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Thread: A strand of golden hair

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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 12: Yominokuni, The Hades Dragon

    The lake was glowing a greenish yellow color and the lake started to rise, the glass like surface braking.

    “INUYASHA!” Kagome yelled, looking terrified. InuYasha, Kay and Michelle had been thrown into the water as sacrifices to resurrect a demon within it. Kagome rushed to the water and wanted to jump in, but steam was rising from the water, meaning it was hot. She watched the water impatiently and then large bubbles reached the surface.

    A large snake like dragon broke the surface of the water, roaring and glaring at everyone. His body was black and had gray scales on his stomach. Silver scales would dot his body every so often, and his eyes were blood red. He had huge wings that reached a wingspan of 100 feet wide. His body was 200 feet long and had short arms and legs that seemed to only have three claws. He roared again, revealing teeth that was at least five and a half feet long. His tongue was purple and split, and he had a huge head.

    “INUYASHA!” Kagome yelled again. Kagome turned around and asked, “Kirara, can you go under the water and find InuYasha?” Kirara nodded and transformed, jumping into the water, which was by now cooled down enough to touch. Kagome turned to Charlie and said, “I need you to transform and fly me around that creature’s head so I can shoot at it!”

    Charlie transformed and allowed Kagome on his back after she got her bow and arrow, and he followed her instructions that she told him. He circled the dragon and Kagome waited for the right moment to shoot at it.

    “Come to me, Yominokuni, dragon of hell!” Naraku yelled smirking. The dragon roared again and spread it’s long wings, flapping them once. Then it roared again, and lifted up into the air, roaring in it’s deep roar.

    Kagome readied her bow and arrow and yelled, “Charlie! Fly in front of Naraku and let me face that dragon!”

    Charlie nodded and flew in front of the waterfall, staying in midair. Kagome pulled on her arrow and glared at the demon, getting ready to attack it if it came.

    Just then InuYasha jumped out of the water, followed by Kirara with Kay and Michelle on her back. InuYasha smirked and yelled, “WIND SCAR!” throwing his sword down to send the power of the Tetsusaiga towards the creature. But when it hit, it didn’t do any damage!

    “What the hell? What’s going on!” InuYasha asked no one in particular.

    Miroku gasped and looked on his shoulder to see a little bouncing flea. “Myoga? What are you doing here?” Miroku asked. “You haven’t been around... ever. Even when it was safe.”

    “Actually, I’ve been around quite a bit. I was just hiding in a safe place,” Myoga said.

    “And where would that be?” Sango asked, looking at Myoga with a death glare.

    “I was on the stomach of that rather large dog you call ‘Charlie,’” Myoga said. “But about that dragon. It’s name is Yominokuni, and it is said to be from hell,” Myoga said, sitting down and making himself comfortable.

    “Yominokuni, huh? That’s easy to say,” Kay said sarcastically as Kirara landed next to Miroku. “Where did you say you were? Jerk.” Kay hit Miroku’s shoulder hard and the monk and the flea both got hurt. “Anyway,” Kay started, “why didn’t the Wind Scar hurt it?”

    Myoga popped back to normal and growled at Kay. “The Wind Scar didn’t hurt it because Yominokuni is the Hades Dragon. It cannot be killed by anything demonic. The person who killed it so many years ago was Midoriko,” Myoga said.

    “The priestess from which the Shikon Jewel originated!” Kay said, recognizing the name.

    “Yes. She killed the demon using her priestess powers. That is the only known way to kill that demon,” Myoga said. Kay turned and pushed Michelle off of Kirara.

    “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!” Michelle yelled as she rubbed her butt.

    “Kirara! Go!” Kay said, and Kirara flew into the air. “Go over to InuYasha. We need to help him.”

    Kirara ran over to InuYasha and he was jumping up again, trying to attack this demon. Kay held out her hand and when they passed InuYasha she pulled on his shirt and pulled him onto Kirara.

    “What the hell do you think you’re doing!” InuYasha yelled.

    “Your sword won’t work on Yominokuni. The only known people who can kill that dragon are priestesses,” Kay explained to InuYasha. “That means you can’t win. The only one who can is Kagome. Kirara, go over to Charlie and Kagome.”

    Kirara flew over to Kagome and Kay looked at Kagome seriously.

    “Kagome, shoot an arrow into the dragon’s mouth on my signal, OK?” Kay said, turning to look at Yominokuni. Kagome nodded and pulled on her arrow a little bit more.

    “Yominokuni! Come and be a part of my body!” Naraku said, smirking.

    The Hades Dragon turned and roared, and rose up into the air, higher. Kagome narrowed her eyes, getting ready to shoot her arrow. The dragon started to fly towards Naraku, coming closer and closer, roaring and growling. He opened his mouth in a roar, like he was going to try and eat Naraku, and came closer. He was fifty feet away. Forty feet. Thirty. Twenty. Ten.

    “NOW!” Kay yelled when he was almost going to eat them up, it seemed. Kagome shot an arrow into his mouth and just when he was going to swallow them up, his body turned into ash, starting with his head.

