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Thread: A strand of golden hair

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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 6: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

    Kay felt a sharp stabbing feeling in her mind, like someone was attacking her in her sleep. She then felt it get really warm, and it also felt like it was going to fry like an egg on a stove. She stabbed back at the mind who was stabbing at hers and then asked, Who are you?

    It’s me, Charlie, said the familiar voice of her dog.

    Why’d you have to go and beat up my brain! Kay screamed at Charlie. He could feel her anger inside his own mind.

    It was the only way to wake you up, besides biting your hand off, Charlie said.

    Why’d you wake me up though?

    Kagome is up and making breakfast. You should get some. You’re probably hungry.

    Kay mentally groaned and then opened her eyes. She could smell some more instant ramen, and saw that Michelle and InuYasha were already up, InuYasha eagerly waiting for the ramen to be served.

    Kay walked over to them, tired and expecting more horrible things to happen.

    “Hi, ugly,” Michelle said to her, a bowl and chopsticks in her hand.

    “Shut up, stupid,” Kay said, sitting down and getting her own bowl and chopsticks.

    Kirara walked over with a dead rabbit in her mouth, and Charlie walked with her, a dead rat in his mouth.

    Kay looked at the rat and said, “So, you couldn’t find any chipmunks, so you went with rats? You could actually catch one?”

    Amazingly, yes. I caught a rat. Being able to transform into a giant dog helps with that, Charlie said to her.

    “I bet it does,” Kay said as Kagome put some ramen into her bowl.

    Michelle and Kay did much better with their chopsticks today. They finished their food only five minutes after everyone else today. They decided to walk today, rather than ride their crazy animals... Give them a little break. Yeah...

    “So, what is your home like?” Miroku asked, walking up next to Kay and Michelle.

    Kay and Michelle exchanged glances and then looked back at the crazy man.

    “Forget about it, MONK. We aren’t going to give you any children,” Michelle said, glaring daggers in his direction.

    “Ladies, please! I wasn’t going to ask you such a thing! But if you don’t mind...” started Miroku.

    Then Sango’s hiriakotsu hit Miroku from behind. “MIROKU!”

    A large lump formed on the back of Miroku’s head and he sighed.

    “Poor guy. Torn between two loves,” Kay said.

    “What two loves?” Michelle asked.

    “Going after women and going after Sango, of course!” Kay said, smiling at the monk and the demon slayer.

    Sango blushed and said, “What do you mean? He goes after every woman!”

    “But have you noticed how he only seems to grope you, Sango?” Kay said, smiling even wider now. Michelle was also smiling, and she nodded.

    “Kay’s right. He asks every woman to bear his child, but he only touches your ass,” Michelle said, her smile wide enough to fit an elephant inside.

    Sango and Miroku were both blushing now, but Miroku has a perverted smile plastered on his face.

    “So, um... Anyway... Like Miroku said, what is your home like?” Sango asked, trying to forget what had just happened, and failing.

    “Well, our houses are different colors, and our clothes are much different. We go to this large building to learn, and we have a lot of weird things, like a box to watch shows on,” Kay said.

    “And we have metal machines that we ride in... like carriages without horses,” Michelle said.

    “That sounds scary,” Miroku said.

    “Not as scary as you look,” Michelle said quickly.

    “People actually take offense to that here, Michelle,” Kay said, glaring at her. She sighed and folded her arms, deciding to look at something else.

    “I smell wolf...” InuYasha said.

    “I bet it’s Koga,” Michelle said.

    “How do you know about Koga?” asked Sango.

    “Does that really matter right now? What really matters is that is it Koga or not? Well, Kagome? Any Jewel Shards?” Kay said, brushing the matter of their all knowingness aside.

    “Yes. Two. And they’re coming fast,” Kagome said.

    Soon a whirlwind of... wind... came storming through, stopping right in front of them, blasting them with some air before stopping. In front of them was a wolf demon, pointy ears, long hair, a skirt, and a tail.

    “Nice skirt, loser,” Michelle said as she smirked. The skirt did look funnier in person than on TV.

    Koga glared at Michelle and growled. He then turned to Kagome and said, “Hey Kagome. How are ya? The mutt treating you well? You can always come with me, I’ll treat you better than he will.”

    InuYasha growled and grabbed the hilt of his Tetsusaiga.

    “InuYasha...” Kagome said threateningly.

    Koga looked at Michelle carefully and then said, “You know, I like you. You’ve got spunk. You aren’t afraid to say what you think.”

    “Well, I think she’s an idiot,” Kay said, folding her arms and glaring at Michelle.

    “She’s not an idiot,” Koga said.

    “Yes she is! Look at her brain! It’s hardly bigger than a pea!” Kay said, not really liking Koga.

    Michelle started laughing at Kay’s joke.

    “You agree with her?” Koga asked.

    “It was just funny... I don’t agree with it though...” Michelle said, still laughing.

    Koga shrugged and then said to Kagome, “Anyway, I heard that Naraku was west of here, and I thought that I should tell you.”

    Michelle, Kay and InuYasha were dumbfounded. Why would Koga tell them that? Hm... It was... strange... Of course, Koga was always strange, especially for falling for Kagome.

    The group decided to go west, and they traveled on foot, like they were before. After about an hour of walking, things started to get exciting.

    The forest got dark all of the sudden and a white haired girl was standing in front of them, holding a mirror.

    “It’s Kanna!” Kay yelled. “Actually, I think she’s kinda cute for a demented little girl. You know? Her hair is kinda nice.”

    “I think she gives a new meaning to ‘white trash,’” Michelle said with her hand stroking her chin. “She could learn the meaning of fun once in a while. Or dye her hair, or something!”

    Ha... what idiots... thought Kanna, smiling in her mind.

    “You laughed!” Michelle yelled, pointing at Kanna.

    “No. I did not...” Kanna said, shaking her head so slightly that no one could see it.

    “Yes you did! We heard your thoughts!” Kay exclaimed.

    “Tell the truth, Kanna!” Michelle said, picking up a rock with her mind and making it float in front of her. Kay did the same and then they attacked Kanna with the rocks, over and over and over again.

    Kagura walked up from behind some trees and smirked.

    “It’s Kagura!” Shippo said, hiding behind Kagome’s leg.

    “Yes, we know that,” Michelle said in response to Shippo.

    “Come Kanna, we will take our leave now,” Kagura said, grabbing hold of Kanna and then flying away using one of those weird feathers in her hair.

    After they left they went on their merry little way, and Miroku said, “I wonder what they were doing. It was like they were making sure of something.”

    “Well, they were probably were making sure you weren’t gay,” Michelle said with a wide smile.

    “Will you just shut up for a while? Those comments aren’t going to get us home, you know!” Kay said, hitting Michelle in the back of the head.

    “But I know what will get us home!” Michelle said, holding out her arm.

    Kay latched her arm around Michelle’s and then they started skipping along, and started to sing...

    “Follow the yellow brick road!

    Follow the yellow brick road!

    Follow, follow, follow, follow,

    Follow the yellow brick road!

    Follow the rainbow over the sea,

    Follow the fellow who follows a dream,

    Follow, follow, follow, follow!

    Follow the yellow brick road!”

    They stopped at the end of their song and got odd looks from everyone in the group. Not that they could blame them... They had just randomly gone into a song and skipping routine, even though they hated to sing.

    The funny thing is I odnt know if I had said this yet or not, but Michelle is actually one of my best friends in real life, and I do have a chest in my house!
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 7: Ironic

    “Kanna! Kagura! Come here!” yelled Naraku. He impatiently awaited for his reincarnations to come to his aid.

