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Thread: The Tails Of the Wolf

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    The Tails Of the Wolf

    This is about a great clan which can live for eternity. The world is divided into 4 great beasts which roamed the world at one point.
    1.The six tailed wolf
    2. the armed bird
    3. the armoured dragon
    4. The fire shark
    The clans each had thier own individual powers that made them so great. The wolfs powers were great power, speed, and the ability to steal other powers. the birds was taht they made wings out of thier chi and was able to fly lighting fast. The armoured dragon was strong, durable, and was able to turn anything into armor, also it made the clan members breath fire. The shark was able to turn all clan members into giant fire humans which can melt anything in a split second.

    one day from the wolf clan, the kings son was born and same with the others. A low branch family father went berserk and opend the sealed rock of neveending age, and sent it upon his son and the kings son. these two kids were exhiled from teh clan and was brought up by foster parents.

    IN a few hundred years the both come to challenge each other. each one had one specific special which one did not suspect. the kings son was able to construct anything into a giant shuriken and the low branch amily was able to jump dimentions.

    they become frineds and roam teh dimentions killing evil and making frineds. of course diffiuculties came along and people were innocently killed.

    wadda ya think?

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    Re: The Tails Of the Wolf

    i really like this one. lol the fire sharks is my favorite part. heehee you should do this one i like it
    :smile2: :smile2: inuyasha fan

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    Re: The Tails Of the Wolf

    Good story,but it could've been longer cause it didn't tell us eveything they went through to become friends.
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    Thanks so much I love it!

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    Re: The Tails Of the Wolf

    ohh man.... lol i though of somethign really similar to this hahaha. cool ideas, try to elaborate more and stuff

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