    Kay gave out a sigh as the demon disappeared. She turned around and glared at Naraku, as did InuYasha, Kagome, Kirara and Charlie. Kagome took another arrow and pulled it back. InuYasha got his sword ready and Kay held up a really pointy rock above his head (WTF!). Kagome shot her arrow and InuYasha used his Wind Scar, and Kay stabbed him with a really pointy rock. When the dust cleared it looked like nothing was there, because Naraku and Kagura were gone, and there were no gouges in the ground from the Wind Scar.

    Kay carefully jumped onto the top of the waterfall, getting her pants and feet wet. Luckily the water wasn’t moving fast enough to catch her off balance. She walked over to where Naraku and Kagura were, and looked around. “It’s like they weren’t even here...” Kay said, looking around.

    InuYasha jumped near Kay and sniffed the air. “Their scent is gone too...” InuYasha said as he looked around.

    Kay sighed and then walked back over to Kirara. “We should go back to Kaede’s Village,” Kay said, getting onto Kirara fairly easily.

    - - -

    The group traveled to Kaede’s Village on the flying cat and dog. They made it to Kaede’s Village after a few hours of flying, and it was almost noon by the time they made it to the village.

    They landed in front of Kaede’s hut and walked inside. Kay and Michelle turned to look at the chest to see that it was glowing slightly. The glow seemed to fill the room somehow, and Kaede was looking at the chest very strangely, like she was suspicious of it. And it looked like she was going to try and use a sutra on it.

    Kay walked over to the chest and opened it, and the glow seemed to subside a bit, but it still shone ever so brightly. Kay smiled and looked at Michelle.

    “It’s time,” she said, looking back into the chest. “Can you take the fluffy things, Michelle?”

    Michelle nodded and picked up the fluffies from the chest, and Charlie jumped in the chest right away. Michelle smiled and followed, carrying the fluffies with her. Kay smiled a little bit and turned towards each and every one of them.

    She walked over to Kirara and hugged her, making Kirara meow and lick Kay’s face. Kay put her down and walked over to the chest and waved, but stopped.

    Kay walked over to InuYasha and smiled. “Thank you so much, you guys. I can’t thank you enough for helping us... So...” Kay started, addressing this to all of the group. “Just… Thank you. Thank you so much.”

    “I just want to apologize beforehand for this, InuYasha...” Kay said, turning to InuYasha.

    She lifted up her hands and pulled on his ears, making him growl. Just as he looked like he was going to kill Kay, she ran over to the chest and gave a last wave before she jumped into the chest, disappearing for what would seem like forever.
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 13: Was it Real?

    Kay blinked and she was home, sitting in the middle of the chest in her living room. She stood up and stepped out of the chest, wondering what time it was, and what day it was. She looked around to see Michelle holding four fluffies, now fluffier looking and no line around it. It was weird to see everything normal and without black lines around everything. Kay blinked again and looked outside to see that it was night. She muttered something to Michelle, but Michelle knew that Kay wanted to be followed.

    Kay walked out of the room and into the computer room and clicked on the screen to wake up the computer. She looked at the time and looked at it carefully, and then clicked on iCal (she has an iMac) and looked at the date.

    Her eyes widened and she gasped.

    “What? What!” Michelle said, looking at the screen and then back at Kay.

    “We’ve only been gone for an hour,” Kay said, staring at the screen and shaking her head. “That can’t be possible...”

    Kay blinked at the screen and then she heard someone come into the house. She got up from the computer and ran over to the door, seeing her mom standing there. She ran up to her mom and hugged her, and unintentionally started to tell her all that happened.

    “It was probably a dream, honey,” her mother said, patting her hair. Kay looked up to her mom and saw a smile and her green eyes had closed. “Just go watch TV, OK? Then you can forget about your Inuwushiwashi dream.”

    “It’s InuYasha, mom,” Kay said, glaring.

    “I know, but it’s fun to tease you,” her mother said.

    “I’m going to forget you said that and go watch TV,” Kay said, turning around and walking towards the TV room, though they could have just gone to the living room, though they were trying to avoid that chest right now. Michelle followed and they plopped down on the couch.

    “Was it real?” Michelle asked.

    “I don’t know... It sure felt real. I mean, when we were under that lake, I know that I felt like I was going to die down there... And I could feel the water, and the heat from that dragon’s mouth. And Naraku’s miasma...” Kay said, thinking hard. She sighed and turned the TV on, and they watched TV for a while. Soon enough, InuYasha was on.

    They watched the show with anticipation, and felt like they were closer to the characters than ever before. They laughed when Miroku made a fool out of himself, and they were worried when InuYasha was fighting a demon, but they knew he could handle it.

    They looked at each other at the end of the show and then watched the credits with each other. And like always, they watched what was going to happen next episode.

    Kagome’s voice could be heard as they watched the scenes from the next episode, but they hardly needed to watch what was going to happen.

    “Two girls from the present time somehow manage to get to the Feudal Era! And they seem to know a lot about InuYasha and the rest of us! How did these two girls get here, and do they have something to do with Naraku? Wait a minute! Their dog can transform like Kirara, but he’s not even a demon! Next time: Enter Kay and Michelle: Girls From America!”

    Kagome’s voice ended and the girls on the couch watched the screen with wide eyes and open mouths.

    “Holy hell.”


    Michelle: What the hell! It was only 13 chapters! Rip off!

    Kay: But it was still long. And had a lot of humor in it.