    When they walked in the room, he demanded a full report on what they had seen. Kanna turned her mirror slightly and then it showed her standing in front of the very odd looking group.

    “The two girls told Kanna that they should get some fun, and they made some jokes I did not understand. Then they said Kanna laughed inside her mind... They could be lying. But I doubt it, because they then pelted her with floating rocks,” Kagura said boredly.

    Naraku scratched his chin and said, “They may be more powerful than I thought...”

    Then, the strangest thing ever happened. Kagura was on the floor, gasping and looking red in the face, a nice change of color from her usual white faced self.

    “Kanna...” Naraku said, scratching his chin. Did those girls find a way to poison his minions? No... they couldn’t have!

    Kanna’s face came up from the floor, gasping for breath, and they saw that she was... laughing?

    Kanna laughed louder and clutched the floor. “Those girls! They were so funny! So stupid! AH HA HA!” Kanna exclaimed, tears rolling down her pinkish cheeks.

    Kagura was frightened and Naraku was just confused. Kanna? Laughing! What the hell?

    “Kanna! Why are you laughing?” Naraku demanded pulling Kanna up by her collar.

    “Those girls... were so stupid! Ha!” Kanna’s smile had faded slightly and then she gave a few smaller laughs.

    “Now, if you’ll excuse me,” Kanna started, getting away from Naraku’s grasp, “I’m going to go dye my hair.” Kanna walked out of the room, being followed by Kagura’s and Naraku’s gazes.

    “I guess the girls are more powerful than I thought. I brought them here because I knew they would do me good, but I never thought they could do THAT. But they aren’t stupid... Well, at least the thin one isn’t. Or maybe they just act dumb,” Naraku said, standing up. “Either way, I must leave.”

    Naraku walked out of the room and left Kagura alone there.

    “What am I supposed to do!” Kagura angrily yelled.

    “You can help me dye my hair!” Kanna said in a now cheery voice.

    - - -

    “We should find Naraku, and then give him a piece of our mind,” Michelle said.

    “That won’t be necessary,” said a dark voice from behind the trees. Everyone gasped and out came a man in a baboon cloak, but his mask wasn’t here.

    Michelle and Kay bursted out laughing, and they pointed at him, grinning like never before.

    “Do you know who this is!” Sango yelled, glaring at the two.

    “Yeah! And the eye shadow makes him look like a girl!” Kay said, pointing at him.

    “Like, there’s that guy named Naraku, and he’s like evil, and how I can, like, tell he’s evil is that he’s wearing eye shadow! Like, everyone knows bad guys wear eye shadow!” Michelle said, copying a valley girl.

    Naraku glared and then Kagome started laughing too. “They’re right! Naraku is wearing eye shadow!” Kagome said.

    Naraku sent a tentacle towards all of them and Kay broke a tree off using her mind and stabbed the tentacle with the tree, multiple times. InuYasha took out his Tetsusaiga and then smirked.

    “WIND SCAR!” InuYasha said, bringing down his Tetsusaiga swiftly to make a barrage of energy to destroy 100 demons.

    “Cool!” Kay yelled, excitedly watching the yellow streaks cut through the air and go towards Naraku. Naraku jumped up to get out of the way.

    Miroku expertly removed the prayer beads from his hand and exposed the Wind Tunnel in his right hand. He held it out before seeing the poison insects flying towards him. He closed his hand and put the prayer beads over the cursed hand, making the poison insects narrowly miss being sucked in.

    Sango threw her hiriakotsu and sent it towards Naraku’s body, but only hit his limbs.

    “Die!” Kagome yelled and pulled back an arrow on her bow. She let go and sent her sacred arrow towards Naraku. It hit him in the arm, but almost did nothing great. He glared at the girl who sent it and then disappeared in a cloud of miasma.

    “Dammit. Naraku left and I didn’t get to read his mind,” Michelle complained.

    “Why would you want to read his mind? He’s evil!” Kay said.

    “Yeah! We gotta kill Naraku, not find out who he has a crush on,” Kagome argued.

    “Now isn’t the time for this,” Miroku said calmly. He looked at InuYasha and asked, “Should we pursue him, InuYasha? Or should we look for a way to get these two young ladies home?”

    InuYasha growled and looked like he was deep in thought.

    “I think we should go follow Naraku,” Kay said, hoping that she could be of some help.

    “Hm... OK. We’ll go look for Naraku. Maybe because you harmed his arm, Kagome, we’ll be able to hit him easier,” InuYasha said.

    “Yeah... What I was wondering though, is why Naraku willingly showed himself... It makes no sense,” Sango said to InuYasha.

    “Nothing makes sense,” Michelle said, walking westward.

    “Michelle... It’s dark out. That’s what we call night. Maybe we should make camp and get some rest,” Kay said, smirking at her friend.

    “Oh... Yeah. I guess we should,” she said, stopping and turning around.

    “Where do we make camp?” Shippo said, jumping up on Kagome’s shoulder.

    InuYasha started to walk towards a clearing in the woods and sat down. “Here’s fine,” he said bluntly. He closed his eyes and folded his arms inside his sleeves.

    Michelle picked up some dry branches with her mind and put it in a pile, and put rocks around it. “Anyone got a way to make some fire?” Michelle asked, looking around.

    Shippo walked up to the fire and yelled, “FOX FIRE!” He threw blue fire at the sticks and it started on fire almost automatically.

    “Good job, Shippo,” Kay said, messing up his hair a bit.

    Shippo laughed and sat down next to the fire, smiling from the praise.

    What now? Kay asked her friend.

    I don’t know... You’re the one who usually thinks up something to do, Michelle answered.

    How about you two rub my belly? Charlie asked hopefully.

    And let’s invite Naraku for tea and cookies! Kay said.

    Then you can all rub my belly! Charlie exclaimed.


    I wish that we could find Naraku and kill him, Michelle said.

    Then the series would probably end soon after, and we don’t want that, do we? Kay asked Michelle.

    No. No we don’t, she answered, thinking hard.

    Kay sighed and she backed up into a nearby tree. Kay blocked out her thoughts to any intruders and she started to think about how they were supposed to go home. She started to draw things in the dirt, half aware of what she was doing, and soon she looked at what she had drawn. It was the chest that she had fallen in to get into this world.

    She sighed and wiped it out with her hand, not wanting to look at it right now. Slowly her eyes started to droop and she fell into a dreamless sleep.

    - - -

    When she woke up it was hardly before dawn. She watched the sun rise and saw the beautiful pink sky. It looked like it was painted on. Wait... It is painted on. It isn’t real. None of this can be real, can it?

    Kay sighed and started to build up the fire again, getting sticks from the ground and dead trees. She just needed a way to light it now. She lifted up two rocks above the sticks with her mind and then struck them together, hoping desperately that it was flint. She got some sparks, but nothing impressive. Kay tried again and got a small fire burning on one of the sticks, which spread to the others.

    Feeling proud of herself, she sat by the fire and took in it’s warmth, wishing that it was still night. She wanted it to be dark. For some reason she felt safer when it was dark.

    Soon enough InuYasha woke up and watched the fire silently.

    There was a long awkward silence.

    “I don’t love anybody,” InuYasha finally said.

    “You lie,” Kay said quickly.

    “No I don’t,” InuYasha fought back.

    “Is this all you could think about lately?” Kay asked.


    “Yes it is. It’s been driving you crazy because you know I’m right, but you just won’t admit it. Am I right?” Kay asked.

    InuYasha didn’t answer.

    “You’re an idiot, you know that?” Kay said as she smiled. “You have no idea how to treat that feeling, do you?”

    InuYasha remained quiet.

    Kay sighed. “Do you think my family is OK?” she asked no one in particular.

