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Thread: A strand of golden hair

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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 5: Time for School

    Kyoumi woke up in an empty room and walked downstairs. Her hair was a bit messy, but it was still silky and shiny. When she walked into the kitchen she could smell an unfamiliar smell, but it smelt good. She sat at the table next to Kagome, who was reading a book, and yawned.

    “Good morning, Kyoumi,” said Kagome’s mom as she walked in with a plate of bacon, eggs and toast. She set the plate in front of Kagome and said, “Your breakfast is almost ready. It’ll be about two minutes.”

    Kagome didn’t even look away from her book, but ate her food while reading.

    InuYasha came down the stairs just as Kyoumi got her food. “InuYasha! I didn’t realize you were here! Do you want some breakfast?”

    InuYasha nodded and took a seat next to Kyoumi, who was eating her food happily.

    “Where where you?” Kyoumi asked InuYasha.

    “I slept in Sota’s room. He didn’t mind,” InuYasha answered.

    Kagome set her book down and looked at Kyoumi. “Kyoumi, I was wondering if you wanted to come to school with me tomorrow,” Kagome said. “I’m sure I can get my grandpa to call the school and see if you can come.”

    “Why does she get to go?” yelled InuYasha.

    “Because she doesn’t have dog ears, and she can fit in easily, even with that long hair,” Kagome said, calmly looking at InuYasha. She was still half-asleep, and wasn’t willing to get into an argument right now.

    “Are you saying I look weird!”

    “No, but to other people you would. White hair and dog ears aren’t normal here, or anywhere for that matter,” Kagome answered.

    “Can’t I wear a cap?”

    “They don’t allow hats in school. Well, Kyoumi, what do you say?” Kagome said, finishing the fight.

    “Sure, if it’s OK that is,” Kyoumi said with a smile.

    InuYasha was moody the rest of the day.

    By dinner, Kagome had asked her grandpa if he could call the school and ask if Kagome could bring a “cousin” along because they were visiting. Kagome’s grandpa called and got permission for a guest, but Kyoumi was going to have to wear a uniform.

    Kyoumi took another bath that night to make herself look nice for her first and only day of school. She wanted to make a good impression.

    They went to bed, Kagome studying and telling Kyoumi a few things about school, and also reading out-loud from the book. Kyoumi barely understood any of it. At least she was able to write.

    The next morning Kagome got Kyoumi a uniform to wear and went downstairs to have breakfast, leaving Kyoumi to dress herself.

    Kyoumi met them downstairs and looked better than she did the first night she took a bath. Kagome smiled and offered Kyoumi a plate of food, but she could hardly eat anything because she was so nervous. InuYasha sulked in a corner.

    “Kyoumi, I want you to stay with Kagome at all times,” said Kagome’s mom right before they left, getting a few snarls out of Kyoumi’s hair.

    “Don’t worry. I will,” Kyoumi said, wincing a bit at the brush.

    “Mom, we have to go now. We’ll be late if we don’t,” Kagome said.

    “Oh, right,” said Kagome’s mom as she pulled the brush out of Kyoumi’s hair.

    Kagome put on her backpack and opened the door quickly. She started to run, and Kyoumi followed, trying to look at everything as she ran, seeing all the odd sites and such. Kagome stopped at a street corner and waited for Kyoumi to catch up.

    “How far is this school?” Kyoumi asked.

    “Not too far. We wouldn’t be walking if it was too far away. We would take a bus,” Kagome answered.

    Kyoumi was obviously confused, but she didn’t question anything Kagome said. In about 15 minutes they reached the school by running, and saw many of Kagome’s classmates. Eri, Ayumi and Yuka ran up to Kagome as soon as they saw her.

    “Kagome! You’re back!” said Eri once they got to her.

    “We were so worried about you!” Yuka added. “You’ve had so many horrible things happen to you! Did your leukemia test results come back yet?”

    “I’m so happy you’re here! I’m glad you made it for this test,” Ayumi said. “Who’s that next to you?”

    Kagome blushed slightly at all the questions and said, “This is my friend Kyoumi. She’s my... uh... cousin! Kyoumi, this is Eri, Yuka and Ayumi, some of my friends.”

    Kyoumi blushed and looked at the ground, holding her hands together.

    “Wow! Your hair is so pretty!” Ayumi said.

    “It’s so long, too!” exclaimed Eri.

    “How do you keep it like that?” Yuka asked.

    Kyoumi looked at Yuka and said in a quiet voice, “I usually keep my hair in a braid...”

    I didn’t realize Kyoumi was so shy! Maybe it’s because my friends are so loud? Kagome thought to herself. Kagome heard a bell and said, “Oh! We better get to class. Come on, Kyoumi. I’ll show you where to go.”

    Kagome grabbed Kyoumi’s hand and practically dragged her inside the school. They both ran as fast as they could to Kagome’s class.

    Kagome and Kyoumi were one of the last people there, but they managed to get desks next to each other.

    “We’re having a test today, so get your pencils ready,” said the teacher in a bland voice that threatened to put you to sleep. The teacher walked around, passing out papers. Once she handed the last of them out she walked to the front and said, “You have until lunch to finish them. You may begin.”

    Kagome concentrated as hard as she could, and managed to get decent answers from most of the questions. I’m glad I came here two days early! I managed to get a lot of studying in, thought Kagome as she answered another question correctly.

    Kyoumi wasn’t doing nearly as well, mainly because she hadn’t had any years of schooling, unlike Kagome. She could hardly read the questions, let alone understand them.

