and shook, and it rose. She smirked and made it fly over to InuYasha and hit him over the head. When he turned around, Michelle pointed towards Kay, and Kay glared at Michelle. “Innocence doesn’t work for you, you know that? Maybe that’s because you’re lying,” Kay said, hitting Michelle over the head.

    “Feh,” said InuYasha as he turned around, his arms crossed.

    “Hey, now that I can move things with my head, why don’t we find out who can get InuYasha more miserable! You, or me?” Michelle said.

    Michelle picked up a stick with her mind, and Kay picked up a rock with her mind. Michelle swung the stick at InuYasha’s feet, and he then started jumping over it, glaring daggers at Michelle whenever he got the chance. Kay took her rock and pelted InuYasha with it and he tried to swat it away, like you would a bug. Then Kay threw her rock towards Michelle’s stick and she hit it, sending the rock, and her stick, towards InuYasha’s head. You could say he wasn’t exactly happy with them.

    “Anyway, we need to figure out how to get home. Since we came here through that chest in my house, we probably have to find another chest here, or something similar,” Kay said.

    Michelle nodded and sighed. “And we need to figure out what to do in the meantime. I mean, it’s kinda boring...” answered Michelle.

    “Yeah, sure it was, we got knocked out by a bear demon, and was just pelting InuYasha with a stick and a rock,” Kay said. “Well, you could get ready for bed while waiting for something fun to happen... It is night. And you did get knocked out, so I’d think that you would be tired. From being knocked out... And beaten up... AREN’T YOU TIRED!” Kay yelled.

    “Yeah. I am. Go away,” Michelle said, and she laid down on her side and tried to go to sleep.

    Kay sighed and went over to the fire and looked at it longingly. For some reason, fire always made her calm. InuYasha walked over to Kay and sat next to her, and took a deep breath, like he was going to say something hard.

    “Don’t even start with me, OK?” said the girl, still looking at the fire. “I don’t want to talk to you right now. I don’t even want to say sorry for hitting you with a rock on purpose.”

    “I wasn’t going to pick a fight. I was just going to see if you’re OK. Your wounds look deep,” InuYasha said defensively.

    “I’m perfectly fine,” Kay said, turning slightly.

    “Good. It seems like you know a lot about this era,” InuYasha said, changing the subject.

    I know a lot more than you know, Kay said to him using her mind.

    “How are you doing that?” InuYasha said alarmingly.

    This is your conscious speaking... Actually, it’s one of my abilities. You know, you can talk to me using your mind. You don’t have to shout everything out, Kay said to him with her mind.

    Oh... Well, what kind of things do you know? InuYasha asked.

    I know that Naraku made you and Kikyo think you betrayed each other. I know that Naraku is a half demon, and was the thief Onigumo. You fell in love with Kikyo, and was going to become human with the sacred Shikon Jewel, but at the same time, Onigumo also fell in a demented love with Kikyo, and sold his body for the power to get the jewel. I know that you were pinned to a tree and Kagome is Kikyo’s reincarnation, and that she had the Sacred Jewel in her body. I know that Miroku’s wind tunnel will suck him in eventually, and that Sango’s whole village was destroyed by Naraku. I know that Kouga’s wolves killed Rin, and your brother brought her back with his sword. And I know that you’ve fallen in love with Kagome, even if you don’t show it, Kay told him. She looked at him with total seriousness and then said, And that was only a fraction of what I know.

    InuYasha gazed wide-eyed at her, amazed at what she knew about everyone.

    I don’t know if what you said before was because you were worried about my safety, but it was still mean. OK? Kay said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

    InuYasha nodded and then said, “Well, I’m going to sleep.” He got up and jumped into a tree to watch over them and get a little bit of rest.

    Kay stayed by the fire, glad that InuYasha was OK with her now. She watched it again, and then felt something brush against her arm. She looked to see a giant Kirara next to her and she smiled.

    “What’s up, kitty?” Kay said as she scratched Kirara behind the ears. Kirara purred and nuzzled her face next to Kay’s.

    Nothing... I just wanted to see how you were. You looked sad... Again, Kirara said.

    “I just missed my mom... again. I hope she’s OK without me,” Kay said, looking into the fire again.

    I’m sure she’s fine. But... You said that in your world, we were in a box show thing. Can you tell me more about it? Kirara asked.

    It’s very popular. Many people watch it, but Michelle and I are the biggest fans in our town. I’ve written a few stories about you guys. Until now, I never realized how truly important you, little kitty, were to the group... Or how nice you were. And I still don’t know about Shippo. I think he’s just in there for comic relief, since most of the time you guys fight Naraku and other demons... Kay said, now smiling.

    Well, go to sleep. You are human and need some rest, Kirara said, laying down next to Kay in her transformed state, serving as a warm pillow. Kay laid down on Kirara’s stomach, blocking her thoughts and thinking about what she was going to do to get home.
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