    “They’re probably fine. Don’t think about it too much,” InuYasha said casually.

    Kay glared at InuYasha. “I know that you haven’t exactly had the easiest life, but my family means everything to me. I’m sure my mom is worried sick about me. I’m all she has,” Kay said, staring into the fire.

    She picked up a stick with her mind and then drew things in the dirt, half paying attention to what she was doing.

    “Hey, what’s that?” InuYasha asked.

    “Huh?” Kay said, looking around, expecting to be attacked by something.

    “No, what you drew. What is it?” InuYasha said, looking at the dirt carefully.

    Kay looked at what she had drawn. “Oh. That. It’s the damned chest I fell through to get here. It was in my house,” Kay said.

    “Yeah... It looks so familiar. Wait! I know! My family owned something like that,” InuYasha said.

    “I bet that if we get to it, Michelle and I can go home!” exclaimed the 14 year old.

    “There’s a problem, though,” InuYasha started.

    “That doesn’t matter! We can easily pass any obstacle!” Kay said.

    “My brother has the chest,” said InuYasha before Kay could go on any more about the chest.

    Then, Michelle’s mouth twitched and she yelled in her sleep, “MR. FLUFFY!”

    Mr. Fluffy! I just thought that was freeking halariouse! lol
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 8: Raiding Castles and Kanna’s Hair

    “Y-your brother? Sesshoumaru? H-how are w-we gonna get it from him!” yelled Kay, waking up almost everyone.

    “I don’t know how we’re supposed to get it,” InuYasha answered.

    “HOW THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GET HOME, DAMMIT! YOUR BROTHER HAS THE DAMN CHEST AND WE CAN’T GET TO IT!” Kay yelled at the top of her lungs, waking even Michelle.

    “Chest? You mean like the chest that we went through to get here?” Michelle asked.

    “Yes! Sesshoumaru has the damn chest!” Kay yelled at her friend.


    “Yes! That dog demon that wears make-up and kills people with a sweep of his claws!” Kay screamed. She sighed and put her head in her hands, starting to cry silent tears. Kay blocked out her thoughts and started to swear inside her head, arguing with herself on what to do.

    Her tears stopped as abruptly as they started and she wiped the last of them away.

    “Why don’t we steal the chest?” Kay asked, smirking.

    “I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to do it. I mean, it would be a fairly simple thing to do. We could have a group of people keep Sesshoumaru busy while the others search his castle for the chest,” Miroku said, nodding. “I think it would work...”

    “Are you nuts!” InuYasha yelled.

    “Michelle, Charlie, Kagome, Shippo and I could go search his castle, and Sango, Miroku, Kirara and InuYasha would keep him occupied,” Kay said, smiling big enough to fit her foot inside.

    “Wait, wait! Back up! Sesshoumaru has a castle?” Michelle said, looking as confused as a cow in a chicken coop.

    Kay looked at Michelle carefully and said, “He’s the Lord of the Western Lands, you douche. Why wouldn’t he have a castle?”

    “Wait! He’s the Lord of the Western Lands!” Michelle said, bewildered. “Wait... douche! Oh yeah? Oh yeah!”

    “Why wouldn’t he be? His father was. Idiot. And that was a really good comeback,” Kay said, sighing and folding her arms.

    Michelle blinked and then folded her arms. “How was I supposed to know?” Michelle asked, knowing perfectly how she was.

    Kay rolled her eyes and then said, “Well, we have to get to Sesshoumaru’s castle. Where exactly is the castle? I know it’s in the west, but where?”

    “I’m not sure, but I’m fairly certain that he has one,” InuYasha said. He stood up and turned westward and said, “Well, we should get going. If we want to get to his castle within three days, we should leave.”

    Kay smiled and nodded, standing up also. Charlie transformed and let Kay and Michelle get on him. He started to walk a little bit and then jumped up, moving up into the air. He stopped and looked down.

    “You coming?” Michelle asked.

    “Charlie, in order to get InuYasha and Kagome on you, you have to be on the ground,” Kay said, tapping Charlie on his head.

    Charlie gave an odd sound, and he landed on the ground, allowing Kagome and InuYasha to get on his back. Charlie jumped up again and then Kirara followed him.

    “What exactly are we looking for?” Kay asked as she looked on the ground.

    “A castle,” Michelle said smartly.

    “Well, duh. But really, what are we supposed to be searching for? Anything special?” Kay asked.

    “I dunno. I’ve never seen his castle,” InuYasha said, looking around also.

    “Hm... Oh well,” Kay said, still searching.

    Man, talk about out of touch. Where’s the love? Michelle asked Kay with her mind.

    I think it went down the drain with the rest of their family, Kay answered using her own mind.

    “Hey, what’s that?” Shippo said, pointing to the ground.

    “A rock,” Miroku answered.

    “No, farther up,” he growled.

    “I see it too!” Sango said.

    “I see better things than that,” Miroku said, touching Sango’s butt.

    “PERVERT!” yelled Sango. She then slapped him and made him almost fall off Kirara.

    “Wait, I see what Shippo was talking about,” Kagome said, looking out in the distance.

    “C’mon Charlie, get over there as fast as possible. Then you can get home and see mom,” Kay said, patting her dog.

    Charlie sped up and Kirara followed. They flew as fast as they could towards the object in the distance and soon enough they were landing in front of it, stretching and getting ready to raid the castle.

    “That was surprisingly quick. I thought we would be traveling for another day or so. I mean, it seemed almost too easy. But it wasn’t. And now we’re here. In front of Sesshoumaru’s castle. And we’re going to go inside any second now. And then we can go home,” Kay said, looking at the castle.

    “I don’t smell Sesshoumaru. I smell Naraku...” InuYasha said, growling.

    “Well, that’s a bitch!” Michelle said, folding her arms.

    “Should we go fight him?” Kay asked.

    “Yeah!” InuYasha said, running towards the castle. The others did the same and they ran inside, finding themselves in a large courtyard. They looked around and saw... A blue haired demon? She walked forward, holding a mirror at her side in her right hand and in her left she held a piece of paper.

    “Is that... Kanna!” Kay said, bewildered at the electric blue hair on the girl.

    Everyone looked at her, amazed at what they saw.

    “Hi, guys! I made you a picture!” Kanna said, holding up a picture. She ran towards them and handed the picture to Kay, and she looked at it. It was actually quite good, and was of the new InuYasha group, Kay, Michelle and Charlie included.

    “Hey, Shippo, you’ll have to work on your drawings. Kanna is almost as good as you!” Kay said, smiling at the young fox demon.

    “Why are you giving us presents?” InuYasha asked as he tried to get over the fact that KANNA’S HAIR WAS BLUE.

    “Holy hell,” Michelle said as she eyed the blue hair.

    “I asked Naraku for a castle, and he gave me one! He said that he needed to study me, and figure out why I was so HAPPY!” Kanna said excitedly.

    “Well, that’s nice...” Kay said, looking at Kanna.

    “You’re happy?” Michelle asked.

    “YES, I AM DAMMIT! JUST SHUT THE HELL UP AND AGREE WITH ME!” Kanna yelled, making her face red.

    “OK! You’re happy! Just calm down!” Kay said.

    “It seems that your words have had a large influence on Naraku’s incarnation,” Miroku said, eyeing the blue hair. “Blue is quite an interesting color for you.”

    “Thanks!” Kanna said, smiling widely.

    “Do you know where Sesshoumaru’s castle is?” Kagome asked.

    “Yeah! It’s that way!” Kanna said, pointing one way. “And it’s big, and brown. And it’ll take you a couple hours to get there if you fly.”

    “Thanks,” Kay said as she started to walk out.