    Then a bell rang and everyone started to leave, handing their tests in as they went. Kagome stood up, having just finished her test, and got Kyoumi. She saw that Kyoumi had only answered one of the questions, and it was wrong. She also saw a bunch of doodles on the paper.

    Kagome handed in her own test and crumpled up Kyoumi’s throwing it in the garbage as they passed.

    “Let’s go to lunch!” Kagome said brightly, glad to have someone who wouldn’t bug her about her “boyfriend” all the time.

    “OK, I’m starving,” answered Kyoumi, happy to have finally gotten out of that room.

    They went to the lunch room and ate quickly, and once they were finished they went to wander the halls for a bit.

    The crowded hall had joyous sounds, and happy people, but then screams and two gunshots froze everyone and made the air still. People dropped on the floor and covered their heads, hoping not to get shot by a boy with a gun in his hands.


    InuYasha sat at Kagome’s home playing with Buyo on the couch and laughing. Kagome’s mom was watching a local channel and then a loud beeping went on.

    “Agh! What is that noise?” InuYasha yelled.

    “Important news: a local school is now being kept hostage by a young boy with a gun. There is no known deaths or injuries right now, but there is a large chance that there will be. All shows have been canceled to bring you live coverage of the school,” said a woman on the TV. Kagome’s mom gasped.

    “That’s Kagome’s school!” she yelled, tears coming to her eyes.

    “WHAT!” yelled InuYasha. He immediately got up and ran through the door, running as fast as he could to the school that Kagome went to.
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 6: Gunned Down

    Kagome and Kyoumi were on the floor, trying to look invisible with the rest of the crowd. Everyone’s breathing was scarce, and you could hear a pin drop. Kyoumi had no idea what a gun could do, but she knew it was bad since everyone was so scared.

    A loud crash startled everyone, and a blur of red came into the building.

    “InuYasha,” whispered Kagome.

    “Who are you?” asked the kid, holding out the gun with a steady hand.

    “Your worst nightmare,” answered InuYasha. He cracked his knuckles and pulled out his sword, transforming it into it’s true form. People gasped and looked at the hanyou and human, wondering which to be more afraid of.

    “InuYasha! You can’t!” yelled out Kagome before she could stop herself.

    InuYasha glimpsed back for one second and then a loud noise went through the hall. The kid had pulled the trigger on the gun. The bullet hit barely hit InuYasha in the arm, but it was enough for him to be seriously hurt.

    What? What is that? Is that what a gun does? It barely hit me but it went right through my arm! thought InuYasha.

    Kagome looked at InuYasha with worry written all over her face. She looked around and saw a door labeled Sports Supplies. Kagome’s face lit up as she got an idea.

    “Kyoumi, slowly go around to the boy’s back. After I get rid of his weapon, you grab hold of him,” said Kagome in a whisper. Kyoumi nodded and started to slowly crawl to the boy’s backside while Kagome reached for the closet door.

    InuYasha couldn’t hurt the kid, but he had to do something. If he didn’t, that boy was going to hurt innocent people, and maybe Kagome. He couldn’t let that happen.


    InuYasha plunged to the floor and the boy turned to see Kagome holding a bow and arrow. She pulled the arrow back and let it go, and it headed straight for the boy. He didn’t move at all, but the arrow didn’t hit him.

    It hit the gun.

    The gun cracked much like the Shikon Jewel did, and it fell to the floor in thousands of pieces. Before the boy could move, Kyoumi came up behind him and grabbed his arms with her own and held him in place. A few of the students got up and went outside to inform the authorities that the boy who had the gun was captured.

    InuYasha grabbed a kid on the floor and pulled him up by his collar. “Hold this boy until someone comes in to get him,” InuYasha said, and the boy held the one who had the gun, and Kyoumi walked away from him.

    Kagome ran up to InuYasha and asked, “Are you OK? How hurt are you? We should go home right now!”

    InuYasha nodded and told Kagome to get on his back. He grabbed Kyoumi by her waist and jumped through the window that he came in from.

    Eri, Ayumi and Yuka stood together and watched Kagome leave in awe.

    “Do you think that’s Kagome’s violently jealous boyfriend?” Ayumi asked.

    The three looked at each other and said in unison, “No way!”


    InuYasha dropped Kyoumi in front of the door and Kagome got off of InuYasha’s back. They went inside quickly and Kagome told InuYasha to sit down.

    “Kagome! You’re OK!” exclaimed Kagome’s mom as she hugged her daughter tightly and wiped the tears from her face.

    “I am, but InuYasha’s not. I have to get the First Aid kit, so, please, let go,” Kagome said as she pushed herself away from her mother, trying not to hurt her feelings in the process.

    “Of course! Sorry,” said Kagome’s mom as she sat down on the couch to check the news.

    Kagome came back shortly with a first aid box. She told InuYasha to take his arm out of his sleeve so she could fix it easier.

    Kagome pulled up a chair next to InuYasha and sprayed his wound with disinfectant and then heavily covered it in bandages.

    As Kagome did that, her mother watched the TV, and Kyoumi listened to it, while trying to figure out what it was.

    “There was a shooting today at one of the local schools, but luckily, no one was killed. According to students, only one was injured, but he left before officials could assist him. They have gotten a name for the boy who brought the gun, but will not tell us that information at the moment. He seemed to be a new person, since no one recognizes him. Now we will listen to an eyewitness report,” said the news lady on TV.