    Michelle: But it was only 13 chapters! And the last one was boring!

    Kay: --’ I am already writing the sequel, stupid. There are going to be at least three stories with us in it.

    Michelle: Oh... But still, this one was short!

    Kay: This one was mainly an introduction to the characters. The next one isn’t even finished yet, and is already longer than this one, though it has fewer chapters. And the last one already has a plan for it.

    Michelle: ... Well... You’re stupid!

    Kay: That’s all you can come up with?

    Michelle: So this is a trilogy series?

    Kay: I guess so.

    Michelle: How come we were only gone an hour in the ‘real world’?

    Kay: That’s how it works.

    Michelle: And how come you made Koga fall in love with me!

    Kay: I wanted to bug you. He he he.

    Michelle: You suck.

    Kay: xD

    Michelle: You know, you made this chapter around one fourth larger by adding this.

    Kay: I know. I’m writing all of your dialogue, so I should know.

    Michelle: ... Oh.

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    Re: A strand of golden hair



    “Yes, InuYasha?”


    “What is it?”

    “What are you going to do once we complete the jewel?”

    “I don’t know yet. I guess I’ll... just go home...”


    “What are you still going to wish to become a full demon?”



    “I... I don’t know...”

    “I can’t tell if I’m happy to hear that or not...”

    “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    “I don’t know if you understand how afraid I am that you’ll wish to become a full demon... Why don’t you know what you’re going to wish for?”

    “I don’t need anything... I just want to make sure that you’re safe.”

    “Oh, InuYasha...”

    “I’m being selfish though. You must go home, so you don’t get hurt.”

    “I’m not going home!”

    “Yes you are!”

    “Where did this come from? Is this what you were going to try and persuade me to do the whole time? Go home?”

    “I don’t want you hurt!”

    “Fine! Fine, InuYasha! Just tell me one thing! Why do you want me to go home?”


    “Tell me!”

    “Because I lmnfffh.”


    “I lamfffhue”

    “What did you say?”

    “I LOVE YOU!”



    “Oh... InuYasha! I’ve waited so long to hear you say that! I...”


    “I love you too, InuYasha.”

    - - -

    “The hot springs feel so nice!”

    “Kagome, you seem happier than normal today. Did anything happen?”

    “No! Nothing at all, Sango!”

    “You’re blushing. Something happened.”

    “No! Nothing happened.”

    “Tell me!”

    “I’m saying nothing happened. There’s nothing going on.”

    “Did InuYasha do something?”


    “You’re blushing even more! He did do something! TELL ME!”

    “Fine... But, you’re so excited you’re scaring me.”

    “I’ll calm down... What did he do?”

    “Well, I was standing in front of the sacred tree and InuYasha came and talked to me... We got in a small fight and it somehow ended up with him telling me he loved me...”

    “Wow! Kagome, I knew he felt like that about you! I bet he blushed as red as his kimono.”

    “I think he was redder...”

    “Did you kiss?”


    “You did! I’m so happy for you, Kagome!”

    “Sango... You’re making me blush... Wait! Did you hear that?”

    “... MIROKU!”

    As you can see, there was only dialogue. It was sorta fun to write, but I had to make sure that I got people’s names in there enough, which wasn’t hard because they say names a lot in the anime. I hope you leave a review, but don’t flame. And as you can see, it’s short. I hope it was enjoyable to read.
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter One: Kidnapped

    InuYasha, the inu-hanyou, pulled out his Tetsusaiga and smirked. He had long white hair, a red kimono, claws and fangs, and cute little dog ears on top of his head that people often played with when they met him. “Do you really think that you can defeat me, demon?” he asked a scrawny looking youkai. The youkai wore rags and was greenish in color and had flabby skin, but was actually quite strong, and fast.

    The youkai didn’t speak, but looked at all the people around InuYasha. There was a monk, Miroku, that was holding out his right hand and held his staff in his other. He wore a purple kimono and had a cursed void in his right hand, blue eyes and also had dark hair that was pulled into a small ponytail. There was a demon-slayer, Sango, who was holding a hiriakotsu, which was a giant boomerang. She had long dark hair and it was pulled into a ponytail, and a black and pink youkai-slayer’s outfit. She usually wears a pink, white and green kimono. There was a small fox youkai, Shippo, with orange hair and green eyes and looked quite frightened, and he also had a fluffy fox tail and feet. There was also a large cat youkai, Kirara, that could transform to fight and fly through the air. And last there was a young miko, Kagome, holding a bow and arrow and was wearing a school outfit. She was rather pretty and had night black hair.

    The youkai ran quickly towards Kagome and picked her up easily. He ran as fast as he could away from the others and managed to make smoke to confuse them. The smoke filled the area very fast, and nothing could be seen for miles.

    “Kagome!” yelled the worried hanyou. “Kagome! No!” He started to run into the smoke, but soon lost his way and couldn’t smell anything but smoke. His sensitive nose soon made him sick and he fainted.

    Sango, Miroku, Shippo and Kirara all ran into the smoke, but lost their way like InuYasha. All they could do was take InuYasha out of the smoke and wait for it to clear. Soon InuYasha came to, but the smoke was still there. They were going to have to wait until it was gone, which might take a while.