    “Hey! Thanks for making me laugh! And do you have any more jokes?” Kanna asked.

    “Yeah,” Michelle started. “Shut the $#! up.”

    Kanna started laughing and Michelle ran up to Kay, who was already outside.

    “How come my $#! was beeped out?” Michelle asked.

    “Because they never say that on this show,” Kay said, looking at the door and waiting for the others to come out. “Actually, they never even say it on TV.”



    InuYasha and the others walked out of the castle and they set off again, heading in the direction that Kanna told them to. They all wondered if they should trust her, but they agreed that it was probably OK, and if it was a trap, they would all die. Either way, they were fine.

    - - -

    Soon they saw a big, brown castle, like all the other castles in this era, and they fell down to the ground. Night had just fallen and they walked towards the castle, looking out for Sesshoumaru.

    They walked inside, looking around and then split up, InuYasha, Sango, Miroku and Kirara towards where Sesshoumaru was and Kay, Michelle, Kagome, Shippo and Charlie went the other way, looking for the chest. InuYasha’s group was led by his nose, so they were sure to find Sesshoumaru, and InuYasha said he was in this castle at the moment.

    Kay led them through the castle, looking around and looking into every room they came to. None of them had the chest they were looking for.

    They looked in a room with nothing special inside of it except for a few pillows on the floor and a bed much like Priestess Kaede’s. A girl sat in the room, sitting on one of the pillows and wearing an old kimono.

    “That’s Rin!” Kay said in a hushed voice.

    Rin looked up and smiled. “Hello! Are you here to play with Rin?”

    “We’re here to find something. It will help my friend and I get home,” Kay said, pointing to Michelle and herself. “Have you seen a chest? It’s brown and very old, and it’s also got old looking wood, and is very heavy.”

    “Yes, I have. Would you like Rin to show it to you?” Rin asked, looking happy.

    “Sure. That would be great,” Kay said, smiling. Rin grabbed her hand and pulled Kay out into the hall and down it, leading her past many rooms.

    - - -

    InuYasha took out his Tetsusaiga and jumped towards Sesshoumaru standing in front of him. Sesshoumaru quickly moved and then sent his own sword at InuYasha, but barely missed.

    The clashing of swords between the two brothers went on and on, and everyone except for Sesshoumaru was wondering where the others were.

    “InuYasha, your tactics are very sloppy,” Sesshoumaru said as he blocked an attack easily.

    “You bastard!” InuYasha said, taking another strike at his brother, but having it blocked by him. InuYasha growled and took another whack at his brother, but the same thing happened.

    Sesshoumaru finally stopped blocking and swung his sword skillfully at InuYasha, and had it blocked. But he managed to push his brother into a far wall.

    I keep telling my self that I am not going to put any more up! but I just get so bored!
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 9: Captured by Naraku!

    Rin led them through many different hallways, making them travel a long, long ways. Shippo climbed on Kay’s shoulder because he got tired and Michelle would growl at him whenever he got on her shoulder.

    Rin stopped in front of two large doors, elaborately designed and carved. There were crescent moons on each door, the moons facing each other, and many different designs around it. The handles to the doors were golden and beautiful, both based on a moon design, and like most doors in the feudal era, you had to pull on it to open it. The only difference between these doors and other doors from this era was that this was solid wood, and you couldn’t see through it.

    “This is Lord Sesshoumaru’s room. The chest is in there,” Rin said, pointing at the door. “I am not allowed in there, so I must stay out here. I have only seen glimpses of the room, and saw the chest while out here.”

    Kay gulped and moved her hand slowly towards the door handle. “Pull it already!” Michelle yelled impatiently.

    Kay glared, but didn’t take her eyes from the handle. She grasped her hand around the golden moon handle and could feel how cold it was underneath her skin. She grasped the other door too and pulled them apart, revealing a beautiful room. The floor and walls were dark, but Sesshoumaru had a real bed instead of a cot. The bed had purple sheets and there was a door to a balcony across the room. Kay saw a closet across from them and walked over to it and opened it. Inside was... THOSE FLUFFY THINGS THAT SESSHOUMARU WEARS!

    Kay gasped and took one down and rubbed her face in the fur. “IT’S SO DAMN SOFT!” She yelled, but not loud enough for Sesshoumaru’s excellent hearing to detect. She smiled and looked around for the chest, and used her telepathy to bring it over to her. She lifted the lid and took four fluffy things, that we will just call ‘fluffies’ like many other people do, and put them in the chest nicely. “I’ve always wanted one of these,” Kay said as she closed the chest, making sure not to get the fluffies caught in the lid, “and now we both have two, Michelle!” Kay smiled and then nodded, saying that they should go now. They got the chest and the fluffies, so they could leave.

    “Can I see a fluffy thing?” Michelle asked, holding out her hand.

    “No. If Sesshoumaru sees one, he’ll go wild! We can’t take that chance,” Kay said, getting on Charlie and using telepathy to keep the chest next to them.

    “Everyone on!” Kay said, smiling.

    Rin looked sad and she waved as Charlie ran off with the girls and fox demon on his back. He followed their scents back to the entrance and then slowly walked forward, trying to call out Kirara with his mind. Kay called out for InuYasha and Michelle for Sango, none of them wanting to get in the mind of that pervert.

    INUYASHA! Kay yelled, reaching for his mind.

    I’m trying to battle! he replied.

    We got the chest, you can stop, Kay said, smirking.

    The other two relayed similar messages to Kirara and Sango, and Charlie ran outside, hoping that the others would get there soon. And soon enough, there was a huge explosion and then InuYasha and the others ran out of the castle. InuYasha jumped on Charlie and he rose into the air, starting to fly, and Kirara flew next to him, both of them heading towards Kaede’s Village.

    After traveling many miles, and for many hours, Charlie and Kirara landed, letting everyone get some much deserved rest. They fell asleep without even lighting a fire.

    - - -

    “MIROKU! YOU PERVERT!” Sango yelled as she slapped him. “AS IF GROPING MY BUTT WASN’T ENOUGH!” Sango turned around, a furious shade of red and clutching her chest. She grabbed for her hiriakotsu and started to hit Miroku over the head multiple times with it.

    Kay winced at every yell, every scream and every klunk that was the hiriakotsu on Miroku’s head.

    “Dammit... I was hoping I would be able to sleep in,” Kay said as she opened her eyes and groaned. She pushed herself up and wiped the dirt from her face. She sat up and looked at a new fire in front of her and she sighed. “Let’s get to Kaede’s Village so we can try and get out of here.”

    Kay stood up and stretched. “Maybe we should have breakfast first?” Kagome asked.

    “Sure. That works too,” Kay said as she sat back down.

    They ate their breakfast and mounted their animals. Kay lifted the chest using her mind and they set off, going to Kaede’s Village.

    After about an hour of two, they made it to Kaede’s Village and stopped in front of her house. Kay lifted the chest and brought it inside, and she set it next to the wall, everyone getting strange looks from Kaede.

    “What are ye doing here?” Kaede asked, standing up from her fire.

    “We need you to store that chest here, old woman,” InuYasha said.

    “Hm... I suppose that is all right. Why is it important?” the old priestess asked.

    “It may bring us home,” Kay said as she opened the lid and pushed aside the fluffy things.

    “This is definitely the correct chest. This mark on the bottom is the same as the one in my chest at home,” Kay said, touching the mark. It was a hand with a paw print in the middle of it, and it looked like it was branded into the wood. The mark glowed and Kay stepped into the chest, but nothing happened.

    “What is wrong with this thing!” Kay yelled as she got out of it.

    “Maybe you have to do something before you can leave,” Kagome said as she looked inside the chest. She sighed and closed the lid lightly. She smiled and said, “Well, then, let’s find out what you have to do.”