    Then a boy with scruffy looking hair around Kagome’s age came on screen, looking excited. “There was this guy with a big sword and white hair that came through the window, and then it looked like he was gonna chop the kid’s head off, but a girl yelled out a name and told him not to. Then he looked back and the kid shot his arm, but I think he was aiming for his heart. Then the same girl told the guy with the big sword to sit, and for some reason he fell to the ground, and the girl who told him to sit was holding a bow and arrow, and then she shot it at the gun and broke it. Then a girl with really, really long hair grabbed him and held him there. Then the guy with the big sword told a kid to hold onto the other kid, and he grabbed the two chicks and went out the window again. That guy was lucky. Those two chicks were hot,” said the boy on TV, making the story much shorter than it was. Kagome’s mother thought that he talked horribly and used too many ‘and then’s.

    The news lady came back on the screen and said, “However bizarre this story is, it seems to be true. There are multiple accounts of the white haired man and two school girls stopping the boy. We have managed to get names of the girls. A girl named Kagome Higurashi and a girl named Kyoumi. No last name was available for Kyoumi. The school has given us a tape from the security cameras in the school. Let’s watch.”

    Kagome’s mom watched the clip in awe, but then turned the TV off and sighed.

    “I guess I should be happy you’re safe, but now I’m kind of upset. Do you know how many people are going to be coming here?” she said, holding her head in her hands.

    Kagome looked startled. “But Mom, we didn’t think about that! And wouldn’t it be good advertising for the shrine?”

    Kagome’s mom chuckled. “I know it’s not your fault. I was talking about the news. I’m glad that you guys are OK, and I’m very proud of you for getting rid of that gun. But I’m very angry at the school. If they can afford security cameras, why don’t they have metal detectors? Or guards? Or something to protect the students!”

    Not a few minutes later, cars pulled up and people poured out of them, trying to get to talk with Kagome.

    “InuYasha! Get upstairs! In my room. We can’t let anyone see you,” she said, pulling him out of the chair roughly on his good arm. He got up and went up the stairs angry, wishing that he could be the center of attention.

    Kagome had some of InuYasha’s blood on her clothes, but she didn’t care, she just wanted to get rid of the crowd.

    “Mom, how do we get rid of them?” Kagome asked, looking desperate.

    “You could go as fast as you could to the well, but you’d have to bring InuYasha too. He could probably carry you, like he did to get you here,” Kagome’s mom suggested.

    Kagome ran up to her room and yelled for Kyoumi to come up there too.

    When Kyoumi got into the room Kagome was wearing a yellow backpack and already climbing onto InuYasha’s back, telling him to go as fast as he could into the well. He went over to Kyoumi and grabbed her by her waist so he could bring her along too.

    “You know, this is really uncomfortable!” Kyoumi yelled as InuYasha jumped out of the window and right to the building with the well. He rushed inside and jumped down the well, ignoring Kyoumi’s protests.
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 7: An Old Friend

    InuYasha jumped out of the well and started to run to Kaede’s Village. He had told Sango and Miroku to stay there with Shippo.

    Kyoumi hadn’t been to Kaede’s Village yet, even though she went to the well. They had come from another direction.

    InuYasha sped through the forest, wanting to get to Kaede’s house because of his arm. Then Kagome could tend to it some more. It had started to hurt. Just as InuYasha was starting to get impatient, and Kyoumi had started squirming again, he saw Kaede’s village and slowed down a bit. He entered Kaede’s house and put Kyoumi down, who was still in the school clothes Kagome had lent her.

    As Kagome got off of InuYasha, Sango said, “Who’s that with- oh Kami. Is that you, Kyoumi? You look so different without your braid! And in those clothes...”

    Kyoumi looked down at her clothes and blushed a deep red. She gasped and turned to Kagome, saying, “I forgot my clothes at your house!”

    Kagome smiled and pulled the the backpack off and said, “No problem! I brought them with me. And I’ll braid your hair later if you like, after you change.”

    Kyoumi smiled and took the green kimono that Kagome had pulled out of the backpack and started to walk outside, to change in the forest.

    “Maybe I should help you?” Miroku said, raising his hand.


    Miroku had a big red mark on his face, and Sango massaged her hand a little bit.

    Kyoumi came back after a few minutes and looked around the house a little bit. “Who’s place is this?” she asked while looking at the walls.

    “This is my home,” said an old lady coming through the doors holding medicinal herbs in her hands. Kyoumi turned around and her eyes widened. “I am the miko Kaede. Who might ye be?”

    Kyoumi blushed a little bit and said, “I am Kyoumi, lady Kaede.”

    Kaede nodded and walked over to a spot on the floor near the fire pit.

    “Kagome, can you help me with my arm? It hurts,” complained InuYasha as he took his arm out of his sleeve so Kagome could look at it.

    She sighed and walked over to InuYasha, unwrapping the wound.

    It was scabby and bloody, and had a small infection to it already. The skin around the wound was red and had much dried blood on it, and it looked like it only just been barely covered up with a scab.

    “What happened!” Miroku said as he gazed at the wound in disgust.

    “InuYasha was hit with a bullet. In this time, guns were just brought here recently. Do you remember seeing them?” Kagome said, taking out a new bandage and some disinfectant. She sprayed InuYasha’s arm and he winced, looking at his arm painfully. She wrapped the wound tightly and made sure it stayed by pulling on it a little bit.

    “InuYasha, you should get some rest... OK?” Kagome said with a sad expression on her face. She watched him go over to a corner and sit, yawning before he went to sleep.


    In the morning InuYasha was feeling much better, Kyoumi had her hair braided, and Kagome was happier. They had decided to go and search for the Sacred Jewel.