    Meanwhile, the youkai that was kidnapping Kagome kept running and she kicked and screamed as much as she could. “Let me go! Put me down right now!” Kagome said while beating on the youkai’s back. She grabbed an arrow from her quiver and held it high. Kagome brought the arrow down quickly onto the youkai’s head and he screamed with pain. A bright light filled the area and then a flash. The youkai deteriorated right there and Kagome fell on the ground with a loud i thump/i

    Exhausted from trying to free herself, and fighting, she fell to the ground and blacked out.

    Light footsteps could soon be heard, and the outline of a young woman came into view. She picked up Kagome and carried the light body towards a fairly large village as it was getting dark. Kagome was brought into a shack and put in bed with her other things.

    YEP I have more than one! lol
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 2: Powerless Hanyou

    Kagome awoke and found herself in a small shack. It was small, about twenty-five feet long and fifteen feet wide, and had one small window that let in a surprising amount of light. When you walked in there was a kitchen to your left with all the proper utensils for cooking and a few foods to cook with. To your right there was an area for sleeping, where Kagome currently was. There were a few things here and there, and in the corner a place with one or two extra kimonos in case something happened to one of them, but near the kitchen area was a black sword that was so sharp it could easily cut your skin, just by touching it, and it was probably used for protection. On the top of the black sword was a red symbol that looked like fire, but it was in the shape of a dragon. Kagome had a light blanket over her, and her bow and arrows were at her right side.

    A girl of about sixteen with a very long braid and a green kimono in the style that a miko would wear walked into the shack and started to cook. Her hair was pitch black, and she had dark brown eyes. Her hair was kept together by a light green piece of fabric that matched her kimono. She was fairly tall, almost six feet, and had large feet. She hummed while she did this and then turned around, seeing Kagome awake. “You’re up! Good. That means you can eat some food,” said the girl.

    The girl finished making the food and gave a nice portion to Kagome, and gave herself a smaller portion. The girl sat next to Kagome and she started eating.

    Not touching her food, Kagome let out a small gasp. There’s a jewel shard in her neck! she thought, slightly alarmed.

    The girl looked up and saw the look on Kagome’s face and asked, “What’s the matter?”

    Kagome looked at her food and bit her lip. ”I-I just don’t know where my friends are,” she said. It wasn’t a complete lie, but she wasn’t exactly telling the truth either.

    The girl looked off into space and said, “I don’t know. You were alone when I found you. You had an arrow in your hand and looked worn-out.”

    “What is your name?” asked Kagome.

    “I’m Kyoumi. You’re lucky I found you. If you had been left out there any longer you may have been eaten by youkais,” said the girl. “By the way, what is your name?”

    “My name is Kagome,” she said, trying to remember how she got separated from her friends. The youkai! thought Kagome. He kidnapped me! But how did this girl find me? I was out in the middle of the forest.

    The two talked to each other for a while, and the morning soon turned into dusk. They talked about Kagome’s friends and what they were like, and Kagome asked Kyoumi about her past. Kyoumi kept changing the subject whenever her past was brought up.

    “I wonder if InuYasha will ever get here...” Kagome said to herself soon after she had some dinner.

    “I’m sure he will. He sounds like a nice enough guy. It might take him a while to find you, though,” Kyoumi answered.

    “But he’s a hanyou! He has a very good sense of smell. I am just wondering if anything is holding him back.”

    “Probably just can’t pick up your scent,” Kyoumi said, trying to sound reassuring.


    Kyoumi finished putting her dishes away and froze. She heard something outside. It’s probably just a kid, but I better be safe, just in case... Kyoumi thought as she reached for her black sword.

    Just when she grabbed it, her door was busted down and a giant sword came down to hit Kyoumi.

    She pulled her own sword up and blocked the giant one just in time. It took a lot of strength, but she kept it up.

    “She blocked the Tetsusaiga!” said a small child’s voice.

    A white-haired hanyou was in her home and attacking her!

    ”Let Kagome go, youkai!” yelled InuYasha.

    Fear could be seen in Kyoumi’s eyes, but they were soon replaced with anger. “I’m not a youkai! And Kagome is free to go any time!”

    Kagome stood up quickly and yelled at the top of her lungs, “SIT!”

    InuYasha fell to the floor automatically and groaned. He then got up and yelled at Kagome. “Why the hell did you do that?”

    “Kyoumi never hurt me! And she isn’t a youkai!” Kagome yelled back, just as loud as InuYasha.

    “Yes she is! I can smell it in her blood!” InuYasha yelled back.

    Everyone turned to look at Kyoumi who was looking very scared and worried. She looked at everyone carefully, Kagome’s soft gaze,

    InuYasha’s hard glare, Sango’s angered look, Miroku’s questioning eyes and Shippo’s odd glances at everyone.

    “Well?” InuYasha said sharply.

    Kyoumi sighed and looked at the ground. “I-I am a youkai.”

    Kagome gasped and InuYasha let out a triumphant “HA!”

    “BUT-- I am not full youkai. I am a hanyou. And, I have no powers,” Kyoumi said, looking at everyone like she was ashamed of herself.

    “But you smell of so little human,” InuYasha said, more calmly now.

    “My mother was a hanyou and my father was a regular youkai. I have more demon blood than most hanyous.”

    “See, InuYasha? She’s harmless! Be nice to her!” Kagome said to InuYasha with a sort of angered look. Kyoumi felt relived.