    In InuYasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask, your character couldn’t go home until you killed that one person that looked just like you, Utsugi, because you were bound to that world by a spell! Kay thought. She smiled and nodded, but couldn’t help but feel a little bit discouraged. “Well, we should stay here for a couple days and see if we can find anything out.”

    Everyone agreed and Kay and Michelle decided to explore the village, and they met people and talked with them. They explored outside the village a little bit too, and then they heard something.

    “What was that?” Kay asked Michelle.

    Michelle fell on the ground unconscious.

    “MICHELLE!” Kay yelled before she was hit in the back of the head with a blunt object.

    - - -
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Kay’s eyes cracked open, and she tried to move her hand to wipe the blood out of her eyes, but she couldn’t move it. She looked down slowly and saw she was tied up to a plank of wood that made her feel like she was standing up, like in those sci-fi movies with the weird scientists doing tests on people. She tried to move the rope with her mind, but she couldn’t concentrate enough to do anything.

    Next to her was Michelle, also tied up, and also awake. They were in a dark room that looked like it was going to close in on you. A horrible smell stayed in the room, and it gave Kay and Michelle a headache.

    Naraku walked into the room and glared at the two girls, looking at them with a vile smirk. He gave a small laugh and said, “Now, I want you to tell me the truth. OK?” Naraku walked over to Kay and put a hand on her chin and moved it up. She glared at him and bared her teeth as a shiver went through her body from the touch.

    “When does InuYasha become human?” Naraku asked, taking his hand away from her face.

    That bastard! He wants to find out when InuYasha’s is human so he can kill him! I can’t tell him the truth! Kay thought. She knew Michelle heard her thoughts and heard an agreement inside her mind. Even though they couldn’t think straight didn’t mean that they couldn’t put two and two together...

    “He becomes human... the night when the left half of the moon is missing,” Kay said, looking into Naraku’s eyes and keeping a straight face. Naraku looked out into the sky and stared at the moon.

    “That night is tomorrow. Good. You two won’t be able to use your telekinesis powers because of my miasma,” Naraku said, smirking.

    Kay growled inside her mind and sighed. Naraku left the room and left them to stay there, and Kay’s headache worsened.

    - - -

    Kagome was worried out of her mind, and Sango sat next to her, equally as worried. Miroku was in deep thought next to the two women, wondering who could have possibly taken the girls.

    InuYasha sat in the corner, looking as if nothing happened. His eyes were closed and he had his legs crossed. In reality, he was a little bit worried, but he wouldn’t let it show.

    “InuYasha, aren’t you worried?” Shippo asked InuYasha.

    “Feh. Why should I be?” InuYasha answered, opening his eyes to glare at the young fox demon.

    “Because two of our friends are gone!” Kagome yelled at him.

    “That’s not my fault!” InuYasha yelled back.

    “I know that, but you could show at least a little bit of worry! You are such a jerk sometimes!” Kagome said, her voice rising with every word.

    “Feh,” InuYasha answered as he stood up and walked outside. He looked up to the moon and saw how almost all of the right half of the moon was gone. He glared at it and started to walk towards the forest, following the trail that Kay and Michelle did. He followed their scents and then stopped, not smelling them any more. This must be where they were taken... InuYasha thought as he looked at the ground.

    Wait! There’s another scent here! Why didn’t I realize it sooner? That scent is familiar... That’s-- InuYasha’s thoughts cut off as he ran to Kaede’s hut to tell the others what he had found out.

    - - -

    Morning came soon enough, but Kay and Michelle got little sleep. They were still tied up when Naraku came into the room that morning. He made sure their hands were tied tightly and they couldn’t move their arms, which were tied at their sides.

    He smirked and grabbed the two by the collars of their shirts and then walked them to the entrance of the castle. The miasma was still around them when he grabbed onto them as best he could, so he wouldn’t drop them, and he then flew through the air using a cloud of miasma.

    Kay was trying to figure out what they were supposed to do to get themselves out of this mess, but Michelle was just grossed out that Naraku was touching her.

    As soon as Kaede’s Village was in sight, Naraku landed in a small clearing in the forest that was dark and had two trees in it, waiting for InuYasha to smell him and come. Before InuYasha arrived though, he decided to make preparations. He tied Michelle and Kay to the two trees and left them there, and then stood there, waiting.

    “What are we supposed to do now? Just starve!” Michelle asked, getting angry.

    “Be patient. You’ll find out soon enough,” Naraku said.

    “God, Michelle. You have no patience at all, do you?” Kay asked Michelle.

    “Well, sorry, but not everyone is blessed with the patience of a rock,” Michelle said.

    “That makes no sense!” Kay replied.

    “It means you have a lot of patience, stupid,” Michelle said in a snobby tone.

    “But a rock is an inanimate object, and isn’t alive. Therefore, it can’t have patience,” Kay said smartly.

    “The one with the odd colored eyes and curly hair has a point,” Naraku said. Kay stuck out her tongue to Michelle.

    “Getting praise from a jackass isn’t exactly something to be proud of,” Michelle said.

    “At least I’m right,” Kay replied quickly.

    - - -

    InuYasha ran through the forest with Kagome on his back and Kirara, Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Charlie at his sides. Charlie was most determined to get to Kay and he was growling his lungs out.

    InuYasha had smelt Naraku’s scent and the two girls’ scents too, so they were obviously going to go after them, but by the time that they would get there, it would be night. They knew that they were far away, but every step the scent of Naraku got stronger and stronger, as did his miasma.

    Just before the sun had set, InuYasha had caught sight of Naraku and the two girls, both of them tied to trees and weak from the Miasma.

    “Naraku!” InuYasha said as he ran into the clearing. “It’s unlike you to lure us to a place outside your castle! Prepare to fight, and die!” InuYasha said as he drew his Tetsusaiga and ran towards Naraku, getting ready to attack him.

    Naraku sent a tentacle towards InuYasha and blocked his sword.

    “You know, it’s almost night. It should be you who’s worried,” Naraku said with a smirk.

    What’s he talking about? InuYasha asked himself.

    Just then the sun went down and the half moon shone, the right half still visible. Naraku shifted and glared at Kay, who was smirking. “You lied! You stupid wench! You lied to me!” Naraku said, anger licking his insides.

    “Do you really think I would have told you when InuYasha becomes human? I hate you almost as much as Sango does, and I think that you should die a painful and horrible death. I would never betray my friends, no matter what they did to me. You may have used the miasma to block my powers and try and get info out of me, but I will never tell you when InuYasha becomes a human,” Kay said, smirking the whole time. Her eyes were hidden in shadow, but if you could see them, you would see pure hatred and a little bit of craziness.

    InuYasha smirked. “You hear that, Naraku? My friends are loyal to me, and would never betray me,” InuYasha said. He kept smiling, but then something caught his attention. I smell wolf! he thought, but kept his eyes on Naraku.

    Then an explosion appeared between the two trees, sending dust and dirt everywhere. When the smoke cleared, Michelle, Naraku and Kay were gone, but there was something weird. Michelle’s ropes were on the ground, and Kay’s ropes were gone with her.

    “I had smelt Koga... He must have taken one of them while the smoke was settling,” InuYasha said with a growl.

    - - -

    When Michelle came too, she was in a dark cave and could hear a waterfall. The cave smelt of canine and there were many people there with her, most of them males.

    She looked around and saw that the people there were wolf demons, and they looked hungry.

    Koga walked in with those two weird wolf demons and some wolves following behind him. What were the names of those two wolf demons? Uh... Hakku and Ginta? I think that’s it, Michelle thought as she looked at the odd looking demons. Their hair was the weirdest things about them.