    They walked along the road, Kagome searching for any stray Jewel Shards, and suddenly InuYasha stopped. He sniffed the air, and growled.


    Kagome gasped and looked around, trying to sense any jewel shards.

    InuYasha looked up and saw a large feather in the sky, and it was coming down fast.

    A woman with red eyes and a pink and white fan stood in front of them. She had a kimono that matched her fan and feathers in her hair that was put up in a bun. She was smirking, but didn’t look happy to be doing what she was supposed to.

    “Kagura!” yelled InuYasha. He drew his Tetsusaiga and it transformed into it’s larger form. His facial expression expressed pure loathing.

    “Don’t worry mutt. I’m not here to fight you. I’m here to pick something up,” said Kagura as she brought her fan up. She brought it down and yelled, “Dance of Blades!”

    Large blades of wind were sent towards InuYasha, Kagome and Shippo and InuYasha jumped in front of Kagome and put his sword out to protect them. Kagura sent another wave of wind towards Miroku and Sango, and Kagura ran over to Kyoumi and grabbed her by the collar. She then grabbed a feather from her hair and threw it down, and jumped on the large feather that had appeared. Kagura went flying in the air and she looked down at Kyoumi, scowling.

    Kyoumi grabbed her black sword and took a swipe at Kagura’s arm, but even though it cut deep, it only cut it a little bit compared to what she was going to do. Kagura grabbed the sword and threw it to the ground.

    “Damn you! I don’t know why Naraku finds you so important. You’re just a nuisance!” yelled Kagura as she rubbed the injured arm a bit, while still holding onto Kyoumi’s collar and holding her halfway over the edge of her feather.


    InuYasha took his sword and put it back in it’s hilt.

    “Damn! She took Kyoumi!” yelled InuYasha.

    “Why would she want to take her, though?” Sango asked.

    “Yeah, it’s not like she is anything special, right?” added Shippo.

    InuYasha turned to Kagome and asked, “What is it?”

    Kagome was red in the face and tears were streaming down her cheeks.

    “She has a jewel shard in the back of her neck!”

    This one was kind of short!
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 8: Kyoumi’s Past

    Kagura had trouble holding onto Kyoumi, and when she was a couple of feet over the castle grounds, she was glad to let her go.

    A deep and menacing voice said, “Kagura, go and protect the castle. If InuYasha comes, tell him what will happen if he breaks the barrier.”

    Kagura scowled and flew up into the sky, on the other side of the castle barrier.

    The same voice chuckled softly and said, “So, I see you’ve come, Kyoumi.”

    “Who are you? Show yourself!” yelled Kyoumi, wishing she had her sword right now.

    A figure in a white fur cloak and a baboon mask came from the castle.

    “I am Naraku.”

    “What do you want with me? I haven’t done anything!” Kyoumi said, her heart pounding furiously.

    “You have something that I think I should have. A shard of the Sacred Shikon Jewel.”

    Kyoumi was stunned. Her face was stuck in an expression of confusion and surprise. Finally, she was able to say, “I-I have no idea what you’re talking about!”

    “Of course you don’t. It was planted in the back of your neck on the night before you became sixteen without your knowledge,” Naraku said, probably smirking underneath that baboon mask.

    “Who planted it there?” she asked, still scowling at him, and still confused.

    “I did.”

    “What!” Kyoumi said, surprised now.

    “I put the Jewel Shard in your neck to stop you from gaining your powers. I knew that if you got your powers, you would be able to oppose me if you joined up with InuYasha. I couldn’t take that chance,” said Naraku, his voice holding a certain air to it that made him sound happy.

    “And what made you think I would join up with InuYasha?” Kyoumi asked, getting aggravated by all his answers that didn’t really answer her questions.

    “I was the one who killed your mother.”

    Those words stung Kyoumi like a whip. She couldn’t take this. “No,” whispered Kyoumi, so quiet that it was inaudible.


    InuYasha ran as fast as he could with Kagome on her back. Miroku ran next to him, and Sango and Shippo were on Kirara. “InuYasha! What’s that?” said Kagome, pointing to something glimmering in the sunlight.

    InuYasha slowed to a stop and Shippo got to the ground. It was Kyoumi’s sword.

    “This is Kyoumi’s! She must have dropped it!” Shippo exclaimed as he touched the side of the sword, knowing he wasn’t nearly tall enough to grab the handle and yank it out of the ground.

    Instead, Sango grabbed it out of the ground.

    InuYasha looked ahead and saw a few small pools of blood. “Kyoumi must have dropped her sword trying to hack Kagura to pieces,” he said, sniffing the air. “Yeah, that’s definitely Kagura’s blood.”

    “Then we should keep following her trail, and bring the sword back to Kyoumi,” said Sango, holding the sharp sword carefully. It was the sharpest sword that she had ever held before, all hers were duller than Kyoumi’s, and weren’t made nearly as well. A pang of jealousy went through her as she looked at the sword carefully.

    Shippo jumped back onto Kirara and they set off at full speed, trying to get to Kyoumi as soon as possible.

    Soon they saw a castle with a red barrier around it, but they also saw Kagura looking bored.

    “It’s about time,” Kagura said as InuYasha and the others stopped. There was blood running down the arm that had taken a hold of Kyoumi’s kimono.

    “You guys distract her, I’m going to break the barrier. I’m sure that Kyoumi is behind there,” InuYasha said as he drew his Tetsusaiga. He concentrated on the barrier and soon the Tetsusaiga was glowing red.