    She doesn’t hate me because I’m a half-demon Kyoumi thought. She smiled weakly. Just then Miroku walked up to Kyoumi and lightly grabbed her hands.

    “Miss, would you be so kind as to bear my children?” he asked. Kyoumi’s face went from relief to confusion in a matter of seconds.

    And just a few moments after Miroku asked her that, Sango hit him on the top of his head with her hiriakotsu. “You’ll have to excuse, Miroku. He asks every pretty lady that, even if they are hanyou... Or maybe he wasn’t listening... Anyway, I’m Sango. Nice to meet you,” said the youkai-slayer while looking at the monk the whole time. Miroku now had a large lump on his head where Sango hit him with her weapon, and he let go of Kyoumi’s hands to hold his head.

    InuYasha turned towards the door and said, “We better get going. We have to find a safe place to sleep.”

    “You could stay here,” Kyoumi suggested.

    Kagome looked at InuYasha hopefully. “No, we’re not staying here,” InuYasha said forcefully.

    “Come on! What is the matter? It’s not like she’s going to kill us!” Kagome yelled.

    InuYasha let out a low growl, obviously tired of this and said, “There won’t be a moon out tonight.”

    “All the more reason to stay here!” Kagome yelled. She pulled on his arm and said, “We’re staying, and that’s final.” Her tone of voice and look on her face seemed to scare InuYasha, so he finally agreed.

    “But you have to help put the door back up if you want to stay here,” Kyoumi said to InuYasha.

    “I’m not putting that door back up!” he yelled back at her.

    The next moment he found himself stuck outside.

    “You know, he should have just put the door up, instead of fighting about it,” Shippo said as InuYasha walked in and put the door up with unneeded force.
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 3: InuYasha’s Soft Spot

    As soon as the sun set, InuYasha’s hair turned black. His dog ears were gone and his yellow eyes became brown. Kyoumi was amazed by this. InuYasha was becoming human before her very


    “Don’t you dare tell anyone about this! If you do, I’ll kill you. I won’t have any trouble doing it either, because you have youkai blood in you,” warned InuYasha. Kyoumi gave her word that she wouldn’t tell... She didn’t realize then why it was so important.

    Kyoumi felt a tad hungry, so she decided to make something for them all. She was running short on food because of the larger portions she had been making lately, but she could make due until tomorrow. She made them all tasty foods and they ate it all quickly, complementing her on her cooking.

    “You are a really good cook!” Shippo exclaimed.

    “You’re much better at it than Kagome,” InuYasha said.


    InuYasha plunged to the ground, getting his bowl of rice all over himself and leaving another dent in Kyoumi’s floor. Kyoumi sighed and looked at her floor with a sad gaze.

    “Kagome, can you try not and do that in the house?” asked Kyoumi.

    Kagome blushed and nodded, looking at her bowl of rice instead of at anyone else, especially the scowling InuYasha.

    “You know that hurts much more when I’m human, don’t you?” InuYasha complained.

    “By the way, why is InuYasha human?” Kyoumi asked.

    “InuYasha is a hanyou, and all hanyous turn into humans,” explained Miroku. “InuYasha just so happens to turn into a human on the night when there is no moon.”

    “Like tonight you mean?”


    Kyoumi looked at InuYasha and turned her head sideways, as if she were begging for food, but she then realized she was staring, and returned to eating.

    “Why are you guys traveling around so much?” Kyoumi asked all of the sudden.

    “We’re looking for the Shikon Jewel Shards,” Kagome said, brightening up. She seemed to like the idea of looking for the Jewel Shards.

    “Oh, sure! Why don’t you tell her everything! Why don’t you tell her about my past too, and how you mess up all the time! Why don’t you tell her that you get kidnapped so often, we can hardly keep track of all your kidnappers!” yelled InuYasha. He looked angry, and even more threatening than he did when he thought that Kyoumi was going to hurt Kagome.

    But Kagome looked like she was on the verge of tears.

    “InuYasha! All she was telling me is what you were doing! I never even asked about your past! Are you always this mean to her?” Kyoumi asked with a fierce expression.

    InuYasha looked like he was trying to think of a good way to get back at Kyoumi for telling him off, but he just got up and said, “Feh. I’m sleeping outside.”

    Sango sat next to Kagome and comforted her, and Shippo and Miroku looked at Kagome with concerned expressions.

    Kyoumi stood up and marched outside, and Kirara followed her to see what she was doing. Kyoumi saw something move on the top of her roof, and she looked up there to see InuYasha pouting.

    “Why did you have to be so mean?” Kyoumi asked calmly, but with force.

    “She was asking for it,” he answered, looking at his feet.

    “No she wasn’t. No wonder people in this town don’t like me. It’s hanyous like you that give us all bad names,” Kyoumi said with a fierce glare.

    “What did they do to you?” InuYasha asked.

    “What?” Kyoumi said, thoroughly confused.

    “The villagers. How do they treat you?”

    “Don’t try and change the subject!”

    “Just answer the question,” InuYasha said rather calmly.

    Kyoumi looked at a tree and cleared her throat. “They like to throw rocks at my head.”