    “Good, you’re up. You were that girl traveling with Kagome, weren’t you?” Koga said.

    “Where’s Kay?” Michelle asked urgently.

    “The one who insulted you? Yeah, she was tied up to a tree, like you,” Koga said.

    “Why didn’t you save her!” Michelle yelled.

    “Because I want you to be my woman,” Koga said.

    “WHAT! What about Kagome!” yelled Michelle. “I thought you loved her!”

    “Yeah, Koga. What about Kagome?” Hakku asked.

    “I gave up on her. She seemed to interested in that mutt...” Koga said sadly.

    Michelle fainted and stayed asleep for a long time.
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 10: Unexpected Rescuers

    Kay groaned and opened her eyes. She was still in the woods, but a much different place than before. She looked around, and seeing that she was still tied up and still being affected by the miasma, she sighed. Kay didn’t see Naraku, but didn’t let her hopes get too high.

    “Is Naraku here?” Kay asked herself, looking around once more.

    As if on cue, Naraku came into view and walked over to her.

    “Speak of the devil,” Kay said, glaring. She glared at him and coughed a little bit from the miasma. She was kinda wishing it was still night, but the morning sun was warming her up quite a bit. She felt as cold as ice, and wanted to get the blood circulating a little bit.

    Naraku growled and walked over to her, looking as menacing as ever. She glared at him, and coughed again, before being hoisted up and held by one of his hands, being choked by his hand around her neck. She could hardly get any air, and started to choke even more. Her breathing was wheezy and short, and because she was still tied up, she couldn’t move anything to help herself get out.

    “You wench! How dare you lie to Naraku!” said the half-demon in front of her.

    She gathered up saliva in her mouth and spit at his face. “Shut up, half-breed!” Kay yelled as best she could.

    Naraku wiped the spit from his face and growled. He threw Kay from his grasp and made her hit another tree and fall to the ground. She gasped in pain and felt a couple hot tears fall down her cheek. “You aren’t that strong. You just hide behind your plans and schemes, using other people to do your dirty work for you. Like you did with Sango,” Kay said before she was hoisted up by her neck again, losing a lot of oxygen.

    Her forehead and arm bled as she gasped for air. A few more tears went down her face, but she kept her angry look and ignored her pain. Blood fell down to her nose and ran down her face from her forehead.

    Just then, she saw something move quickly and cut Naraku’s arm off. The arm holding her instantly fell to the ground, but it his arm regenerated and he growled. He looked over to his left and sent a tentacle towards whatever it was.

    Just before Kay blacked out, she saw a flash of white and Naraku fleeing.

    - - -

    When Kay woke up she groaned at the pain she was in, seeing as her back and forehead hurt. She noticed that she was not bound by rope anymore, and she could concentrate enough to use her telepathy. She slowly got up and looked around, seeing that her room was mainly blue, and had a wardrobe and she was sleeping in a real bed. She had a balcony, and she could see that the sun was still shining, though now it was around noon instead of early in the morning.

    She turned slightly as the door to her room opened, revealing a young girl that Kay recognized as Rin.

    Rin smiled and walked over to Kay, carrying a tray with food on it. She set the tray of food on the table next to the bed and waved. “Hello. I’m Rin. I remember you when you came here before! Rin didn’t tell Sesshoumaru that you stole that chest... Actually, Rin doesn’t know if he even noticed.”

    “I’m glad for that,” Kay said with a small smile. “I’m Kay... Did Sesshoumaru bring me here?”

    “Yes, he did. He didn’t say anything but to watch over you. You’ve only been sleeping for a couple hours,” Rin said, smiling. “Rin brought you some food. You look kinda hurt. What happened to you?”

    “It was Naraku. He had kidnapped me and my friend, but somehow Michelle got away, which is good. Sesshoumaru must have been the one who saved me from being killed from Naraku.

    Rin nodded and smiled. “Well, Rin is glad you’re here, Kay,” said the young girl as she sat on the bed.

    Kay took some rice that was in a bowl and then started to eat it with the chopsticks, though she wasn’t very good at it... still... Rin laughed and said, “Kay-chan isn’t very good at eating with chopsticks, is she?”

    “I come from another country, so we don’t eat with chopsticks,” Kay said, smiling.

    “Really? What do you use?” Rin asked, exited.

    “We use forks. They’re like chopsticks with a very, very small pointed bowl on it,” Kay said, smiling. “You don’t have any brothers or sisters, right?”

    “How did you know?” Rin asked.

    “I don’t have siblings either,” Kay said, rubbing the top of Rin’s hair affectionately.

    Rin laughed and asked, “Will Kay-chan be my sister?” Rin crawled up the bed and sat next to Kay.

    “Sure. I’ll be your foster sister as long as I’m here, OK?” Kay said, smiling. The girls talked for a while, bonding and learning more and more about each other.

    Sesshoumaru was standing in the doorway soon enough, and watched Kay with interest. “You’re awake...” Sesshoumaru said, stating the obvious.

    “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I am awake,” Kay said in a light tone.

    Sesshoumaru didn’t react to her comment, but just stood there.

    “Do you want anything, Sesshoumaru?” Kay asked.

    “How do you know my name?” he asked, ignoring the fact that he wasn’t addressed as ‘Lord Sesshoumaru.’

    “I know much more than you think,” Kay said, smirking, “even though I’m human.”

    Sesshoumaru said nothing and looked at her. “What is your name, human?” Sesshoumaru asked.

    “I am Kay, and I can use telekinesis. Meaning I can make things move with my mind,” Kay said, smirking. “Rin, is there any place where I can wash the blood off of me?”

    “Yes. There is some hot-springs nearby. Want me to take you to them?” Rin asked. “Rin will wash your clothes if you like.”

    “Sure, let’s go,” Kay said, getting out of the bed slowly. She put down her rice and chopsticks and then stood up, but had to grasp onto the table to stay up.

    “Is anything wrong, Kay-chan?” Rin asked.

    Kay shook her head, though her eyes showed obvious pain. “Naraku just must have hurt my leg. I’ll be fine,” Kay told her, and then smiled. Rin smiled back and walked out into the hall and turned left.

    Kay walked with a slight limp to the door and held onto the frame, getting a little bit of air. She looked at Sesshoumaru, who was standing at the door and looking at her. Her face showed a look of confusion, but he showed no emotion at all.

    What is he thinking? It’s like he’s blocking his thoughts... Kay thought as she took a step forward.

    She tripped and started to fall, but Sesshoumaru grabbed her and pulled her back up.

    Now very, very confused, Kay gave a small smile and said, “Thank you.” Her voice was quiet, but she started to walk after Rin, looking like nothing just happened.

    Kay asked herself as she walked after Rin.

    - - -

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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Michelle growled at Koga and glared at him. He shuffled his feet a little bit and smiled. “I am not your woman!” she yelled for the twelfth time. She clenched her fist and glared at Koga even more intensely and picked up a nearby rock with her mind. “I’ll hit you with this rock if you don’t get that through your thick head!” she yelled, pointing at the rock next to her.

    “You’re in denial, you just need a little bit of rest,” Koga said. He had hoped that saving her from Naraku would have made her fall in love with him.

    “I’m thankful that you saved me, but I don’t love you!” Michelle yelled at Koga. Most of the other wolf demons were petrified of Michelle and hiding behind rocks, each other, Koga, or went outside.

    “Can you at least say you’re my friend?” Koga asked.

    “Fine! I’m your friend. Now bring me to InuYasha!” Michelle yelled.

    “You love that stupid mutt!” Koga yelled.