    “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Kagura said as she put her fan up. “If you break the barrier, your friend will be killed.”

    “Damn,” muttered the hanyou, turning towards Kagura. “Well then, I’ll just have to kill you!” said InuYasha as he raised his sword.

    “Wind Scar!” he said, bringing his sword down and sending a wave of power that could kill 100 demons. Kagura’s eyes widened and the Wind Scar hit her, causing her to scream loudly.

    When the sword stopped it’s powerful attack, Kagura slowly got up and grabbed a feather from her hair. She flew away, badly injured and torn up.

    Kagome ran towards the barrier and put her hands up against it, looking through it, trying to see any movement. The others came close to the barrier and looked through it, except InuYasha.

    He looked at the barrier, and soon his sword started to glow red.

    Kagome turned and yelled, “NO! You can’t!”

    “I think Kagura was lying to us!” he yelled back.

    “Even if she was,” started Miroku, “do we want to take that chance?”

    InuYasha growled and put his sword away.

    Just then a wall broke down from the castle, and Kyoumi faced a large demon with multiple tentacle-like limbs with a baboon mask.

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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 9: Kyoumi’s True Form

    “You bastard!” Kyoumi yelled at Naraku, her anger rising quickly. She was useless without her sword, and she had dropped it trying to hurt Kagura. Better luck for Naraku, huh?

    Kyoumi dodged his attacks and ran, trying to figure out a way to hurt him. She picked up a piece of wood that looked like it was sharp, and held it tightly. She didn’t loosen her grip, even when splinters cut her hand apart.

    A tentacle came near her and she lifted up the piece of wood and brought it down with all her force, stabbing Naraku. He brought more limbs towards her and stabbed her multiple times in the stomach and other parts of her body.

    Kyoumi’s friends watched in horror as Kyoumi’s blood was splattered all over the place, staining the ground, her clothes and her hair.

    Naraku pulled his limbs from her body and let her fall to the ground. Naraku shrunk back to normal size and walked over to Kyoumi. He turned her over and grabbed the shard in her neck, and started to slowly walk away.

    But then something unexpected happened.

    Kyoumi’s fingernails turned into lethal claws, her toenails grew sharper too. Her teeth became fangs, and her ears turned into ears much like InuYasha’s but slightly scruffier. Slowly, her kimono changed into different shades of purple because of her demonic powers. Finally, her eyes opened, and they were purple also.

    Her gaze was expressionless, and her eyes looked a like someone’s who was being controlled by some other demon.

    Kyoumi slowly stood up, faced Naraku, and stood there.

    Naraku stopped and turned around.

    He smirked under the baboon mask. “Well, this should prove more interesting than I thought.”

    Kyoumi jumped up as high as any demon, and she came down on Naraku, her claws ripping through the air to cut him apart.

    Naraku moved, but he was to slow. Kyoumi cut off the hand holding the Jewel Shard. She picked the Jewel Shard from the decapitated hand and held it up to look at.

    Naraku re-grew his hand and looked at Kyoumi, his eyes wide. How could she hit me? he thought, now angered.

    “I’m going to leave you now, but be assured that we will meet again,” said Naraku, vanishing in a cloud of miasma, his barrier vanishing with him.

    Kyoumi’s stance faltered and she fell to the ground.

    Kyoumi regained control of herself to see her friends running towards her before she blacked out, still holding the Shikon Jewel Shard tightly in her hand.

    Now this one is even shorter! lol
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 10: Awakening

    Kyoumi’s eyes felt like they were glued shut. Tears had formed in her eyes and dried there, making it almost impossible for her to open them. She took her left hand and wiped her eyes and put her hand back, still not opening her eyes. She wasn’t ready. She didn’t want to see anything...

    But she opened her eyes and saw the roof of a building. She turned her head painfully and recognized the place as Kaede’s home. She put her arms next to her side, and pushed herself up, but quickly went back down because of the immense pain in her stomach.

    Kyoumi slowly tried to sit up again, ignoring the pain in her stomach and other places. She sat up and looked down at her body. She was stripped of clothing, but from her breasts to her hips were covered in bandages anyway, along with some parts of her legs and arms, so it didn’t matter.

    Kyoumi noticed that her fingernails were longer than normal, but thought nothing of it.

    Kyoumi breathed deeply and looked at her stomach again, seeing lots of blood on the bandages, and she also saw many bandages in a pile next to a boiling pot of water.

    Kyoumi slowly let herself lay down again and groaned.

    What happened? I can’t remember anything... Wait... Naraku

    The thought of him sent a surge of pain through her body, and her head started to pound.

    She brought her right hand up to her face and realized it had been clenched since she woke up. She slowly opened it to reveal a Shikon Jewel Shard in her palm. It was a little bit bloody, but otherwise perfect. She clenched her hand again and held it close to her chest and closed her eyes.

    A peculiar smell wafted into the room and she smelt something nice. It smelt like flowers and soap, but it also had a hint of blood on them... There was another smell too... An older smell, sweaty and tired. And then a dog fur smell...

    Just then Kagome walked in the room, followed by Kaede and InuYasha. InuYasha looked more angry than usual, and Kaede didn’t look much different. But it was Kagome that bothered her. Her eyes and cheeks were red, from crying too much.

    “I hope these herbs will help her wounds heal. That was horrible... And for a human to live through that,” Kagome said, wiping her eyes.

    InuYasha sat down next to the fire, his back towards Kyoumi.

    “Lucky she transformed. Or else she wouldn’t have been able to survive,” said InuYasha.