    “But that’s not all, is it? They also like to tease you, don’t they? You aren’t the only one who had a hard life, you know. I wasn’t exactly treated like a nobleman myself,” InuYasha said. He sat up and looked at Kyoumi carefully. “I’m going to go back inside and apologize to Kagome,” InuYasha said suddenly. He jumped off the roof and walked towards the door, but stopped before he went in. “Just so you know, I’m usually only this nice when I’m human. And I usually don’t apologize to people when I’m human or youkai.”

    Kyoumi watched InuYasha walk inside, and heard a few muffled voices. Kirara soon followed InuYasha in, meowing to Kyoumi before she left. The single candle lighting the shack went out, and Kyoumi was left in darkness, besides the light coming from the stars. About a half hour after everyone but InuYasha went to sleep, Kyoumi walked back inside and thought about what InuYasha told her.


    The morning light woke Kyoumi before everyone else, and the first thing she saw was the sleeping InuYasha, his white hair and all. He had returned to normal at the first sign of day, and once he was demon, he decided that he could sleep. She started making breakfast for them all, and slowly each one stirred. InuYasha woke first at the smell of breakfast, and he looked quite happy to have gotten some rest.

    After everyone woke up and had their breakfast, InuYasha stood up.

    “We should leave now, so we can see if we can find a Jewel Shard,” said InuYasha. Kagome seemed to be avoiding anyone’s gaze so she wouldn’t have to talk to anyone. She didn’t want to tell them that Kyoumi had a Jewel Shard, and she was still kinda angry at InuYasha. She didn’t know what Kyoumi’s Jewel Shard was for. It could be to keep her alive, or to heal her wounds faster. If she told InuYasha, he would go berserk!

    The group got up and got ready to leave, and they soon left the small shack. They said goodbye to Kyoumi and thanked her for her hospitality, and walked down the path. Not a quarter-mile away, Kyoumi stopped them, carrying her sword in it’s hilt and a small bag of money hidden in her pants.

    “Kagome,” called out Kyoumi. All of them turned around except InuYasha.

    “Yes?” she answered, wondering what Kyoumi would want with them.

    “Can I travel with you?” she asked, trying to hide her excitement.

    Before anyone could answer, InuYasha turned around to face her and said, “Yeah, you can. We could use another fighter around here, considering that Shippo is useless.”
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 4: History Lesson

    The next week and a half proved that Kyoumi was an excellent addition to the team. She wasn’t the fastest, or the strongest, or the smartest. She couldn’t even jump as high as Miroku or Sango. But she had a little bit of everything. She was brave in battle, she wouldn’t hold back, and she wasn’t one to quit. It was a good choice on InuYasha’s part to let her come with them.

    But she soon became curious of why she was helping them. What were they doing by killing all of these youkais? What were they trying to accomplish? And why did Miroku keep his hand covered up? It sure as hell wasn’t to protect his hand from girl’s asses.

    Kyoumi soon found herself trying to figure these answers out for herself, but her answers always became demented and confusing.

    On the 10th day of Kyoumi traveling with the small group, she was greeted at breakfast with some... odd news.

    “I’m going to go home for about three days,” Kagome said during the middle of breakfast. “I have to take a test, and I really want to do well on this. It might mean me passing the grade or not.”

    InuYasha looked mad, Sango, Miroku and Shippo didn’t seem to care, but Kyoumi was just confused.

    “Kyoumi, do you want to come with me?” asked Kagome.

    “Uh... Sure, I guess... Where are we going?” she answered, still confused.

    “You can’t leave now, Kagome! We have to find the Jewel shards!” yelled InuYasha.

    “I’m leaving, no matter what you say,” Kagome said, closing the subject for further discussion.

    But InuYasha wouldn’t drop it. “You aren’t going!”

    “Yes I am!”

    “No you aren’t!”


    Kagome stood up and Kyoumi did the same, following Kagome down a path that looked worn and rugged.

    “I bet you’re wondering what I was talking about back there, weren’t you?” Kagome asked.

    Kyoumi nodded.

    “I live 500-years in the future. That’s why I wear such strange clothes. I’m not from here,” Kagome said. “My test is for school, which is where I learn things that I need to get a job and stuff in my time. How I get to my time, is through a well.”

    “A well?” Kyoumi asked, dumbfounded.

    “Yes, a well. I need a Sacred Jewel Shard to go through it.”

    “Speaking of the Sacred Jewel... Why are we collecting the shards?”

    “If a youkai gets his hands on even one shard, he can multiply his power in great amounts. Just think what will happen to a youkai that gets the whole Jewel! But, the Jewel wasn’t shattered before. I broke it with an arrow. And now youkais can get the shards and become more powerful. And there is one youkai that we are especially trying to get it away from. Naraku. He has done so many horrible things to people that if he got the whole Jewel, he could take over Japan. And he almost has all of it right now."

    Once Kagome finished her story, they were almost to the well. Kyoumi pondered over this new information, and decided to ask Kagome later on what kind of things Naraku did.

    They soon reached the well and Kyoumi looked into it, not impressed in the least. “That’s it? That’s the well that brings you to your time?”

    “The remains of youkais were thrown in there, so it is called the Bone-Eater’s Well. The youkai remains probably give it it’s power,” Kagome said, putting her foot on the well.