    “No! I don’t love anyone! In fact, I hate everyone! Happy?” Michelle said.

    Koga looked heartbroken.

    “Koga?” Michelle asked in a soft voice. She didn’t know what to do. Michelle felt like she should apologize, but she didn’t remember one time where she had said ‘sorry’ to anyone in her life. Not even to Kay, her best friend. “I didn’t mean that, OK? I just said it. Sometimes I don’t think of the consequences of what I say,” Michelle said.

    “Does that mean you love me?” Koga asked, lightening up a little bit.

    “NO! I’m only 13, dammit!” Michelle said, stomping her foot on the floor.

    - - -

    Kay was outside, and a little ways from the castle. Rin stood in front of the hot springs with a towel in her hands and smiled.

    “Kay-chan, Rin has a towel for you,” Rin said as she handed Kay her towel. “Rin will wait for you to get into the hot springs before Rin washes your clothes.”

    Rin walked away, into the forest and behind a tree. Kay stripped of her clothing and went into the hot springs, not being able to hide the fact that she felt kinda silly taking a bath, but she went into the water anyway. The warm water made Kay feel nice, and she put her head under the water, rubbing her face with her hands. She got the dried blood on her face washed off, and then she started to enjoy just relaxing in the hot springs. Her hair floated around the water and she watched it, amazed on how hair reacted with water. She dipped her head in the water, keeping her nose above it so she could breathe.

    She could hear something in the bushes... She turned and looked, waiting for something to pop out and attack her. Kay blushed at the thought. That would be so embarrassing...

    Just then someone popped through the bushes. It was Miroku!

    “AHHHHH! YOU PERVERT! GET OUT OF HERE, ASSHOLE!” Kay yelled. She wasn’t aware that she was accidentally pelting him with rocks.

    Miroku ran out of there and then Sango poked her head out from behind a tree to see a red-faced Kay. “Is it OK that I come out?” Sango asked.

    “I guess...” Kay said, blushing even more. It wasn’t very often that people in her era were naked in public... She put her arms in front of her and held onto her own shoulders.

    “InuYasha, Shippo and Kagome are looking for Michelle with Charlie, and Miroku and I came with Kirara to look for you. InuYasha wanted to look for you because he thought that Naraku would probably be with you, but Kagome persuaded him otherwise,” Sango said, laughing. “How did you get here?”

    “Sesshoumaru saved me,” Kay said, looking over towards where his castle was.

    “What! Sesshoumaru! Why would he save you?” Sango asked.

    “I don’t know...” Kay answered as she looked at the water she was in.

    “Kay-chan? Are you all right?” Rin asked coming out from behind the trees, carrying Kay’s clean clothes.

    “I’m fine Rin. Don’t worry,” Kay said, turning her head towards Rin.

    Rin nodded and set Kay’s clothes down, not asking who Sango was or why she was here.

    Rin walked away and Kay stood up. She got her towel next to her and wrapped it around herself, wiping the water off of her face.

    “You look different with your hair down,” Sango said, looking at Kay’s hair, which was down because of her bath. Kay picked up the scrunchie on the ground and put it around her wrist.

    “Yeah. I know,” Kay said, smirking. She put on her clothes and then walked into the forest, followed by Sango. Miroku caught up to them and he smiled.

    “That was a beautiful view,” Miroku said. Kay growled and punched him in the face. She stormed off, leaving the two behind.

    “You deserved it,” Sango said to Miroku, following Kay.

    Kay reached the edge of the forest and saw Kirara waiting for them.

    Hello. I missed you, Kirara said to Kay.

    “I missed you too,” Kay said to the cat. “I have to say goodbye to Rin, OK?”

    Kirara nodded and Kay walked into the castle quietly, looking for Rin.

    She found Rin in the same room as she had found her last time. The room with a bed like Kaede’s and a bunch of pillows. “Is this your room?” Kay asked Rin.

    She shook her head. “Rin just comes in here for comfort. This is Jaken’s room,” Rin said, smiling.

    Kay laughed and said, “I am going to leave now. I hope I see you soon...”

    “Is that why those people were there?” Rin asked.

    “Yes... They have helped me so much...”

    Then, Kay unexpectedly ran towards Rin and gave her a huge hug. She could feel Rin crying in her shoulder.

    “I know we just met, but I’ll miss you. Don’t cry... I’ll always be with you,” Kay said, smiling.

    “Rin will miss you, Kay-chan,” Rin said into her shoulder.

    Kay let go and took off the scrunchie on her wrist. “Here, Rin. Keep this. You tie your hair up with it,” Kay said, smiling. “I’ll show you how,” Kay said, showing her that the scrunchie would go over and over to get it tight enough.

    Rin took the scrunchie and smiled. “Wait here,” she said, before rushing out of the room to get something. She came back a few minutes later with a piece of cloth used to tie hair. “This is what I usually use to tie my hair with. Please take it.”

    Kay took the white hair tie and tied up her hair, which was now dry. It actually worked better than Kay had expected. She tied it tight and smiled, making her look good with little strands of fabric falling down from the back of her head. Kay hugged Rin one last time and walked to the door. Before she left she stopped to look back at Rin, a smile on her face and tears ready to fall down her cheeks. She waved and ran off, heading to the exit to the castle.

    - - -

    “I’M NOT YOUR WOMAN, DAMMIT!” Michelle said for the fifty-seventh time. She growled at Koga as she sat on a rock next to a fire. “And don’t you have any meat that you could cook? To eat? Or something?”

    “Koga, I got some rabbit over here!” a random wolf demon said, holding up a dead and skinned rabbit.

    “EW! Don’t show it to me!” Michelle said covering her eyes. “I don’t exactly like looking at dead things!” She laughed inside her head at the thought of Kay, though, who liked to watch her grandpa clean fish. She can even remember that the fish egg sacks were orange! How gross...

    “I’ll cook it for you, if you like,” Koga said, taking the rabbit from the wolf demon’s hand.

    “Sure. I just don’t want to look at it,” Michelle said.

    After a while, the rabbit meat was done and Michelle was able to look at it, and she started to eat off of the bones.

    “Want some, wolf boy?” Michelle said, holding out a leg to Koga.

    “Sure!” Koga said, as he grabbed the meat.

    Just then a familiar scent, to Koga anyway, came into the cave and he growled.

    Koga turned around to see InuYasha standing in the cave entrance, Kagome and Shippo next to him, and Charlie next to her.

    “Hey, Kagome... I’m sorry, but I’ve realized you aren’t for me. I’ve got a new woman now,” Koga said.

    “I AM NOT YOUR DAMN WOMAN!” Michelle yelled for the fifty-eighth time.

    InuYasha whispered to Kagome, “Well, at least he’s not after you anymore.”

    Shippo nodded and said, “Too bad he went for another friend of ours...”

    Koga turned to Michelle and put his arms on her shoulders. “Try not to deny your love,” Koga said.

    “If you don’t let go, I’ll shove a stick up your ass,” Michelle said, clenching her fist. Koga let go, smiling. Michelle stomped over to Kagome and InuYasha.

    “Let’s get out of here, now!” Michelle said as she mounted Charlie, who was already transformed. Charlie ran off, and then InuYasha with Kagome on his back ran up next to Charlie.

    Now we have to find Kay! Charlie thought, heading in the direction that Sango and Miroku went.
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 11: The Lake of Glass

    Kay walked out of the castle, a single tear rolling down her cheek. Then, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned and looked to see Sesshoumaru, standing next to her.

    “You... are leaving?” Sesshoumaru asked, acting like he was trying to get the right words out.

    “Yes. I must. I miss my home,” Kay said, looking at the ground. “I know you don’t need anyone to tell you this, but watch over Rin for me, OK? I’ll miss her.”