    “Ye have a strong-willed friend. I think she will live. Ye just need to be patient,” Kaede said, changing the pots so she can boil the herbs and not get them bloody.

    Another new smell came wafting the room, besides the smell of blood, and it smelt like an animal. Then Shippo said while walking the building, “I found some medicinal herbs, Kagome! I hope they help.”

    Kagome smiled weakly and said, “I’m sure they will. Bring them here.”

    Three more smells came into the room, the smell of a cat, a woman and a man.

    “Miroku! How can you think about that at a time like this?” Sango said, having slapped him right outside the house.

    “I was just trying to lighten the mood,” said Miroku, walking into the house bearing a red mark on his face.

    “For yourself!” Sango said. She was so fierce looking that she scared Kirara off of her shoulder.

    “Will you two be quiet for once!” yelled InuYasha, obviously angry. He hadn’t been in the best mood since Kyoumi got hurt and Naraku got away. But of course, InuYasha was never in a good mood. “Miroku, just quit groping her ass, OK? Now is not the time.”

    InuYasha closed his eyes and smelled the scents wafting around the room. Kagome next to him, Shippo next to Kaede at the fire, cooking herbs... Miroku next to the door with Sango, and Kirara hiding in a corner. But the scent that overpowered them all was Kyoumi’s, which was all over the place. In the unwashed rags and the pot full of her blood and water. And her blood all over the bed she slept in. He sighed and hoped Kagome would be OK, he couldn’t stand seeing her sad. She didn’t even have the heart to sit him whenever he got on her nerves.

    “When do you think Kyoumi will wake up?” asked Shippo.

    “If you would have cared to notice, I’ve been awake since Kagome walked in,” Kyoumi said in a quiet voice, still keeping her eyes closed and the Jewel Shard in her hand.

    Everyone turned to look at Kyoumi, to make sure that they were not hallucinating.

    “I knew something was different in here,” InuYasha said, standing up and smiling for the first time since Kyoumi’s injury.

    Kyoumi gave a weak smile and opened her eyes to look at everyone. Kagome was smiling, and new tears were going down her face. Kaede smiled, but didn’t dare interrupt the happy moment. Miroku looked pleased for a better excuse to grope Sango. Sango was happy that Kyoumi was OK, and Shippo was bouncing up and down with glee. Kirara decided that Sango was safe to be near now, so she jumped on her shoulder and meowed a couple times.

    Kyoumi closed her eyes again and said, “Can I get out of here? I can’t stand the smell all the blood... It’s so strong...”

    “You need to get some rest before you can go anywhere. You’ve been in a horrible condition for four days, we aren’t going to let you go any time soon,” Kagome said, finally deciding that the herbs were done. She put some in a cup and asked, “Can you sit up, Kyoumi?”

    She nodded and painfully got up, groaning all the way. She leaned against the wall and breathed deeply, trying to catch her breath.

    Kagome walked over to Kyoumi and handed her the cup of herbs to drink and eat.

    Slowly she drank the gross tasting stuff, but it took a while for her to get it down.

    Once she was finished, everyone was looking at her intently. She didn’t even have to say ‘What?’ because Kagome asked what they wanted to know anyway.

    “What happened, Kyoumi? Can you tell us?” Kagome asked, worry in her eyes.

    InuYasha had sat down again and sat against the wall to be silent and moody again, but the others were all listening carefully.

    Kyoumi looked at the ceiling, trying to remember all of it, and she soon started. “Well, when Kagura took me, I drew my sword and tried to cut her arm, but she stopped it before I could really injure her too badly. She then grabbed my sword and threw it to the ground.

    “She dropped me off inside a castle and then went outside to stop you guys. Then a man in a baboon mask came from the castle and said his name was--”

    “Naraku,” said InuYasha, finishing her sentence for her.

    “Yes,” Kyoumi said. “He said he was Naraku, and that I had a Jewel Shard that he wanted. At first I thought he was joking. But then he said that someone planted it there the night before my sixteenth birthday. The night before I found Kagome in the forest.

    “Naraku said that he planted the Jewel Shard there so I wouldn’t gain my powers. I asked him why he would do that, and he said that there was a chance that I would travel with you, InuYasha. I asked him why I would go with you. He told me that...” Kyoumi cut off. She opened her hand to show off the Jewel Shard she got back from Naraku and everyone but Kagome, Kaede and InuYasha gasped.

    She looked at the wall and felt her eyes watering.

    “He told me he killed my mother,” Kyoumi said, closing her eyes and letting a single tear fall down her face.


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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 11: Meeting Mitsu

    The next couple days, Sango seemed to hang around Kyoumi a lot more. Sango would sit on the end of Kyoumi’s bed and sleep next to her a lot, and she would sometimes look out into space around Kyoumi. She scarcely went out without a good reason, and seemed to be thinking a lot while around Kyoumi.

    Three days after Kyoumi woke up, Sango sat on the edge of her bed and looked at Kyoumi in the eyes, keeping them locked on.

    “I have something to tell you,” said Sango after a long silence of just staring.

    “Is it why you’ve been willingly staying in this stuffy house? Because I swear, I’m about to puke from the smell of blood,” Kyoumi answered, making a face that InuYasha would be proud of.

    “Well, yes... I want to sympathize with you,” Sango said, looking down at the floor.

    Kyoumi’s eyes widened and she wondered what exactly Sango meant.

    “See, you aren’t the only one who has lost family members. A while ago, I lived happily in a demon-slayer’s village. But then we got summoned to a castle to destroy a demon. We did what we were told, but then we found out that the Lord of the castle was actually a demon, Naraku,” Sango said, looking at anywhere but Kyoumi’s face the whole time.

