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Thread: Tales of Romance???

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    Re: Tales of Romance???

    none taken. that is your opinion. check out my other stories then if you don't like this one. i admit most of my stories are hard to understand since i'm a newbie at writing.but i will take anything threw at me. and too let you know that my first verison was more action-y....where girl hits girl and fights and other stuff....but to my choseing i put this one up. anyway i am not girly and if this is girly i will try to fix it......

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    Re: Tales of Romance???

    It's not that bad, it is a bit simple, but it will come with time

    I like it and you must continue soon, I want to see why that guy wanted to meet her... really interesting!!!! ^^

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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