    Kyoumi looked over the side of the well, and lost her balance. She fell into the well, but instead of hitting the ground, she felt like she was still falling! She opened her eyes and saw a vast area that went on forever, and was multiple colors of purple, and a few other colors as well.

    Back in the Feudal Era, Kagome gasped and realized the Jewel shard in Kyoumi’s neck allowed her to pass through the well. Kagome jumped in and tried to go as fast as she could, so she could catch up with Kyoumi.

    Kyoumi landed in the bottom of the well and stood up, unable to keep her balance for very long. She held onto the wall and looked above her, seeing dark wood. What happened? Where am I? Kyoumi asked herself as she started to climb to the top of the well. Kagome landed soon after her and sighed.

    “Kyoumi, are you all right?” Kagome asked.

    “Yeah... Where are we?” she replied.

    “This is my time. Well, since you are here, I might as well show you around,” Kagome said, climbing up the side of the well. She got to the top and led Kyoumi outside, and turned around. “This is Higurashi Shrine. My family has been caring for this shrine for generations,” Kagome said.

    Kyoumi saw an amazing sight. There were small, multicolored, shiny wagons without horses on the road, traveling very fast. There was a large tree and a house, and a few other random things here and there.

    “Kyoumi, follow me to my house. I’ll introduce you to my family,” Kagome said as she walked quickly to a large building nearby.

    Kagome walked inside and Kyoumi followed, and she soon found herself in the largest house she had ever seen. “You live like noblemen! Are you sure you aren’t rich?” Kyoumi asked as she took a few steps forward. She looked at all the bright colors and at the comfy furniture. She saw a glimpse of the lovely kitchen and the nice dining room. She noticed the stairs and was amazed that this was a two-story house.

    Kagome looked around and then yelled out, “Grandpa! Sota! Mom! I’m home! And I have company!” Just as soon as she finished saying that a small boy ran down the stairs in his pajamas and he rubbed sleep from his eyes.

    “Wow! Who’s this Kagome? Is she one of your friends from the well? She’s pretty,” Sota said with a smile. Kyoumi blushed at the complement.

    Kagome’s mom walked in from the kitchen wearing her pajamas also and holding a cup of coffee. “It’s nice to see someone other than InuYasha in the house. Not that I don’t like him. It’s good to see new faces. Kagome, Jii-chan is out somewhere taking care of some errands,” Kagome’s mom said with a sleepy-faced smile.

    “Sota, Mom, this is Kyoumi. She has just started to travel with us,” Kagome said. She looked at Sota carefully and asked, “Why aren’t you dressed?”

    “It’s Sunday. And Mom has two weeks off,” Sota said, stifling a yawn.

    Kyoumi had walked over to the kitchen while they were conversing, and was followed in by Kagome’s mom. Kyoumi was amazed by the kitchen. She loved cooking, and did it often for InuYasha and the others. She opened her mouth in awe from the kitchen.

    “Your kitchen is lovely, Miss. I would love to cook here. It’s so pretty, and it has so many utensils!” Kyoumi said, turning to beam at Kagome’s mom.

    “Yes, it is a nice kitchen. Probably much nicer than what you are used to, no offense meant. Unfortunately, I have a hard time finding time to cook with the shrine and my job,” said Ms. Higurashi.

    “Oh! Could I cook once? You’ll have to teach me how to use the odd contraptions, but I think I could manage it,” Kyoumi said with a wide smile.

    “Sure! You could cook us dinner if you want. I’ll teach you how to use the stove and such right now,” said Kagome’s mom, ushering Kyoumi over to the stove.
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Kagome saw her mom and Kyoumi in the kitchen and smiled. “I’m glad mom has warmed up to Kyoumi so quickly. It’s a good thing too, because I think going through the well really scared Kyoumi, and she won’t want to go through it again any time soon,” Kagome said to herself.

    Kagome went upstairs to study and Kyoumi continued to learn how to use the stove and other things in the kitchen, practicing with them and seeing what they could do. Soon enough it was time for dinner and Kagome was starving. She hadn’t eaten since the small breakfast that morning.

    Kagome’s mom sat at the table holding a book as Kagome walked in.

    “Weren’t you supervising Kyoumi?” Kagome asked.

    “Oh, no, she knew it all by heart after I told it all to her! You should have seen what she could do with a knife though! She looks like a very good cook,” said Kagome’s mom.

    “I think she had to feed herself when she was younger. She didn’t have any parents at her home when we met her,” Kagome said as she took a seat across from her mom.

    Sota came in the kitchen and took a seat next to his mother, and he picked up Buyo from the floor and started to scratch him in his lap. Not too soon after, the door opened and Kagome’s grandpa, Jii-chan, walked in with a bag of groceries.

    “The market was packed today! I couldn’t get anything I wanted because of everyone pushing and shoving! It was horrible!” yelled Jii-chan as he took his seat at the table, not noticing Kagome. “What’s for dinner? I’m starving.”

    Kagome’s mom shrugged and said, “I didn’t cook tonight.”

    “Who did then?”

    “My friend,” Kagome said.

    Jii-chan turned towards Kagome and smiled. “Kagome! I didn’t see you there!” he said, and pulled her into a hug. Once he released her he said, “Who’s your friend? Are your friends from school here?”