    “I saw my brother being controlled by him, and Naraku made Kohaku kill everyone. Then Kohaku was killed, and I was almost too. I was buried alive.

    “I was told that all of the villagers were killed... And Naraku made me believe that InuYasha was the one who destroyed the town, but InuYasha and the others actually buried everyone, and Naraku killed them,” Sango said, not being able to talk for much longer.

    “Naraku has taken over Kohaku’s body, and controls him with a Jewel Shard. Kohaku can’t remember anything,” said Sango.

    “I’m so sorry... That’s terrible! Damn Naraku! We will get him... Don’t worry,” Kyoumi said, anger pulsing through her body. Her now purple eyes looked on fire, and she punched the bed with inhuman strength. Now there was a large hole in the bed that she sat in.

    Sango looked at the hole in the bed and gave out a small laugh. “Well, it looks like you’re feeling better. I bet if I ask Kagome, I can help you get dressed and you can go out for a while and get yourself cleaned off. You have a lot of dried blood on you.”

    Sango got up and walked outside and came back about five minutes later with Kagome who had even more herbs with her. Kyoumi had started to hate herbs so much that she almost got sick seeing them.

    “Let me just see a couple of your wounds and then I can see if you’re ready,” said Kagome as she lifted a couple bandages on Kyoumi’s arm.

    She looked at the wound and it seemed to be only a scab left, having healed extra fast because of the herbs and the demon blood in Kyoumi. Kagome lifted part of the bandage on her stomach and it still wasn’t healed as much as she’d like it to be, but Kagome smiled and said, “You can go. But stay in the area. We don’t know what will happen.”

    Kagome and Sango helped Kyoumi get into her kimono, but no matter what, Kyoumi wanted to get out of this house. The smell was terrible.


    Kyoumi walked outside and breathed in the fresh air. She smiled a little bit and started to walk towards the nearby river. In her hands was a thin towel, in case she wanted to take a bath up river in the forest. She was really thirsty for some good water. And she needed to clean herself off.

    Kyoumi neared the water and noticed that people kept giving her sideways glances. She glared at them, but she still remained happy to have gotten out of the house.

    Once she got the the water she put her hands in and washed her face off a bit, and saw bits of blood from her face go into the water. Kyoumi looked into the water to look at her reflection, but saw someone else staring at her. She had purple eyes and black scruffy ears similar to InuYasha’s on top of her head. Her teeth were sharper, and she had very sharp claws. What was most surprising was that her green kimono had changed to purple.

    “This is what Naraku meant... I’m a youkai now. There’s no changing that,” Kyoumi said to herself.

    She sighed and started to walk upriver, her happy feeling almost gone now. She glared and growled at almost anyone she met along the way, and suddenly had a mood that could rival InuYasha’s.

    Once upriver and away from any prying eyes, she stripped of her clothing and jumped into the river. The only bandages still on her were on her stomach, and the blood stained on them became a little less red and more pink. Kyoumi went under the water and swam for a bit, and then went towards the side of the river to try and get back on land.

    Kyoumi heard something in the forest and looked at the bushes. She heard something rustle behind them.

    Kyoumi headed under the water and grabbed a rock about the size of her fist. She surfaced and threw the rock at the bushes, making them say, “Ow!”

    “Who’s there?” Kyoumi said, angry now.

    A young man with bright blue eyes and shoulder-length black hair pulled back into a ponytail. He had a longer nose and he was fairly tall for a guy, about 6 and a half feet, and he had a red and black kimono on. His shoes were normal for this time, but he had two swords on his belt. But what was weird about him was that his ears were pointed.

    “AH!” yelled Kyoumi as she turned around. She blushed furiously and swam a little bit towards the middle of the river, trying to get away from the bank on which the man was on.

    “Sorry, miss,” he said turning to face the other direction. I promise I won’t look back if you can get out of the water and get your clothes on.

    Kyoumi turned to look at him and swam to the bank of the river, and pulled herself up. She wrapped herself with a towel and started to get her kimono back on, but it was hard when she was so angry.

    “OK, I’m done,” Kyoumi said as she finished putting her kimono, still as red as ever.

    “Sorry, about that. I didn’t mean to see you,” said the man, blushing also.

    Kyoumi looked angry and started to walk towards the village.

    “Why do you have those bandages around your waist?” asked the man.

    “Naraku. Is there anything else you saw that you want to ask?” Kyoumi said, her anger rising.

    “Well, I saw your tail.”

    “WHAT!” Kyoumi turned to look at the back of her pants and saw a lump in them. How did I miss a TAIL! thought Kyoumi as she ripped a hole in the back of her pants so she could see the tail. Kyoumi pulled it out and saw that it was black like her hair, but it was still a little bit wet from her bath.

    “Great. This day couldn’t be any better!” Kyoumi said sarcastically as she dropped her tail and started to walk towards the village.

    “In case you wanted to know, my name is Mitsu,” he said, looking down at her.

    “Sure, I wanted to know the name of the person who saw me naked,” Kyoumi said angrily.

    “Can you tell me your name?” Mitsu asked.

    “Oh, right, I’m Kyoumi,” she said, still scowling.

    Kyoumi walked through the village ignoring the looks she got by passing by. Her new tail dried off soon enough, and once it was dry she had made it to Kaede’s house. She stalked in, making people turn their heads when she got in.

    “What’s with you?” asked InuYasha.