    “You’ve only known her for a day,” Sesshoumaru said.

    “It doesn’t matter. I feel like I’ve known her most of my life... And I have a question,” Kay said, looking back at Sesshoumaru.

    “Why did you save me?”

    Sesshoumaru stayed quiet and emotionless. He took his hand from Kay’s shoulder and turned around. He walked back inside the castle and Kay walked down the steps, and over to Kirara.

    What happened? Kirara asked Kay.

    “I... I don’t know. I just... don’t know,” Kay said, a smirk playing on her lips. “Where’s Miroku and Sango? We should go find the others, quickly.”

    “We’re right here!” Miroku said, waving, and sporting a bright red mark on his face, much better looking than last season’s mark. (Fashion joke.)

    “Let’s just go already!” Sango said, clenching her fist.

    Kirara became large and flaming and the three friends got on the back of the cat. She flew away, looking for the rest of their little group.

    - - -

    The sun was rising by the time that they found each other, but they managed to do it in a fairly decent amount of time. Kay was very happy to see her friends and hugged her dog. They made a camp and went to sleep, trying to forget about what happened recently.

    Kay stayed awake for a while and then something strange happened. It was as if water was poured over the fire as steam and smoke rose up from the logs. Nothing was left burning, and a fog seemed to cover the ground and slowly rise up to cover everything.

    Kay’s vision started to go black and she gasped, seeing her mom laying on the ground in front of her. Kay stood up and walked towards her mother, and she would have laughed at how silly her mother looked as an anime character with her short hair and all, had it not been that she was scared out of her mind. She knelt down and touched her mother’s face and found it to be cold. She looked around and saw more bodies laying on the ground, those of her friends and her family, Michelle and Charlie. And then she saw the bodies of InuYasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara. All of them dead.

    No! This isn’t real! Kay! Snap out of it! This isn’t real you idiot! thought the 14 year old. It’s like that other episode where Kikyo stole the jewel shards from Kagome! It’s an illusion. WAKE UP!

    Naraku appeared in front of her, between the blackness and the bodies. He smirked. “Be afraid. Your family, your friends, your life, is dead. Be very, very afraid,” Naraku said, making the darkness close around her.

    “No! There is nothing to be afraid of, because this is an illusion!” Kay yelled, clenching her fists and putting a foot forward.

    “You are a fool. Look at everyone. They have died because of you. You killed them. You should be very afraid,” Naraku said.

    Kay straightened up and glared at Naraku. “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” She smirked. “You don’t scare me. Fear doesn’t come from other people, or creatures. It comes from yourself,” Kay said, starting to smile now.

    Naraku’s body vanished and the bodies around her vanished too.

    - - -

    Michelle looked around the black abyss and saw nothing but strange people. She tried to speak to one of them, but her voice didn’t want to work. Around her the people either glared or paid no attention to her whatsoever. She clenched her fist and punched at a person, but it vanished into nothing at her touch. The others vanished one by one, until the only one left was Naraku. Michelle felt like she was falling, but couldn’t stop herself or get back up.

    “You are alone in the world. Anything you touch will disappear or die. You have always been alone,” Naraku said in a tone much like the one he used to speak to Kay with.

    Michelle glared and managed to make a few noises.

    “I’m not... alone. I’ve never been alone,” Michelle said in a voice barely audible. He must have done something to her. “Kay has always been there for me,” Michelle croaked out, clenching her fist as she continued to have that falling feeling.

    “Really? Will she always be there for you?” Naraku asked as a figure of Kay appeared, talking with other people.

    “Kay!” Michelle said, trying to get out of that stupid falling sequence.

    The figure in front of her didn’t turn to look at who called her name, and Michelle sighed.

    “You’re such an idiot, Naraku. Kay always reacts to whoever says her name, no matter what. Just get out of my mind, dammit! You get out of here, or I’ll kick you out!” Michelle said, moving towards Naraku. She started to run on hard ground and ran towards him, and once she reached him she started to attack him with her fists until he disappeared.

    - - -

    Kay was woken up by Kagome shaking her and looking worried. Her eyes opened and she saw Kagome in front of her, looking happy. Kagome hugged her and then let go. “You were having some sort of concussion or something. You were twitching and you stopped breathing for a minute,” Kagome said and hugged her again. Kay turned to see that Michelle was being taken care of too.

    Did she have the same kind of dream as I? Kay asked herself.

    Kay sighed and smiled. “Kagome, you can let go now,” Kay said, laughing a little bit.

    “Sorry,” Kagome said, grinning and letting go. “Well, since we’re all up, I guess I should make some food for us. How about ramen?”

    “Did somebody say ramen?” InuYasha asked, pircking up. Kagome smiled and went over to her yellow backpack and took out some instant ramen. She went over to the now blazing fire and she started making it. It took a couple minutes, but she got the ramen done.

    She put the ramen in bowls and handed them and chopsticks to each person. Kay ate the ramen fairly easy, but wasn’t the first to finish with it. That person was obviously InuYasha. They finished their breakfast and they set off, heading to Kaede’s village now that they had nothing to do.

    In the middle of the day, as they were flying through the air, a familiar scent reached InuYasha’s nose. He turned around and saw Kagura, smirking behind him and heading toward them.

    “Kagura!” InuYasha said, growling. She took her fan and made the wind blow so hard that it knocked everyone down from the skies. She flew down and grabbed Michelle and Kay before they fell to the ground, and she flew off towards the west.

    - - -

    Kagura landed next to a waterfall that went into a huge lake. By the time that they made it, it was night, and the full moon was shining brightly on the water, which was oddly calm. The water looked like it was glass, even though there was a waterfall pouring into the lake. She held onto the two girls and they recognized a familiar purple miasma as Naraku’s, so their telekinesis wouldn’t be usable.

    Kay growled at Kagura and tried to escape from her but her grasp was to tight. Naraku appeared in front of them and smirked, looking uglier than ever. Kay growled even more and she struggled, as did Michelle, trying to look for a way out.

    “Why do you want us?” Kay demanded.

    “To resurrect one of the greatest demons of all time. You two will be one of the primal ingredients to resurrect this demon,” Naraku explained. He smirked and looked at Kagura. “Kagura, bring them to the top of the waterfall,” Naraku said.

    Kay! I heard his thoughts! He’s going to use the demon to become more powerful! Michelle told Kay using her mind.

    What I’m wondering is do we have to die to bring this demon back? Kay asked.

    I dunno, Michelle said.

    Kagura somehow managed to get the feather from her hair and flew up to the top of the waterfall. It would have been fun to fly up there, if they weren’t scared for their lives. Naraku was already standing at the top of the waterfall and standing there with a smirk on his face. His eyes seemed to shine with anticipation and you could tell he was excited to finally get even more powerful.

    But something stopped Naraku’s happy-evil look. He growled and looked at the forest, and Kagura, Kay and Michelle turned to look too. There was a certain half demon standing there, his silver hair making him stand out a little bit in the night.

    “Naraku!” InuYasha yelled, running towards them and jumping up. He landed next to Naraku and pulled out his sword, yelling, “You’re gonna die!”

    Naraku’s bland look and look of hatred changed and he began to to smirk. “Just the person I was looking for,” Naraku said. “Kagura! Throw them in!”

    Just as Kagura threw them in with tremendous strength, making them fly quite far, Naraku pushed InuYasha over the side of the waterfall.

    “Saihatsu tame tsuchi.

    Naraku, goshujin tatsujin, houmon.

    Attachi ichi karada tame senpou.”

    Kagura finished the incantation when the last one hit the water and went under, and the black water started to glow a greenish yellow.
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