    Kagome shook her head. “You’ll have to wait and see,” Kagome said as she got up to help Kyoumi in the kitchen.

    A few minutes later Kagome brought out some plates and chopsticks, and some silverware. She went back in the kitchen and came out of the kitchen carrying a wonderful looking platter of vegetables and another plate of special rice with a hint of lemon. Kyoumi walked in behind her and carried a wonderful plate of teriyaki chicken with some other wonderful meats as well.

    “Who is this Kagome?” asked her grandpa.

    “My name is Kyoumi,” she said as she put the chicken on the table and took a seat at the end of the table.

    “That is Jii-chan,” Kagome said, dishing up some food.

    They ate well that night and everyone seemed happy at dinner, and the talk was very pleasant. Kagome’s family asked Kyoumi a few questions about living in the Feudal era and she answered them happily, wondering if everyone was this polite.

    Once they finished their meal, Kagome showed Kyoumi upstairs and showed Kyoumi her room. It was pink and had a desk littered with school papers and other things of the sort. It also had a large fluffy bed that was very comfortable.

    “You can sleep here, with me. I’ll let you sleep on the bed, because I need to study anyway. You know what? You should take a bath. I’ll show you how to use the bathtub,” Kagome said. She led Kyoumi to the bathroom and taught her how to make a bath for herself. She went to get Kyoumi some clothes so she could sleep easier. Kagome then left the bathroom and shut the door to let Kyoumi take her time.

    Kagome went back in her room and started on her studies. Not soon after though, she heard something at her window. She turned and saw InuYasha.

    “What are you doing here!” Kagome asked, surprised to see him in her window.

    “When Kyoumi didn’t come back, I came to check if she was here,” InuYasha said.

    “Were you worried about her?”

    “No!” InuYasha said a little to quickly.

    “It’s OK if you were. It doesn’t matter. That just shows that you consider her a friend, just like Sango or Miroku,” Kagome said with a smug look on her face.

    “Shut up!” InuYasha yelled at Kagome. He blushed and looked at the floor.

    Sota turned up at the door to Kagome’s room and saw InuYasha in the window, and he smiled. “Hi InuYasha! I met Kyoumi. She’s a good cook! Do you like her cooking?”

    InuYasha glanced sideways at Kagome and answered, “Y-yes...” He flinched a little bit, like he was expecting Kagome to sit him.

    “InuYasha, are you going to stay here? Kyoumi will probably stay here with me until I go back through the well,” Kagome said, turning back to her books.

    “Yeah, I might. I’ll stay here tonight at least. Maybe a bit longer,” InuYasha said as he looked outside.

    A door then opened in the hallway, shining light into it, and a bunch of steam went into the hall.

    Kyoumi stood at the door, looking better than ever. She wore a black tank top and a pair of thin, navy blue pajama pants. Her hair was long and silky, and it was the first time that any of them had seen her hair down. It almost reached the floor, but stopped right above her ankles, and it looked even darker than before, if that was even possible. It was cut straight, unlike Kagome’s, and it had a small wave to it from being in a braid for so long.

    Sota looked at her and gaped, his mouth open wide. He found her very pretty.

    “Hi InuYasha. How are you?” Kyoumi asked with a smile. Her eyes looked surprisingly bright after she took a bath. She smelled very nice too.

    “I’m fine...” InuYasha said, still looking at Kyoumi.

    “That’s good. I thought something was wrong since you came all the way here,” Kyoumi said.

    “Oh, that’s right. I wanted to talk to you about something too. Let’s go outside and take a walk,” InuYasha said.

    Kyoumi nodded and went downstairs. She opened the door and found InuYasha standing in front of her.

    She walked outside and followed him to the lone tree on the shrine grounds.

    “I think you should know about my past,” said InuYasha. He sat down with his back against the tree. “Not because you asked or anything, but because you are a half-demon. That’s why. Usually someone else tells someone about my past, but you already know the day when I become human, so why not know a bit more about me.”

    “Why do you want to tell me this stuff?” Kyoumi asked.

    “I don’t know. I don’t think of you as someone who is a friend. I think of you as family,” InuYasha said. He thought about Sesshoumaru and added, “As family on good terms.”

    Kyoumi sat down next to InuYasha, and he started off with Kikyo, and the Sacred tree that they sat next to, and him being stuck to it. He then went to Kagome shattering the Shikon Jewel and to Naraku and all his horrible deeds that he did to InuYasha and Kikyo. He didn’t want to tell her everything, so he left out the part that he fell in love with Kikyo, but it was hard for him to keep his eyes from looking sad and soft. He also didn’t tell her about Miroku and Sango’s pasts, or Shippo’s because he didn’t want to stay out here for hours, even though he did kill one talking.

    “Naraku sounds like a horrible demon,” Kyoumi said.

    “He’s only a hanyou,” InuYasha said.


    “He was a the human, Onigumo, who sold his body to demons.”

    “Wow... Oh, we better get back. Kagome is probably tired and wants to go to sleep.”

    InuYasha nodded and picked Kyoumi up. She gave a small yelp, but she quieted down soon enough. He jumped over to Kagome’s window and jumped inside, setting Kyoumi on the floor. Kagome had fallen asleep on her books, and Kyoumi was about to fall asleep too. Good thing she was in the comfortable clothes that Kagome gave her.
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