    “I have a tail! A tail!” Kyoumi said as she stopped in the middle of the room.

    “Yeah, so?”

    “Shut up.”

    “Who’s that?” asked Miroku as he picked at some fish he was eating.

    Kyoumi turned around and let out a small scream.

    “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!” yelled Kyoumi as she tried not to punch Mitsu.

    “I followed you here,” he answered.

    “You followed me! Why the hell did you do that?”

    “You never said I couldn’t.”

    “AGH!” Kyoumi walked over to the fire and sat down next to InuYasha.

    He looked at the tail and touched it and said, “I like your tail.”

    “Shut up,” growled Kyoumi.

    “So, who are you?” Sango asked Mitsu.

    “I’m Mitsu,” he said, bowing slightly.

    “How do you know Kyoumi?” Miroku asked.

    “I saw her bathing,” he answered.

    Kyoumi glared into the fire and turned beet red as everyone turned to look at her.

    Kyoumi sniffed the air and then looked at Mitsu. “Wait a second! You’re a youkai!” exclaimed Kyoumi.

    “You just figured that out now?” Mitsu asked, looking at her with a raised eyebrow.

    “Well it’s hard to smell in the water!” yelled Kyoumi.

    “Do you want to have some dinner with us, Mitsu?” Kagome asked pleasantly.

    Kyoumi glared at Kagome, but Mitsu walked over to the fire and sat down.

    Everyone but Kyoumi had a nice time at dinner. Kyoumi was still angry.
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    Re: A strand of golden hair

    Chapter 12: Dogs and Wolves

    Kyoumi was soon well enough to travel and search for the remaining Jewel Shards. Mitsu kept coming over and bugging Kyoumi, but the others found him nice, for a demon. Kyoumi couldn’t wait to get going. Kaede made them eat before they could leave though.

    The day that they were supposed to leave, Mitsu came over to Kaede’s house to talk to them all.

    He sat in front of them and closed his eyes. He let out a sigh before he started to speak.

    “I want to ask you all a question,” Mitsu said, looking at Kyoumi mainly.

    Kyoumi took a sip of water and listened to him carefully.

    “Can I travel with you all?”

    Kyoumi spit out all her water and started to choke. InuYasha hit her hard on the back and she stopped coughing. “Thanks,” she said, glaring at Mitsu.

    “Why do you want to travel with us?” Shippo asked.

    “I want to help gather the Shards of the Sacred Shikon Jewel,” Mitsu said, smiling. “I don’t think that a horrible demon such as Naraku should have them.”

    “That’s good enough for me,” InuYasha said, smirking. He glanced at Kagome and she was smiling.

    Kyoumi’s mouth went open and she closed it, trying to figure out what to say.

    “Ye should get going soon,” Kaede said, breaking the silence.

    “Yeah, we should get going,” Shippo said, getting up and stretching.


    Now that Kyoumi was a demon, she could run just as fast as InuYasha, and she could jump just as high as him too.

    “I’ll race you!” Kyoumi said to InuYasha.

    “You won’t beat me!” InuYasha.

    “You may have been a youkai longer than me, but I have more youkai blood in me!” Kyoumi said, speeding up.

    “That won’t matter once I beat you!” said InuYasha as he picked up his pace as well, forgetting that Kagome was on his back.

    “Hey, slow down! I sense a Jewel Shard!” yelled Kagome. And it’s moving fast... Is it Kouga? thought Kagome.

    They slowed to a stop, Mitsu stopping next to Kyoumi. She growled at him and he moved over a little bit.

    A tornado came into view and sped toward them, stopping right in front of them. Kyoumi and Mitsu put up their arms to brace themselves, but it stopped soon enough.

    “Hey Kagome,” said the wolf demon.

    “What’re you doing here you mangy wolf!” said InuYasha, clenching his fist together.

    “Shut up, mutt. I’m just here to check if Kagome is OK. I heard that some girl traveling with you was attacked by Naraku and almost died,” said Kouga.

    “I’m fine Kouga, it was Kyoumi who got hurt,” Kagome said pointing to Kyoumi.

    “Well, even a strong demon can’t stand much of a chance against him,” Kouga said.

    “I was human when it happened,” Kyoumi said.

    “Oh, you’re a half demon?” Kouga asked. He sniffed the air. “Yeah, that’s an unmistakable scent. I just couldn’t tell with that mutt stinking up the place.”

    “Shut your face you mangy wolf!” yelled InuYasha.

    “I don’t know why you would travel with that mutt though,” said Kouga, ignoring InuYasha’s comment. “Most of us wolves don’t like him.”

    “What is that supposed to mean?” Kyoumi asked, very confused.

    “I smell a hint of wolf blood in you. I mean, that tail isn’t a dog’s, that’s for sure,” Kouga said, turning.

    InuYasha looked at Kyoumi and shrugged. “She is nicer than you,” InuYasha said, smirking.

    Kouga waved the comment aside and said, “Bye, Kagome. Hope this mutt doesn’t kill you.” He then set off in a whirlwind and was gone in a flash.

    “Well, that was a waste of time,” InuYasha said, starting to walk.

    “I wouldn’t say so. I found out some of my heritage,” said Kyoumi as she started to run.

    Once they all started off again, Kyoumi ran up behind InuYasha to talk to Kagome.

    “What’s with Kouga checking if you were OK?” Kyoumi asked.

    “He kidnaps me once and now he calls me his woman. He fell in love with me, but I don’t even have close to the same feelings back,” Kagome said, closing her eyes.

    InuYasha seemed happy for the rest of the day.
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